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What I’m doing: Racing through Lost in an attempt to catch up before the season finale airs and I get spoiled all to hell.

What this is: These are my thoughts as I watch the episode.

What’s important: In an effort to avoid spoilers, note that I won’t be reading any comments made to these posts until I’ve caught up. Feel free to say whatever you like and discuss among yourselves, just don’t expect a reply from me for the next month or so.

Stating the obvious: There are spoilers in this post for any and all events through to the episode I’m making notes about. If you don’t wish to be spoiled, please stop reading now.


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2×07: “The Other 48 Days” | 2×08: “Collision”


Thoughts on Lost 2×07: “The Other 48 Days”

– “The Other 48 Days”. Promising title.

– Guessing this is the island, pre-crash.

– Hey, now I’m playing the opening to Bioshock!

– Confirmation: kids.

– Mike: “It’s unusual to see the guy playing Adebisi being a hero.” Me: “It’s unusual to see the guy playing Adebisi wearing a shirt.”

– And I see the teddy bear, not yet on a stick.

– Oh, hey Goodwin, of the “You remember what happened to Goodwin” Goodwins.

– I wish now I could remember how Bar Girl said this would go down. Did she say they found them the first night and took three?

– Well shit, Adebisi took down two Others on his very own. Hell yeah.

– Well shit #2, Cindy here figured out what took the PILOT telling our guys. So they’re killing Others with rocks and sticks and accurately deducing their situation and doing it all with half the people and none of the supplies. I think it’s safe to say that the Tailers are way better than our Lostaways.

– The “I had to go to the bathroom”/”We have a system” exchange was very awkward and suspicious.

– And there’s round two. They took nine others I think she said?

– Damn, The Others die easy don’t they? I’m quite curious to know what Bar Girl did in her other life.

– Oo a list? Of what? Their kidnap victims huh? Creeeepy. Is it by name or description I wonder?

– Oooohhhhh okay this Nathan guy, Mr. “I Bathroom Alone”, he’s this group’s Ethan isn’t he. The names are even similar.

– The Nathan guy actor looks familiar, wonder if/where I’ve seen him before.

– Yes, I am very interested indeed to know what Anna did in her other life.

– Oh AND these guys figured out they had a traitor. Yeah, they’re much more on the ball than our guys.

– Was that a cry we heard out in the jungle somewhere? This is day 23 … damn, I’m sure that was something related to an event in season 1. Now I’m going to go crazy trying to figure out what that was.

– “If I were a savage I’d’ve cut his finger off already. That’s tomorrow.” You know I was prepared not to like her, but I think I do.

– On freeing Nathan: Oh Goodwin. I don’t know what they’ll do to you but I think you might deserve it.

– OH SNAP HE SNAPPED. Okay didn’t see thst coming. I’m not sure I trust this guy either though, I must admit.

– Dharma Arrow, huh? So it was training film 3 of .. 6 right? Is Arrow one of those? And if so, does that mean there are four bunkers on the island?

– A glass eye? Now that’s an odd thing.

– The radio. I sincerely hope we get the other side of the Boone airplane exchange.

– Mike says “They” might not have done anything to Goodwin at all, and I was just coming to that conclusion myself. We saw Adesbisi (and I’m sorry to keep calling him that, I can’t remember what his name is on this show yet) sharpening that stick in the beginning and if I recall that was how the body that I think used to be Goodwin died. So yeah. Guessing he’s actually the real traitor and they now know it and are about to do something about it. And yes, that’s a very sharp walking stick she has there too.

– They’re not even trying to cover up the tension in this knife-passing scene are they?

– 20 year old knife huh? So The Others have access to military equipment and have had it for some time. They’ve BEEN THERE for some time. Mike points out that the training film was 1980, so it fits in. The Others = renegade Dharma agents or something? A separate study/experiment altogether?

– She’s right, Goodwin was on the beach just after the crash. So The Others acted FAST then. That’s definitely prep work. Could they have somehow caused the crash?

– “Nathan was not a good person. That’s why he wasn’t on the list.” Well that’s a very interesting statement.

– And Goodwin’s death was sort of an accident at the end of it all.

– Yay it’s poor dead Boone!

– Obviously they all know what really happened to Goodwin then. Which I guess is good, at least this little troupe doesn’t seem to be riddled with secrets and lies.

– See, this is a much more tolerable and informative way to show me shit I’ve already seen.

– I wonder if they’d heard the whispers before now? I don’t think they had.

