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What I’m doing: Racing through Lost in an attempt to catch up before the season finale airs and I get spoiled all to hell.

What this is: These are my thoughts as I watch the episode.

What’s important: In an effort to avoid spoilers, note that I won’t be reading any comments made to these posts until I’ve caught up. Feel free to say whatever you like and discuss among yourselves, just don’t expect a reply from me for the next month or so.

Stating the obvious: There are spoilers in this post for any and all events through to the episode I’m making notes about. If you don’t wish to be spoiled, please stop reading now.


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3×04: “Every Man for Himself” | 3×05: “The Cost of Living” | 3×06: “I Do”


Thoughts on Lost 3×04: “Every Man for Himself”

– And a replay of the quick kiss between those two Others, one of whom was shot. I didn’t mention it in my notes, but there’s the seed for our quick dissolve into “kill them now” and “get whatever it is we’re getting out of them” toward the Lostaways. And of course we’ve already seen that the shot Other was dissatisfied and bitchy, so I’m sure there are several who are as dissatisfied with whatever as she is. Division coming soon, I’m sure.

– You guys know so much about everybody but not Sawyer’s age? I’d guess they’re asking for the sake of a blood transfusion or something but I’m not sure how his age would matter.

– I don’t know who you are, bearded golf man, but I think I might call you Frogurt because someone needs to be.

– One bandaid and one bloody bandage, so the first was a sedative and the second was an operation?

– Awww stop scaring the bunny dammit! >:(

– So how exactly is Sawyer going to be doing heavy work in your rock garden with your heart popper? Assuming there even is a heart popper.

– Sawyer’s quite surprisingly mobile for a guy who supposedly had open heart surgery.

– The Gordon’s fisherman does seem to be a little sweet on Kate, though whether romantic or fatherly I don’t know. Still though, “If none of those fit let me know” and all. An unnecessary kind gesture.

– And now Sawyer’s looking at naked-backed Kate and his watch is gonna beep– Yup.

– I wonder if the warden has employed Sawyer to help con the other prisoner to find out where the money is.

– Sawyer’s kid? Apparently so, but we’ll see.

– Jack was able to tell that was Sawyer muffled around a bitey-thing and through the crackly speaker that hasn’t worked in eons? Yeeeah.

– Sirens blaring so Jack can’t hear Kate and Sawyer I’m guessing. Yes, appears so.

– The xrays aren’t her’s – Sawyer’s then?

– I give credit to Juliet for seeming very much like she actually wanted to save the shot Other, though for compassion or fear or solidarity or something else I don’t know.

– So Kate under duress admits she loves Sawyer, but then the Other husband just walks away so what exactly was all that supposed to prove other than to try to get a confession out of Kate for the purposes of the audience.

– Book: Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck.

– I get the feeling I’ve seen the actress playing Juliet before. Mike says that she’s trying her damndest to be Carrie Anne Moss, so maybe that’s it.

– Well those xrays are not Sawyer then. A man with a spinal tumour about 40 years old? Could they maybe impede his ability to walk? Could they maybe be Locke?

– What’d S.Git just build, a lightning rod? I thought at first maybe to try to harness electricity but maybe he saw that the lightning would hit Claire’s hut and built it to save her? Whatever it is, he’s certainly taking his ability to see the future in stride.

– No surprise that Sawyer was in fact working for the warden. But I’m not sure I saw him getting a reward and giving it to his maybe-daughter, so that was kinda cute.

– So they’re saying now that Sawyer does not in fact have a pacemaker. Or maybe they’re not. Who can tell. But I do find it amusing that Ben walked halfway across this island with a bunny in his man-purse.

– Did they bring Sawyer here to see the statue? No … another island?

– “The only way to gain the respect of a con man is to con him.” I like the idea but why do you give a shit if Sawyer respects you or not?

Overall thoughts
The thought I’m mostly left with in this episode is how pointless the flashback. Sawyer cons. Got it. Got it two seasons ago. The only thing I can think is that maybe this is a further setup to show that Sawyer is actually working for The Others? I did pretty conclusively declare in a previous ep that the only person Sawyer’s looking out for is Sawyer. Are we being misled by thinking that’s no longer the case? Am I over-thinking it? I suppose it’s one of the two: either the flashback was telling us what we already knew or it was reinforcing a truth that we’ve probably let slide. I’m not sure which I’d prefer.

But to lend credence to the first theory, the ep as a whole really seemed pretty pointless. That doesn’t bode too well for the pacing of the rest of the season either. The key points of the whole thing seem to have been: Keep Sawyer from scheming for like two seconds, that the girl Sun shot died, and that there’s someone who needs spinal surgery. And it certainly didn’t take 43 whole minutes to reveal all that.


