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What I’m doing: Racing through Lost in an attempt to catch up before the season finale airs and I get spoiled all to hell.

What this is: These are my thoughts as I watch the episode.

What’s important: In an effort to avoid spoilers, note that I won’t be reading any comments made to these posts until I’ve caught up. Feel free to say whatever you like and discuss among yourselves, just don’t expect a reply from me for the next month or so.

Stating the obvious: There are spoilers in this post for any and all events through to the episode I’m making notes about. If you don’t wish to be spoiled, please stop reading now.


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3×16: “One of Us” | 3×17: “Catch 22” | 3×18: “D.O.C.”


Thoughts on Lost 3×16: “One of Us”

– Oh good, “Previously”, remind me of my constant irritation with Doctor Perfect and his incessant demands.

– Sayid: “I want to know everything.” He may not be adept at getting the answers necessarily, but god love you Sayid for actually asking bloody questions.

– Jeez Petula Clark again? Does Juliet not listen to anyone else?

– Okay yes, Juliet’s sister had cancer then. Guessing not a transgendered brother? (Though I did like that idea.)

– But back to Sayid and his question … No! Don’t start with “If I told you…” just TELL.

– FUCK YOU JACK FUCK YOU AND YOUR FUCKING ORDERS WILL SOMEONE KILL HIM PLEASE. “She’s under my protection” who the fuck are you to be protecting anyone. Why does everyone just take this shit? He was in bed with The Others for how long and seemed perfectly fine with that and with leaving the rest of you guys to whatever fate. I think that after all this time people are maybe due some answers from the best chance they’ve got to get them.

– Claire totally out? The sickness? Dare I hope that they’ll actually resolve even one of these hideously long-standing plot lines?

Dark Knight guy has just ridiculously long eyelashes.

– If Juliet wasn’t supposed to drink the tranq that fast maybe you should’ve said something during one of the seven or eight gulps it took her to consume it all.

– Big reunion and yaaawn. I have yet to buy any of these people really giving much of any care at all what happens to anyone else.

– This island and Juliet being a fertility doctor … problems with reproduction on the island then? That seems to be her big draw. Like the guy said, making life where life shouldn’t exist. Could also tie into why they’re so fixated on children.

– There’s “Jacob” again. And yes, certainly seems that there’s a major problem with reproduction. Whatever it is, it looks very unpleasant and happens at conception. So Claire was okay, and Sun should be also. So I’m sure that one of these other Frogurt Lostaways has gotten pregnant since crashing just in time for us to see first hand what goes wrong with pregnancy on the island. …which now makes me wonder: Will this also perhaps cause to Sun having to confess to Jin that she was pregnant before they got on the plane, thus leading to him figuring out that the baby therefore can’t be his?

– How is “They left her behind” any kind of justification for trusting Juliet? They sent one of their own to infiltrate the camp, they allowed their de facto leader to be captured, beaten and shut in a room for weeks, is it so inconceivable that they left her behind to get at you all from the inside?

– Jack: “The fact that I trust her should be enough.” Sayid: “It’s not.” THANK YOU. Plus seriously, would that justification be even a little bit okay if someone else was trying to convince YOU Jack?

– Oh Claire that’s no good.

– So just let Juliet go, is anyone really going to miss her?

– And of course here’s the cancer thing again. Juliet’s sister was supposed to be curable, Rose feels she has been, but then why did Ben get a tumor? Ties in, I’m sure, to the question Locke posed about why Ben is still wheelchair-ridden while Locke’s up and about.

– Back to the first ep. I did forget that Juliet was all sad and upset, so getting the retroactive answer to that was cool.

– Oh is that who Juliet was shacking up with? Goodwin?

– Enjoying the look at the outside with news reports on the missing flight. A nice reminder that these people do have a life outside of the island and a world that’s wondering where they’ve gone.

– So Juliet wants to get off the island more than anything else in the world. That does not in any way remove the fact that she has very important answers to the very crazy shit that has gone on, is still going on, and will likely continue to go on.

– And at the end of the ep, Juliet and Ben chat. Ah hah then.

Overall thoughts

Well that answers my “why was Juliet handcuffed to Kate” thing that I was having so much trouble with last episode. An implant in Claire? I must presume that it serves a purpose beyond giving her the shivers and breaking some blood vessels in her nose, though I’ve no idea what.

