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What I’m doing: Racing through Lost in an attempt to catch up before the season finale airs and I get spoiled all to hell.

What this is: These are my thoughts as I watch the episode.

What’s important: In an effort to avoid spoilers, note that I won’t be reading any comments made to these posts until I’ve caught up. Feel free to say whatever you like and discuss among yourselves, just don’t expect a reply from me for the next month or so.

Stating the obvious: There are spoilers in this post for any and all events through to the episode I’m making notes about. If you don’t wish to be spoiled, please stop reading now.


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Thoughts on Lost 2×18: “Dave”

– I do like Libby. I hope I was wrong about her dying and I hope she doesn’t turn out evil or something.

– Everyone’s just running through ranch dressing, not a care in the world.

– Geez people after everything you’ve been through together you can’t be a little cooperative without specifically being told to do so? If nothing else consider how there’s a shitload of food there, must we really be so grabby?

– Hey, New Bald Guy! There’s only room for one bald guy on this island.

– But Baldy is a vision apparently. It’s been a little while since we’ve had a vision person leading us somewhere in the jungle, I guess it was overdue. Still. he’s a vision with very real, very tangible shoes.

– With all these out of nowhere visions and such, I keep thinking the Lostaways are really just on the amusement park planet from the “Shore Leave” ep of Star Trek.

– Hey it’s Senator Kelly! Quick, just get Mystique in here and all your problems are solved. Until his death leads to heightened anti-mutant hysteria and you’re all systematically hunted down and killed by giant robots until one of you has to go back in time to save his life. (Mike: “I would watch that for Season 3 of Lost!”)

– Why the hell do mental patients just wander around in PJs and robes? Does this actually happen or is it a Trope? Wouldn’t it be good to get these people into a routine that includes, you know, DRESSING?

– This Dave guy is like a poor man’s Brad Pitt from 12 Monkeys.

– “There’s a wheelchair back at–” “NO.” Nice.

– Oh “Henry”, full of lies.

– The Gordon’s fisherman is nothing? You take that back or no minced fish sticks for you!

– Pretty sure this is just good cop/bad cop here with Anna and Sayid. It’s quite well done though.

– Hurley sees Dave standing there with his hands on his hips. “What’cha eatin’ there Jimmy boy?!”

– Hurley playing Connect Four while Dave tries to convince him to steal graham crackers rather than eat celery. And it occurs to me that there is no Dave. Dave is all in Hurley’s mind. We saw Dave watching the basketball game and yelling a lot but no one paying attention to him. Now here he is being ignored again by anyone but Hurley, just sitting there and trying to convince Hurley to do stuff he shouldn’t. Yeah. Dave’s not real. It’s like the A Beautiful Mind of food.

– The doctor is however talking to Dave, and the doctor is the only one otherwise to have acknowledged Dave. But then the doctor is Hurley’s shrink and Dave is real to Hurley so I’m guessing that’s how the doc is playing it. And he wants to take their picture, which he’s clearly going to use later to prove to Hurley that there is no Dave at all.

– Man you’re an ass sometimes Sawyer. Hahaha and Jin’s just laughing as Hurley wails on him.

– Well at least someone acknowledged the bloody caves again. But seriously why aren’t you people living there.

– You know I really liked the fact that Hurley just seemed happy with himself and his size. It was nice for a character on TV to not be Hollywood thin and be just fine with that.

– And here comes the picture I bet … and yup. There we go. No such thing as Dave.

– [I had a big long rant here that I’m moving to the overall thoughts. Suffice it to say that by this point my disgust for the episode began to crest.]

– So now Dave is going to tell Hurley that he– Yup, that he never left the institution. Now it’s “Normal Again” from Buffy. Sigh.

– Lemme guess, just commit suicide and you wake up! Yup got that too. I’m just really disappointed utterly at this point.

– So are we to trust that “Henry” in fact didn’t do the button thing? Damn we get lied to so much I don’t even much know any more.

– With Libby on the cliff with Hurley, now it’s become the first episode of Life On Mars. (UK version at least, never saw US.)

