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What I’m doing: Racing through Lost in an attempt to catch up before the season finale airs and I get spoiled all to hell.

What this is: These are my thoughts as I watch the episode.

What’s important: In an effort to avoid spoilers, note that I won’t be reading any comments made to these posts until I’ve caught up. Feel free to say whatever you like and discuss among yourselves, just don’t expect a reply from me for the next month or so.

Stating the obvious: There are spoilers in this post for any and all events through to the episode I’m making notes about. If you don’t wish to be spoiled, please stop reading now.


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3×11: “Enter 77” | 3×12: “Par Avion”


Thoughts on Lost 3×11: “Enter 77”

– From the “Previously”, do we find out about Eyepatch Man?

– “We SHARE things now!” At least until the next supply drop, then you’ll be punching each other in the face for crackers.

– Cowbell. Someone recording “Don’t Fear the Reaper” over there? No, it appears to be, of all things, a cow, go fig. And with the cow? A horse and a satellite dish and an eyepatch man.

– Who is she? She’s New Girl Frogurt!

– No nicknames for a week? How about forever? Sawyer’s not going to just take his stash for a week. The “for a week” detail pretty well telegraphs that Sawyer is going to lose.

– “I have survived on this island for 16 years by avoiding encounters such as these.” Heh. I like Rousseau. (Mike: “Increasingly, she’s the most sane voice on this island.”)

– He has a “restaurant” eh? And whatever will Sayid be “cooking” I wonder.

– Kitty!

– Dharma … “fire” on Nick Fury’s jumper? He’s last living member of Dharma huh?

– “Why don’t you start with the Initiative.” Sayid I love you and your questions.

– Freeze frame on the typewritten sheets .. but I don’t read or speak Russian. Darn.

– Dharma Flame it seems. Purpose: communication with outside.

– Fury says that Dharma got wiped out because they started a war with “The Hostiles”. Which, I note, is what S.Git’s hatch partner called The Others (if I recall correctly). So Others != Dharma it would appear.

– The “Hostiles” were on the island for a “very long time” before Dharma.

– Burns? What did– Oh, someone Sayid tortured perhaps?

– That whole “computers don’t know how to cheat” exchange was very peculiar. Wouldn’t be surprised if that exchange comes back.

– Sayid says Nick Fury’s one of The Others. I’ll take Sayid’s word for it then I suppose. Which, of course, casts doubt on anything said thus far.

– “Get a rope.” He gave us picante sauce from New York City!

– Now’s not the time for chess, Locke, stop looking at the computer so interestedly.

– Explosives, that can’t be good.

– Mike: “Let me guess – a certain chess move or the player winning causes the detonation.”

– Oh heck yeah, employee handbook jackpot! So of course it’ll all get destroyed in this imminent explosion.

– Ohhhkay not so much instaboom but a “Choose Your Own Adventure” style recording with Dharma’s frontman. And here we go, “If The Hostiles are here enter 77 to blow something else on this island all to hell”. But of course it doesn’t matter because I’m now reminded of the FIRST stupid thing Locke did which was to turn his back on someone deadly and ready to kill for the sake of a chess game.

– Man, things are very tense and Russian here. Shooting the black lady though, that was a strange solution.

– So now the Lostaways are in control, things are calmer and they’ve had the chance to talk and Locke hasn’t bothered to tell the others about the computer and recordings? And here I was praising your openness earlier Locke. You’ve been tremendously stupid this episode. I don’t like it.

– Why keep Fury alive? Him wanting Sayid to shoot him is a good reason to not.

– Did Sayid actually torture the woman I wonder?

– And Locke didn’t really seem to care that he blew everything up, which was a little irritating but, I suppose, in keeping with Locke. Everything he’s associated with “the island” thus far has really been Dharma, so it would make sense that he would pretty much go with whatever Dharma said. Blowing up Flame might’ve messed things up for the Lostaways, true, but if it’s probably messed things up for The Others just as badly, if not more so.

Overall thoughts
Obviously it turns out that Nick Fury was lying and is one of The Others and not a member of Dharma. Despite that however, I think we can still trust some of the information he gave us; the team he plays for doesn’t impact either the truth or the accuracy of his statements. Given that then, we learned a little bit this episode: The Others are not Dharma, The Others were on the island first, and The Others have been on the island for “a long time”. In addition, if Fury’s personal story is to be believed (and again I’m assuming it is – it’s much easier to keep to a lie if you use as much truth as you can) then he was recruited into The Others. I would say then that Juliet was similarly recruited by The Others and not Dharma as I was originally thinking. It’s been clear that The Others have contact with the outside world. Contact is one thing. Actually venturing out into that world and bringing people back into your own (quite aggressively pursuing them in fact, per Juliet’s flashback) is entirely another.

As always, one question is answered and seven more rise to take its place. That bunker was The Hydra? This whole bloody show is a hydra.

The show was Sayid focused this week, and I have to admit that I’m getting pretty sick of these one-note flashbacks. Sawyer cons, Kate runs, Locke sucks, Sayid tortures. You know I’m sort of okay with the personalities of these characters being pretty one-note while they’re on the island. Not only are they under a great deal of stress but time is passing pretty slowly and change certainly doesn’t happen overnight. That’s where the flashbacks could be such an important tool to the writers. They built into their show format a very clever mechanism to flesh out personalities while maintaining a very strict timeline that may not otherwise allow for traits to emerge organically. Each flashback is an opportunity to inject something new into the characters.

