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What I’m doing: Racing through Lost in an attempt to catch up before the season finale airs and I get spoiled all to hell.

What this is: These are my thoughts as I watch the episode.

What’s important: In an effort to avoid spoilers, note that I won’t be reading any comments made to these posts until I’ve caught up. Feel free to say whatever you like and discuss among yourselves, just don’t expect a reply from me for the next month or so.

Stating the obvious: There are spoilers in this post for any and all events through to the episode I’m making notes about. If you don’t wish to be spoiled, please stop reading now.


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Thoughts on Lost 4×04: “Eggtown”

– Future!Locke? Or just present Locke enjoying South Otherington?

– Book: Valis by Philip K. Dick

– That little “my baby”/”our baby” exchange between Sun and Jin was painful and strange.

– Locke: “You may think this is a democracy because of how Jack ran things …” Because that was SO TOTALLY A DEMOCRACY.

– Kate’s son? That’s a weird little timeline question there. For his testimony to have any relevance he has to be at least a bit old. So how far after the crash is this? If it’s real or whatever I’m seeing here.

– Well Jack’s testimony is riddled with all kinds of lies and such. Hm.

– All those houses in South Otherington, why did Sawyer and Hurley have to bunk?

– Backgammon, hello again.

– Hahaha. “Why 3.2, why not 3.3 or 3.4?” Seriously! Ben does amuse me sometimes. I suppose a lot of that comes from his actually knowing shit and watching everybody else run around blindly, but his incredulous reactions to people can be funny as hell.

– Thinking on it: Jack says that eight survived the crash. Only six appear to have been rescued. Who were the two they’re acknowledging that didn’t leave?

– Second time we’ve seen it and I still can’t tell what book Sawyer’s reading.

– Yeah, I suspect that Locke isn’t going to subscribe to your theory Sawyer.

– What’s up with the cards and memory thing with these two boaties?

– What happened to the helicopter then, we wonder.

– “I’m responsible for the well-being of this island”. I suspect Locke might be about to take that “dictatorship” label to heart.

– Kate slaps Sawyer. You know, if it’s not cool for a man to smack a woman when she says something a man doesn’t like (and it’s way not) then it should not be cool for a woman to do the smacking on a man. Just sayin’.

– “Ten years probation and you stay put.” Oh Kate and her runability. Right to a taxi at that.

– Seeming confirmation from Future!Kate that whatever is going on here, Future!Jack wasn’t telling the truth about what happened with the crash. So obviously a very finely crafted story was concocted in FutureLostLand.

– Quite a nice house Future!Kate has.

– Little kookaburra stuffed toy on Future!Kate’s!Future!Son’s dresser.

– Rather conspicuous two-robot drawing on Future!Son’s wall too. Not sure if that has significance, but it was prominently placed.

– Ohhhh ho Aaron, eh? Curiouser and curiouser. Didn’t guess that.

Overall thoughts
I can assume at this point that this season is going to be watching two separate shows: One on the island and one after the island. Four episodes in and they’re not showing any signs of stopping with the flashforwards, so best get used to it.

The flashforward actually had more staying power than the island part this week, what with Kate locked up and all. Does this mean Claire didn’t survive? Or at least didn’t leave the island. Or at least didn’t keep Aaron. Man, I tried to hone in on the one thing I thought I could make a reasonable guess on and I just can’t.

Okay, here’s what we can (probably) reasonably trust: The “official” story of the crash is that only eight people survived. They crashed in the water. Kate saved them. Only six were rescued. The official story is a lie of course, but it looks as though it’s what’s been fed to the world and they ate it up, so there had to be a series of explanations for how that worked out. That doesn’t tell us why the lied or what really happened, but it’s something to work toward at least. Take what you can get.

One of the things that I’m most interested in with that story is the two people that they acknowledge survived but who didn’t get rescued. You can apply all your standard questions to that one: Who didn’t survive? Why bother to say it? How didn’t they survive?

Unsurprisingly, I have no idea.


Thoughts on Lost 4×05: “The Constant”

– Desmond. Time to find out what happened to the helicopter then?

– Trouble finding the boat? Could be a problem given the fuel situation.

– Looks like Des in the military. Maybe we’ll find out what he was locked up for.

– Desmond is the only character who sheds his beard for his flashbacks. Or flashforwards. Who the fuck knows. Anyway, either it’s a fake beard, or the actor grows facial hair fast.

– “Maybe we should just tell ’em.” Well way to let slip there’s something to tell.

