Apr 212010
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Well not only was I on vacation for a few weeks and had to do a big RBN demo backlog, but I forgot to post my thoughts on the new songs from week three. So WELL DONE, me.


“1348” by Umphrey’s McGee : UND+ Had a blast playing that. Actually disappointed when singing started, wanted more guitar! [160]

“A Little Faster” by There For Tomorrow : UND+ The way the riff played gives me hopes that the rest won’t be constant chordfest. [160]

“A Thousand Nights” by Mile Marker Zero : UND- Neither of us got to do much yet but weren’t very taken by what there was. [80]

“All Eyes on Me” by The Carsitters : UND+ Mike liked it better than I. Wasn’t much here to catch me yet. (female vocals) [80]

“All My Friends Are Crazy” by 500 Miles to Memphis : UND+ While the guitar is vanilla, the fiddle is immediately engaging. [80]

“Anything” by Kristin Dare : UND+ I liked the 1st half of the song (demo length) better than 2nd but maybe it picks up again. (femvox) [80]

“Bow Down” by Chrome Coma : UND+ Straightforward guitar but works well. Probably best song-to-listen-to I’ve heard so far this week. [80]

“Burn” by Big Square : UND+ Mike liked it a bit more than I did. Almost sounds like a parody/novelty song. Strange. [80]

“Burning Rome” by Minnesota Sex Junkies : UND- Played the same riff for the whole demo and no hints that there’s much beyond that. [80]

“Chalk Lines” by Division Day : UND+ Started to pick up at the end. Would need more to get me to lay out points but I’m interested. [80]

“Close Your Eyes” by Jonathan Lee : UND- Pretty and sedate enough but nothing standing out to make me want to play it. [160]

“Do Not Disturb (Tell Me How Bad)” by Let’s Get It : UND- Probably more interesting on drums, but thus far nothing on guitar and way the hell autotuned. [80]

“Doomsday Party” by Sybreed : UND+ Despite the fact that the middle bit of demo kicked my ass, loved the sound. Techno metal? Awesome! [80]

“Drag Me Away” by Aminal : UND+ Easy (so far) but not in a bad way. Reminds me of something I can’t quite pin down. [80]

“Eden was a Garden” by Roman Candle : UND- Liked the lyric flow and I’m a sucker for acoustic, but no bass in demo. Pity. [80]

“Elisheva, I Love You” by Junius : UND- Liked the guitar tone, but doesn’t seem like it’s going to go much of anywhere. [80]

“Eveready” by Modern Skirts : UND- Could come back and surprise me when I see the whole chart, but just meh thus far. [80]

“Gasoline” by The Bounding Souls : UND- Nothing in this to grab attention. Didn’t sound/play bad but didn’t stand out. Maybe picks up? [80]

“Gravitate” by Megaphone : UND+ Interesting chart and I liked the song. Best demo of the week thus far, easily. [160]

“Gravity (Don’t Let Me Go)” by Jon Black & The Winter Hearts : UND+ Liked the song overall. Drums sound like they’ll be fun. [80]

“Home” by Fear Without Reason : UND+ GREAT fun on the guitar in the beginning there. Very keen to see the rest of the chart. [80]

“Hook, Line, and Sinner” by Texas in July : UND- Not a fan of the vocals but liked the music and had a lot of fun playing it. [80]

“I Am Legion” by Bibleblack : UND+ Fun enough on guitar but how the vocals sound will be the clincher for me. [80]

“I Don’t Think That’s OK” by Josh Freese : UND+ Was okay but I played pretty much the same riff for 60s. Would def need to see more. [160]

“I’m Alive” by Kid Beyond : UND+ Well that was … interesting. Definitely sounds unlike anything else in the game. [160]

“Last Mistake” by Red9 : UND- Really need to see the whole chart. If it’s going to be the demo for the whole song, I’ll pass. [80]

“Let the Games Begin” by Anarbor : UND+ I liked the riff a lot, and get a “party” vibe off the song, if more people knew it. [160]

