Apr 242010
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What I’m doing: Racing through Lost in an attempt to catch up before the season finale airs and I get spoiled all to hell.

What this is: These are my thoughts as I watch the episode.

What’s important: In an effort to avoid spoilers, note that I won’t be reading any comments made to these posts until I’ve caught up. Feel free to say whatever you like and discuss among yourselves, just don’t expect a reply from me for the next month or so.

Stating the obvious: There are spoilers in this post for any and all events through to the episode I’m making notes about. If you don’t wish to be spoiled, please stop reading now.


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2×04: “Everybody Hates Hugo” | 2×05: “…And Found” | 2×06: “Abandond”


Thoughts on Lost 2×04: “Everybody Hates Hugo”

– GUY IN CHICKEN SUIT. You. Are. Terrifying.

– What is it with these guys and wanting Jin to pee on things.

– Is that Adebisi from Oz? Oo I hope so, he is so good.

– Well I guess she doesn’t want you then, Sawyer. Hahaha, “Bitch.” Could he be more Spike-like?

– They sure didn’t show us the bitchy side of Hurley’s Mom last season.

– Oh hey, they decided to have Rose pop up again! I missed you, Rose. I didn’t think they did anywhere near enough with you last season.

– Uhm okay why tell Rose — why BRING Rose — but be all evasive with Charlie?

– The bottle of notes. I wondered why they included it in the “previously on”. Now everyone’s going to assume the Raft People are dead.

– I’m not entirely sure why you’re entitled to answers when nobody else is, Charlie. What exactly have you done for the general island populace? I’ve yet to even see you play more than three chords on your guitar you were so desperate to find.

– I am having serious trouble believing that the guy who is little more than an organized sportsman who was, immediately upon becoming shipwrecked, drafted into living in a bunker for three years to type some numbers and push a button, could be so fiendish a woodsman that Locke would be utterly unable to track him.

– What exactly did these Other Lostaways build that huge pit for anyway? They don’t appear to have known there was anyone else who survived and they didn’t get enough of a warning that the Raft Guys were coming to dig it just for them.

– “Driveshaft. More like SUCKshaft.” Ahhaha.

– Have they told us what Sayid is trying to do yet? Why is he just randomly trying to bash down walls?

– These tail section people are just WAY too suspicious. They must know something about other people around here, their actions make no sense otherwise.

– Another redoubt I see. And ahh yeah “There WERE [23 of us].” Going to guess murder rather than this “sickness”.

– “You don’t get to quit.” How the hell not? What are you gonna do, shoot him if Hurley refuses to be inventory man?

– The dynamite? Now garden gnomes in flashback? Seriously Hurley I am not understanding you at all right now.

– Oh that’s where I’ve seen that guy, Hurley’s friend. It’s Ray-Ray from My Name is Earl.

– This may be the quickest series of jumps yet. Flashback to now to flashback to now to flashback to now to flashback and I’m getting whiplash geez.

– WTF how the hell does the clerk know the ticket was won by Hurley? And why is his friend all pissed about it?

– Huh, so Scottish Git only had food enough for three months? And Mike just pointed out that the room looked pretty filled to capacity. So was S.Git getting regular shipments then?

– Sun chose to bury the bottle. But not very deep, so I think we can safely assume it will be found, and at the most inopportune time.

– Hey, it’s Holland Manners! Get him and Jin together and they’ll sue the HELL out of Oceanic! Literally!

– Heh, guessing that Rose is saving the candy bar for her husband. Sweet. Er, no pun intended.

Overall thoughts
Man, you know we’re in trouble when a Hurley-centered episode doesn’t work for me. First Jack and Locke and now Hurley — everyone focusing on this hatch situation is throwing all sense of reason (and themselves) out the window for whatever little psychosis they happen to be dealing with for that specific moment in time. Seriously, Hurley was willing to blow up the entire place and possibly kill someone just so that people wouldn’t maybe not like him? Blowing it up because he’s obsessed with the numbers and convinved no good will come of their constant use, that I could get. That would make sense. But just to avoid the possibility that people will be mad at him because he’s making them wait for a candy bar? Dude, as Hurley would say. Seriously, I can’t stress enough how disappointing I’m finding everything and everyone associated with the hatch right now.

By far the more interesting part is the raft guys and the tail section folks. Let’s just focus on them for a while and come back to the hatch when things that aren’t irritating begin to happen, okay?