– So … maybe there is indeed a time differential between the island and the “outside world”?

– Side effects? Hm. Maybe all of Desmond’s sort of weird time problems are side effects?

– Desmond jumping around time, reminding me very much of Slaughterhouse 5.

– Hm, so is Desmond “fading out” what causes him to disobey an order? Also, did what’s happening now influence what happened then? Like, did the future influence the past? It seems to indicate so, but then wouldn’t Present!Desmond remember what Past!Desmond went through?

– “The split”? Obviously Faraday thinks he’s actually time traveling then, and as he currently seems to be the only one with even a little idea of what’s going on I’ll go with it.

– 2.342, or 23 42.

– Faraday’s not a physicist in the traditional atom-smashing sense then, he’s into time.

– Mike notes that Past!Faraday has just admitted he has prolonged exposure to radiation. Makes one susceptible to whatever is “wrong” with the island, per the doctor on the ship. An explanation then for Faraday’s memory problems demonstrated last ep with the cards?

– Oh yeah, there we go, “unsticking in time”. Can’t get much more Slaughterhouse 5 than that.

– The rat went to the future where it already knew the path through the maze?

– Talking about the Black Rock in Southerbys, interesting. 1854 May 22 set sail from Portsmouth – journal of ship’s first mate only surviving artifact; lot 2342. Well 23 and 42 at least seem to be important this season.

– Penny’s address: 423

– Ohhhh, this is why Penny’s trying so hard to find him and has been looking for the pulses and all? Because he told her to do so in the past?

– I hope she answers. I’m used to this show disappointing me so I won’t be surprised if she doesn’t, but I hope she does. She did. Yay.

– “If anything goes wrong, Desmond Hume will be MY constant.” Guessing shit’s about to go very wrong.

Overall thoughts
As with Desmond’s main episode last season, the writers can break formula with him. He’s not bound by quite the same rules as everyone else, and goes places they can’t. In addition, it seems like the writers have handed the connection with the numbers over to Desmond. As I mentioned in my last season’s notes, Hurley hasn’t really given a crap about the numbers since the beginning of S2 (of course not, no room for numbers with his food and weight issues <eyeroll>). They’re certainly not prominent anymore, but they do occasionally raise their head, and usually with Desmond. Desmond is different from the Lostaways, demonstratively special in an assortment of ways. His episodes are formatted differently, his situation is different, the numbers are “his” now, he has someone on the outside trying to find him, and even his potential father-in-law brings in another connection with The Black Rock ship. The guy was even “reborn” and looks like Jesus Christ. Obviously I don’t know how it’s going to go down, but I think Desmond’s going to be at the heart of it.


Thoughts on Lost 4×06: “The Other Woman”

– Juliet. Future!Juliet? She wasn’t actually on the plane, but then they’ve lied about other stuff.

– Of course they’re talking about celebrity and all so it sounds like post-rescue, but then given why she was brought to the island I’ll assume it’s talking about The Others. Yes.

– Faraday and Charlotte wander off. “Why didn’t you say anything?” “You said they’re friends.” This is what you get for keeping shit to yourself Jack.

– Juliet and whispers. Who are you going to see? Your sister? No .. hello person I don’t know. One of the pregnant women who died on the island maybe? Oh heh she seems alive. Or maybe it’s the island delivering messages for Ben … geez, see what you’ve turned me into Lost? Oh but Jack sees her too so maybe she’s really real then. Or a shared vision like Freaky Dripping Walt, now that Jack’s hearing whispers too. Oh, wait, was that woman the therapist from the beginning? Nevermind.

– Goodwin. Lead-up to him and Juliet shacking up? I wonder if he was sent to “bond” with Juliet per Ben. Though he’s married, and apparently to therapy chick, who may also be rainy chick.

– The Tempest – the electrical station that powers the island, per Juliet. [Note: More for gassing, like, everyone though.]

– If Juliet and Goodwin keep going, Ben will hurt him huh? Did he send Goodwin to the tail intentionally?

– I’m amused by the idea that Locke is still carrying around any money at all at this point.

– Would appear that yes, Ben sent Goodwin as retaliation. At least that’s the impression they’re trying to give. I have to say though, honestly? Lame. Really, the way they’re retroactively showing us stuff about Ethan and Goodwin and all, it’s making their initial behaviour all the more inexplicable. I mean, look at Ethan back in S1. Knowing now who he was and what was going on, his mannerisms, his way of speaking just don’t seem to make any sense at all to me, further hammering home in my mind that wherever we are now, this isn’t where the writers originally intended. The perils of the retcon.

