Feb 242010
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The Internet’s a big place. There are at least 100 different sites out there! How will you ever find the time to sift through the dregs for the funniest macros, the awesomest pictures, the interestingest lists? You can’t. It’s impossible. Don’t try.

Instead, let Jet Wolf do it for you. Here’s today’s dose of random shit that I took the trouble to bookmark, just for you.

Raptor Cam – Spring is (almost) here, and that means the return of Portland’s very own Raptor Cam. Every year red-tailed hawks nest in a fire escape downtown, and the Audubon Society set up this webcam to facilitate our latent voyeurism. It’s pretty slow until there are eggs, but to tide you over you can look at all the cars (and so many cyclists) down below!

Defaced Dollar Bills – Is it against the law? If it provides two whole minutes of amusement, does it matter?

Dog vs. Trampoline – It’s a DOG. Fighting a TRAMPOLINE.

Why You Shouldn’t Put Your Treadmill There. – The fact that I can’t help laughing at this makes me a bad person. The fact that I can’t stop laughing at it makes me not care.

I want this to happen in my yard. Seriously.

This Too Shall Pass – So many reasons why I love OK Go. This is simply the latest.

  • Jason McCulley

    They used a marching band. A -marching- -band-.

    I am a happier person than I was five minutes ago.

    • Jet Wolf

      And just in case the marching band wasn’t enough win, it was one take.

      I am pleased to have brought this to you.

  • Ultrace

    The treadmill thing wouldn’t be half as funny if she didn’t look like a badly-done ragdoll physics demonstration from a last-gen game system…

    • Jet Wolf

      I know, right? Looks like something you’d expect to see in City of Heroes with a head stuck in a wall.