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What I’m doing: Racing through Lost in an attempt to catch up before the season finale airs and I get spoiled all to hell.

What this is: These are my thoughts as I watch the episode.

What’s important: In an effort to avoid spoilers, note that I won’t be reading any comments made to these posts until I’ve caught up. Feel free to say whatever you like and discuss among yourselves, just don’t expect a reply from me for the next month or so.

Stating the obvious: There are spoilers in this post for any and all events through to the episode I’m making notes about. If you don’t wish to be spoiled, please stop reading now.


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2×09: “What Kate Did” | 2×10: “The 23rd Psalm”


Thoughts on Lost 2×09: “What Kate Did”

– What, no “previously on Lost“? Given the title, allow me to fill in. Ahem. “Previously on Lost, Kate knew everything, pouted a lot, lied a lot more, got people killed and obsessed over a toy plane.”

– I like the way they’ve evolved into individual shelters. Definitely gives it a sense of a permanence.

– You love her, Sawyer? WHY, srsly.

– WTF. Was Black Beauty in the tail section too?

– Kate’s wearing a Janis Joplin shirt. She should not be allowed to wear this. She sullies Janis by association.

– Well who is this charming drunken fellow? I’m betting daddy.

– “Hey, you gonna take my pants off?” OH GOD I HOPE YOU ARE NOT DADDY.

– BWAH WUT. Okay did not see the house exploding, that got me.

– You know if you want to be all “I wasn’t here after blowing up Mom’s boyfriend/husband/whatever”, maybe you should make sure to BE ALONE when you pretty much spill your guts and be mindful of the guy two seats down and well within earshot.

– Yeah Jack’s sure fixated well on this button that he so totally didn’t believe in at all. Which, you know, fine, change of heart I’m okay with. But then maybe they should address it since they were so bound and determined to show him having such a fit over his total lack of belief.

– Seriously, dude, Sayid, I’m not getting it. You were on the plane to go to LA to find the girl that you apparently cared about so much that killed one guy and used another guy so badly that he committed suicide. Yet a couple week (at BEST) fling with Shannon is what breaks you. I dunno.

– So Kate’s coming right out and saying that the horse was a sleep-deprived illusion. But she can’t be any more than what, a day without sleep? Didn’t it take at least two for the crew of The Next Generation to have waking dreams? Yet another reason you suck, Kate. You are not worthy of Janis OR the Enterprise.

– These guys should totally punch the numbers in ahead of time so all they have to do is hit execute when the time comes. But then whatever would we do without these <yaaaaawn> tense moments?

– Kate at the ticket counter. She was counting twenties, then ones, and when she neatened it all up there were ones at the bottom too. Kate also fails at money counting. I will, for the record, continue to find failure for Kate, no matter how slight, at every opportunity.

– Guy talking behind her, good money says it’s the bounty hunter/marshal guy. Yay I win the nonexistant bet.

– Hey, Jin’s finally free of his handcuff! I bet he feels weird without it on now.

– Can I see the movie again too? So I don’t have to look at Kate pouting?

– And now she’s macking on Jack, because further manifestation of this supposed triangle they’ve been shoving down our throats since the second episode is so what we needed.

– Acknowledgement that the film is spliced together and has pieces missing. I didn’t comment on that in my notes, but Mike and I did talk about it. I was prepared to dismiss it as just an artifact, a behind-the-scenes technique to make it look old. But them mentioning it here certainly seems to point to it being Another Mystery.

– Okay, Sayid admits here that he saw Walt too. Certainly seems to rule out illusion.

– And there’s the horse. Doesn’t seem to be a particularly pivotal moment, so I’m guessing she sees it again later. Which would be really pretty weird, making me think the horse has always been a mental thing.

– Huh, how about that, they actually addressed my “enter the numbers in ahead of time” point.

– “Oh, when you say BEGINNING …” Hahahaha ohhh Locke.

– OooOOoo part of the film. I am very interested indeed yes I am.

– Sayid is on the TV playing in the army recruitment office. Another subtle connection between Lostaways.

– And this must be Kate’s real dad then. From the looks, everyone knows what she did.

– Or ha I guess not real father after all. So what’s the horse then, the furies or something?

– I’m not sure I completely understand here. He DIDN’T tell Kate the skeevy guy was her real father because she’d kill him? And I guess that skeevy guy knew and just what the hell? Was she sexually abused? And the Real Dad But Not Really Dad just left her there? There’s plenty of wrong all the way around here.