Thoughts on Lost 3×05: “The Cost of Living”

– Hey Eko flashback! Does this mean Eko’s not dead then? Yay!

– I like how Eko and his brother have broken into a larder but are just going to sit there and keep eating right at the scene.

– The stern nun: “Confess! Confess!” Blimey, I didn’t expect the Spanish Inquisition.

– He does seem to still be with us, of a sort, but still out. So it wasn’t Libby, but I got the flashback coma right!

– To confess and be judged, so maybe not so much in the safe zone yet.

– It’s another fire. Is Freaky Dripping Walt around, we know how much Walt likes setting fires.

– Jack clearly thinks the xrays are of Ben then.

– Everyone in white … funeral for the shot Other? Mike theorizes they’ll be burning her all viking style. Right again.

– Those xrays do indeed seem to be Ben’s.

– Man nobody does crazed and intimidating like Eko’s actor. If anybody reading this hasn’t seen Oz, you should check it out. Only to like the fourth season (trust me on that), but the actor (Adebisi is his character there) is fantastic.

– Heh, I like how everyone’s all confused about free will and not being told what they can and can’t do. Either we’re going to learn about new characters (each of whom will, FYI, be called variations of “Frogurt”) or they’ll be killed horribly thus proving tangitally that Jack was, as ever, right.

– I suspect that this vaccine-stealing guy is going to get a lot more than he bargained for come Friday.

– Why hello again, Smoke Monster.

– Juliet: “Wanna guess what’s for lunch?” Jack: “I’m not big on mysteries.” AHHHAHAH YOU ARE SO FUNNY, LOST. Frown.

– Such a wonderful plan to break Jack down. May we hear it? Of course that assumes this isn’t currently a plan and blah blah whatever.

– Hmm another light/dark reference? Locke saw a bright white light when he saw the monster, Eko saw only darkness.

– And I’m guessing that is what Eko must confess and atone for – the murders in the church.

– I do like how Locke has opened everything up and letting everyone know however much they want to. Like New Girl Frogurt here watching the orientation vid. Sounds like she’s going to pick up on some of the other points we had. Like the other TVs, well done thank you. Now I have to wonder if the show will keep up this idea of the other Lostaways doing things, or if it was just to give us a quick injection of someone else’s perspective to get around the fact that our guys weren’t thinking it through?

– WTF Eyepatch Dude!

– Juliet talking Jack into the surgery but for other potential reasons. So I’m supposed to trust that this isn’t the con then? But I give her huge props for how she did that, that was slick. (All the more reason to not trust you at all.)

– Doh I only JUST got that – “You owe [your brother] one church.” I just let the “why is he building a church” thing slip by as something to do. That one was well played, writers.

– What is that, a field of poppies? (I so don’t know flowers.)

– Well I do like Eko’s not asking forgiveness and standing behind what he did. But hm, “you speak to me as if I am your brother”. And now he’s going to see smoke monster? T’would appear so. Do we finally get to learn what you are? …I think no. (Mike: “But we learned that you are wrathful!”) Man I am no less confused for having seen that. I do note that I heard gears again, so they’re certainly giving the impression that there’s something mechanical at work.

– And damn now Eko really IS dead isn’t he? Mother effers.

– Okay Locke, what did he say? Keep up your open policy … “We’re next.” Well. That’s not at all comforting.

Overall thoughts
I’ll talk about Jack’s thing first. Mike and I were discussing it, and it could very well be that Jack is undergoing a test for this himself. The surgery and Ben’s tumour (if either are truly real) may be little more than a very immersive test to see if Jack is “good” enough to join them. I like the idea, but my main problem with it is the aside between Ben and Juliet about her showing Jack the xrays. Because Jack wasn’t in hearing range for that, gave no reaction that he did hear it, which means it was shown for the benefit of the audience. That’s a little trickier to explain away as just a test for Jack.

But the main focus of the episode for me was on Eko. He’s gone now. Not a single person from the tail section made it. Oh, strike that, Bernard lives on, presumably. I’ll consider him at risk once he’s in more than like four episodes.

I’m very disappointed to see Eko go. He was a fascinating character played by a good actor and I wasn’t anywhere near done with him. I’m particularly saddened by the idea that the island rejected him somehow. Which is a pretty strange statement to be typing out, but I can’t think of a better way to phrase it. But as I said above, I like that he didn’t apologize for the choices he made. He was, perhaps, not a bad man, but a good man forced to make bad decisions. I like that idea.

It seems, however, that “the island” (or who/whatever is controlling the smoke monster) doesn’t entirely agree. As far as “the island” is concerned, there doesn’t appear to be a grey area. The use of black and white, although largely missing since season 1, seems to crystallize that idea. Either you are good or you are bad. I suppose the real question then is who decides and what criteria are they using.