– Video tape in the safe … Red Sox? Taped over apparently. Hey, that’s Penny’s dad. He’s behind the boat in the ocean, the team sent down, and behind Ben’s claim they’ll wipe out all life on the island. Please tell me this is not about him really not wanting Desmond and his daughter to hook up.

– Ooo, Mike makes an excellent point: Whitmore is the guy who bought the journal from the Black Rock last episode for a hell of a lot of money. That’s the connection, I’m sure. Desmond is merely Yet Another Coincidence.

– See? They’re so fixated on who’s on the boat it’s got to be somebody we know. It’s just an unnecessary fixation otherwise. Mike’s theory: It’s Michael. Works for me, let’s see … Or, well, we’ll see later on I guess. But sure, Michael, why not.

– Ben with a crush, that … sort of weakens the character I think. We’ll see.

– Yeah, this Ben/Juliet turn? Don’t care for it. I suppose we’ll see how it plays out, but at the moment I can’t see how it enhances anything.

– “Our” side? I like how they’re all so comfy with Juliet now that she’s unequivocally on “their” side.

– Yeah, Jack/Juliet doesn’t work for me either FYI.

Overall thoughts
I’m having a continuing serious problem with the “who’s the spy on the boat” crap. I sincerely wish the writers hadn’t gone that route. The only reason they have for making the characters so fixated on the issue is to create a mystery about it. And honestly, Lost writers? YOU HAVE ENOUGH MYSTERIES JUST DOING WHAT YOU’RE DOING. Hell, there’s still a giant four-toed foot statue out there which was on-screen and mentioned for a grand total of seven seconds thirty episodes ago. I think you’re doing okay without forcing an issue where there was none.

I know I bitched on this before but it deserves revisiting, since they insist on keeping on with it. You people are on an island where the only folks you know are those you crashed with 80 or 90 days ago. The only Others you know are the ones you killed, the one you’re holding hostage, and the one you let join you. Who is Ben’s spy? This is how I, were I a Lostaway, would expect the conversation to go:

Me: Who’s your spy on the boat?
Ben: That doesn’t really matter right now.
Me: Don’t give me that shit! Who is it?? Who’s your spy?! I MUST KNOW.
Ben: Fine. It’s Phillip.
Me: PHILLIP?!? …wait, who’s Phillip?
Ben: Just one of the several dozens of people that I’ve repeatedly shown to work for me both on the island and the outside world. All the power and knowledge I’ve demonstrated since we first met and you really expected it to be someone you knew?
Me: Hm. Point.
Ben: Thank you.
Me: Now what the fuck is up with that four-toed statue?
Ben: Hrm.

Asking “who” means you expect some level of familiarity from the answer, and there’s simply no rational reason why the Lostaways would expect that. By forcing the characters – particularly multiple characters, thinking independently – to ask the question, you’re clunkily telling the audience that it’s someone they too should know, that “who” is an important question that they should also be asking. All I can see coming from this is either the spy not being anybody we knew and fizzling out, or taking the wind out of the sails of your “surprise” spy. Which is really weird coming from a show that seems to delight in cold cocking its audience. However it goes though I think it was poorly handled.

My other major issue, though this one thankfully self-contained thus far, is Ben’s fixation on Juliet. I don’t know where that’s going to go, but right now I think it’s weakened his character considerably. He’s gone from an almost visionary mastermind to someone so narrow in focus that everything he’s done regarding Juliet has been because she’s pretty. That takes him from the level of a really fascinating villain/anti-hero to a cartoonish thug. I mean, does it get more cliched than the bad guy doing bad stuff to coerce the pretty lady into marrying him? I’m pretty disgusted with the idea of taking someone with so much nuance and stripping him to that level … but then again Hurley subs food for his daddy issues so I can’t say that them going there would, sadly, surprise me much.


Thoughts on Lost 4×07: “Ji Yeon”

– Book: The Survivors of the Chancellor by Jules Verne.

– Certainly seems like something’s not right on the ship: Sabotaged radio room, doors being left open, and now kitchen mayhem.

– Guessing Sun hasn’t told Jin about the pregnancy issue with the island.

– Oh good, another Sun/Jin flashback to either make me happy or sad. Or I guess this could be Future!Sun. Clearly having made it past the fatal second trimester.

