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Before I go delving into Season 3, I thought it would be good for me to have a central post with my outstanding questions and mysteries from what came before. I still have all my notes from when I rewatched Season 1 and am pulling out questions from reading all my previous posts on Season 2. I’ll come back to this list at the end of each season, adding to my notes, filling in whatever answers may come, and doubtless adding a whoooole lot more.

It’s going to be very interesting indeed to see what, if anything, is left unanswered by the time we finish this thing.

Season 1
– How did the plane crash?
   * Possible answer: the magnet in the hatch

– What’s the monster(s?) in the jungle? Must be able to get up high to yank the pilot out of the cockpit. Why did it kill the pilot? Why hasn’t it killed anyone else (specifically Locke and Eko when they faced it). And while we’re on the monster (the “security system” according to Rousseau), what did Locke and Eko see? It looked like images when Eko saw it, images catering to him specifically perhaps. Locke said it was “the eye of the island” and that “it was beautiful”.

– What’s with the repeated appearance of white and black (or light and dark)? Often in conjunction with Locke.

– The polar bear. Just … the polar bear, wtf. Is there a connection between the polar bear they killed and the one in Walt’s (later revealed to be Hurley’s) comic?

– Where did the bodies that were laid out in the caves come from? (They had two stones on them, one black and one white.)

– Is there significance in the books that we’ve seen on the island?
   Watership Down by Richard Adams
   A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle
   The Third Policeman by Flann O’Brien
   “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” by Ambrose Bierce
   “Bad Twin” by ??? (manuscript found in one of the luggage bags)
   The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
   Lancelot by Walker Percy
   Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret by Judy Blume
   Our Mutual Friend by Charles Dickens

– Rousseau said that “they” control the distress signal now. If we are to assume that “they” is The Others, then why are they bothering to continue transmitting Rousseau’s distress call?

– The sickness. It infected Rousseau’s shipmates, Desmond continued to vaccinate himself against it, Ethan wanted to make sure Clarie’s baby received regular injections, and fresh vaccine was dropped on the island. So far it seems that everyone who may know anything about what’s really going on has knowledge of this “sickness” but we’ve yet to see any sign of it (so far as we know) or get even the slighted bit of information about what it is, what its symptoms are, etc.

– What’s with the whispering in the jungle? It seems quite real, everyone hears it when they’re around. Does it always say the same thing or does it say something different and specific to each person?

– The psychic was adamant: Clarie’s goodness must be an influence in the development of the child. She must raise it. “The baby needs your protection.” The psychic (via Eko’s flashback) later said he had no powers at all so if that was true, why harass Claire? Why was it so important she be on the plane? Why were The Others so interested in the baby? Why do they no longer seem to be interested in it at all?

– The numbers. Season 2 obviously brought a big link for the numbers, and we have a sort of explanation about how they “got out” with the guy in the psyche ward having listened to a broadcast of them (presumably from the island, but whatever the origin, who was broadcasting them and why?) But what about the “bad luck” of using the numbers? Hurley was told that he “opened the box” and that he “has to get away or it won’t stop”. Not only that but there were repeated “coincidences” with the numbers surrounding Hurley. In S2 the numbers became so commonplace that it’s like they’ve lost their “power”, but the show went to great lengths to convince us in S1 that they did in fact have a great deal of power. I mean, a soccer team lining up in the exact numbers sequence? Just one of a dozen “coincidences” in like a three minute sequence. C’mon.

– How did the “Black Rock” ship get so far inland? Does it have any further significance?

Season Two

– Freaky dripping Walt. It seems utterly unlikely that he was there, so why was Shannon seeing him? How did Sayid see him too? Charlie mentioned him as well – did other Lostaways also see a vision of Walt? How is a vision being shared?

– What’s up with the Dharma-branded shark? Is it a real shark or robot or something? Is it there to keep people away from the island or keep them from leaving it?

– Since it was revealed that the car crash after Locke’s kidney theft wasn’t what caused his paralysis, what did? Was it physical (in which case, how could “the island” cure it) or mental? (Which might explain why he began to lose the use of his legs again in S1.)

– What are the other hatches? Are they all on the island? Do they all have separate functions courtesy of Dharma? There are six plus the question mark per the map on the blast door, but only six including the question mark in terms of orientation films. Does one bunker not need an orientation? Is it the medical one?
   * #?: The Arrow. The bunker the Tailies found. Nothing much inside but a radio, a glass eye(??) and a Bible which it was later revealed contained a removed portion from the training film for The Swan.
   * #?: The Caduceus. The medical bay where Claire was kept.
   * #3 (of 6 per film): The Swan. “Our” hatch, with the button. Exploded at end of S2?
   * #5 (of 6 per film): The Pearl. Observation. Record everything in the other hatches, however minor. Filled notebooks that go to nowhere and are read by no one.

