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What I’m doing: Racing through Lost in an attempt to catch up before the season finale airs and I get spoiled all to hell.

What this is: These are my thoughts as I watch the episode.

What’s important: In an effort to avoid spoilers, note that I won’t be reading any comments made to these posts until I’ve caught up. Feel free to say whatever you like and discuss among yourselves, just don’t expect a reply from me for the next month or so.

Stating the obvious: There are spoilers in this post for any and all events through to the episode I’m making notes about. If you don’t wish to be spoiled, please stop reading now.


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Thoughts on Lost 2×21: “?”

– “?” is the title and a big “?” in the center of the mystery map thing on the blast door. Guessing it’s not coincidence.

– In the “Previously on” I see that Libby had a blanket over her abdomen where Michael shot her. That should definitely help the instant-death thing.

– Anna on the beach – Anna is illusion no doubt. And if I didn’t already think so then the blood coming out of her mouth would likely have cinched it.

– Interesting, all the people in Echo’s vision telling him to help John, he’s “lost his way”. The island talking to him then? At least that’s what we’re being led to believe it seems.

– Yuup, Michael blaming “Henry” for the shooting. Am I right with my other two predictions: 1) Anna’s dead and 2) Libby’s not. Let’s see.

– 1) Yes. 2) Yes. And Michael looks worried, so here comes the tension I predicted as Libby can ID Michael as the shooter. The only real question now on that will be if the others will learn about Michael this season or next? I note that since Michael’s been out of the picture for most of the season it could very well be that the actor is moving on. If so, then it’ll likely be this season and he’ll die (or flee) at the end.

– “I have bad news. We have a miracle.” I can’t imagine these are words that priests say often.

– If you didn’t know where the question mark is, Echo, and you needed John to tell you where it was, maybe you should’ve asked before you just wandered off aimlessly in the jungle.

– Psychics and faith healers and resurrections … Australia is a MAGIC LAND! (oh my)

– I’m hopeful that these two guys will discuss their mutual monster sighting.

– Here’s an idea, people-who-don’t-like-what-Jack’s-ordering: SAY. NO. Jesus christ, if you don’t like this guy’s power then stop letting him have it.

– Man, dawn just slammed the hell up didn’t it.

– I love how it’s so commonplace to see random people who shouldn’t be there just wandering the jungle that it doesn’t even phase me anymore.

– I really like Echo a lot. He’s just so delightfully unflappable.

– Wait a second that guy at the door is familiar. Is that Claire’s psychic?

– Apparently so, but he’s saying he doesn’t have any power. But he sure didn’t act that way with Claire. Maybe it’s a Whoopi Goldberg in Ghost thing? A fake who suddenly gets real powers? Or he’s lying now, always a possibility (especially in this show).

– Hey he can see the question mark from above. And now I’m playing Arkham Asylum! Damn that Riddler gets everywhere.

– Another hatch? Anybody got any more dramatically unstable dynamite and a pompous grade school teacher to explode with it?

– Well that’s a hell of a lot easier to open than the last one, almost comically so. Trust our guys to find the one hatch on the island with the it’ll-take-you-half-a-season-to-open-it door.

– So what’s Jack going to do with the heroin, overdose her or make up a painkiller or something?

– Hmmm a monitoring center? Guessing one of these TVs will show us something. And yes, there’s Jack.

– “Print log”? Oh HELL TO THE YES you know it. Mike is theorizing that the log being printed will show the chat between Michael and “Walt”.

– A suction message tube thingie. (Now I’m in Brazil.)

– “Orientation”?? Play that crazy bitch! 5 of 6, “The Pearl”.

– The doctor guy in the video, the same as before. Looks more dated though, mid 70s maybe? Before the “incident” I suppose?

– Mike notes that the Dharma logo isn’t symmetrical and that each of the groups of three bars is different.