– And there’s Jin, so did Future!Jin make it too? Which gives us 6. So what, did Future!Aaron not count as a person rescued?

– Sun and Jin to defect? Why not. Faraday’s all but confirmed they’re not here for rescue, and Jack’s been hiding it.

– Hmm, change in delivery doctor? I suppose it’s not much on Future!Sun’s mind at this point, but warning bells, they are a’ringin’ for me.

– Someone “accidentally” knocks the phone out of Future!Jin’s hand. I suspect that wherever he has the taxi drive, he’ll be wrong.

– Oh but dude, someone took off with his panda! That’s not right. “You bastard! I will kill you! If I find you!”

– God damn, Jin wants a panda hardcore.

– Juliet: “She’s not going anywhere.” Oh good, Juliet’s picked up Jack’s trait of telling people what they will and will not do.

– Whoa ouch share the affair thing. But then Sun slaps her and honestly, Sun? You should’ve played it off. Now you’ve just confirmed she knows what she’s talking about.

– Which brings me to a thought I’d had earlier – is Future!Jin and his panda not on his way to Future!Sun?

– Mike saying that it’s no coincidence (writing-wise at least) that Bernard found Jin. They’ll do their life-is-hard-for-husbands-but-totally-worth-it bonding, then Jin will go back to Sun because he loves her no matter what. I then add: But it’ll be too late because Sun’s left. There’s probably something to be learned about Mike and I in this exchange.

– Okay something quite wrong indeed on this boat. The woman jumping overboard swaddled in chains and nobody blinking cinched that one.

– A black box? Oceanic’s black box? Yes. Along with a sort of possible answer about the fake wreckage of 815. At least as far as this captain knows/believes, Ben set that up. Why exactly Charles Whitmore would care about that is another matter again.

– “Johnson”. Going with Mike’s theory about Michael, guessing this is he. And yay, we were both right.

– However looks like Mike was right about Jin and I was wrong about Sun. That too may say something about us.

– Future!Jin not going to see Future!Sun, I was unfortunately right on that one. And he’s married again? And … Future!Sun and Future!Hurley think he’s dead? But he’s still running around doing stuff for Sun’s dad and, as Mike says, “not covertly either.” Weird.

– We paused at the headstone. If we’re seeing it right, looks like Jin’s date of death was the plane crash. It also has a date of 20 March 1980 which I don’t quite get. What I also don’t get is Future!Sun’s … performance? I’m not sure what else to call it. But basically does she really think he’s dead or is she putting it on for whoever may be watching? It’s a good show if she’s acting.

Overall thoughts
They seem to be going to great lengths to spell out a very specific timeline for Future!Lost. I’m not particularly inclined to do so at the moment, but I’m guessing you could sit down, examine each of these futureflashes and without too much effort arrange them chronologically. I’m guessing that the first one we saw is the last one (at least of this season) and at the end of the season we’ll learn what Future!Jack was flipping out about. Or maybe we won’t until the beginning of Season 5. Or Season 6. Or never. These are all equally viable given the track record thus far. My cynicism aside for a moment I do think it more likely that we’ll return to the first flash with Future!Jack to bookend the season and we’ll learn who was in the casket, what was the newspaper clipping, etc. And that by that point, why he was freaking out about it all will make some measure of sense.

I was thinking a bit on the futureflashes (because really, why not) and I’m going to guess that they stick around beyond S4. I think that’s likely for two primary reasons.

1) I think they ran out of pertinent stuff to mine in the flashbacks. (Unless you’re Libby.) Since most of those flashbacks just kept exploring the exact same character trait over and over again, I’m actually in support of doing something else, however little I may understand it right now.

2) It gives the writers the chance to answer the inevitable “What happens when they leave the island?” questions. Rather than leave that part ambiguous, they’re giving us those answers now. Obviously the Lostaways’ story doesn’t end when they get rescued, but there really wouldn’t be any chronological way to address that save, perhaps, to create a spin-off or something. AfterL*O*S*T they could’ve called it. And that should never ever happen ever.

By moving to flashforwards rather than flashbacks, the core of the show has shifted. We’re no longer using the past to help us understand the present. Instead we have two roads that are being paved before us and we’re searching for any points where they intersect, but doing it while simultaneously looking to make sense of what’s happening right now. It makes the show harder to watch, but does make it interesting on another level. Which is probably for the best, as the old level was just getting bogged down under the weight of its own mystery. The frustration of the “now” is still around, but it seems lessened because we have a whole new thing to help shift our attention.

