Feb 042010

Another day of tweaking and optimizing brings me back to about where I was this time yesterday. But with a banner! That makes it all totally worth it.

But much of what I said last night still stands, so I say it again.

Looks a little different. Has that “new blog” smell. Runs a little sleaker. Doesn’t require me to update by hand. Won’t be sold out from under me to run stealth Best Buy ads. So far so good.

This is but the first of many updates. I’m hoping (striving) to make this a near-daily thing. Part of my regular writing routine. I’ve got lots of ideas for regular features that will march hand-in-hand with my traditional “blather on about whatever I like when I”m way too tired and should just go to bed already” entries.

Sort of like this one is turning into.

Expect lots of flailing while I figure out just what the hell to do with this space now I have it.

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