– Okay, a “psychological experiment in progress”. The code entering and button pushing then. So I’m now thinking there is in fact no “incident”. But … honestly, as soon as I said that I thought up five ways I could be wrong. So let’s face it, this could go in so many directions right now that it’s near impossible for me to give a good theory on what the truth is.

– The observers don’t know what’s going on. So they, too, are part of the experiment I’m sure.

– Nope, 1980 again.

– John is certainly having a crisis of faith right now I think. Will he begin to lose the ability to walk I wonder?

– And Libby opens her eyes. Now she’s going to say Michael shot her I’m guessing. Or … oh snap guess I had that part pegged all wrong. Called the Libby thing wrong in every possible way.

Overall thoughts
I’m still in a bit of a shock that I got the Libby thing so very very wrong. Not that I think Michael is going to get away with this. He can easily be found out yet. Perhaps with Libby and Anna visiting him? Make it a whole “Telltale Heart” thing.

Other than that, I’m fascinated by “The Pearl”, by Echo and Locke seeming to share visions, by what might really be up with that psychic. Really, so many questions coming up here that I can’t focus on just one. But the monitoring room, I am most taken by that. Very interesting indeed.


Thoughts on Lost 2×22: “Three Minutes”

– 13 days ago – Now filling us in on what Michael did?

– Michael’s burning a list? Like Goodwin and those Others had? A list of people to bring?

– Hoping the episode is going to stagger between now and the flashback being to Michael’s solo adventure. They’ve done that a few times in the season so it seems reasonable.

– “13 Days Ago”. Yay then.

– “You, me, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley”. An odd assortment. I can’t see Sawyer and Kate being considered “good”, so why do The Others want them? And they already said (or strongly intimated) that they don’t want to hurt Jack, so I would assume they aren’t going to be lured out to be killed. The question then becomes, what do those four have in common?

– You’re only just NOW noticing new graves being dug up like three feet from you, Sun?

– Confirmation that the girl who helped Claire is indeed Alex, and we can assume that’s Rousseau’s girl.

– So the magnet only revs up when it gets about time to do the numbers then?

– Echo’s moving into the hatch. Something else Locke has taken from Charlie.

– Hee, that was cute. As Sawyer approached, Vincent started wagging his tail.

– When is someone going to question the group that Michael is insisting on? I mean really, planning an assault team with Hurley instead of Sayid? This is not earth logic.

– What’s the symbol on The Others’ Dharma hatch? Looks like a box with a squiggly line through it but we can’t make out much more than that.

– Blood sample? Ms. Clue? Help YOU answer questions?? “Did Walt ever appear in a place he wasn’t supposed to be?” What a weird fucking question what the hell. “For someone who wants his son back so badly you don’t seem to know much about him.” Isn’t that what his wife’s lawyer said?

– Sayid agree to stay, just like that? Surely he will not follow behind. (Please follow behind, Sayid.)

– Oh Vincent what the hell bringing heroin Marys to the junkie? I mean you’re adorable and all but seriously.

– Hahha does Sawyer have Playboys in his stash too?

– And hey Charlie throwing the statues in the ocean. Good for you Charlie. Now come on, all the way … Yay! Right on Charlie. I hope Claire watched you. And she didn’t, but Locke did. That’s almost as good.

– Hurley doesn’t want to go. This just isn’t working out quite how you planned eh Michael?

– Walt to Michael: “They make me take tests.” Hm.

– Well I think if we can ascertain one thing it’s got to be that they won’t be letting Walt go.

– Hm, she said he had to bring all the people on the list, but didn’t say he couldn’t bring more. That’s still a very puzzling selection though. Why those four?

– Locke cutting off the splint and … just walking away? I’m sure he, like everyone else who wanders away, will find something of great interest. Quite possibly our big new mystery for season 3.

– “I think Michael has been compromised.” SAYID I LOVE YOU SO HARD. I swear to god he is the only one on this island who thinks rationally.

– What does Sun see? Boat? BOAT. They see a boat, motherfucker, don’t you ever forget.