With this Juliet revelation must come the main question of “Why?” What does Ben need? “See you in a week” makes me figure we’ll find out next ep. As to the apparent betrayal, I can’t say I feel much one way or the other, save a little pang of victory at being totally right on them asking questions and forcing answers, along with the truth that Jack was completely wrong and that makes me happy.

Unless of course he guessed she was still working with Ben and is just playing her along in which case blargvomitkiljack.

Is Juliet really on Ben’s side still? Is she on Jack’s? Truth be told, I can’t bring myself to care much since these characters aren’t even double agents or triple agents at this point. It’s absolutely impossible to reasonably guess where anybody’s loyalties lie, since even if you’re right you’ll be wrong again within two episodes.

A quick thought on the reproduction problems: Ben was born on the island. he’s said that multiple times. If that’s true (such a huge “if” at this point) then what changed between his birth and when this problem first arose? Is it linked to the fact that he’s now developed cancer and he’s still in the wheelchair?


Thoughts on Lost 3×17: “Catch 22”

– Yes we get it, Desmond did stuff to save Claire. This is a really long “Previously”. The episode must’ve come in a bit short and they had to pad it.

– Charlie shot in the neck, holy crap. Mike: “It’s a flash.” And yes, so it would appear. But was that a flash of Hurley finding the cable on the beach like he did in S1? And yes, that would appear to be true as well.

– Git in a rectory?

– Just what the island needed, another priest. And there’s the “brother” thing, though I admit I never questioned it’s origin.

– Oh hey written by Brian K. Vaughn. So that’ll mean it won’t suck. Right?

– Sawyer still can’t use nicknames? This is like the longest island week ever.

– Good lord how many girls have you been with Sawyer, and Kate’s not that good looking.

– Little curious about why Desmond is all “la la la come get shot in the neck” but we’ll see.

– Good grief Kate, you had plenty of chances to make smoochies with Jack. You picked Sawyer, deal with it.

– I can’t make out Sawyer’s latest book. :( We can see the ampersand and that’s it.

– Kate definitely seems to be using Sawyer here and really just not cool. Not surprising, and I can’t say that Sawyer doesn’t deserve it on some level, but also not cool.

– HAHAHA Jin’s scary campfire tale too cute. Two universal languages demonstrated in this episode: music and camping story standards.

– Little reminder there about how the previous season ended with Git’s sweetie getting a phone call.

– I do believe I hear a helicopter. Food drop? His fiance coming to find him? Oh but it’s crashing then? But lit a beacon I think. So guessing from his near panic here that he thinks it’s his fiance?

– Ruth? Who’s Ruth? Different fiance perhaps in the helicopter then.

– Ooh book book book. Catch 22 but which language? Russian? Oh but his picture’s inside that would freak me out a bit even if I were expecting it.

– Going to lay into Kate, Sawyer? I do hope so.

– So is Desmond going to sacrifice Charlie for Penny? Or who he thinks is Penny? I suppose that’s his intent at the moment at least.

– And I guess the answer to that is “no”.

– Weird little focus on that picture on the head monk’s desk, but I couldn’t see anything particularly special about it. (Mike: “It looked fake like Desmond’s looked fake, like it was two people in front of a backdrop.”) Scenery isn’t just random in film, it’s very specifically chose and placed, and this picture was in a very specific location designed to catch the eye and receive a close-up. It was there for a reason. I just don’t really know who I was looking at or what that reason may be.

– Ohh okay that just gave me the proper timeline. This is his first meeting with Penny then, not post-breakup like I originally thought. I was wondering where this Ruth chick and her six years fit into all that.

– Still guessing it’s not Penny in the flight suit, but we’ll see. And it’s not, but it’s also no one I recognized. I was thinking it was going to be Ruth, but maybe they decided no on that given her ridiculously thick brogue. Someone hired by Penny then, like the two guys who detected the anomaly?

Overall thoughts
Well hey, see, I knew they could do it. This was a much better way to demonstrate your chosen character’s trait. What’s more, Desmond actually developed!

Okay, so we have a character who, we’re seeing, has spent his whole life trying to find out where he fits and what he should do. He shifts on a dime from certainty to uncertainty again and again – marrying the first girl, being a monk, being in the military, marrying Penny, winning the race – he manages to fuck it all up for himself time and again because he just doesn’t know what’s going to happen.

