Apr 272010
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What I’m doing: Racing through Lost in an attempt to catch up before the season finale airs and I get spoiled all to hell.

What this is: These are my thoughts as I watch the episode.

What’s important: In an effort to avoid spoilers, note that I won’t be reading any comments made to these posts until I’ve caught up. Feel free to say whatever you like and discuss among yourselves, just don’t expect a reply from me for the next month or so.

Stating the obvious: There are spoilers in this post for any and all events through to the episode I’m making notes about. If you don’t wish to be spoiled, please stop reading now.


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2×14: “One of Them” | 2×15: “Maternity Leave”


Thoughts on Lost 2×14: “One of Them”

– “Previously on Lost … Remember when the french woman was the only weird person to worry about?”

– Hey, now I’m playing Modern Warfare!

– Mike says the soldier talking to Sayid is Kate’s dad. I wouldn’t have picked that.

– If the end of Sayid’s flashback bit (the “He fled to Hilla”/”Welcome to Hilla” part) was supposed to have a major impact or be poignant or something I’m not sure I got it.

– Like Anna’s going to keep her mouth shut just cuz Sayid says so. He can’t really think that’ll happen.

– And Mike, the son of a career soldier, notes Kate’s dad’s uniform and that he must get a promotion somewhere along the line.

– Roasting the fruit? I suppose when all you eat are mangos you’ll do anything to liven it up a bit.

– Quite the stink eye Jin gave Sawyer there.

– Oo Hurley you bogarted quite a bit of food.

– Sawyer has like declared open warfare on all the wildlife on this island.

– Is that Michael in the net? No, but he’s a person with potential answers and Sayid is in communications.

– Okay I didn’t actually expect Sayid to let the guy get away. But looks like Rousseau is on the same page as me.

– I recognize The Others pincushion, but not sure where I’ve seen the actor before.

– I can’t help but notice that Sayid isn’t bringing said guy to Jack. I do not think this bodes well for you, Arrow Man.

– Jack is going to go insane when he finds out Locke’s changed that combo. But Jack and Locke are going to come to serious blows before all is said and done I think.

– Locke has a really good point there. “The only reason you raise an army is because we’re at war. This is part of that.” This is what I love most about Locke when he deals with Jack, he just sucks the self-righteousness right out of him.

– She got sick? Rousseau’s sickness? That’s assuming it’s not all lies of course.

– Man that was like a Mr. Miagi kind of catch Sawyer made for the frog.

– Dude that’s probably a poison dart frog you’re petting there.

– Man now I hope it WAS. With ACID BLOOD. Dammit Sawyer. :\

– Sayid going all crazy about burying the wife. Mike: “Great. The only thing worse than being locked away with a torturer is being locked away with an emotionally unstable torturer.”

– So NOW Jack is all “Eh I don’t care about the button”?? Oh christ on a pogo stick, whatever Jack.

– Oh now you’re copping out guys, it’s been way longer than 25 seconds. Now he’s going to enter the last number right on ti– Wait check that. They missed it! And now things are going all red and black and I am very interested again.

– Hhuh these are interesting symbols. Hieroglyphics? OH WEAK SAUCE HE STILL GOT THE CODE IN.

– Mike points out that they closed the door again but Jack still doesn’t know the combination.

– Well that picture is clearly one of a young Evangeline Lilly. Looking disturbingly like adult Evangeline Lilly.

– Charlie to Sayid: “Why you telling me this?” My question exactly. But I see. Looks like maybe this splintering I was talking about earlier this season may be into many more pieces than I originally thought.

Overall thoughts
Not sure I have a lot beyond my notes. Another interesting development with the captured Other (and I can’t say I believe for a second that he’s anything but) and an opportunity for lots of nummy information. Theoretically. These people never seem to ask the really important questions.

I was pretty meh about Sayid torturing the guy. (Although I hesitate to say that he got around to torture.) We’re already well aware of what Sayid is capable of and the stakes are now considerably higher than just getting Shannon’s inhaler. As to his flashback, while I did find it interesting I wasn’t moved much one way or the other beyond that. Again, we learned nothing new apart from some history. Sayid tortures. Come learn how he started torturing. The end.