– Hurley: “Do you really think I can change?” Libby: “Yeah. Yeah I do.” Then she gets a weird ass look on her face. Then we go to flashback, the photo scene from a different angle. Is Libby in there also, as a patient? Why yes, it seems so. Why am I not surprised.

Overall thoughts
What a crap episode. Not only was it predictable through every twist and turn but it was downright insulting to the character of Hurley.

It began to hit me when I noted above, “You know I really liked the fact that Hurley just seemed happy with himself and his size. It was nice for a character on TV to not be Hollywood thin and be just fine with that.” See because here’s the thing: weight is a prejudice that’s still publicly okay, and Lost has just embraced that.

I’m … really disappointed in the writers for taking this route. Hurley’s a fat guy so of course he has to have issues with food and weight. It can’t just be that his size is a part of who he is, like how Locke is bald and Sawyer is far-sighted. We wouldn’t be okay with the writers for making Michael’s “thing” being that he’s black, but it’s okay that the overweight guy is all about being overweight, something which caused him so much shame that he had a mental breakdown and became catatonic. They could’ve had that event be the result of anything at all in the world and the thing they pick is his size. Weak. Weak and obvious and lazy.

It makes it even worse where Hurley’s all “I’m sorry for what I put you through” to his family. What exactly did he put them through? A tragic accident happened that was completely out of his control that added to his feelings of guilt and lack of self-worth and it sent him catatonic. So who exactly was the victim here?

I feel genuinely cheated. Hurley’s size should’ve been as irrelevant as Jack’s size or Sun’s size or absolutely everybody else’s size. Instead now, no matter what else happens with Hurley on this show, it’s going to be his defining characteristic. He deserved better than that.

So did we.


Thoughts on Lost 2×19: “S.O.S.”

– Before the ep starts, I will say that I’m still so angry and disappointed in the previous ep that I’m really having to force myself forward. I’m going to try to shake it off because I’ve come this far with the show but I’m bitterly disappointed. Like, “Don’t you dare cut to black and leave the season there” disappointed. The kind that makes me say “fuck you” to the show for five years. But I don’t want to do that. I mean I do but I don’t. So yeah.

– A rather deliberate close-up of the Apollo candy bar there.

– “When we get Walt back.” And maybe Michael too? Or do we just not care where Michael’s at anymore?

– Holy crap we’re getting a flashback with Rose now? I guess she’s really come up in the Lost world.

– And then they go get coffee and both their cars get stuck in the snow.

– “And that frogurt guy, the guy who made frozen yogurt?” I hope we know him better in the future just so I can call him “Frogurt”. And if we don’t I think I’ll just pick someone to have the name because someone needs to be “Frogurt”. Maybe Jack. Hmmm.

– Tsk, bad form Rose, just stomping all over and embarrassing your partner in front of everyone like that.

– Depending on when this flashback is, either Rose’s cancer cleared up before the plane crashed or the medical miracle of the island is at work or Rose is going to bite it sooner rather than later.

– Rose tells Bernard she’s sick when he asks her to marry him. “You still didn’t answer my question.” Aww.

– Echo is building a church huh? Wouldn’t have been my choice but okay.

– The others don’t seem to be too excited about the rock-lugging do they. Hey, thought, where’s Sayid been?

– “That’s why I wanted to be on a beach for our honeymoon.” Be careful what you wish for Rose. But that does seem to indicate that the clock is indeed ticking on her.

– “If I didn’t always have to do something you wouldn’t be here.” I think guilt may be the single greatest motivator for everybody on this island to do anything.

– Oh, casual mention on Sayid. At least we know then that he hasn’t been captured and forgotten ala Michael.

– Well done Kate for just grabbing things, well done Jack for not bothering to say “don’t” in a slightly louder voice and well done both of you for getting stuck in a giant net.

– Oh god please stop the playful banter you too I want to throw up. And of course Jack hits it. Jack actually fail to do something? Inconceivable!

– HA. I have no idea the words Jin used there, but I utterly understand what he said.

