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What I’m doing: Racing through Lost in an attempt to catch up before the season finale airs and I get spoiled all to hell.

What this is: These are my thoughts as I watch the episode.

What’s important: In an effort to avoid spoilers, note that I won’t be reading any comments made to these posts until I’ve caught up. Feel free to say whatever you like and discuss among yourselves, just don’t expect a reply from me for the next month or so.

Stating the obvious: There are spoilers in this post for any and all events through to the episode I’m making notes about. If you don’t wish to be spoiled, please stop reading now.

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2×02: “Adrift” | 2×03: “Orientation”

Thoughts on Lost 2×02: “Adrift”

– And Jin? Please to be giving status update on Jin now.

– Little disjointing; now we’re going back to before the end of the previous ep with Locke outside the hatch again. Though given my overall disappointment with the hatch last episode (quite the letdown after I was so keen to see what was inside it), I admit to being much more interested in the raft crew at the moment.

– Which we are now back to yay.

– No don’t go flashback yet! Give Jin update!

– How can Michael be surprised at Walt’s mom wanting him to give up custody of Walt? She told him that to his face last season.

– OMG care about Jin for like two seconds please. I like him better than both of you *and* Walt.

– “Dharma”. Is there a Greg around too? (Yeah, I went with the easy joke.)

– Oh great, they found Kate so very quickly.

– “Are you him?” Hm.

– Yay now we can scream for Jin!

– It actually took Michael faster than I thought to blame Sawyer. Bad form, Michael.


– Seriously Michael stop being such a douche.

– Wow you’re a bitch Family Lawyer Lady.

– Dammit did they kill Jin? I will be very displeased if this is the case.

– I’ll give credit to Scottish Git, he’s much less irritating when he’s speaking in clipped sentences.

– Tsk. Junkie little hobbit.

– That was a hell of a splash Michael made right there, he destroyed Sawyer’s raft instantly.

– Hello pantry, you are an island castaway jackpot.

– “Apollo” candy bar apparently, which I note here in the event that the name has meaning.

– S.Git also knows of (what I assume is) the French woman’s fanatical sickness. Interesting. The flashback from last ep lets us know that he can’t have been in here for 16 years.

– The computer + numbers + apparent counter reset has me quite interested indeed. Mike theorizes it’s a built-in self-destruct system.

– I love how they’ve spent half the episode just getting us to where we left off in the previous episode. This bodes well for the season to come.

– Huh, was that shark stamped with the Dharma logo?

– I am going to, at this point, hope that Jin caught himself a ride on The Others’ boat.

– Stuffed polar bear, snerk. Sidenote: if they never explain this polar bear thing, imma be pissed.

– Yay it’s Jin! He’s all tied up and probably beaten and things are bad and here come the others but yay it’s Jin!

Overall thoughts
Well if it wasn’t apparent, finding out Jin’s fate was pretty much what drove me this episode. While I did think it was better than the last, I can’t help but think they’re dragging their feet on this hatch thing. There wasn’t anything so important going on in the Jack/Locke/Git scene that necessitated it be repeatedly told from a slightly different angle. Eating up half an episode only to bring us back to where we should’ve started reeks, to my nose, of killing time. I still can’t shake the idea that at this point the writers aren’t feeling too secure about where they’re going.

Thus far Season 2 is entirely underwhelming. I’m not sure I would’ve kept up with it if I was watching the show in real time with a week or more between episodes.


Thoughts on Lost 2×03: “Orientation”

– Well plus side to your brutal capture guys, we’ll soon learn about The Others.

– Good god how many times must we see this SAME FUCKING SCENE.

– (Ooo, Katie Segal?)

– Interesting, I thought that the car crash after his dad took his kidney was how Locke got in the wheelchair. Which, I’m guessing, is what you were supposed to think.

– Mike: “Kate! Now powered with CANDY BAR!”

– Hm, Helen. Wasn’t that the name of the phone sex operator Locke was talking to?

– Locke’s father confronts him in the car. That was perhaps not the way to talk to someone clearly adept at finding you and with motivation to hold a serious grudge

– Boy if S.Git’s story is true, that’s the fastest a secret has been introduced and resolved.

– There’s a film! I’m hoping it’s all 50s style.

– I’ll give it to Josh Holloway, he has definitely cultivated the Angry Face.

– Boy, Sawyer is having an aggressively bad day.