– And now our storylines are ready to be all together again. I sincerely hope this doesn’t mean a return of suckage.

Overall thoughts
Well hot damn I liked this episode a lot too! I don’t know that I have much else to say on it that wasn’t talked about above, however. I thought they did a really good job of showing us the highlights of the Tailers’ crash experience, particularly of illustrating why they’ve been acting the way they act. Perhaps more importantly, it did a very good job of establishing ahead of time just how harsh and different these Lostaways are going to be from our Lostaways, and I don’t doubt for one moment that those differences are going to come to a head, and very soon.

Of course, making your first act SHOOTING one of the other camp probably won’t help much with that either.

What we’ve got ahead of us now then is a clear social dynamic — something I always thought would be fascinating to explore on the show and part of the reason I was so keen on a Jack/Locke division — coupled with our external force(s) that will give them the necessary common enemy. Will it be simply two-way or fracture further into a three-way split? I’m definitely keen to see.

One thing that does seem pretty clear, however, is that there was no mention in flashback of a monster at all. Safe then to assume there was never sign of one for the Tailers. Which means it was only in place for the original Lostaways, which makes me wonder why exactly. If it is in fact a “security system”, what is it protecting? Was the shark part of the security system too? And are these systems to keep people out, or keep them in? And then, of course, while we got some answers about The Others (sorta) we also got a dozen new questions. I’m pleased to discover that the frustration at that fact is dramatically abated by knowing I have immediate access to the next episodes. Thanks again for that, Internet.


Thoughts on 2×08: “Collision”

– The more I see this upset-she-was-shot scene, the less I can get behind Sayid/Shannon.

– “To hold a gun again.” Was Anna a cop maybe? On suspension after a shooting? Ah yes it would appear so.

– Maybe you should check to see if Shannon is actually alive first Sayid? If it’s really that important to you and all.

– So Anna appears to have officially snapped.

– Well if Shannon wasn’t dead before, she almost surely is by now.

– Anna’s partner: is that Sean Austin?

– Okay so she has gun issues clearly.

– Oh yay it’s downtime for my two MOST FAVOURITEST characters. Mike: “It’s lose/lose. Either Jack wins and he’s all smug about it or it’s something else Kate gets to do.”

– Don’t ask what you can do then just stand there staring when you get an answer, you dumb cow.

– Oh so now Jack’s all concerned about the button? Jesus christ we’ve been back with this lot and this hatch for ten seconds and I hate them all.

– Holy shit they arrested Roger Waters!

– Okay so it looks like maybe Anna didn’t kill someone (well, before Shannon) but was herself the victim in the shooting.

– Well what I’m mostly hoping for now in the Anna/Sayid standoff is that he gets it out of his system so we don’t have to be waiting for him to get revenge every episode.

– So what, is Sayid trying to out-guilt her here?

– Pregnant huh? That would explain her fixation on children then.

– Yay Vincent is still around! And happy to see Michael.

– Aww Rose and Bernard. :)

– Aww Sun and Jin. :)

– Aww Sayid and Dead Shannon. :) Nah I’m being mean, I’m not happy she’s dead. I think her entire fictional life was one of untapped potential. Pity really.

– And Jack and Anna face off. I bet she really wishes he’d swapped seats now.

Overall thoughts
This episode was a bit of a dip for me, enjoyment wise, but I appreciate its necessity for the story to move forward. Lots of things needed to be dealt with as these two groups came together, particularly when given the rather unfortunate consequences of them meeting up. I also quite appreciate the resolution to the Sayid and Anna tension, along with the fact that it was addressed and dismissed almost as quickly as it manifested. There’ll be tension enough without adding Shannon’s death to the mix. And frankly I thought Anna and Sayid connected better in their few brief scenes than Sayid and Shannon did for an entire season and change.

As to Anna’s backstory … I dunno. I felt a little disappointed by it, though I’m not entirely sure what I wanted or expected. I’ll have to dwell on that one a bit longer. I was certainly interested enough in it earlier. Something about her tale clearly didn’t sit right though, since I find myself now not liking her quite as much as I did even just last episode. Yes, I’ll definitely have to think on that a bit more to suss out why.

Aside from that it was really way more Jack than I need, but the same can be said for most episodes. And the next is called “What Kate Did”? Sounds lovely. <sigh>

These gripes aside, I have found my interest considerably elevated these past few episodes, even taking this little dip into consideration. I expect now we’ll really begin to get into it though. We’ve got most of the major pieces lined up. Time to see how they play.

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