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What I’m doing: Racing through Lost in an attempt to catch up before the season finale airs and I get spoiled all to hell.

What this is: These are my thoughts as I watch the episode.

What’s important: In an effort to avoid spoilers, note that I won’t be reading any comments made to these posts until I’ve caught up. Feel free to say whatever you like and discuss among yourselves, just don’t expect a reply from me for the next month or so.

Stating the obvious: There are spoilers in this post for any and all events through to the episode I’m making notes about. If you don’t wish to be spoiled, please stop reading now.


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3×22: “Through the Looking Glass: Part 1” | 3×23: “Through the Looking Glass: Part 2”


Thoughts on Lost 3×22: “Through the Looking Glass: Part 2”

– I only mentioned this briefly in my notes for the last ep, but I wanted to talk about Rousseau real quick. I’m having very serious problems with the idea that she would a) hand over her gun, and b) agree to follow everyone. She’s thus far shown no difficulty at all in going about things her own way and from walking away from the group when they do something she doesn’t like. So giving up her gun? Please, that gun is like her woobie. What should’ve happened is that Jack says she can’t stay, that she has to give them her gun, and then she says “No” and melts back into the jungle. It’s completely out of character for her to follow the herd, unarmed. What this tells me then is that the Lostaways need to be unarmed when they head to the tower and that Rousseau’s going to have something very important happen to her in the finale. I’m going to guess it’s around Alex’s boyfriend, which will create tension when Rousseau and Alex finally meet up. But whatever it is, here we have a perfect example of a constant festering wound in the writing staff of this show: Consistently they will sacrifice character for the sake of plot. It makes me crazy. Now to the episode.

– Okay I’m seeing what exactly? Bearded Jack on a different plane? Please note, he does not beard well.

– Oo, is he gonna jump? That would give me a happy. Is this just a flashback or some alternate universe “It’s a wonderful life” thing?

– Just go, just do it! Ahh nuts a car crash and now he’ll “be a hero” and live to bug me another day.

– Looks like they have a young Don Johnson in their crowd here.

– Why hello yellow blinky light.

– So why did Ben lie about the Looking Glass?

– Okay so after the divorce then. What did he see in the paper, her new wedding announcement? Birth announcement?

– Aww Bernard, tsk tsk. I can’t believe you gave up Rose just like that. And I fear for you too Alex.

– I rather like Mikhail Fury.

– Taking everyone to “the temple”? Temple of what?

– Heh, the Looking Glass has a rabbit symbol, nice.

– “Who are you? You’re Jack the Hero!” Gag.

– “I’m going back to the beach. I’m not asking permission.” It’s amazing how much better I feel when someone gets even a little backbone with Jack.

– “On assignment in Canada”? Also interesting. What do they have going on in Canada? Indicating a larger “real world” presence by The Others. Who, I again reflect, do not appear to be Dharma. Were they always in the “real world” or did they simply commandeer Dharma facilities?

– Obviously Mik Fury (and I presume many of The Others) is working under the impression that “the island” is an entity unto itself, much as Locke does. As Ben said, Mikhail is a loyalist – but I think it’s pretty clear that his loyalty is to The Island and not to Ben even a tiny bit. I suspect this will be a lesson Ben will soon learn.

– Confirmed: Polar bear cages. Sort of a let down really after all that build-up with the damned bears. My guess? The writers included the polar bear in the beginning because they knew it’d be interesting and catch people’s attention but they did it without having a real tie-in for it and this is them kinda shrugging and writing it out quietly.

– She’s going back for karma? Her name is Earl!

– God damn will people please quit telling Hurley he can’t do shit because he’s overweight?

– “Why won’t you just let them leave?” A very good question. “Because I can’t.” Not necessarily a good answer.

– Locke conscious again, which as Mike points out, tends to lean heavily toward “the island healed him” since there’s no way he survived 18 hours with a gut shot. But his legs appear to not work again and he’s … seeing Walt. Clearly with that aging going on for the actor.

Overall thoughts
My primary thought of this episode is that so far I’m wrong. I’m okay with that.

Mike thought something a bit more interesting though: Do only humans have trouble reproducing? We’ve seen polar bears, cows, horses and cats. We’ve heard chickens. Unless The Others have been getting a steady stream of animals (which is possible, mind) then there’s breeding going on here, just not between people. And oh hang on a second! We’ve seen baby piglets. So there it is then. Whatever’s going on, it’s definitely species specific. I’m not sure how important that is, but I’ll take even a minor victory.


Thoughts on Lost 3×23: “Through the Looking Glass: Part 2”

– Oh goodie it’s still a Jack flashback. I swear he’s had a full quarter of this season.

– Mike: “Oh my god he’s got my phone, ugggh.”

– Funeral Director: “Do you want me to open [the casket] up?” Jack: “No.” Mike: “Because then we might actually learn who’s inside.”

– Desmond shoots Mik Fury. Mike: “Nooo!” Seriously, he’s like one of the few likable people still on this show.

