May 082010
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What I’m doing: Racing through Lost in an attempt to catch up before the season finale airs and I get spoiled all to hell.

What this is: These are my thoughts as I watch the episode.

What’s important: In an effort to avoid spoilers, note that I won’t be reading any comments made to these posts until I’ve caught up. Feel free to say whatever you like and discuss among yourselves, just don’t expect a reply from me for the next month or so.

Stating the obvious: There are spoilers in this post for any and all events through to the episode I’m making notes about. If you don’t wish to be spoiled, please stop reading now.


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4×01: “The Beginning of the End” | 4×02: “Confirmed Dead” | 4×03: “The Economist”


Thoughts on Lost 4×01: “The Beginning of the End”

– High speed chase and someone we don’t know watching it on TV. Two Lostaways? Yes, there’s Jack watching the screen. Mike’s wondering if this was the car Hurley was restoring with his dad. And Hurley’s inside, so seems like yes.

– Running? Really Hurley?

– “Oceanic 6”. Alluding to only six people making it off the island? If so, so far: Jack, Kate, Hurley.

– Looks like Ana-Lucia’s partner doing the questioning. And yes it is.

– Future!Hurley is lying about Ana. Or else this is some other weird alternate timeline thing, I dunno.

– Then weird underwater window with what I assume is supposed to be Charlie and then it’s gone so that’s weird. And back to the now.

– Hurley running to the water. Mike: “He’s gonna see Desmond coming back alone I bet.”

– Throwing the walkie in the ocean. Bad move, Hurley. Mike: “Seriously, Season 4? You’re already starting this shit?”

– Hurley back in his happy psychey place.

– His visitor, another Oz crossover.

– “Are They still alive?” Well hi that’s weird. Is this maybe some kind of drug-induced reality for interrogation purposes? Hurley et al are already captured and with The Boat People?

– Sawyer’s actually being nice to Hurley here, what’s up with that.

– Weird little segue for Hurley. Is that Jacob’s shack?

– Yes, there’s that weird picture of the dog. And hey, someone in the chair. With very white sneakers and looking a bit like Jack’s dad honestly. Then holy crap an eye in the window fuck that noise. I’m running with you, Hurley.

– Oh shit he ran away and got back to the shack screw that too and now it’s totally gone fuck.

– Well hey Locke. Guess you were the eye in the window. So you’re chillin’ with Jacob now?

– So who’s going to break this unpleasant news? <sees Claire> Okay, two bits of unpleasant news.

– Well there’s Future!Hurley seeing Charlie. Not only that but someone else in the institution saw him too, so he’s “real” in the context of this … place. And Charlie’s who Hurley saw in the store before freaking out. But now he’s gone again and I don’t know. But apparently “they need you”.

– Hurley: “So I’m not listening to you!” Hurley I love you so much right now.

– Locke: “Anyone else?” And there’s our division. Took about three years longer to get here than I expected but there it is.

– “Thinking about growing a beard.” So in whatever timeline this is, did this come first?

– “Checking to see if I was gonna tell?” Hmm. But whatever “it” is it does seem to be Jack’s concern.

– Hurley says he’s sorry as Jack leaves. Oh please don’t make it seem like you made the wrong choice and Jack was right. Arg, you are. Sadface.

– “It wants us to go back. It’ll do everything it can.” Also hm.

– Another parachuter. And what’s with the dramatic music and look exchanges? “Are you Jack” seems a perfectly reasonable question, to which your answer should likely just be “yes”. Am I supposed to recognize this guy or something? It feels like they were going for some big dramatic reveal that was lost on me.

Overall thoughts
I’m not sure where to go with this yet. It all feels extremely disconnected to me, these flashforwards or whatever they are. As disappointed as I may have been with each of the previous season finales, at least the premiers injected a new round of enthusiasm to one degree or another. Here though, I’m mostly left going “huh?” It’s interesting enough I suppose, but not in any way that I feel connects to the show itself. It feels more like the premier of a spin-off than the fourth season of a show I’ve been shoveling down my own throat for the past two weeks.

I really don’t know what more to say about it than my thoughts while watching. I’m taking potshots at what’s going on, but that’s all they are, cobbled together with a few idle thoughts. If I get anything right with that it’s little more than luck.