Thoughts on Lost 2×05: “…And Found”

– I’m glad to see that in moments of stress, Sun defaults to Korean. That’s probably the most logical thing I’ve seen this season so far.

– Looks like … five Tail People? That’s a hell of a lot of deaths in the space of a month.

– I think the only person at the moment that I can stand to see Jack interacting with is Sun. I give it five, six episodes at most before he does something dickish with her too.

– The girl with Michael seems really nice. She’ll probably die in a sec.

– Ah HA, yes, “They”. Good. Now someone please start asking more questions about The Others. It shouldn’t have taken you this long to start.

– Mr. Echo? That’s an … interesting name.

– Oo they have a radio? Which I guess makes sense, I assume they are who Boone was talking to in the plane.

– Guess they’re waiting for puppy to poopie.

– I’m at the halfway point and actually enjoying this episode and finding it very engaging. Quick, someone! To the hatch!

– Finding the impaled body in the jungle: Ouch that looked painful. And yes, Adebisi confrms it was The Others. I am interested in The Others and hope they never go anywhere near the hatch.

– Jin is understanding quite a lot of English here, good for him.

– See, this is the Locke I like: Calm and funny and awesome.

– “I’m not lost anymore.” OH HAR.

– The hotel guy seems pretty perfect, which of course means he won’t be. I’m guessing he’ll turn out to be a real bastard or abusive to Sun or something.

– Uh oh, will Jin get fired now because he’s missng his flower? :( He certainly is good at flower presentation though, can’t deny this.

– Oh he’s not a bastard then. I’m glad he actually told her about his love interest in America and didn’t just string her along and leave her. Good for you then, Hotel Guy. I’m sorry I assumed you’d be an abusive bastard.

– “THEY don’t leave tracks.” Dun dun duuuuun.

– Okay the teddy bear on a stick was pretty freaky. And it gets bonus points for not being a polar bear!

– Don’t do it Jin! They’ll fire you! Ohhh nooooooes. :( ….But quitting is okay. Yes, you quit. Go on with your bad self.

– Oh yay. It’s Kate. She was upset that there’s only 10 minutes left in the episode and the camera hadn’t even been on her once.

– Hm, there’s one of the Tail People who hasn’t had even a spoken line yet. I revise my previous statment and say that she’ll probably die first. But I think the Nice One will be soon after.

– And now they’re digging the bottle up. I figured as such, what with the look of self-absorbed interest Kate had. Who’s surprised? Oh but look, you found your ring, so it’s okay that I was violating everyone’s privacy and not caring about Sun’s personal loss at all! Fuck you, Kate.

– Hahah, I love Sun’s epxression as she sees Jin there. You can practically hear the little “ooo!” Sun + Jin = OTP.

Overall thoughts
Like I mentioned above, I actually enjoyed this episode. Far and away the best of this season to this point, and I don’t for a second doubt that it’s because we stayed way the hell away from the insanity that is the hatch. The plots revolving around The Floating Three, the Tailers and The Others is by far the most insteresting thing going on right now. This is more like what I experienced in season 1: Plenty of little questions with the looming larger mysteries that are fleshed out slowly. It feels like they have two separate and distinct head writers for each major focus point right now, the differences are that great. Again I’m forced to conclude that while they had an idea for the Raft portion of the storyline they’re making up the Hatch part as they go along.

Sun and Jin’s flashbacks worked out extremely well also, probably because they were less about trying to shoehorn in symbolism and more about just showing us What Went Before. If one had to pick a theme of the flashback I’d say it was destiny, but that’s such an overarching theme of the whole bloody show that it’s a glove which fits just about anywhere. And honestly, I think the show could do well by not trying so damned hard to make it all fit together in these grand cosmic ways. Don’t let your desire to be clever cloud you from what should be your primary goal: telling a good story. I hope it was a lesson learned that will be applied going forward. The cynic in me doubts it, but I do hope so.


Thoughts on Lost 2×06: “Abandoned”

– Previously on Lost: Poor Dead Boone.

– Puppy! Puuuuppy.

– On the other end of the pairing spectrum from Sun/Jin we have Shannon and Sayid. Who I just can’t get behind. He could do just … so very much better I think. I can’t help but keep asking the “What does he seen in her?” question and getting no answer at all.

– “I only carry it because I have someone to protect.” Gaaag.

– Oh Girl With No Lines has lines now. She too is Australian it sounds, and I’m frankly surprised that she’s only the second given the flight’s origination.

