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What I’m doing: Racing through Lost in an attempt to catch up before the season finale airs and I get spoiled all to hell.

What this is: These are my thoughts as I watch the episode.

What’s important: In an effort to avoid spoilers, note that I won’t be reading any comments made to these posts until I’ve caught up. Feel free to say whatever you like and discuss among yourselves, just don’t expect a reply from me for the next month or so.

Stating the obvious: There are spoilers in this post for any and all events through to the episode I’m making notes about. If you don’t wish to be spoiled, please stop reading now.


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3×07: “Not in Portland” | 3×08: “Flashes Before Your Eyes” | 3×09: “Stranger in a Strange Land” | 3×10: “Tricia Tanaka is Dead”

Thoughts on Lost 3×07: “Not in Portland”

– But I AM in Portland!

– Ethan is like totally The Others’ go-to guy to show that we’re in a flashback for them.

– What is Juliet treating for? The turban thing makes me think some measure of cancer, but she’s a fertility doctor right?

– And okay, we’re not in South Otherington but in Miami. So then the question becomes what is Ethan doing there?

– Sawyer broke whassisname’s nose again. That has to hurt.

– Is all this a big production organized between Jack and Juliet to make it seem like they did everything they could for Ben while letting him die? Or are they working at cross purposes?

– Turn off the lights? You’re the one that turned them on, security guard ex-husband guy.

– Well it’s not looking so much like a plan between J&J now but we’ll see.

– It’s sort of amusing how, in retrospect, I was all “Juliet’s loyalty is utterly unflappable, glad they got that out of the way” and lo, she seems like the primary betrayer.

– There is no part of Juliet’s ex that hasn’t seemed utterly skeezy.

– Well with this Juliet flashback but Ben having been on the island all his life we have to assume that Juliet was brought to the island or accidentally arrived there like the other Lostaways.

– I’ve seen this tech guy, the one from Portland (but presumably not from Portland given the title). Oh yeah okay he was in Dark Knight.

– Haha, now you’ve said if he were hit by a bus and watch now he’s going to be hit by a bus.

– Book: A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking.

– Her “dad” so yes guessing Ben.

– Oh so Carl is really Malcom McDowell then. Oh my brothers. Very interesting room though. Reconditioning/brainwashing I assume. I’d be curious to know what the IV was.

– Hmm. Juliet’s sister was obviously getting fertility treatments then, but why would that be so surprising. And with the mention about the male field mouse thing … is her sister really her transgendered brother? Still don’t know what was up with the turbans though. Would a woman with cancer be trying to get pregnant? I suppose it’s possible that the radiation destroyed her uterus.

– HAHHA HE WAS HIT BY A BUS. Called that shit.

– So the reason they didn’t take Ben to a full hospital was because of the hatch imploding, but they’ve known about the tumor for longer than the week (at best) that it’s been since the sky went purple, so that seems an inadequate excuse.

– “So you’re safe, you and Sawyer.” Well not necessarily, I mean they’re ready to leave but not there yet, so “safe” may be a bit of a stretch.

– Well Jack didn’t exactly get Kate to promise, nor did he say anything about anybody else coming here for him, so there’s that if you really WANT to bring him back.

– Juliet has a very long neck.

– Oh yes, Ethan, I forgot he was at the beginning of the episode. And apparently working for Dark Knight guy, who I suppose is working for Dharma. Hey, if I want answers about all this maybe I should just go wander around Pioneer Courthouse Square waving a Dharma symbol and hitting people with buses.