– Wait so she killed him because … he was her dad and that was pretty much it at the end? Even her reason for killing someone is utterly self-centered.

– Yay back to the film!

– Well if the horse isn’t real, this is possibly the second time we’ve got a shared vision. But no, it seems real..?

– Watching the missing film bit. That didn’t acutally help at all, but what is it that Michael’s in there right now trying to do? Yeah.



Overall thoughts
Holy jeebus. I can only assume this episode aired during a sweeps week, because this is the single biggest “MUST SEE MORE” moment since they found a hatch buried in the middle of nowhere. So much so that while I know other stuff happened in this episode I can’t remember what the hell it was.

Oh. Yeah. Kate.

Okay, so that part I (surprise surprise) didn’t give a crap about. I took away the facts and that was about it. The fact as I understood them, at least. Which wasn’t very much. I’m still quite unclear on the whole “blowing up her father” thing, save that she didn’t do it for anyone but herself, no matter what line she fed her mother. But I didn’t follow why she said she did it and didn’t care enough to back it up and hear it again. As for the horse … whatever. There’s a fucking polar bear on the island, I suppose once you accept that as canon you just sort of have to roll with the punches when it comes to the wildlife of this place. But if it was supposed to mean something, I don’t know what. I’m sure I could come up with some bullshit symbolism, but I couldn’t even be bothered to push rewind to try and understand the motivation behind this huge defining moment in Kate’s life, do you really think I’m going to put in more brain power than necessary? Didn’t Locke say the island would give you what you want? Maybe Kate really wanted a pony. There, done.

Speaking of Locke, I like his dynamic with Echo quite a bit. They, like Locke and Jack, are also very similar at their core, but with fundamental differences. What makes Echo such a refreshing change is that when he disagrees he doesn’t feel the need to scream in his impotent self-righteous rage.

And Sawyer survived, which didn’t surprise me, and he apparently loves Kate, which I don’t get but whatevs. She kisses Jack when she’s also clearly hung up on Sawyer which I also don’t get, but if you try to press me to explain it I’m going to say it’s because she wanted a pony, leaving you confused and frightened. I don’t know what’s going on there but I also don’t care. There are instruction films with pieces missing and reinserted and COMPUTER CHATS.

I don’t know what’s going on with these things but I’m so very glad I have time to watch another episode tonight.


Thoughts on Lost 2×10: “The 23rd Pslam”

– This is where my lack of religion knowledge comes out. If the title is supposed to hold special or symbolic meaning, it doesn’t.

– The “previously on” with Charlie and the statues. You know I think it’s safe to say that he’s already using again. I know he has an unbroken statue, but Sayid threw one right at him. Do we really think he’s weak enough to take a statue but strong enough to resist four or five delicious baggies at his feet?

– Guessing the little kid who couldn’t shoot is actually Echo. Hm, but the coming-out-of-flashback shots makes it look like it’s the kid who shot. Could be a Saving Private Ryan fakeout though.

– Echo seems to know immediately what up with the statue. But hey, at least we don’t have to worry about the otherwise inevitable drawn-out druggie hobbit thing.

– That is not someone you want to have coming at you with that look on his face.

– Oh, well, guess Echo is indeed the drug runner then.

– TSK TSK Charlie. Lying to Claire’s face. Poor form, hobbit man. And sure, easy enough to get rid of those baggies, you know where to find a whole lot more. You are, in fact, on your way there now.

– ARG MICHAEL tell us what else happened in your chat!

– And now Charlie’s lying to Echo. Repeatedly. And so smoothly. Naughty little junkie.

– Holy shit smoke monster’s back.

– Ahh okay the priest must be the kid who didn’t shoot. His brother, makes sense.

– Yay Michael on hatch duty! Now let me see it and all will be well. (Wait what I WANT to go into the hatch? What a different a word makes.)

– Heroin water maybe? Very possible.

– Was the priest in the plane Echo’s brother? Looks like no but Echo knows him anyway. Of course given all the “coincidences” so far it’s hardly a surprising thought. Wasn’t it Echo himself who said last episode not to confuse coincidence with fate? I have to think that at least one of the two is at play here.

– “What if I don’t? You gonna beat me with your Jesus stick?” Bwahahaha.

– Whoa hello there again monster. And Echo is I assume seeing it for the first time. And not running so like Locke he’ll know what it is and– And what it is is smoke? So the smoke monster and the dinosaur monsters are the same? Okay what the hell is he seeing inside it. Are those electric flashes or just images? Unfortunately I don’t have enough fine control with Instant Watch to freeze in the right place, but they look like images, guessing of people. Was the last an image of Christ on the cross? What did Locke say when he saw it … the heart of the island? It looks as though maybe the images (if they are images) are tailored to the person looking into the smoke, which would seem to indicate some level of mind reading is possible, but … ack, they just smashed open a whole bunch more questions. Smashed it like a virgin mary heroin mule.