“Love is the Only Thing” by Andy Kirk : UND+ Liked this a lot, both song & chart. Should be playing behind an inspiring montage. [160]

“Motorcide” by Man Parts : UND- Obviously short so it’ll need to give payoff quick. Surprisingly fun to play though. [80]

“Never Let You Go ’09” by Third Eye Blind : UND+ Again with liking the riff. Sounds pretty together on all instruments. [160]

“Not Your Enemy” by Megaphone : UND+ That was a lot of fun on guitar, don’t see rapid ho/po chords too much. Liked the song a lot too. [80]

“Numb” by Aittala : UND+ Spent the first 50 seconds feeling like it should go somewhere then just as it does, demo over. Grar! [80]

“One Step Behind” by A Hero Next Door : UND+ I had way too much fun with this, seriously. [80]

“Perfect World” by Moving Picture Show : UND+ Didn’t get to do much, but I liked what I heard. [80]

“Rearview Mirror” by Zack Wilson : UND+ Sounds very Beatlesy to me, at least in the vocals fuzz sound. Promising. [80]

“Roll the Dice” by Damone : UND+ Probably would’ve sounded even better if I managed to get my rhythm faster. Nice & bright. (femvox) [80]

“Rude Awakening” by Squeezebox : UND- I feel like I really should’ve liked that more than I did. Weird. [80]

“Scavengers of the Damned” by Aiden : UND+ I liked it but not what I expected. Way cheerful sound for that title and album cover. [160]

“Scream Ceremony” by Order of the Crimson Wizard: UND+ REALLY liked. Blends genres but does a great job of it. Tons of fun to play too. [80]

“Sending Signals” by Evergreen Terrace : DELETE. Just didn’t have fun with that at all. [80]

“Sound of the Redeemed” by Jonathan Lee : UND- Too low-key for me to want to play. Maybe builds to more later? [160]

“Step Up (I’m On It)” by Maylene & The Sons of Disaster : UND+ Did George Thorogood slip a song in? Loved the steel guitarI(?). Really well charted. [160]

“Synthesized” by Symbion Project : UND- Didn’t enjoy that as much as hoping too. Unfair internal Freezepop comparison? Maybe. (femvox) [80]

“Taking Apart a Gigantic Machine” by The Main Drag : UND- So slow to start and unconvinced it’ll go anywhere at all. [80]

“The Girl at the Video Game Store” by Parry Gripp : UND- Might’ve been expecting too much here w/ the topic. Sort of let down. [80]

“Trash Candy” by Tijuana Sweetheart : UND+ And it cuts out RIGHT when I expect the hilarious rant to begin. Great fun all around. [80]

“Under Water I Drown” by Edge : UND+ The guitar was interesting to play, a little different. Not sure on the song overall yet. [80]

“Upstream” by Cory Wong : UND- Rating mostly due to guitar being only instr. so play value cut to 1/4th. Will have to wow to be a BUY. [80]

“When I Get Home You’re So Dead” by Mayday Parade : DELETE. First decision made mostly on price. Heard nothing here worth $3. Buh bye. [240]

“Where the Light was Born” by Bornholm : UND- It’s a testament to the beauty of the instruments that the screaming didn’t cause autodelete. [80]

“Where We’re Goin” by The Japanese Frog : UND+ Instrumental synth. I can’t say I have any of those in RB yet. [80]

“Wings of Infinity” by C&O : UND- I would’ve gone + myself. Not sure what exactly but something appealed. [80]

“You Stay. I Go. No Following.” by Look Mexico : (Look! Polish! Sorry.) UND- Song sounded pretty generic to me. Love the title though. [80]

“Young Bloods” by The Bronx : UND+ I just love punk, what can I say. [160]

Lots of songs this time, and while none where instabuy, very few were instadelete either. I’m pretty pleased at the overall quality being maintained for the RBN, at least as far as my tastes lie.
– 32 UND+
– 20 UND-

Between episodes of Lost in our mad plan to try to watch the whole bloody thing before the finale airs, we’re hoping to get in a few more full charts and make some decisions. I’m ridiculously overdue on an update.

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