Meanwhile, Jack and Locke are coming closer and closer to a split. And this episode has THREE, count’em THREE, instances of Jack doing an inexplicable yet equally impassioned about-face. This guy contradicts himself so often I won’t be at all surprised to just see him sitting in the corner and arguing with himself at some point. So let’s see, this episode we saw Jack:

1. Vehemently disagree with taking a prisoner to get information when he himself was so bound and determined to declare war on The Others just last episode.

2. Demand Sayid stop interrogating The Other (a stranger mind you) when everyone’s lives are at stake, when maybe a month before he was not only willing but dedicated to shoving bamboo under the fingernails of someone he knew to get an inhaler needed by one single person.

3. Jack’s gone from “I don’t believe in the button” to “SOMEONE HAS TO BE HERE FOR THE BUTTON!!” and now he’s back to “Whatever, I don’t give a shit about the button.”

Look, Lost writers, you can’t have it both ways. Either Jack believes in something or he doesn’t. I mean in the space of one episode you had him going from “I’m obsessed about saving everyone” to “I don’t care if the island goes boom and kills us all”. I know you all have big writer crushes on Jack but if you want the rest of us along for the ride you can’t keep having him change his core beliefs every time a new situation comes up just so he can keep sitting pretty on the “right” side of a conflict. It’s not making him the big hero you so clearly want him to be. Jack’s a paper doll. You can cut out the best clothes for him, put in in a bunch of outfits that all look good when you see him straight on, but the second you look at him from the side you realize there’s nothing actually there.

And finally, you suck for your alarm fake-out. Hatch tease.


Thoughts on Lost 2×15: “Maternity Leave”

– If a frog chirping is making Sawyer cranky, the baby crying must be making him want to kill.

– And again I wonder why nobody’s at the caves anymore.

– Oo is Claire finally going to remember something?

– Just what I was about to say – not amnesia, repressed memories. Good point though, a shrink is desperately needed on this island.

– Another book: The Brothers Karamazov. I haven’t read this one either, so filing it away to find out later.

– The library’s outdated but the washing machine? That’s pristine.

– Well they’re not showing us this doctor’s face for a reason. Is it the guy they have locked in the room? No, Ethan huh? She’s obviously talking like it’s a pre-flight exam so she’s disoriented at best. Is the room real or part of a delusion? If it’s real, that’s indeed a very sterile looking place. Do The Others have a hatch of their very own?

– Man Echo really likes that tree.

– And Sawyer’s reading a book: Lancelot by Walker Percy. I’ll read a plot summary of that one too.

– Sawyer actually looks a little concerned about Aaron. I wonder if he’s going to maybe tag along with Kate and Claire. People have a tendency to just sneak around and follow armed people in the jungle.

– Oh that is indeed an unhappy looking baby.

– Well I’m definitely seeing a Dharma symbol on those medicine bottles. And, oh, hey. The Scottish Git, he grabbed a whole bunch of vials before he ran out too didn’t he. The Others definitely have a thing about kids (and “good” people I think, which it’s intimated that Claire is by the palm reader), so is that why they’re helping them? If they are in fact helping?

– Their Dharma symbol, the medical symbol Caduceus (which, side trivia, is totally wrong and shouldn’t be used for medical purposes at all).

– A nursery for the baby. Kinda creepy a little. The mobile – are those planes marked with Oceania’s symbol? I can’t quite tell. It’s playing “Catch a Falling Star” though, also a little creepy. Mike pointed out that Claire in this flashback is asking about Charlie, versus the previous where Ethan was acting like she hadn’t flow at all yet and Claire was fine with that. I’m guessing that the truth is somewhere in between what we’re seeing and the shrink’s statement that Claire might be jumbling stuff up. In other words, I don’t think we can trust Claire’s flashback.

– Hm, that’s definitely the Gordon’s fisherman talking to Ethan. Mike said that he grew a beard between this flashback and when we see them, but I’m wondering if, like I said above, we can trust what Clare’s seeing. She might, in her mind, be tidying it all up, making it clean and not scary. It’s either that or something changed dramatically from then to now. Or that The Others are intentionally putting on a much scarier front to the Lostaways than they would have “at home”.

– Everyone is so damned demanding and bossy on this island. Maybe that’s the bloody sickness.

– I also like how Echo handles Jack. He and Locke have very similar styles. Just calm and logical. I find it quite interesting that the so called Man of Science is the one who so easily goes off the rails.

– And Rousseau is of course upset because she thought Claire could lead her to her own baby.

– Uh oh, is that thunder? More rain coming? Things are rarely good when rain comes to this place.