– What happened to Cindy (from the tail section). She just disappeared. Was she killed? Taken? Why her?

– Who are The Others? Really?
   * They have very old weapons (20 year old army knife, ancient looking guns)
   * They reacted with unnatural speed to the plane crash, inserting a mole into the tail group almost immediately.
   * They had a list of names of the Tail passengers and knew who they wanted to take, who was “good”, very quickly.
   * Being “good” is a repeated theme with them. They think on themselves as “the good guys” and they take “good” people. But they aren’t above doing “bad” which we’ve seen: They shot Sawyer and killed Nathan.
   * Fake beards and potential costumes. Trying to look more fearsome and savage than they are? With the Dharma-brand theatrical glue, are The Others (“The Hostiles” per the army guy with Desmond) part of this “experiment” or whatever is going on? Are they planned or rogue?
   * Who do they take orders from/who’s in charge? He’s brilliant but seemingly wrathful. (“Henry” confirmed it was not the Gordon’s fisherman.)

– Kate’s horse. Doesn’t seem to have been a vision since Sawyer saw it too (but then, Sayid saw Freaky Dripping Walt). If it’s real does that mean there are wild horses on the island? Why haven’t we seen more of them?

– Who was Michael talking to on the computer? Walt seems very unlikely. Where’s the other computer?

– Is Sun’s baby Jin’s or someone else’s? If Jin’s then was it “island magic” or just a lack of stress or diet change or something “real” that corrected the problem?

– What caused the hatch to freak out with the countdown and blast doors and all? Was it the supply delivery? And how did the supplies get dropped on the island with nobody hearing a plane?

– Who was the real Henry Gale? Was his crash on the island an accident? Did The Others kill him? Did they bury him?

– Why was Libby in the mental hospital?

– Did Rose’s cancer really go away? If so how did that happen? Can’t think of any “real” way this might have occurred, either that she’s mistaken or it’s “island magic”.

– Did “Henry” intentionally manipulate Locke into not pushing the button? Why did the lack of button-pushing have to be Locke’s doing? The same effect could’ve been achieved by “Henry” simply walking away when Locke was trapped. Instead it seems he did in fact push the button, so he lied with a very specific intent in mind.

– Who is Jack’s dad’s daughter/Jack’s (half?) sister?

– Eko’s dreams and visions seem to be particularly potent. He sees that Ana’s dead before he learns about it, he’s told to help Locke who has “lost his way”, he knows about the question mark that only Locke saw, he’s being led to important places on the island … How is it that Eko is having so many very accurate visions?

– There are more monitors than there are bunkers (a total of 7, if the map is correct) or orientation films (a total of 6, per the title cards). There are 9 monitors in The Pearl, with “our” hatch being on monitor #7, but being orientation film #3. So what are the other monitors monitoring?

– If Alex was raised by The Others from a baby, why is she so different from them?

– Why did The Others want Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Hurley? Why did they let Hurley go? Was he just to be a messenger the whole time or did they change their mind?

– Walt. Just anything about Walt. Why did his stepdad get the creeps from him? He made it sound like things happen around the kid (like the bird flying into the window and breaking its neck in S1). The Others wanted Walt bad, but then seemed like they got more than the bargained for. What were the tests they kept giving him? Why did The Others want a blood sample from Michael? “Did Walt ever appear in a place he wasn’t supposed to be?” Like maybe a Freaky Dripping version of Walt? (Suddenly having a thought about the “Bad Twin” manuscript?) There is definitely something up with this kid.

– Why couldn’t Desmond sail away from the island?

– What was Desmond dishonourably discharged for? Not following orders but which orders and why didn’t he follow them?

– What happened to Libby’s husband?

– What is that four-toed giant foot statue?

– Why did army guy’s previous partner edit The Swan orientation video? Why did he then hide that part of the film in the Bible in the Arrow bunker? How did the previous partner know about the other bunkers to start the blast door map? What did he learn that made his ultimate solution suicide?

– What happened when Desmond turned the key in the hatch? The army guy said that it made it all “go away”. Explosion then? But the island is clearly still there.

– Why did The Others just agree to let Walt go after all that?

– What do they want with Jack, Kate and Sawyer?

– How did Desmond’s fiance know to be looking for giant electromagnetic anomalies to find him? Was she really trying to find him or was it Yet Another Coincidence?


And this list is only going to get larger isn’t it?

Onward to Season 3.

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