– Watch out for Ben’s man purse, he probably has a bunny in it!

– “I know you! You’re the hero!” Seriously, Lost? Stop. It doesn’t make it true just because you keep saying it.

– Is helicopter girl really going to bring in an air strike thing? Maybe. Or not.

– Are they really shot? Are they really dead? Who knows. It’s sad that I can’t even say that I care much, though I’m going to guess probably not all of them. Bernard maybe, since he squealed on everyone thus the writers pre-justifying his death. But I’m sure we’ll find out for sure when Sawyer and Juliet make their way to the beach.

– Oh right on – Sayid takes a guy all the way out, while seated, and with his hands tied.

– Bye bye Gordon’s fisherman.

– Jack stealing painkiillers! Look he’s not really perfect, he has a flaw! Something deeply tragic that he can overcome thus proving once again how wonderful he really is. Paging Doctor Marty Stu.

– Okay so if there’s diving gear how about you not fiddle with the code until you have it on, Charlie?

– And with that it does appear that Ben may have been on to something. How did parachutist have Demond’s picture then?

– Mik Fury’s body isn’t there. Mike: “YEAH!” But him holding a live grenade to the window, that would appear to be the end of him now (or not, if The Island loves him). And so too does it appear to be the end of Charlie. Also sad is that there’s no way Desmond can get to the Lostaways in time to warn them.

– You could, you know, at least try to swim out of the window, Charlie. Or just look sad and resigned and die, fine then.

– There are other tapes in the radio tower. I am very curious to know what is on them.

– It occurs that the girls in the Looking Glass had a walkie talkie and so does Jack now. Warning still likely to come just a little too late. …unless Locke shows up and throws a knife in her back that is.

– Hm. Was the wake for him? Is Jack maybe not really Jack? I’m not sure I get that thought entirely, but I wonder if it was somehow his own funeral.

– Kate? So is this flashback supposed to be a flashforward then maybe?

– Or maybe his dad’s funeral? And Jack’s turning into his dad and that’s what freaked him about it? Knowing what’s on that newspaper clipping is the key certainly.

Overall thoughts
Well. Apparently I won’t have answers to those questions either for the next forty episodes.

Credit where it’s due though: the end did not in any way turn out like I expected, save that Rousseau had to be there to meet Alex and nobody could have a gun because it would’ve been far too unlikely for Ben not to be riddled with holes. But everything of importance I missed and I’m glad for that at least.

Now for what we did get … A boat that it seems will cause more harm than good. I was assuming it was Desmond’s fiance, which is of course exactly what you’re supposed to think. Given that Penny clearly had no idea about that though then I’m pretty sure Ben is right. Again, Ben’s almost remarkably up front about things. This could, of course, lead to a united front of Lostaways and Others in the face of a common enemy. Or maybe it won’t. Again, it’s really tough to stay motivated to figure stuff out. And … well I guess that’s where we are when it comes to big mysteries. I’ll be very interested to go over my Big List tomorrow, see what got answered, what’s still pending and what we added to the list.

I can’t say that I ended this season quite as disgustedly as I felt in the previous two. I suspect that’s less about an improvement and more in me just falling into a state of quiet acceptance. The fire I felt at the S1 finale was because I felt cheated. S2 was a case of extreme disappointment – I felt sure that they’d have learned from the previous season. Now it’s S3’s finale and I went into it expecting more “what” than “wow”; when it happened I didn’t feel inclined to do too much more than roll my eyes and shrug in bitter acknowledgment. Really, what did I expect?

The “flashback” in the finale. Actually a flashforward? That could mean that this whole island experience has been nothing but a flashback itself. Or maybe Jack was daydreaming what would be waiting for him off the island (which would somewhat excuse the painfully blatant overuse of the word “hero” from third parties when it came to Jack). Or maybe The Island is showing him his future to stop him from leaving. Despite myself I admit a tinge of intrigue from the second option. Jack as a character oozes self-righteousness from every pore and is almost remarkably lacking in internal reflection – something which makes the supposed depth the writers keep shoveling down our throats all the more ludicrous and insulting. What’s more, I find a lot of potential in the idea of each of the characters, in turn, looking at what’s waiting for them upon rescue. I’m skeptical (very, very skeptical) that what we’ll get will be as good as I’m thinking it could be right now, but the fact that I’m finding any thought to be one that’s exciting at this point has to be taken as a good sign.

Then there’s the island itself. Again, I hesitate to put much into trying to figure it out. The island certainly seems to be a living sentient being at the moment, but unless it’s Krakoa then I’m not sure how that works. I keep coming back to some way to rationalize all we see, but between murderous smoke gear monsters, cancer-curing, invisible telekinetics, Scottish precogs, jungle whispers and visions of the dead, I’m having a wee bit of difficulty. I don’t know the answers, and I’m still not completely sold on the writers knowing them either.

Tomorrow we’ll see what Season 4 brings.

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