So now he’s been given the gift of knowing what’s going to happen. With that comes a certainty. He knows the results of his actions before he even makes them. And now, armed with that ability, he’s about to get back the one thing he wants more than anything else.

And Desmond chooses another path. He sacrifices the prize he wants more than anything else. He saves Charlie and immediately throws the future into question again.

Guys, that’s actually kind of awesome.


Thoughts on Lost 3×18: “D.O.C.”

– Oh so now Jack suddenly cares about everybody else. Bleah go away Jack. (Oo, he did! If only that worked all the time.)

– Man much as I’m really incredibly disenchanted with Sun right now, I can’t help but like Sun and Jin when they’re all cute and stuff. :(

– Well now, someone’s suddenly all blackmaily. Mike’s first guess, and mine also, is that this is Jin’s mother.

– At least Sun’s asking questions, yay for something.

– …okay hello again Nick Fury. Well that’s unexpected. But kinda funny because I remembered thinking that he may not really be dead at the time, that it was just a trick about the barrier or something, but it seemed pretty bloody convincing so I didn’t write it down. That’ll learn me.

– Hm, Sun visiting Jin’s father. He seems like a sweet guy. He’s like the most likable person in this whole programme. Mike: “I am so cynical about this show at this point that I’m almost suspecting Jin’s father and mother are working together to get money.”

– Darn they cut away. I was curious to see if Sun’s father’s combination was the numbers.

– Jin got the “promotion” because Sun was trying to help him avoid shame huh? Their story is like a hellish “The Gift of the Magi”.

– Nick Fury: “She said ‘thank you’. ‘Thank you for helping me’.” Oh no she didn’t. I don’t know what she said, but good money it wasn’t that.

– Why is Juliet helping you, Sun? It’s called “research”.

– There we go, Sun and Jin weren’t together at that time. So here’s our catch-22 of the title: Either the baby was conceived off-island and she’ll be fine but Jin will find out, or it happened on-island and she’s going to die horribly.

– “On this island, the wounds are a bit different.”

– So way the hell increased sperm count means potentially bad news for Kate then.

– But of course Sun is happy because that means Jin won’t ever have to find out.

– Yeah, that’s not what you’re going back inside for at all Juliet. Let’s see what you really want … Ahhhh okay that’s what Ben’s after. He did say they’d get more mothers didn’t he.

– They FOUND 815? Oh a brand new mystery, huzzah.

Overall thoughts
At least this Sun/Jin flashback was less unpleasant than the last. In truth, I found it pretty well done (which makes two in a row, what’s this all about?). “Shame” is the keyword for these two, from the shame Sun wants to save Jin all the way to the fact that her impending doom is good news so she won’t have to face the shame of her affair (nor will he be shamed by it). The theme was subtle though and was demonstrated over the course of the flashback by the characters’ actions which made for a very nice change of pace.

Then there’s the final mystery, the reveal that the outside world has already found Oceanic 815 and there were no survivors. That could work with my previously-mentioned limbo theory, but I think things have gotten a bit too convoluted for that at this point. Is this something The Others have done then? Set a decoy? Possible, given that it’s now been shown that Ben immediately had designs on The Lostaways, that at least one of them (Dark Knight guy) was in the “real world” when the crash occurred, and that they have lots of connections to make things happen (like getting a guy run over by a bus). Although they seem pretty confident in their ability to be hidden, better still to give people the wreckage they expect and close the door on the problem of rescue altogether.

I wonder briefly if Claire’s rescue bird won’t factor in at some point in the future.

A micro-mystery was sort of resolved in this episode, with Juliet’s mission. Ben is obviously dead set against people leaving the island, for reasons still unknown, but the reproduction problem is going to put a very limited lifespan on your community – a community whose age we have no real idea of. I’m not sure how old Ben is supposed to be but he’s certainly no teenager, so these guys have been around for a good couple of decades at least. Extinction is a real concern for Ben, clearly.

A thought struck me as I was typing that. The Others are interested in “Good” people. “Good” has been a recurring idea; it’s been used repeatedly and in several different contexts. But I’ve been assuming that by “good” they mean moral. The black/white thing popping up seemed to enforce that. But maybe “good” – at least when used about the Lostaways – is less about morality and more about breeding potential? That might nicely answer the question of why they wanted Kate and Sawyer along with Jack. Give Kate a shower, give her a pretty dress, get Sawyer all worked up, then let nature take its course.

I think I may be on to something there.

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