What’s more, this shift gives me hope that the writers have maybe finally gotten their shit together. They’re writing the future alongside the present. This goes beyond foreshadowing. This is foreeclipsing. This is foredarksideofthemooning. To show your audience how everything ends while concurrently showing them how they got to that point, you have to have a seriously detailed road map. Up to this point I’ve been pretty convinced that they were just tossing shit out there because they thought it’d be cool and weren’t going to worry about how it all fit together until “later”. They don’t have the luxury of “later” anymore and are giving themselves very little wiggle room.

That’s probably one of the most promising thoughts I’ve had about this show since the middle of the first season.


Thoughts on Lost 4×08: “Meet Kevin Johnson”

– Noting the “Previously” – “Follow a bearing of 325 on the compass and you’ll find rescue.” Ben sent Michael straight to the boat. So two immediate questions spring to mind. #1: Is Walt also on the boat? #2: Just how long as that boat been out there?

– The world’s most awkward dinner.

– So .. none of the Frogurts went with Locke? Just named guys?

– Locke: “No more secrets.” Please, the show would crumble to pieces. Secrets are the sticky peanut butter holding this cookie together.

– Michael: “I’m here to die. I mean really, I’m out for a whole season and I’m not even in a ‘Previously’? Where’s the love?”

– It’s a pity we haven’t seen anything of Rousseau and Alex reuniting.

– See? Rousseau still walks around the houses at a dinner party with her gun. I told you guys, it’s her woobie.

– Okay … Michael in NYC. So when is this? Future!Michael, Post-island/Pre-boat Michael, or Pre-island Michael? The fact that this is a serious question tells you how insane it’s gotten.

– Who was that nurse that freaked him out? Mike says it was Libby. Why do I find it so impossible to recognize her? Still, that tells me that it is, at least, post-island Michael. The real question now is pre- or post- boat.

– I’m leaning pre-boat. And the appearance of the Gordon’s fisherman cements that. So who rescued Michael and Walt I wonder? I was thinking Whitmore’s boat and he just stayed there, but clearly not.

– “You can’t kill yourself – the island won’t let you.” Hm. Well now I really want to see him try.

– Someone new, “Arturo” apparently. And hey, appears that the Gordon’s fisherman is gay. That’s certainly one way that Kate wouldn’t be his type. Could also have been because he had a brain in his head, but gay, sure, that’ll work.

– Whitmore set up the phony crash site, per G’sFisherman. And a thought I should’ve had before – Whitmore also has the black box from the real 815. He had to have gotten it from the island, so either he’s visited it himself or someone had to give it to him. And given that Whitmore and his group are conclusively the enemy and the Lostaways had no idea about him, it seems to indicate that one of Ben’s group is working for Whitmore or Ben intentionally wanted him to have it.

– Corpses came from a cemetery in Thailand.

– Redeem yourself for killing two people: Kill a hundred!

– There’s that raft. Maybe we’ll see the communications guy and someone else (Michael?) go out to the island.

– Oh hello that’s weird. Whispers out at sea? And Libby returns. Are they close enough to the island for it to extend its “influence”? And if so, why would it not want Michael to stop Whitmore’s group?

– That was an interesting statue to focus on in Ben’s place, and very purposefully done too so it must have significance. I don’t know Thailand culture very well, but perhaps from there? So Ben might very well have set everything up with the phony crash and not Whitmore and darn it I am so starved for answers that I’ll take them from any confident-sounding source, forgetting that I can’t trust anyone.

– But it still holds that if the boat is Whitmore’s and that black box was the real black box then Whitmore had to get it from someone who’s been on the island and left it since the plane crash.

– God damn it Ben you and your lists.

– Sayid turns Michael in to the captain. Mike: “Remember what the note said? Don’t trust the captain.”

– So much for Carl. Who’s doing the shooting I wonder.

– OH NOES! Not Rousseau!! Major sad face! Mike: “It wouldn’t surprise me if Ben set that up.” Nothing would surprise me to find out Ben set it up at this point.

Overall thoughts
Michael is the spy. Yawn. I’m really kind of sad that they pushed us to try and figure that one out. Can you imagine how cool that moment might’ve been, to have Michael just appear on the boat? Really can’t see how the show benefited from not letting that be a blind surprise. As for Michael’s post-island story, I can’t say that I cared much. It was information and bridged well enough between the then and the now and that’s enough for me. By far more interesting in Michael’s bits were “the island won’t let you kill yourself” parts.

