Mar 172010
Rock Band Network

Hey peoples, running a bit late on this (in that I wanted to post it Sunday so yeah). This is our rundown of the second week of Rock Band Network DLC, as live Tweeted. While nothing was an instant buy for us this week, there’s some stuff here that’s really promising.

But what does it all mean? Well thankfully I broke it all down in the first RBN post so I can just lazily copy and paste it here. Enjoy that c’n’p by the way, as in a moment I’m just going to link to the first post and make you look for it your own damn selves.

What My Crap Means
Twitter gives you a whole 140 characters to work with. Once you’ve included the song title and artist, space is pretty limited. So there’s a lot of abbreviating here, as well as a ranking system that probably doesn’t make as much immediate sense to anyone not-me. Here it is explained:

* BUY. An instant purchase. No further research necessary.
* UND+. Undecided, but positive. We want to see and/or hear more but the first 60 seconds intrigued us.
* UND-. Undecided, but negative. We’re not ready to dismiss the song completely yet but it didn’t really grab us.
* DELETE. No thanks, it’s just not for us.

Also it’s important to note that we tested these with myself playing expert guitar and Mike on expert bass (our “default” positions).

And Now, The Songs
Africa” by Quartered : UND-. Okay, so we just sat there and did nothing for 60 seconds. Great start to this week’s demoing. [80]

Approach the Podium” by Winds of Plague : DELETE. Me and death metal – we’re clearly just casual acquaintances. [160]

Car Windows” by The Main Drag : UND- The accoustic was pretty but no evidence that the song was going to go anywhere. [80]

Day to Day” by Eulogies : UND- Seemed overall to be a pretty sedate song that sounded pleasant enough but not especially interesting. [80]

Demon Woman” by Flight of the Conchords : UND+ Confession time, never heard them before. But that didn’t suck & rep goes a long way. [160]

Descend into the Eternal Pits of Possession” by The Project Hate MCMXCIX : UND+ I expected to not like this at all and was very pleasantly surprised. Fun chart, female vocals. [80]

Destructive Device” by Mindflow : UND+ I think I had more fun playing that than listning to it but vocals are going to make or break. [80]

Do You Feel Like Breaking Up?” by Mark Mallman : UND+ Play-wise nothing much to thrill about, but I really enjoyed the song. [80]

“Life Unworthy of Life” by Warpath : DELETE. So there was no part of that chart I enjoyed and okay moving on. [80]

“Love and the Triumph Of” by Broadcast: UND+ If we pick this up it’ll be a few plays before I get the guitar down but I had fun trying. [80]

Mordecai” by Between the Buried and Me : DELETE. Didn’t care much for the free track, don’t think I’ll enjoy if I pay either. [160]

Push Me” by The Carsitters : UND+ I have no idea why I couldn’t find my rhythm here, but the song was bright and I’m biased to femvox. [80]

“Roll Over” by Uniform Motion : UND+ This was, like, nothing to play, but despite the slow it sounds like a really great song. [80]

Second Best Friend” by Nebraska Sailing.. : UND+ Good god that was so much fun to play on guitar hell yes. [80]

Shiny Dark Bar” by James William Roy : UND+ Not difficult (yet?) but had me bopping along and loved the different vocals. [80]

So Says I” by The Shins : UND+ Good song, awesome chart. Won’t take much to push this to buy for me. [160]

Stick Stickly” by Attack Attack! : UND- If T-Pain did metal. Wasn’t too crazy on my fingers or ears, but could be going there. [160]

The Most Beautiful Girl..” by Flight of the Conchords : UND+ It made me chuckle, but most + on reputation again. [160]

Whatever Happened to You” by Cate Sparks : UND+ Damn I hate that I like something so bubble gum. Sometimes I’m SO a girl. (femvox) [160]

In Summary…
There were 19 songs released during Week 2. Of those demos we rated them:
– 12 UND+
– 4 UND-

Also this past weekend we sat down and began to go through the full songs and charts for the inaugural week of RBN, clearing out the UNDs into one category or another. Later this week (possibly with the Week 3 DLC, possibly on its own) we’ll go into what we’ve cut and what we felt was worthy of our precious, precious Microsoft points.

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