Mar 212010
Rock Band Network

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It’s time once again to delve into the deep pool that is Rock Band Network. This week brought 33 new songs:

“50,000 Unstoppable Watts” by Clutch : UND+ I liked that a lot, had a strong 70s hard rock vibe and an interesting chart. [160]

“Battle Royale” by The Word Alive : UND-. Melodic vocals + death growl always interests, but took 45s or so to start to appeal to me. [80]

“Being Here” by The Stills : UND- Nothing to not like, but nothing to grab me yet either. [80]

“Bodies” by Drowning Pool : UND+ “Oh I know this song!” Doesn’t happen much w/ RBN. Haven’t heard in a while want to see where it goes. [160]

“Business Time” by Flight of the Conchords : UND+ Much like the others, amused me and rep goes a long way to encourage consideration. [160]

“Collapsing” by Demon Hunter : UND- Had a real problem w/rhythm on this one, but the chart was an interesting challenge. [160]

“Dance With Me” by Stewart : UND+ High energy and awesome chart makes this one I definitely want more of. (female vocals) [80]

“Days Without” by All That Remains : UND- Had a lot of fun playing this and once he stopped growling it appealed to me much more. [160]

“Dirty King” by The Cliks : UND- First thought, “That’s a GUY singing??” Didn’t catch me otherwise though. [160]

“Dirty South Rock” by Hyro Da Hero : UND+ Tend to not check genres b4 playing so this surprised me. Dull on G but interesting overall. [80]

“Dragonfly (Symbion Project Remix)” by Universal Hall Pass : DELETE. Just nothing in this grabbed me and encouraged me to listen or play more. (female vocals) [80]

“Elements” by Texas in July: DELETE. Though I was having fun playing the song, didn’t care much for listening to it. Not my cup of tea. [80]

“Energy” by Apples in Stereo : UND- Don’t have much to say about it really save that I did not expect the singer to sound like he did. [80]

“First We Feast, Then We Felony” by Circus Circus : DELETE. What a shame. Started out so promising but dissolved into cacophony. Pity. [80]

“Hot Sexy Girls” by Joe Sibol : UND- Borderline +/-. Not much to do on guitar but I liked the sound. Is that a kettle drum? [80]

“I Know What I Am” by Band of Skulls : UND+ That was a lot of fun considering I wasn’t doing much. Really liked the song. (part femvox) [160]

“I’m Made of Wax, Larry, What Are You Made Of?” by Day to Remember : UND+ That was very interesting. Great many styles that all seemed to work together somehow. [160]

“Midnight Ride” by Midnight Riders : UND+ Going mostly w/Mike here. I had no objection, but didn’t go anywhere yet. [80]

“Moonshine Hollar” by Zack Wilson : UND- Felt like I should have Hillbilly Jim in the corner dancing a hoe-down. [80]

“My Favorite New Disaster” by Megaphone : UND- Nice if somewhat simple chart, but nothing stood out in the song. [160]

“Nothing There” by Oliver Pride : UND- Pretty much played the same chord progression over and over and heard nothing more exciting. [80]

“One Bad Man” by Midnight Riders : UND+ I enjoyed playing that a lot, and didn’t sound too bad either. [80]

“One Step Further” by MxPx : UND+ That was hella fun to play, if it took me a few times around to get it. Keeps you on your toes. [80]

“Past Lives” by The Bronx : UND+ This one didn’t immediately catch me but has that quality that says it would only take a few listens. [160]

“Remedy” by Seether : UND- Sounded too much like a thousand other bands to me. [160]

“Rise” by Solarcade : UND- Firmly “meh” for me. Felt like it lacked depth, though the chart was enjoyable enough for what it was. [160]

“Semi-Charmed Life ’09” by Third Eye Blind : UND+ Need to listen to whole thing with eye to RB to see if I like just b/c I recognize. [160]

“Still Alive” by World Minus One : UND+ Intricate and varied chart. The song itself was very easy on the ears. (female vocals) [80]

“The Mob Goes Wild” by Clutch : UND+ I think I’m going to have to dig up more by these guys, really digging their music. [160]

“Too Hot to Handle” by Carl Douglas : UND+ Sounds like it wants to get funky SO BAD. Not sure how the autotuning will play out. [80]

“We Are Not Anonymous” by Unearth : UND- Willing to give this a closer look. Not convinced it won’t become unfun to play but we’ll see. [80]

“What a Trip” by Analogue Revolution : UND- I’d have to see if it goes anywhere. Wasn’t overly catchy in the first minute. [80]

“You’re a Wolf” by Sea Wolf : UND+ I’d go neg but caught w/Mike. Wasn’t much promise that the rest of the song’d be more interesting. [80]

Overall, a pretty good week. Here’s the breakdown:
– 16 UND+
– 14 UND-

Before next week’s demoganza, I’ll do up another post with the undecided songs that we’ve made decisions on.

So what about you guys? Did you pick up anything this week?

  • JawaKing

    Of the songs in this section, I kinda wanted “Bodies” and “Remedy” as I was familiar with both songs, but talked myself out of both. For some reason I didn’t want them as bad as I thought I did. I have to agree with your earlier statement about how now with such a large selection of dlc, it feels like you don’t have to settle any more for just what is available. I know I did in the beginning. The only things I picked up off this list was “Semi-Charmed Life ’09” which I was excited about. I’ve really liked Third Eye Blind for quite some time. Interesting fact, that song is about crystal meth addiction and was used as background music for the trailer for the Tigger movie. Don’t really go together. I also got “I Know What I Am.” Mainly because it was a free download on iTunes last year, and I really liked it as a song when I heard it on the radio. The rest didn’t stick out to me at all.