Who faked the crash, Ben or Whitmore? The captain said Ben, whereas G’sFisherman said Whitmore. Or, since both of those guys are flunkies, we can turn that into Ben said Whitmore and Whitmore said Ben. The way I see it, the true options are:

– Ben, and he’s lying to his people about it.
– Whitmore, and he’s lying to his people about it.
– Neither, and both Ben and Whitmore know it, and they’re lying to their people about it.
– Neither, but neither Ben nor Whitmore know about a third party, and are saying what they think is true.

Nowhere near enough information to know yet, and as neither Ben nor Whitmore have presented themselves as solid and trusted pillars of information, no real way to make an educated guess either.

Finally we have the death of Rousseau. If she’s really dead, and she might very well not be. I hope she’s not. If she is, I think that was a tragic waste of a character. But I’ll save any raving on that until we find out for sure one way or the other.


Thoughts on Lost 4×09: “The Shape of Things to Come”

– And I see no Frogurts on Jack’s side either. So they’re just not bothering to show anybody without a name anymore.

– Military guys holding Alex, I presume they’re from the boat.

– Ben in a Dharma jacket. Future!Ben?

– Ben’s quite a remarkable little badass really.

– Haha, I was just talking about not seeing any Frogurts. Now I see three and all three of them get shot.

– DAYUM did they just blow up Claire?

– Future!Ben in Tunisia. Mike points out that Tunisia is where Charlotte found the polar bear skeleton.

– The date: 24 October 2005. In the Future!Timeline, Mike puts this event at after Future!Sun giving birth.

– On the TV, looks like Future!Sayid getting into a car. Before Ben recruits Sayid is our guess. Future!Sayid says, “I just want to bury my wife, please.”

– Claire’s alive, that’s a start.

– Future!Ben in Iraq, Sayid is here somewhere I don’t doubt.

– Future!Ben says he got off the island using Desmond’s boat “The Elizabeth” and following a heading to Fiji.

– Nadia’s funeral. So Future!Sayid found her. Not the happiest of endings though it seems. Sounds like she was intentionally targeted and murdered.

– Good information Future!Ben is giving to Future!Sayid on Nadia’s death, but Future!Sayid should be asking “Why are you telling me this?”

– *bang* Well, I think maybe you miscalculated there, Ben. Credit to him, he seems pretty broken up by Alex getting shot in the head in front of him. And that’s interesting: “They changed the rules.” What rules? Which “they”?

– Is … that a cave wall with hieroglyphics carved into it in Ben’s closet? (Hieroglyphics last seen on the timer in The Swan – which Ben himself specifically mentioned when telling Locke he let the timer run out.) Does Ben Future!project himself?

– You know, Future!Sayid’s declaration of love and all that for Nadia sort of makes his segue with Shannon all the more wtf doesn’t it?

– Oh, well, Ben’s back, so I guess he didn’t future hop then.

– What’s the shaking? Did Ben summon the monster? Well shit yes. Yes it appears he did. That means he lied to Locke when Locke asked about it.

– Yes, Ben’s quite upset over Alex indeed.

– And Faraday admits they won’t ever be rescuing the Lostaways.

– In the jungle, is this is all the people left? Convenient that they killed off everyone we didn’t know. Hell at this rate there really will only be six people left to rescue.

– There’s that damned whiskey again.

– Ben “can’t” kill Whitmore. Part of “the rules”? Odd conversation these two are having.

– Ben declaring he’ll kill Penny. I thought it might go that way.

Overall thoughts
So I still have just no idea what’s going on.

It’s a pity that this is how Alex ended up too. I didn’t necessarily care about her all that much, but she was important in her own way, and she did try hard to do the right thing, so credit for that. (Unlike Rousseau, I’m pretty sure that Alex is dead.)

There’s certainly a very adversarial relationship between Ben and Whitmore, indicating that it extends far, far beyond anything we’ve seen thus far. Going back a bit, we’ve seen Dharma versus “The Hostiles”, which the “The Hostiles” won with Ben’s help. Whitmore says that everything Ben has he stole from Whitmore. So I wonder if Whitmore is part of Dharma then or is connected in some manner or another. Otherwise we’ve had a sort of three-pronged conflict, which doesn’t work as neatly for me. So I’m going to go with that right now, that Whitmore is or was part of Dharma or otherwise connected to it.

Not that any of that explains “the rules” but …

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