But I will give them credit for going a direction I didn’t expect and not leaving me angry by the attempt. I’m confused, sure, but with a quiet “huh?” versus an angry “WTF?!” That’s something.


Thoughts on Lost 4×02: “Confirmed Dead”

– Submarine that finds the wreckage of 815? Apparently manned by the worse submariner EVER as he just passed a whole shitload of suitcases without a word. Unless he’s not looking for the plane..? Well he wasn’t but he still sucks for missing all the obvious shit hi. Still the reaction from the divers makes it seem like the footage wasn’t hoaxed, but we’ll see.

– Mike pegs the guy upset and watching the tv broadcast on the wreckage as the guy who just parachuted down last ep.

– Mike: “I’m usually not convinced by guys who have to think about what their name is.”

– Sure, this guy seems a hard and fast rescuer, totally secure in what he’s doing.

– And Ben gets a hint that Hurley has seen Jacob as well.

– Well shit Sawyer, if you don’t want to be with Locke then feel free to go about your own way.

– Juliet not completely sold on the idea of this ship.

– Hazmat stuff? Gassing the island? And this Daniel guy is so very not a good liar.

– Locke: “I’d probably be dead if I still had a kidney there.” Niiice.

– Doesn’t look good for Miles.

– And here apparently is Miles with a flashback. I again lament poor Libby.

– …poltergeist? Something paranormal I’m guessing. But that … was a very strange interlude.

– So next up is this Charlotte?

– Okay so each of these three we’ve seen so far, for whatever reason, don’t believe that 815 crashed where the official story says it did. I wonder … are they conspiracy theorists? They’re thus far all relatively young, all looking at things a little bit differently. They’re obviously a group that’s come together, but there’s no way they’re a military unit. What’s more, there’s an element of unprofessionalism in it all (with Daniel particularly) which makes me think it’s a group working together because they want to or to reach a common goal more than because they “have” to (be it duty or employment or whatever). Important to remember though, they’re not here for the Lostaways, so whatever they may think or believe, Oceanic 815 is secondary. Dharma’s at the center I’m sure.

– Charlotte seems to be an archeologist then. Oh jeebus polar bears again? And Dharma Hydra. In a dig millions of years old? Yeah, I’m sticking with conspiracy theorists looking for Dharma.

– Charlotte with Locke’s side then. I hope it goes better for her than it did for Naomi.

– It’s Vincent. It’s Vincent with her GPS thing. Yup yup.

– Yeah, tell me the bearded guy in the Hawaiian shirt isn’t a conspiracy theorist. Oh yeah, there we go – talking about how the pilot married his high school sweetheart and always wore his wedding ring? Uh huh.

– Also of little surprise, he too looks island bound, though dressed quite differently from the others.

– Whoa hi shit. But whew, she has a vest.

– Frank is Hawaii Five-0. Oh, he’s the pilot, eh?

– The chopper is there safe and sound. Time to airlift Claire and Aaron the heck out of here.

– Naomi here, looks like she’s talking to the guy who was talking to Future!Hurley. Mike points out that by “They” Mr. Suit could have meant these mission members.

– “What if we find survivors of 815?” Okay so this group, whoever they are, know that the official story is false. They may not know anybody lived, but they certainly know where the plane went down.

– So they’re here for Ben. Charlotte was pretty good at disguising any reaction to him though.

– Ben: “I have answers.” Locke: “What is the monster?” Me: “Holy shit!” That was so fucking direct it was beautiful. And delivered with just the right about of “I have had enough of this bullshit.” Dare I hope for an answer?

– I can’t help but notice that Charlotte is very nonchalantly interested in Ben and Locke’s conversation.

– Oo hey, he knows Charlotte though, damn. And she’s freaking out. I would be too.

– Mike on Ben: “He’s like freaking Lex Luthor.”

Overall thoughts
I liked my idea of a conspiracy theorist group, though I’m not entirely sure now that’s what this is. They seem instead to be going with the “organization collects group of brilliant talented misfits” theme. Why them? Why Ben? Oh what are a few more questions among friends.

The key is probably in finding out the connection between the professions. A physicist (the “incident” and the magnetic properties?), a paranormal expert (Jacob, the monster, the whispers?), an anthropologist (the “natives”?) and a pilot (transport?). I don’t know yet. But I do find the inclusion of the paranormal guy to be quite interesting, particularly since we kinda sorta maybe do some communing with a ghost in his flashback. If we’re opening the door to some metaphysical shit really going on here then it makes things both much easier to explain and much much harder.

