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What I’m doing: Racing through Lost in an attempt to catch up before the season finale airs and I get spoiled all to hell.

What this is: These are my thoughts as I watch the episode.

What’s important: In an effort to avoid spoilers, note that I won’t be reading any comments made to these posts until I’ve caught up. Feel free to say whatever you like and discuss among yourselves, just don’t expect a reply from me for the next month or so.

Stating the obvious: There are spoilers in this post for any and all events through to the episode I’m making notes about. If you don’t wish to be spoiled, please stop reading now.


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2×16: “The Whole Truth” | 2×17: “Lockdown”


Thoughts on Lost 2×16: “The Whole Truth”

– An utterly promising title that will probably not pay off even a fraction of what I hope.

– All this baby talk .. you know if they stay here long enough Claire won’t be the only baby mama on the island.

– Oh boo Lost are you going to kill my Sun/Jin love too?

– Locke trying to get Anna on “his side” perhaps? She certainly has a very hard line when it comes to The Others.

– “My” hatch, eh Locke?

– Oh great are Rose and Bernard fighting now too? Grr.

– Sun’s not looking too good. Sickness time? (I keep waiting for somebody to get sick with something.) Mike’s guessing pregnant. If so, I’m going to say that she was using control that year she and Jin were trying.

– Huh, it’s the hotel guy. Well this is definitely looking like an affair, but I’m going to guess no. I’m going to guess he’s the one teaching her English. And yes it would appear so. But it also appears that his relationship with his American sweetie either isn’t working or didn’t work, so that door may not be as closed as originally thought. I hope she didn’t/doesn’t though. :\

– Man, Locke just undermined the shit out of Jack. Which I LOVE because it’s Jack, but I really don’t want to think Locke was so easily manipulated.

– Today’s new book: Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret by Judy Blume.

– A pregnancy test? I can’t imagine too many people just travel with those.

– Hah, Hurley has a thing he shouldn’t have, Sun has a thing she shouldn’t have, and now the moment is equally awkward but everyone just wants it over with quickly.

– See, I don’t like Sun and Jin as a couple quite so much when he’s accusatory and borderline threatening and Sun all snarky and hurtful. :(

– “Jack and Locke are a little too worried about Locke and Jack.” Hah, point, and Charlie quite liked it too. I think *I* quite like this little Sayid/Charlie/Anna Lucia triumvirate. I hope something comes of this.

– Charlie’s sense of humour has definitely become mean.

– Crap, Kate said just what I was saying about “who flies with a pregnancy test”. Are we on the same wavelength? Dammit, stupid wavelength. Although I do have to reluctantly admit that I sort of like Kate okay in a quietly supportive role.

– Congrats Sun, it’s a baby. Her reaction makes me think that Sun wasn’t intentionally blocking a pregnancy.

– “As complicated as Jin being the last person on the island to find out you spoke English?” Ohh snap, score one for Jack there.

– OH WAIT. Did Sun sleep with Hotel Guy just before getting on the plane?? Because her little reunion romp with Jin shouldn’t have led to pregnancy signs that fast. They had Anna specifically point out to Locke at the beginning of the episode that she’s been there for a week – which means Sun and Jin could only have been reunited for that long. They also had Rose getting snippy with Bernard about missing her birthday and he said that all the days blend together and he has trouble keeping track of them. Sun may not have realized she missed a period, especially with the stress and all, and showing physical signs of a pregnancy would certainly make much more sense at eight weeks versus one. I think Sun has a whole ‘nother thing to be worried about.

– My new favourite triumvirate are like the three most morose and depressed people on this whole island. They’re going to feed off each other and it will be dark and glorious.

– Splitting up to search for the balloon. I can so easily see someone finding the balloon or evidence of it and just straight up lying and saying they didn’t. They’re all pretty much already settled that he is an Other, and would probably convince themselves that any evidence was planted to further lull them into trusting their prisoner. This is, of course, assuming the answer is not IT’S A TRAP!

– Ohh, did the doctor lie? I thought at first that maybe Sun had asked him too, especially given how he was all grovelly about her father. I dismissed it quickly but now I’m wondering if the doctor did lie, only the request came not from Sun but from her father. Oh, no, not quite. But it’s Jin shooting blanks. Which means one of two things then: Either this is in fact Hotel Guy’s baby or, and this is possible I suppose, an island miracle. If Locke can walk ….

– Well that seems what Jin is going to believe at least. Now I just have to hope that she wasn’t lying when she swore she wasn’t with someone else. Don’t let me down, Flashback Sun.

– The door to the cell opens to reveal Jack visiting Henry. Mike: “You’re about to do something stupid, aren’t you Jack?”

– Please enjoy some DHARMA-Os, part of this balanced breakfast. The rest of your breakfast? We’re not telling you what it is until next year.

– See look dude, if you’re guilty that’s all well and good, but if you’re innocent you’re a complete fucking tool who’s just asking to be beaten and utterly denied his DHARMA-Os.

– And, much to my surprise, we do not in fact get anything more conclusive from Flashback Sun. I can’t believe I’m actually surprised that this show left a mystery hanging. Oh Me. So trusting, so naive.

Overall thoughts
Things are pretty interesting, I can say that much. I’m glad that someone’s taking the initiative to actually go track down the prisoner’s story – something I think they should’ve done days ago. I don’t know if they’ll find anything, and perhaps more importantly I don’t know if it will prove anything one way or the other if they do, but they should’ve at least tried by now.

I made it pretty clear above, but I really do like Anna Lucia, Sayid and Charlie as a team. It’s pretty much just hate and mistrust keeping them all on the same side, but it works. I really want to see more of this group working together.