Overall thoughts
Shit’s happening fast now. Shit’s happening way too fast. There’s no time to process anything here. It’s an infodump. And I can’t help but feel that they’re doing it so we don’t have time to really think about much. Like we’ve asked them a question they don’t really have an answer to so they spit a bunch of stuff at us in the hope we won’t notice they really didn’t say anything at all. I mean shit, in the space of a two minute conversation (Michael and Ms. Clue and Walt) we got a dozen questions or more. I don’t feel like there’s really any time to try and process. Or, better to say, like it’s all so disconnected that any real attempts at figuring out what’s going on are like trying to hit a needle with a BB gun in a pitch dark room – you might hit it but it won’t be because of anything but blind dumb luck. Maybe that’s fun for some people, but for me I like a mystery that I might actually have a chance at solving. Introducing a new character five pages before the novel ends and having them be the murderer all along isn’t good storytelling in my view, and I can’t shake the feeling that that’s what we have here.

I think of Lost a bit like a road trip. It’s at its best when it invites me to sit next to it in the front seat and we have a nice chat while we get to where we’re going. Right now I feel like I’ve just been shoved in the back seat and told to sit down and shut up.


Thoughts on Lost 2×23: “Live Together, Die Alone: Part 1”

– I hear singing on the boat. I shall assume a cabin with a record player rather than a siren or something. But someone’s shooting at them. Oh hell it’s the Scottish Git again. Was it impossible for him to get off the island or something?

– Holy crap S.Git got a flashback fast. Poor Libby.

– Another book: Our Mutual Friend by Charles Dickins.

– Dishonourably discharged hm.

– Locke back at the hatch, so I guess he’s not wandering off into the jungle for whatever then.

– Locke v. Echo, I don’t like Locke’s chances.

– Mike’s thinking that the woman S.Git is talking to is Libby. But neither of us can be sure; for whatever reason she looks just off enough to where we can’t tell 100%. But “Libby” is indeed short for “Elizabeth” which is the name of the boat, so maybe? Of course if it is then there are Yet More Questions about her which I would quite like answered at some point, dead or no.

– “You won’t leave me Jin because I’m coming with you.” Right on, Sun, you go girl.

– That’s a rather large and obviously CGI’d bird. And Michael will quickly learn he has no bullets. And yes, playing it again, that bird could conceivably be saying “Hurley”. Why not.

– Charlie finding Locke in his weak moment. I’m very interested indeed in how this could play out. Oh well, not too much as it turns out. Charlie was just a tiny bit bitter.

– Are you going to give some answers, Mr. Git? Like what Claire is vaccinating against perhaps? Oh, no, just more flashbacking. Sigh.

– You’re handing him the tape Locke, what is he gonna play it on, his VCR made of coconuts?

– What the fuck is that? What is that statue? I know I shouldn’t be surprised at another mystery coming up and all, what with there only being one and a half eps left in this season. But still, the fucking Colossus of Lost? With four toes.

– Locke: “I’m more sure about this than anything in my entire life.” And this is a man who’s been sure about a great many things.

– Hazmat suits? And someone with a mask off, may I see your face please? You’re … I recognize you. Ah, yes! The soldier who got Sayid to torture his first victim. Mike: “What I’ve come to realize about Lost is that the world is populated by maybe 60 people.”

– The correct question is not “What happened to [your partner]”. The correct question is “Why did he edit the film?” And the next correct question is “Vaccination for what?” Nobody asks the right questions! <wail>

– Um where’s Hurley? Oh there he is.

– Michael’s confessing and I’m starting to think that he may indeed not get out of this season alive.

Overall thoughts
Nothing worth breaking the flow for. Moving to part two.


Thoughts on Lost 2×24: “Live Together, Die Alone: Part 2”

– They’re blast doors. I can’t see that little bit of dynamite doing much.

– Boy, damn, back-to-back flashbacks for S.Git. Isn’t he special indeed.