– Who’d he dump, the French woman? Hm, no, the girl Jack was talking to in the bar. Someone from the tail section then interesting.

– Part 3 of 6. “The Swan”. Hm.

– “You and your partner”. So there must’ve been someone with “Kelvin” at some pre-S.Git point too.

– Mike is pegging this as a social experiment, the whole “enter the code at the chime or the world ends” thing, which seems like a reasonable enough premise to me at the moment. Though having giant dinosaur monsters and branded sharks seems a bit excessive for just a social experiment.

– Mentioning Skinner is, I suspect, a pretty intentional drop. The whole island as a Skinner Box? Certainly S.Git is pretty well conditioned at this point.


– Mike points out that with an alarm going off every hour and a half nobody gets a good night sleep.

– Well having listened to the explanation, along with the specific mention of “social sciences”, certainly seems to be lending some weight to the experiment idea.

– Seriously Jack, what’s wrong with you? Even if you don’t believe he has to enter the code, how can you not be filled with questions about what’s going on around you?

– So Bar Girl was alone and has been for over a month? No sign of anybody else from the tail? She must’ve crashed near to where they were. I guess they might’ve all also fallen in the ocean but. Hm.

– Jack saying it’s an experiment certainly seems to be a sizable strike against it being so.

– The book on S.Git’s bed: “The Third Policeman”. Never heard of it, I’ll have to look it up. (As I’m guessing it too is not randomly named.)

– Okay so she must be a– Yeah, okay, she’s a mole for The Others. Who must, at least, include members of the tail section. Or they aren’t actually The Others? Not the ones the French woman thinks, the ones who took Walt. One of the two I assume.

– Jack doesn’t deal well with people who don’t share his very specific philosophies and world view, does he?

– I find this whole supposedly tense metaphysical symbolic button thing between Jack and Locke TEDIOUS AND IRRITATING. Holy shit just someone push the fucking button it doesn’t have to mean more than you want the siren to shut up if you don’t want it to jesus christ.

– Seriously is this going to be the show for the next season? I think I was actually happier when they just cut to black and didn’t bother to show me what was in the bloody hatch.

Overall thoughts
This episode started out so much better, I actually got my hopes up for a few minutes there. Then Jack started foaming at the mouth and the writers were trying to drown us in their attempts to be clever. I get it. Jack and Locke are opposite sides of the same coin. I figured it out last season. Stop trying to stab me in the eyeball with your plastic sandwich sword of subtelty. The fact that you don’t appear to believe me smart enough to get what you’re trying to say without you spelling it out in big neon flashbacks is insulting at best.

What makes it worse though is that the characters don’t even seem to be following their own internal logic at this point. I couldn’t make sense of Jack’s actions at all. I get that you don’t believe that anything bad will happen if the code isn’t entered, but you’re on an island where pilots are eaten out of airplanes and polar bears are shot in the jungle. At the barest minimum, things aren’t quite the norm. Believe in the need for the code or not, but you’re in an elaborate underground bunker, complete with training film. It’s worth investigating. For a man of science Jack seems remarkably adept at dismissing whatever evidence doesn’t support his preferred conclusion.

But of course, Jack isn’t real. He says and does what the writers make him say and do and that’s really the problem. When you start making your characters service the plot you’ve lost it. No pun intended.

The saddest part is that it all goes back to my first point: they’re sacrificing characters in a quest to look all deep and clever and it’s not working. Jack’s reaction to Locke’s insitance he push the button just doesn’t make any sense. Even if Jack didn’t want to admit to himself that he believes there’s a chance it’s real, he could’ve just pushed the thing to shut Locke up and said “I’m out, later.” Or hey, you keep saying that everyone wants to you to be a leader – flex that muscle and draw up an enter-the-code schedule. You’ve got 40-something people just sitting around, digging sand out of their crack. Find a use for them. You only have to be as personally involved in this as you want to be.

I dunno. At this point I’m feeling pretty jaded on the whole thing. I’m assuming from the fervor around the show that it gets better again. I sincerely hope so. I’ve got a lot of episodes to slog through yet.

  • Goldie

    Jack is a dick.

    Scottish Git (have they revealed his name yet, I forget?) is AWESOME!!! Just wait, you’ll see.

    Wait ’til they introduce the “Tailies.”

    • Jet Wolf

      “Jack is a dick” is a truth that just never went away. Desmond’s the constant? Jack being a dick is the bloody constant.