So of course let’s keep seeing the same thing over and over again.

Sayid tortured people. He feels really, really bad about it. I understand this. It’s like the writers have a board with names and exactly one defining characteristic per person.

But fine, Sayid maybe tortured someone else this week. It’s left up in the air as to whether or not he actually did anything to this woman, even after his confession. And it could really go either way. Maybe he saw an opportunity to apologize and soothe a torture victim and gave her the opportunity to find peace – after all, he may not have hurt this woman but he certainly has hurt plenty of others just like her. Perhaps he just wanted to go free. Or perhaps he really did do it. In the end it doesn’t really matter.

The cat was very pretty.


Thoughts on Lost 3×12: “Par Avion”

– Claire? Dark haired Claire. Or her evil twin. And her mother on the sidewalk, but I assume not dead as, if I recall, Claire’s boyfriend was saying something about her mother not accepting the baby back in season 1?

– Point to Locke there, Sayid didn’t see fit to mention the explosives so.

– Charlie’s sort of grumpy about Clarie’s plan, but I can easily see Charlie not wanting to leave the island. He’s got himself a little family here, no temptation to back to drugs. It could be more than that, could be something the Git said, but this could work too.

– Another mention of someone who is so much greater than The Others. “Magnificent” in this case. Very strong words used for this guy, whoever he is.

– Arg, Rousseau interrupted and I was interested in what Nick Fury was saying about Locke and this list of theirs! Grrar!

– And what’s all this out there, these statue things? Mike: “Looks like a Pink Floyd cover.”

– Hm, a mystery benefactor for Clarie’s mother. Paging Mr. Dharma?

– Oh hello ouch. Sucks for Nick Fury. That looked a very shitty way to die.

– So Locke DID know about those explosives down there. Well now. What’s up with you Mr. Locke?

– Yeah I have to go with Charlie on this one, you’re over reacting like whoa Claire.

– New doctor? American? Ethan perhaps? Oh, nevermind, Jack’s dad. BECAUSE JACK HAS TO BE IN EVERYTHING. Oh but Mike reminds me about the theory that Claire is Jack’s dad’s daughter, and given this reaction at the moment it seems to be quite likely. And yup, there we go. Now I wonder if/when/how this will be revealed to Doctor Perfect.

– I like how Kate’s all “I’ll go first” and everyone else is like “shrug sure whatever”.

– It’s illegal to turn off life support? Is that just an Australian thing? That’s not illegal here is it?

– How did it work out that the bird was just all “Sure grab me that’s fine I don’t care”.

– Well clearly Claire’s mum is still comafied and as Claire’s talking about giving the baby away it’s after the breakup. So now I’m going to have to go back and see what exactly Claire’s boyfriend said about her mother in S1.

– Book: The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand.

– They let the bird go and … someone shoots the bird.

– Gasp! How dare Jack play football without Kate! She’s SO ANGRY RIGHT NOW.

Overall thoughts
You know I do like not having to wait a week (or months) to see the next episode, but zipping through like this, particularly as I’m trying to make a little bit of headway with each and every episode, gets really tough. So much information can get thrown at you in the space of 43 minutes but there’s no real time to absorb it and think about it before the next one is right on top of you (or it’s time for bed and you’re just really sleepy and nodding off like oh nowish).

So it’s tough to know what to focus on. I think I’ll skip all the Claire stuff. Her idea was good and her note was sweet but she was mostly bitchy and aggravating throughout and I really didn’t feel much of a connection to her flashback. Somewhat to its credit it was a bit off the “one note” that I was complaining about in the previous episode, but I’m not sure what more we really learned about Claire. That she used to be a goth emo kid? Fine, but doesn’t really say much. That she’s angry at her father? Welcome to the club, this is the Island of Misfit Daddies. That she feels guilty about something? Again, hardly a surprise – like I’ve mentioned before, I don’t think anything gets done in this place without guilt to grease the way. So I’m going to pretty much ignore the Claire stuff and I don’t think I’m missing too much by doing so.

Much more interesting – and again sadly leaving me feeling like I’ve just been infodumped – was our time with Nick Fury. More mentions of a “list” and who is or isn’t on it. Sounds like Kate and Sayid never were, but Locke is/was/might be. More clues that there’s someone above Ben in The Others’ hierarchy. Way, way above him. And this someone is spoken of with almost a god-like reverence. So meeting him should be just swell. And then there are the pillars and the reason why Nick Fury was so happy to be killed that he didn’t care that it happened by having his brain liquefy in his skull and dribble out of his ears (me? I’d care about that.)

I’m looking forward to a point in my watching of this show, whenever it might be, where it answers something significant and then that’s it. I have an answer. Yay.

Ugh. I was just struck by the idea that this show? It’s going to end on something ambiguous isn’t it? Like, even if they wrap it all up and all the major questions posed will be answered by the finale, then it’ll have the surviving Lostaways airlifted out by helicopter and they’ll look down and see something on the island that leaves you with a whole shit load of questions that will never be answered. They’d do it too, you know they would. Dammit Lost.

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