Finally the character focus of the episode, Sun (and Jin by extension). Although I shouldn’t have been I truly was surprised not to get a final flashback scene showing either Sun walking away from or actually sleeping with Hotel Guy. They’ve certainly left that whole situation ambiguous for now. Do we trust that Sun was faithful? Do we believe there was in fact “a miracle”? I mean I’m watching Locke walk around so it’s not like they have set a precedent. I don’t know. I could easily see it going either way.

I still like Sun and Jin though, and I think it’s because they’re both trying so hard. Don’t stop trying, you two.


Thoughts on Lost 2×17: “Lockdown”

– There could be so much fun with this title. If Locke doesn’t, like, get shot at so someone can tell him “Locke! Down!” at some point in this episode I’ll be very disappointed.

– But at least it looks like it’s a Locke-central episode.

– Wait, this prisoner’s last name is Gale? Seriously? And he came here in a balloon? Did he fly over the freakin’ rainbow too?

– Aww, is Locke gonna propose to his lady? But it’s less cute when you know that whatever happens here it’s not going to have a happy ending.

– Locke’s dad’s dead? Quick, get your kidney back!

– You were joking, Mr. Prisoner? Learn. Better. Jokes.

– Prisoner to Locke: “Why do you let him talk to you that way?” Well to be fair Jack talks to everyone that way.

– Dig it up people. Dig up the grave.

– We need another Boone to climb up into the trees to investigate the once-flying thing.

– Huh what’s that noise? Static bursts? Computers don’t make static. But hmm the prompt is available.

– Thugs came to the funeral too apparently. Maybe dad took out a lien on Locke’s other kidney.

– Man that static with the talking in the background is freaking me out. Oh fuck it’s a countdown.

– Looks like Locke’s moved from toy salesclerk to house inspector. An interesting leap, but then so is a leap from this (or whatever) to box manufacture.

– Locke needs to punch his dad in the face.

Dudes, I just had a thought. All this con stuff with Locke’s father … and when you think con who do you think of? Is Locke’s father the real Sawyer?

– Out of $700,000 you could certainly do better than $200k you weasel.

– Why don’t you wait for someone to inevitably come back to the hatch to help you out, Locke. Geez.

– Jack’s better than Sawyer at something? NO WAI!


– Why do people lie. Srsly.

– Really, are we gonna trust this guy to enter the numbers, and/or are we going to trust him to not run after? Though I wonder, maybe The Others don’t know about the hatch or numbers? Maybe this is vital info. But now he’s cracked his head so I guess we’ll wait on that.

– An Oceanic plane is landing in the background as Locke goes to meet his father.

– Why did Locke do it? To lead the guys right to his dad? I think I’d love that.

– Oh but it’s not thugs, it’s Katy Segal. Aww she’s gonna be heartbroken and then I’m gonna be heartbroken.

– You know you can’t marry him on the heel of a lie. And she’s not. Good for her but so sad. I sincerely hope the bad guys find Locke’s father.

– Now the alarm’s stopped but– Whoa what the hell is that on the door? A map of the island? The location of the other bunkers?

– Man that was tense I was sure the prisoner guy was going to stab Locke. But something should be about to happen with him I’d think.

– Those flashes … morse code for the numbers? I wish I knew morse– Ohh hey, supplies. Did nobody hear an airplane or something overhead dropping that thing off? How could nobody have seen or heard anything?

– His story was true but…? Okay Sayid did what I had said to do. And found, apparently, the real Henry Gale. Well done Sayid. I love my completely mistrustful doom and gloom triumvirate.

Overall thoughts
A mostly disconnected history flashback for Locke this week, but I didn’t mind, probably because I like Locke so much more than I like Jack. But it means the flashback is pretty much a take it as it comes thing. There’s not a whole lot to specifically dwell on, suffice it to say that I really do hope Locke’s dad gets his at some point.

And that I think I’m going to fixate on this idea that Locke’s dad is the real Sawyer until I’m specifically proven otherwise.

The present was the much more compelling part this week, and I can sum that up by saying: “Yo, hatch, what up wi’chu?” The hatch just freaked its shit today and as with most things I have no idea why it started, what it was trying to do, or why it stopped. The best I can think is that maybe the hatch seals itself up when supplies are dropped, since these are both events we haven’t seen before that occurred pretty close together.

As to what was on the blast doors – no idea. I may go back and try to freeze on the image later and get a better look. At first glance it seemed to be a diagram of some sort, a map perhaps. Whatever it was I hope Locke got a good look, because I don’t think they want those doors coming down again any time soon.

And finally we have our prisoner. If we are to assume that he is in fact one of The Others — which is how the evidence seems to point right now but forgive me for not exactly trusting this show to not mislead me — then I have to wonder what he stands to gain.

His capture could only be one of two things: accidental or intentional. If it was accidental, then it would stand to reason that he would’ve escaped the moment he could. But if it was intentional then he’s there for a reason, and that’s a pretty disturbing thought. What is he looking for? What does he need? Good questions all.

Finally, huge kudos to Sayid for digging up the grave to see what’s inside. The question about that is whether or not The Others knew that the Lostaways would and deliberately planted evidence to cast aspersions on the prisoner. Think for a second about how devious we’ve seen The Others be so far. Would they really have been that clever but that stupid and forgetting to remove the guy’s ID? I mean I can’t help but keep coming back to the bloody theatrical glue. I can’t even trust that the threat of The Others is a genuine one, I sure as hell can’t get into their heads to try and figure out what they’re after.

I bet the full title for this show is actually Lost? Yeah Me Too.

  • Goldie

    About a couple of your theories: Oh, you’re good. You sure you aren’t a writer on this show?

    • Jet Wolf

      Ha, was it the Locke’s Dad = Real Sawyer thing?