Overall thoughts
Overall I thought this was a pretty well crafted episode, though the inclusion of a flashback sequence for Juliet seems to indicate that she’s going to become an important player in our little isle-o-drama. But then I would’ve thought Libby might’ve gotten at least one flashback ep of her own and we see how that turned out, so clearly my view on who “earns” the flashback and who doesn’t is a bit off. But still, as Juliet’s backstory didn’t really tell us a whole lot that was important in the overall scheme of things it seems to support my claim. I mean really all we needed to know — and by that I mean strictly in the context of this episode as I have no idea what comes later — is that she had a life outside of and away from the island. And that really was summed up by “He told me I could go home” or whatever Ben said. Really the flashback didn’t give any more weight to that, it stands on its own just fine. So the only reason I can think to put all that out there is for what’s to come.

All that aside it was interesting enough. Ben had his surgery, Kate and Sawyer are on their way home, and given the above I doubt very much that Juliet will be leaving any time soon.


Thoughts on Lost 3×08: “Flashes Before Your Eyes”

– So from the “Previously” we can guess that the ep will focus around Mr. S.Git. (For whatever it’s worth he has indeed grown on me a bit but I’m so used to calling him that now I think it’s stuck.)

– Sawyer had a fit when his stash was gone through when he left on a raft and never expected to come back, I think he might mind a little.

– Book: Hard to make out from the cover, but we think it’s Laughter in the Dark by Vladimir Nabokov.

– Great, just what Charlie needs, someone else horning in on and protecting Claire. I sincerely hope this plays out differently this time though. I like Charlie and all but we’ve been through this already.

– You guys could, you know, ask him, under less I-just-saved-someone circumstances.

– Wow, a coward, what? Hello uncalled for.

– So … Git’s created an alternate reality for himself? (Very “Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” there, which if it’s true, makes me wonder if the other books/stories we’ve seen have been played out.)

– The song on the radio: “Building a Mystery” by Sarah McLachlan. Snerk.

– Yeah the button-beep being the microwave-beep would freak me a little.

– And we’re to the numbers: “Delivery for 8:15”, 4 8 15 … Doubt it’s the only time we’ll see them. This thus far promises to be a very interesting episode.

– Those are oddly shaped shot glasses, upon which S.Git seems quite focused. Do they have significance?

– Charlie on guitar I’m guessing. Snerk x2 playing “Wonderwall”, given that Driveshaft is pretty much just an Oasis ripoff.

– Hahah, “This is why we don’t do drugs.”

– Mike’s theorizing that we’re going through Desmond’s actual timeline pre-island, but I guess the question – assuming that’s true – is whether or not he’s reliving it with knowledge of what comes or if he had the knowledge the first time through and just remembering.

– This is probably the first episode that’s structured differently; we’ve gone into the flashback and not come out since. No interleaving of the now with the then, which is pretty analogous to the situation at hand as well.

– Music seems to be fairly prominent in this episode, but I can’t make out what’s playing in the bar. To me, iPhone + Shazam! Arg, it can’t tell and I can’t recognize it though I totally feel like I should. But now we’ve moved to “Make Your Own Kind of Music” by Mama Cass.

– Hm, so either S.Git’s recollection of the past isn’t what it should be, or things are changing, or he has the wrong night and what he’s describing will happen later on in the episode, probably at the climactic moment when he’s having a crisis of faith and thinks he’s going crazy or something.

– “This is wrong. You don’t buy the ring, you have second thoughts and you walk out that door.” Wow what the fuck. He went into the pawn shop and bought someone’s previously used exposition.

– Hah, I don’t understand you pawn shop lady but you’re amusing the shit out of me.

– Something going to go wonky with the photo I’m guessing. Or, no, something is going to go wonky with HIM.

– “Don’t you dare rewrite history.” Nice.

– Oh, there we go, that’s where the coward thing comes from it seems.

– Back to the bar where I suppose what he said before will come to pass. Yup, there’s Mama Cass, and the footie, and the wrong guy got clubbed and now you’re naked on the island. But your picture survived so there’s that I suppose.

– Hmmmm. No matter what you try to do you can’t change it. That’s twice now he’s saved Claire though isn’t it? But the universe has a way of auto-correcting … (Or he wasn’t saving Claire he was saving Charlie. Charlie was in the hut too, and maybe he would’ve tried to save Claire and drowned in the process?)