I can certainly say this much for them: They’ve been on the island for about twenty minutes and I already like them more than most of the original cast.


Thoughts on Lost 4×03: “The Economist”

– “842” on the chopper ID.

– Sayid, “Oceanic 6” #4?

– His golfing partner seems a little unduly distressed by who Sayid is. …and with a bullet in his head perhaps he had reason.

– That line of grey whatever-it-is around Jacob’s shack, I forgot about that.

– It’s a pity that Locke’s sucking so hard here now too. :\ I liked him much better when he seemed able to think for himself at least to some degree or another. I mean, I know that he’s been pretty consistently doing what he thinks the island wants him to do, but there seemed to be more to him than that, like the island was just a gateway for him, not the totality of him. Pity.

– “Now you know what it’s like to be me.” “You mean I should wait 20 minutes then go anyway?” Ugh, now I’m actually chuckling at something Jack said?

– “Fire the payload”? See that would make me maybe be like, “Okay what are you doing?” instead of just standing there and watching.

– 31 minute discrepancy? So the island is … out of sync with time?

– You know just as a side comment, I’m sort of having trouble with how casual everyone is with these boat guys. Have they not been betrayed enough by this point?

– Closet within a closet? There must be more here than just shoes.

– My previous point, about betrayal? I mean dudes, HURLEY just betrayed you. Maybe reconsider letting your new friends just set up weird beacons and rockets whenever they feel like it.

– Why is everyone asking “who” in response to the idea that Ben has a spy on the boat? How can “who” be the important question? How about asking what their intent is, where they came from, what they expected to be here. “Who” is so ridiculously irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. The only way “who” is important to the audience is if it’s one of the five we’ve already met from the boat (which means it probably is), else I would assume that a freighter has a staff of 100 or more people, most of whom they’ve never met and any one of which could be Ben’s spy. How would the name of someone you didn’t even know be evidence of anything anyway? Ask for explanations, THAT is how you discern truth.

– Not taking Charlotte and giving Locke nothing – Miles in exchange?

– Future!Sayid has a list too? Everyone has a bloody list.

– Hm, Future!Sayid’s blonde’s bracelet … like Naomi’s bracelet?

– Mike says that the missile thing timer was out of whack because its instruments bearings were so crazy due to whatever’s going on with the island that it took that long for it to find where it was headed.

– How the island looks from the sky, that could be interesting. But they sadly aren’t showing us.

– Animal shelter. Is Vincent one of the Six? No … but is that Ben talking to Sayid? He certainly does seem to love lists doesn’t he. Yup, there’s Ben. So … is Ben a vet? (That probably wasn’t the key question I was supposed to come away with from that scene.)

– Mike says that the outfit Future!Ben is wearing is the same as the one in the picture that Daniel showed Jack. That part I don’t remember, but very interesting.

Overall thoughts
I’m really struggling to think of what else to say. Well … I’m not hating it right now, and that’s not nothing.

I think part of it, at the moment, is that I’m sort of given up trying to figure out too much. I have just no idea what’s going on with the flashbacks/forwards/sideways and frankly I don’t think it’s possible to figure out without some manner of additional insight. Like I mentioned last episode, all I can do is speculate wildly, and if I got it right it would be through pure luck. I don’t find that kind of thing very enjoyable, so I’ve just stopped trying. The flashwhatevers? I’m taking them as themselves. Try to sort out whatever little self-contained questions they pose, but don’t bother trying to fit it into the big picture. That fact is itself a wee bit disappointing (I really do enjoy a good mystery), but perhaps best for my overall frustration levels right now. I’m recognizing that I’m over my head.

But that said, I don’t feel taunted by it either. Maybe that’s helping. Since the beginning it’s almost felt like the writers were chuckling as they led us around wildly from theory to theory. I haven’t felt like that once yet this season. The flashes going in another direction (ha see what I did there?) has cleared the slate and given me permission to not know what’s going on yet.

I’ll also comment and say that while I still have an initial gut-clenching, teeth-grinding moment whenever I see Jack, I haven’t had much cause to scream at him in my head for the past episode or two. I wonder – is he actually getting better, am I getting used to him, or have I finally overloaded on hate for him and just can’t muster up the energy to care all that much anymore?

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