– Abandoned huts, abandoned village. Curiouser and curiouser. Are the huts just a facade, the whole village on for show? And there’s apparently nothing behind the Dharma doors.

– What the hell, all the notebooks? Well that’s got to be fascinating fucking reading.

– Oh shit the whispers are back. And looks like Michael might’ve crossed them even harder than expected. Was Sawyer just tased? Or some sort of paralysing toxin. And everyone’s going to be quite captured.

– Well it’s certainly looking like something happens when the button isn’t pressed now doesn’t it. Which makes it very strange, S.Git’s “Sure let’s leave it” versus now wanting Locke to reconsider. But … he crashed the plane? How could an electromagnet so strong it can pull a plane out of the sky still leave the computer working?

– “Let’s do business shall we?” Goodbye Michael.

– Hey, Charlie and Echo are still alive. Sort of maybe.

– The banging – is that … Oh, it’s Locke.

– I … am not entirely sure what’s going on here. I’m guessing I didn’t really get what the failsafe thing was with the key and all. But I suspect that perhaps the show is about to do away with the tethering of the hatch and the button come Season 3.

– And … things are bright and buzzy and I still have no idea what’s going on. But they might crash another plane and replenish the cast!

– “Pala Ferry”. The orientation video said … someone would send the ferry to collect the observers after their eight-hour shift I think right?

– They’re the Good Guys? And Walt’s inside they just go north and someone will pick them up and I have just so no idea what’s going on at all. But I’m guessing they’re writing out Walt (if that is indeed what they’re doing) since there’s no way they could reasonably have a show that only lasts months but will actually take years and not have a child age way out of sync with the internal timeline. Still though I have just no clue about whatever here.

– So Charlie, not going to go back and check on Locke and Echo at all then I guess.

– Now we’re on … Russians? I don’t know dialect. But they’re monitoring ….. for the Git’s woman?? Money and dedication can find anything I guess, but– Oh, and you END IT THERE? Hahahahaha ohh I have to laugh. I’m so glad I wasn’t watching this real time. You don’t even know.

Overall thoughts
Guys, seriously, I don’t even know what to say here. They’ve just dumped two tons of story on us in the space of about 90 minutes. Again, to this show, I say that your pacing is shit, and I’m looking forward to whatever season it is where you learn this.

Other than that … I don’t even know.

Okay, well, it’s my first season of Lost in years so I suppose I should have something to say about that. A tremendously rocky start, an inconsistent middle, and an ending that feels like it was shot at me from a plot bazooka. There were multiple times in the series where I felt pretty confident to say that if I didn’t have the next episode available to me immediately I very well may have given up right then and there. 24 episodes from where I last left off in disgust and I am no more convinced that the writers have the foggiest idea where they’re going. That ending there, I half believe they just throw stuff out there randomly because they thought it’d look cool and are going to spend the first quarter of the next season cleaning up the mess and quickly trying to create something sort of plausible to justify what’s already gone before.

Thinking on it, you know, I don’t think we’re any better off now then we were at the end of the first season. I think my four biggest mysteries coming out of Season 1 were:

1. What’s the hatch?
2. Who are The Others?
3. What’s up with the numbers?
4. What’s the monster?

If I were to say I got an answer to anything it was probably #1, but if someone were to ask me to explain the hatch to them I’d sound like someone with a short term memory disorder. “What is this? Why does it do that? What happens if you don’t?” “Uhh … dunno.” For every question that was answered, or even partially answered, I have at least five more questions. I didn’t think it was possible but I think I actually knew more at the end of season 1. That’s a whole season spent moving backwards. That’s pretty messed up.

I’m in now, you know. I’m committed. For all my huffing and puffing I really do bloody well want some answers, and I cannot believe that the show has gotten as far as it has, being as popular as it’s remained, without people getting some.

Putting my faith in the general television viewing audience. Oi vey. This is what we’ve come to.

This is as good a stopping point as I could hope for. To bed, and we’ll begin tackling Season 3 tomorrow.

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