– Ahh yes, there we go, Charlie. Seems your days may be numbered my hobbitses.

Overall thoughts
I liked this one, and quite a bit. It was really refreshing to have a different structure, rather than a repeated sequence of present -> flashback -> present. I understand how they could get away from their formula a little bit with this episode and don’t expect to see them stepping outside of that format often, but it was a nice change while it lasted. The episode was generally well-written also, moved quickly, and made its point about the immutability of destiny (again, destiny being a repeated theme of the show) in interesting ways. And while I picked up on the twist of Desmond trying to save Charlie instead of Claire I didn’t think it was telegraphed. Quite the opposite, I felt this was just the right sort of balance, giving me enough to figure it out, but only just before you tell me.

If we’re looking at “reality” then I have no answer for how S.Git can see what he sees, or whether he really did go back in time or just think about it, or who the pawn shop worker was. I don’t know about any of that. But what’s also refreshing is that I’m okay without those answers being given. What we did get was satisfying.


Thoughts on Lost 3×09: “Stranger in a Strange Land”

– Seriously Kate, just go back to your island, check in with your people, then talk about going back maybe when it’s more than just you two and Little Droogie.

– That older lady they just focused on way too long – should I know her? Was it the lady in the pawn shop last episode? Mike’s still thinking that it was maybe the Gordon’s fisherman in Locke’s commune so that maybe this is the woman who was there with him? (I’m not so sold on this yet.)

– Oh huzzah another Jack flashback. It’s only been eight episodes and lots of other main characters we haven’t seen yet this season so why not!

– Mike notes that per Juliet, Ben said that she could go home if she helped get him fixed up. Which she did, so is Ben going back on his word then?

– See? Get Kate and Sawyer out of the CAGES and they can’t get along. I think my 36 hours was an overestimation.

– “We give them a better life.” “Better than what?” “Better than yours.” You know if you people would ask like more than one nebulous question we might learn a few things. I would not have ended that conversation there.

– Ben has a fever. Imagine that, what with everyone wandering around in there without masks and not being sterilized and such.

– Can’t these advanced people handle an infection on their own?

– “Jack, I have no interest in talking about your father.” THANK YOU. You are not alone in this. So very many daddy issues floating around this series. Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Locke – then there’s the somewhat conspicuous absence of Charlie’s or Hurley’s in their family-oriented flashbacks.

– Not the pawn shop lady. I also don’t think it’s the commune lady either. So someone new?

– Can someone fill us in on what the tattoo says? Apparently not. Up yours, Lost.

– Oh, she has a tramp stamp. How nice.

– Is that … Cindy? Jiminy Crickets, it is. So are these all the people who were taken? What are they there to watch, what happens when you don’t cooperate?

– So Jack will pretty much stalk any woman he sticks it in then. Their privacy is of no concern when Doctor Perfect is curious. What a wonderful classy guy.

– “You are a leader. A great man.” So she says when he’s betrayed her trust, followed her, invaded her privacy, threatened her, and is now violating her culture and beliefs. WHAT A GREAT MAN. Every single look into Jack’s past manages to make me dislike him all the more.

– This “sheriff” (Isabelle was it?) is a very peculiar individual. She has an odd way of speaking. Marked, huh?

– See?? Jack to Juliet: “They marked you? Lemme see it.” Just fuck you dude, seriously. Why does any woman saying “no” to Jack simply not register in his “great leader man” brain? Why does resistance simply mean he should raise his voice and speak more forcefully?

– Re: Jack’s tats. “That’s what they say. That’s not what they mean.” They mean I am a GREAT MAN!! Seriously, writers, stop your love affair with this character. Please. I am begging you. It’s not working, trust me on this.

– Dude, this music! What the fuck, why are we all suddenly so in need of the triumphant music??