– “Did you see the kids?” Well that’s a very interesting question. Children naturally with The Others or children who, like Walt, survived and were taken?

– Good god dripping Walt is freaking my shit.

– Wow is Shannon actually doing something? Something that isn’t shopping and being a leech on all those around her?

– Ohhhh, this is the guy that Jack’s Future Wife was in the accident with? Interesting. Is this the most direct and personal non-island link we’ve seen between the Lostaways yet?

– He’s a lab, not a bloodhound, geez.

– Mike: “Aaaand she rescues Walt.”

– Oooo Charlie, busted! Or soon to be, we hope.

– Claire gives the baby to Locke. Mike: “Careful. The last person entrusted to me had a plane drop on him.”

– Sensing impending Claire/Charlie flare-up.

– “What happened to you people?” Yes, thank you, exactly the question to ask. Of course the answer didn’t exactly give a lot of info, but I’ll take your sliver with thanks.

– Shannon and Vincet at Boone’s grave. Mike: “Well apparently Walt’s buried right there since the dog’s staying put.” He’s on a roll tonight folks.

– Look everyone, it’s a living breathing evil stepmother!

– Lucky dice in the backgammon board again, at least for one player.

– Go for it, Locke! Unleash the Virgin Mary Statue Knowledge of Justice! Burn the hobbitses, my precious.

– They look to be in the same tall grass as the Rafties. Maybe Vincent is leading Shannon to Michael? She did specifically say “This is his, right?” when she had him sniff the shirt. Asking such questions often serve no purpose other than to be able to say “no” when reviewed in hindsight.

– “You’re following a labrador, not a bloodhound!” That’s what I said! <high-fives Sayid>

– Where’s Cindy? Must be the Australian. Yup I called it.

– Oh the whispering again. The fact that they all can hear it seems to lend creedance to the idea that it’s really happening versus something mental.

– And there goes the dog.

– Well point to Shannon, *I* think you’re pretty much worthless too.

– Sayid says he’ll never leave her, he loves her. Okay WTF? What about your girl that you were going to find that you betrayed your country for that at least two people died so you could find?

– Shit it’s whispers. Shit it’s Walt. Does Sayid actually see him or is he lying to appease Shannon? And now she’s yelling and running and going against the ONE THING Freaky Dripping Walt told her not to do and now there’s a gunshot and so much for that.

– Oh. Well. Shannon dying would certainly free up Sayid’s obligation nicely. And would mean they wouldn’t have to keep bringing in Ian Whatsisname whenever they wanted to do a Shannon flashback. Win/win!

Overall thoughts
My, we’re on a roll. I didn’t hate that episode either. Of course we’re also on our second Hatch-less episode in a row now, so perhaps not a surprising result. We’re also on our second episode where they didn’t try shoehorning the flashback into a narrow and confining meaning, and I really think that helps a lot.

Also I don’t think Kate was in this episode even once! That’s like 20 bonus points right there.

Instead it was mostly about Shannon while advancing the non-scary Others. I don’t care too much for Shannon, but I confess to feeling sorry for her during her flashbacks, so I have to say job well done there in eliciting sympathy. And while I am indeed glad they didn’t go overboard with trying to make everything all metaphorical, I do have to wonder exactly what they were going for with Shannon in this ep. We didn’t really get to see her succeed in much of anything in the past; we saw some potential, but I think we can safely assume from how she turned out that she ultimately failed. Likewise, we see her failing in the present as well. Hell, the one thing she was entrusted with — taking care of Vincent — fails, as we watch the dog take off and leave her sprawled in the mud. Was Shannon’s whole purpose here to be little more than an “Eff you, you failed”? In truth, it seems unlikely, so I’m going to make a prediction that she survives.

So while I may not be much into Shannon, I was at least interested in her flashbacks, and am very much a proponent of the current focus shift from The Hatch to The Others. I know it won’t maintain forever, but I’ll enjoy it while it does (or until The Others parts begin to suck too).

Quick thing to wonder though: do The Tailers know about the monster black cloud dinosaur shark security system thing? Have they heard the monster stomping and roaring about?

  • Goldie

    The writers/producers seem to be pretty good about realizing when something is not working. Of course, by then they’re half a season in (after it starts airing) so it might be the end of the season before it gets resolved.

    • Jet Wolf

      Yeah … Looking back in retrospect I can’t say that I agree with this summation. Unless by “resolving” you mean “dropping it completely” that is.