– The smoke seems fine to leave though, and underground it goes.

– Wow you know the smoke monster thing got me so excited I forgot all about #IslandIRC.

– “Are you alone?”. Not a question I would expect Walt to ask. Not that I think this is Walt, but.

– Aww man, Jack, your timing is shit. Go away I wish to read more. /kick #IslandIRC DrKnowItAll

– I see a gold tooth on that other guy .. and yeah, okay, I guess Echo’s brother IS technically in the jungle then and yes, for booting him off, his life was saved.

– Don’t take it, Charlie! Let it all burn! Boo. Though Mike points out that the statues were pre-made, so there must’ve been a way to get the baggies in after the fact, so Echo may have emptied the statue before giving it to him.

– Aww, the Tailers integrating with the Lostaways. And Claire moving Charlie out. You go girl. “Made me feel safer having it.” Yeah go on telling yourself that.

– And is he … getting rid of the statue? Burying it? ..no, adding it to a stash of them. Ones that I’m going to guess he’s been hording since learning where the plane was. TSK. BAD CHARLIE INDEED. I am very cross with you young sir. Such a tremendously weak little man is Charlie.

Overall thoughts
Make no mistake, I wanted this episode to be nothing but two people chatting online. The fact that it wasn’t that — that it was, in fact, very little of that — but I didn’t mind too much speaks pretty highly of the episode.

I’ll touch on the non-character stuff first. The chat, well, it’s just fascinating. I’m pretty positive it’s not Walt, but unless the computer itself has developed a consciousness and a sort of mean sense of humour it’s got to be someone who at least knows enough about our guys to react in just the perfect way. Of course, remember that The Others had a whole list on The Tailers, complete with names, so the fact that this is true isn’t particularly surprising, although it is and continues to be creepy. I can’t help but look at this, knowing that I’m not even midway through the second season and there are FOUR SEASONS AHEAD and wonder just what the hell is still up in the air. Do you guys reading this from your vantage point in the future know who The Others are? Do you know what the smoke monster is? What questions are you asking yourselves that I don’t even know are questions yet?

(Please realize that all of these are rhetorical questions and I do not in any way, shape or form want actual answers.)

And the smoke monster. I don’t even much know what to say here. WTF seriously.

Now to Echo’s flashback and Charlie’s current situation. I enjoyed this insight into Echo but I don’t know that I really have all that much to say about it that I didn’t say above. He was a bad guy who has become a good guy, but still maintaining his bad guy edge. It’s a pretty standard formula, but it works so what the heck.

Actually I interrupt myself with a thought. Goodwin said (or implied) that they were only interested in taking the “good” people. I can certainly see why Echo wouldn’t count, and Anna did kill a man in cold blood, so I can see where she might not count either. So that only leaves Rose’s husband Bernard and the nice blonde woman (Liddy? Libby?). And the Australian who disappeared, but nobody seems to give two shits about her so. But I wonder, does that also count for our Lostaways? The only one of them ever kidnapped was Claire and Walt.

And hey, what happened with Claire’s abduction anyway? Does she still not remember anything? Did she escape or did they let her go? And what about her baby?

Sorry, sorry, sidetracked.

So yes, Echo’s story, while a little cliched, worked well enough.

Charlie, meanwhile, continues to show just what a weak character he is. What’s funny about his situation is how disappointed I am in him. Thinking on it though, perhaps he’s the most realstic character in the thing. It’s easy enough to stay clean when you’re physically isolated from the drug, but he’s never had to deal with any of the psychological baggage that comes with addiction, and he’s yet to demonstrate even an iota of self-control. Yeah, that disappoints me, but it also rings true. Charlie would be a character that would be very easy to just make the lovable little screw-up, but there’s actually some depth there, making it clear that the charm is just a thin glossy paint over some truly unpleasant faults. I’m not sure how much of that is the writing and how much of that is the acting, but I have to give props where it’s due. Making him the lovable little screw-up would be the easy choice, maybe even the popular choice, but this is the real choice, and whatever other flaws there are bouncing around in this show right now, I don’t think this is one of them.

And that’s all well and good but at the end of the day, you know what it’s all about. Oh yeah. #IslandIRC! Bring it.

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