Overall thoughts
What a shit episode. What a … ugh. Jack. The writers need desperately to break up with you and … Just read above. I have nothing else to say about this.


Thoughts on Lost 3×10: “Tricia Tanaka is Dead”

– Mike: “Well let’s hope that Tricia Tanaka is in fact dead or it’s one more lie on this show.”

– Curly-haired kid in a latino neighborhood? Hurley?

– Oh here I was talking about Hurley not having a dad last ep and here they show us. Is it Cheech?

– And OF COURSE immediately we have a food situation come up with Hurley and him subbing food for his father’s affection or presence or something jesus fucking christ Lost.

– You know Hurley mourning over Libby after not even having one date is a lot more believable to me then Sayid’s depression about Shannon.

– OMG Charlie shaving?

– Eee it’s the puppy. I don’t even care that he has a decomposing arm with a key and a rabbits foot I’m just glad to see the least obnoxious character left on this island.

– Mike: “Well what do you know, 100 yards off the beach they find another unique item that nobody’s spotted before in the 70+ days they’ve been living here.”

– Dude what is up with those posters in the window behind Hurley during this interview? “RAR I LOVE MR. CLUKS!! I CAN’T STOP SHOVING MR. CLUKS IN MAH MOUF!!”

– Hey, it’s Trisha Tanaka, of Trisha Tanaka is Dead fame.


– And what’s even more hilarious about that is Hurley’s little sad face! :( HAHAHA

– So it’s a VW bus fell out of the sky with “Roger Work Man” inside it.

– That’s great, Sun teaching Jin by speaking English at him. I thought she was just being a major bitch at first.

– What, nobody wants to fix a car? Bearded Frogurt? New Girl Frogert?

– Dude, dart in the foot?? Tetanus, hello!

– Kate: “All you have to do is apologize, we can start over.” Mike: “Reset the clock, another 36 hours …”

– Of course Hurley’s dad came back. Hurley just won 114 million!

– Wow Charlie got stubble again fast, he only shaved like three minutes ago.

– Sawyer called Charlie a munchkin. I desperately want him to call him “hobbit” at some point, you guys have no idea.

– Hm, that’s a good point. The zoo was on the other island. So if the bears and horses were from the zoo, how did they get on the “living” island? (Mike points out that polar bears can swim. Point.)

– Hurley’s in the wrong country for a real bit of mysticism. To Australia with thee!

– Betting Hurley’s dad’s fed the psychic all this. Totally a setup by his father. Yup.

– What’re they gonna do, push the car down the hill and pop the clutch or something?

– Obviously this is our “light” episode to relieve the drama and tension of the past … thirty or something. And yeah, it’s got a few laughs I admit. But damn it all why did they have to start it with the freaking candy bar? It’s put me in a really cruddy mood for the whole episode.

– A little Three Dog Night on the 8-track.

– Jin’s flower thing was cute, but it’s a sad statement that the flower thing doesn’t make me feel any better about “The Glass Ballerina”. :\

– Hello again Rousseau. Seeing you is always strange, as it reminds me of a time when you were like the strangest person here. It may be about time for you to learn about Alex and get a whole lot of motivation.

Overall thoughts
An episode pretty much made of fluff with a few tiny bits of overall plot advancement thrown in. I don’t particularly mind that though – like Hurley said, we needed some fun. Downtime is often the best time, and it was enjoyable to see Sawyer and Jin kicking back and drinking beers while Hurley went around being Hurley. Like I said, my biggest regret was that they started this episode with the damned candy bar and even had his dad refer to it when he came back. They could’ve gone the whole episode without even going there, and maybe if it had happened without the big Hurley backstory reveal I wouldn’t even have minded much. But they did so I did. Unfortunately it put a sour taste in my mouth from that moment and I’m sure I didn’t enjoy the episode as much as I might’ve otherwise.

But being a fluff episode I don’t have much to say beyond that.

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