– “Nobody’s going to take him from you unless that’s what you want. You have a choice.” Well that’s a very interesting tidbit from Ethan. And it does seem to indicate that they’re being vaccinated against something.

– And lo, another bunker. Looks deserted though. Why would The Others leave a perfectly good bunker? Did they never live here, or did they have to leave for some reason?

– For the wall decals to have left marks like that they must’ve been there for some time. Mike: “Possibly long enough to raise Alex?”

– Wait hold up holy shit was I ACTUALLY RIGHT about The Others intentionally trying to appear savage and frightening? That looks like it could very be the Gordon’s fisherman’s beard. And wtf, Dharma branded theatrical glue? What the hell is this company/organization/whatever doing providing its own branded theatrical glue? That’s a very specific item with a very limited specific function. That little bottle alone raises a metric fuckton of questions.

– Oooohhh that’s why she has to leave now. They’re about to forcibly remove your baby Claire. You won’t want to be there for that.

– That vaccine was refrigerated right? I gotta think it’s no good by now. Though it’s not even there so irrelevant I suppose.

– After the break, looks like Rousseau is still with them. That surprises me.

– Huh, so the girl who saved Claire was Alex maybe? Hmmm.

– Please someone ask Rousseau about this infection before she wanders off. And nobody did. Damn it.

– Oh but hey Kate’s still there. This is like the most tolerable Kate has been since we met her. She needs to just be quietly supportive in the background more often.

– So that’s what Echo’s little beard tails were for. I’ve been staring at those things like all season.

– The kid’s so hungry he’s trying to eat the freaking bootie.

– “So which one are you, the genius or the guy living in the shadow of the genius?” Ahhhuh. So now we can safely assume that you are in fact one of The Others and that you were perhaps always planning to get caught to sow the seeds of dissension. What we must now hope is that Locke isn’t going to fall for something so very obvious. Then he throws around a bunch of crockery. So, okay, what we are now going to hope for is that Locke is doing that intentionally for The Other’s benefit. Because you’re smarter than that, Locke. Right?

Overall thoughts
I really liked this episode, I thought it was one of the more solid we’ve seen all season. We got a fill-in on some past mysteries (though nothing fully explained without raising more questions of course) and some progress made on the “main” storyline. All the while focusing on some of the more minor major characters from large ways (such as Rousseau helping Claire) to smaller gestures (Echo repenting for having killed two of The Others).

I’m very intrigued by what really went on while Claire was with The Others. But I think my reveal of the episode, and something I’ll be dwelling on for a bit to come yet, is that bloody theatrical glue. I was pretty floored that a throw-away “cover all possible bases” comment from me might actually be right (or on the right track), but the bloody branded glue. Are you guys with me on the branded part? Like, think about it – everything in this stupid place has the bloody Dharma symbol stamped on it, from vaccines to ranch dressing to sharks. It’s like Dharma is the Wal-Mart of the Lostverse. These people, whoever they are, obviously have their fingers in a great many pies. So the fact that they make the glue doesn’t get me so much as the fact that they intentionally included it on the island. Deception — elaborate, costumed deception — was part of the plan. There was preparation for it. Someone somewhere had to draw up a required inventory list and requisitioned theatrical glue to be part of that list.

The best I’ve got right now is the idea of the social experiment but I still don’t care for that explanation. Way too much stuff doesn’t make sense here, not even a little bit of sense.

I tell you what, for the first time since I decided to do this I’m glad the finale is essentially right around the corner. Whatever else, I should theoretically have an answer to “What the hell is going on?” in three weeks. That’s a damn sight less frustrating than going week to week and year to year just having to hope like hell that an answer would be coming some day. So I guess I should say, “thanks for pissing me off so bad at the end of sesaon one, guys. Appreciate you.”

  • Goldie

    I think Jack is, for lack of a better word, lost. Locke has his faith in the island because he’s seen what it can do (I can’t remember if that’s been revealed at this point). But, Jack is a man of science and he’s psychologically damaged so he’s not really sure what he believes, hence the flip-flop.

    • Jet Wolf

      I can agree with that to a point, but ultimately it all comes back to my lack of confidence in the show’s creators. I just don’t believe they could keep either the stories or the characters consistent enough for me to give them the benefit of any doubt. When I see plot points dropped or characters contradicting themselves, my gut reaction is that it’s sloppy writing. Pity.