Thoughts on Lost 3×06: “I Do”

– This is Kate isn’t it? Yeah. Sigh. Looks like a bridal thing maybe in the suitcase? I’m losing track of who is and isn’t married in this thing.

– This cop thing is all roleplaying isn’t it? Ye– Hey, it’s Nathan Fillion! Oh dammit, that means I’m now going to WANT to go back to her scenes. Nuts.

– You know that doesn’t even make any sense. If Juliet says they need Ben gone for change, and Ben is going to die in like a week anyway, then why do they need this whole big charade “pretend to operate” thing and blarg.

– Kate is indeed supposed to marry Nathan. Let’s hope he shuts her out of an airlock. Especially as he’s calling her “Monica”.

– Who gets Eko’s cross necklace now? Will Locke keep it?

– Alex runs in … I guess she’s a free agent now? And out she goes again. Well that scene seemed pointless. We shouldn’t trust them, they’re dangerous. Wow, really? Thanks for that.

– Fillion’s mother gives Kate a pendant. When the priest first met her he was taken by Kate’s honesty. What Fillion’s character liked was that “what you see is what you get”. Gosh, I’m not sure, but I think she might hurt a lot of people with her sudden yet inevitable betrayal.

– Okay so Kate’s going to a phone booth when she clearly has a cell phone. Nefarious deeds are afoot. Ah, the Marshal, with the egg timer to prevent him tracing her.

– Look people it’s a big island and only a couple miles away from your island. You got back to the island after being what 15 miles or more away on your raft, Sawyer? And as Mike points out, they didn’t swim there, so there must be some method of transportation. Why not try to find it?

– They’re gonna do it in the dirt in a monkey cage with Ben watching? How romantic. Won’t be surprised if it turns out Jack gets to see it.

– Two tickets to Costa Rica on beautiful and totally safe OCEANIC AIRLINES! So of course she’s about to run or get caught by the Marshal or Fillion’s gonna die or something.

– Static coming through on his communicator – maybe he’ll hear Kate and Sawyer instead? No, an instruction to try the door. Man did I mention before how radios and voices through static freak me out? Radios and voices through static freak me out.

– And he’s in the monitor room now, so there we go, perfect opportunity to voyeur. And there it is.

– Jack says he’ll do the surgery and keep Ben alive. No idea if he’s being truthful or not (there’s a surprise).

– Kate’s not pregnant and I can’t tell if those are happy tears or sad tears.

– Well I give Kate reluctant props for coming clean with Fillion. But then she drugs him, that’s sort of sweet and lame all in one.

– Does Jack trust Juliet to not intentionally mess up? Perhaps more likely he doesn’t care much one way or the other.

– That’s interesting. “Did Alex ask about me?” “No, we took her home.” Why would Ben expect Alex to ask about him? Why would he care? Where is her “home” and why is she just left there? Did Ben sort of adopt Alex?

– Looks like Nose-Breaky Husband Other is going to take this opportunity to go kill him some Lostaways. “Shepherd wasn’t even on Jacob’s list.” I am interested in this statement. Who’s Jacob?

– You’ve got a whole hour to fix what you just cut? Seems weird with that fast a drop in blood pressure, but I’m not a doctor!

– Having trouble believing they’re going to off Sawyer. Jack intervenes. And …. oohhhkay I just got it. Kate, the girl who can’t stop running, refuses to run. Alright, well … I think it’s lame but I didn’t get that until right at the end there, so I guess I can’t say much against the point or how it was made. One to you, Lost.

Overall thoughts
The point of Kate’s flashback didn’t click until right at the end there. All this time she’s been running away, has to run away. Even when she gets the sweet handsome guy who’s totally into her and they have a great life, she has to run. But now she’s found something and someone (ones?) to stop running for.


So is it just me or does anybody even for a second see Kate and Sawyer lasting in the real non-island world? I suppose we’re maybe supposed to buy into this whole “kindred spirit” thing but I just can’t help but think that if they were out of the stress and insanity of this island they’d part ways after, like, 36 hours.

I think maybe the more interesting questions I’m asking myself are: 1) would the marshal have actually stopped chasing Kate if she had stayed with Captain Tightpants? And 2) Why does Kate feel this compulsive need to run away? I get that she blew her daddy up real good and all, but for some reason that’s just not a good enough reason for me. I mean, if she felt that killing her father was the right decision — and she certainly seemed to think so as we’ve never seen even a touch of remorse for it — then why let that be the defining moment of your life?

Of course the downside is that these questions are about Kate and as such I don’t actually care about the answers all that much.

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