– “Jack said it’ll be at least four weeks.” “But honey both you and I know it’s not gonna take that long.” That’s a very interesting thing to say now isn’t it.

– Holy crap, it’s the Australian Patrick Stewart.

– Captain Healer says this isn’t the right place for Rose to be healed, thereby indicating that there is such a place, and if there is then I’m guessing you’re on it. I did like that he wanted to give them their money back though. Gave him a touch of authenticity. Between him and Claire’s psychic I’m beginning to think that all Australians have mystical powers. Must remember to corrupt my own Australian for my personal use at the next opportunity.

– Hey look, behind Jack, it’s a black rock.

– So Rose isn’t sick, which just leaves the question of how she knew Locke was also healed. Which the flashback answers. Cute.

– An end-of-episode music montage, we haven’t had one of those in a while.

– Coming out of the jungle .. Michael? Apparently. Just as well he came to them since they apparently forgot all about him.

Overall thoughts
I liked that Rose finally got some flashback love. I’m still not sure if the writers are actually planning on doing anything with her for her own sake or are just going to continue to use her to prop up other characters. In this instance, to help remind us that Locke was paralyzed before he came here (making me think that his situation will come into play for the season climax) and furthering cementing the idea that the island has healing powers. I like to think that Rose will begin to come into her own though; she has a calm certainty about her which, frankly, we could use more of sometimes.

The big mystery this week has to be the island itself. It certainly seems to have healing properties, and that’s definitely something that bears explanation before all is said and done.

Also touched on briefly was the button. “Henry” said that he didn’t actually do anything, he described what we saw when we almost ran out of time before, and then said it all reset itself. But as with so many things it’s impossible to know if he’s lying or not. If he is lying is he doing so to start another “incident”? Hardly seems necessary when not entering the numbers would presumably take care of that. Did he lie simply to dishearten Locke? He certainly seemed to enjoy the fact that he’d bothered the shit out of Locke by telling him that the hatch and button were meaningless. I really don’t know. I admit that it’s tough to decide on whether they tell the truth or not when you can’t fathom what they have to gain or lose. At this point I think we still just don’t know enough about the bloody thing.

Seriously island, what is your deal?

You know that, too, could’ve been the title of this series.


Thoughts on Lost 2×20: “Two for the Road”

– Oo, and with watching this episode tonight, we actually get ahead of schedule. (Yes I have a schedule. It’s coloured and everything.)

– Who’s flashbacking this week? Since we opened on Anna’s previous FB I’m guessing her. This leaves Libby as the only major to semi-major character to have not had one yet I think.

– Well that’s what you get for going closer to the prisoner Anna, seriously.

– “You killed two of us. Good people who were leaving you alone.” Leaving them alone? That’s an interesting take on it. But we have the good/bad thing going again.

– Oh jesus is there anyone on this island that hasn’t had a drink with Jack’s father?

– What Jack’s dad is doing in Australia could be dangerous? Well that opens up a new door, since previously it just looked like he ran away to AU to drink himself to death or something. And it certainly looks like she failed.

– Locke’s “one of the good ones” which is why he wasn’t hurt. I suspect (and somewhat hope) that this ties into the light/dark black/white stuff that repeatedly came up in Season 1.

– Anna Lucia reminds me of Faith sometimes, both in looks and attitude.

– Hm. “She’s my daughter and I have every right to see her!” says Jack’s dad. Sounds like Jack has a half-sister. Odds are probably good it’s someone we already know. <eyeroll> So let’s see, the woman is blonde and Australian, so going to guess Claire. Unless we’re going the Star Wars route and it’s Kate. Ugh and Sawyer is sort of a loosely-based Han Solo-type. Man I hope we’re not going the Star Wars route.

– It’s Sayid, yaaaaay.

– Anyone else hear Sawyer saying “Come out, come out” and want to add “Counselor” to the end of it?

– Anna and Sawyer. Well now. That was fast.

– That reminds me, Jack’s dad’s body wasn’t in the coffin right? So we don’t actually know where the body is.

– Man, Lost, I’m serious, you do not want to remind me about the Hurley+food thing from earlier.

– Well I’d like to trust you Michael but I’m not so much for trusting anyone much these days.

– They’re leaving Anna with the prisoner and we’ve seen how well she does not deal with being attacked and I doubt she walked away from Sawyer with only a happy glow.

– Teehee at Jin’s thumbs up.

– Sawyer’s reading something else now. Looks like it’s that “Bad Twin” manuscript found earlier.

– Honestly Sawyer you’re only NOW noticed you’re missing your gun?

– Huh? Who the hell was telling The Others about how Anna was a good one? Oh Goodwin I guess.

– Anna’s mom will be there when she lands. Will she be there with arresting officers I wonder?

– Oh. Alright. I wasn’t sure I trusted Michael but I didn’t see him shooting Anna. Oh shit and Libby too? But she never even got her flashback. :( And then he shot himself? Guessing to make it look like the prisoner broke free and did it all. Well okay then.

Overall thoughts
We’d fallen into a bit of a lull for me honestly. Things were crawling and nothing too interesting was happening. I think that this season, much like the previous, suffers from too many episodes. While making up my aforementioned schedule I noticed that while season 3 is also pretty long, 4, 5 and the current 6 have all decreased in size dramatically. I obviously can’t speak to that before I get there, but I think the show will work better with smaller seasons. The problem I found last season, and am finding again this season, is that it’s really difficult for the writers to keep momentum going. Which makes sense when you consider that the show must desperately watch how it rations out its information. Too much and it could easily overload the viewer, too little and you can’t keep up interest. Not to mention that you have to have all these events happen organically with considerable care taken to try and keep your characters from looking like incompetant fools as you keep things from them. It’s a tough rope to walk and I think the decision to trim the fat from the seasons later on will be a wise one. But we’re not there yet, so we’ve seen some fairly lackluster episodes of late. I’m again thankful that I don’t have to wait weeks between them.

Anna Lucia took center stage this week. I was surprised to see her team up with Jack’s dad for a while, though gods know why since it seems like every single person in the history of ever must be connected to Jack somehow. Other than that little tidbit — that and the reveal that Jack’s dad also has a daughter — I found the flashback stuff to be largely forgettable. That’s a pity, especially as Anna now appears to have been killed off; I thought the character would’ve been a lot more interesting than she turned out.

(Sidenote: The fact that Michelle Rodriguez was fired from Lost was one of the very few things that I’ve been “spoiled” on, and that knowledge is what makes me feel fairly confident in saying that she’s been killed, or at least won’t make it out of this season alive if she’s not dead just yet.)

Libby though, I’m thinking she might not be quite a goner just yet. I admit that I’m basing that somewhat on the fact that she hasn’t had a flashback, but think about it – they went to the trouble of, just a few episodes ago, introducing a new mystery with her, and it’s a mystery that she alone can solve for us (what she was doing in the psyche ward). In addition, she knows Michael shot them. What better way to bring in new tension than to have Michael — someone we now know for certain can’t be trusted — anxious about being ID’d if/when Libby wakes up from what I’m sure will be her flashback-ladden coma. It’s a rich new vein of drama that I simply can’t believe the writers won’t tap.

In the meantime, bad Michael. It’s going to be a frustrating time, waiting for the other Lostaways to catch you.

  • Goldie

    The problems with the pacing in the earlier seasons had a lot to do with ABC. They did a shit job of scheduling. Two or three here then a month off and a few more. I would imagine it’s hard to tell a story knowing that your viewers are going to have to go weeks without a new episode. Then the writers strike happened in Season 3 or 4. I think the producers finally said “Fuck this shit!” and decided to shorten the seasons and told ABC to run them all together instead of spreading them out. That’s what’s happened the last couple of seasons anyway. They didn’t start airing until after the holidays so that there was a shorter period of time to show them before the end of May sweeps.

    • Jet Wolf

      I figured something similar when I saw reduced number of episodes in the latter seasons. Certainly it became a tighter show come season 4 which helped to cut down a lot of the filler, even if the more streamlined concepts never actually amounted to anything.