May 102010
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What I’m doing: Racing through Lost in an attempt to catch up before the season finale airs and I get spoiled all to hell.

What this is: These are my thoughts as I watch the episode.

What’s important: In an effort to avoid spoilers, note that I won’t be reading any comments made to these posts until I’ve caught up. Feel free to say whatever you like and discuss among yourselves, just don’t expect a reply from me for the next month or so.

Stating the obvious: There are spoilers in this post for any and all events through to the episode I’m making notes about. If you don’t wish to be spoiled, please stop reading now.


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4×10: “Something Nice Back Home” | 4×11: “Cabin Fever”


Thoughts on Lost 4×10: “Something Nice Back Home”

– Oh that’s right, I forgot that Jack’s getting all sick or something.

– Future!Jack? But if my theory is correct, before he goes bearded and suicidal.

– Lacey underwear, nice house. Sounds like kids toys on the floor. Future!Kate’s house? Oh, no, that sounds like Juliet in the shower. Nope, right first try.

– Book: Alice in Wonderland

– Hang on a tick, is Jack with THE infamous sickness?

– That’s right, I forgot about this guy and his psychicness.

– Aww shit, is that Rousseau’s body? Displeased! She deserved much, much better than that.

– Charlotte’s attitude is why they don’t trust you? That and your MASSIVE CONTINUAL LIES.

– When Frogurts are handy: running random errands.

– Sawyer’s become quite protective of Claire hasn’t he?

– Rose makes a good point. What about the island’s “magical healing”? Of course it didn’t do much for that guy with the broken leg or the marshal in the beginning of S1, but that was pre-“island magic” introduction, so.

– Visions of Future!Jack’s dad, that’s always a good start.

– Someone in a hospital – Future!Hurley?

– Maybe you (Sun and Jin) should be keeping an eye on the boaties instead of chatting?

– Jin: “I will get you and our baby off this island.” Mike points out, “You and the baby. Not ‘us’.” Did Jin have to stay behind so Sun could get off, but then he managed to get off some other way? Does that mean others beyond “The Oceanic 6” got off too?

– We’re both pretty incredulous that any of those soldiers survived the smoke monster.

– I don’t think I’ve seen Future!Kate wearing pants once this episode.

– Future!Jack doesn’t seem to be particularly trusting of Future!Kate’s conversation with the park mom. And this would be where his drug and alcohol problems begin.

– WTF is that Jack’s/Claire’s dad holding Aaron? Mike points out that Dad looks stubbled and unkempt, like he’s real and been on the island this whole time.

– I suspect this is where Future!Jack is about to get all crazypsycho on Future!Kate, accusing her of cheating and all. I never thought I’d see the day when I was on Kate’s side, whatever the timeline, but I am right now.

– Yeah, I see three bottles of beer and a bottle of something else on the table in front of him, and he’s sitting in the dark all disheveled. This isn’t going to end well.

– Future!Kate: “Trust me and leave it be.” Well that would be a little suspicious indeed, I admit, but still.

– She says she was doing something for Sawyer. Now whether or not we’ve seen all of “The Oceanic Six” depends on whether or not Aaron counts, but I suspect that one way or another, Sawyer doesn’t count. Thinking this was a promise she made him before leaving then. Sawyer’s daughter?

– Yes there we go: “He chose to stay.”

– Future!Jack saying “You’re not even related to him” makes me think that he finds out that he and Claire are half-siblings.

– Huh, so Miles saw Dad too? And double huh, where’d Claire go?

Overall thoughts
Everything I had to say on this one is above. I can’t speculate much more on the Future!Lost stuff as I’m still so very confused by it. But winner by far of the “Holy Crap What??” award for this season may well be Jack and Claire’s dad showing up and seeming Quite Real Indeed.


Thoughts on Lost 4×11: “Cabin Fever”

– With a title like that, is this ep about what’s been happening on the ship? (As the captain said that his people had an elevated case of cabin fever.)

– Buddy Holly, poodle skirts … MAYBE IT’S THE FIFTIES. I DON’T KNOW, IT’S UNCLEAR.

– Given how we left last episode, I’m going to guess this is Jack’s mother? Or as she was just hit by a car maybe not, but I still think it’s something to do with Jack’s dad.

– Oh, well, okay very wrong on my part. Locke it is. Hey, are we returning to flashbacks then?

– Is that that doctor? The one who ended up in the water with his throat slit that I totally forgot about until just now?

– The smoke monster didn’t kill ANYone then? So … it’s … Okay, so how does it decide who to kill? And this may seem like it’s coming out of left field but it was the next thought that popped into my head: Why did it kill the pilot?

– Huh, so “The Island” isn’t just preventing Michael from committing suicide, it’s preventing him from being killed at all?

– Guy chopping wood … the guy who got Ben’s dad the job with Dharma? We did see that guy had died. He looks no older here (but then, neither did Dark Knight guy). Still, I’m guessing this will be The Island. Can it take the appearance of dead people? Is it The First, geez.

– His name is apparently “Horace”, and I sadly can’t remember if that was the name of that guy or not. But he did just admit he was dead, so I guess it may not matter all that much.

– The cabin he’s building, will it become Jacob’s cabin?

– AND HEY, a thought. Remember when Hurley looked into the cabin and saw who I presumed was Jacob and I said Jacob looked like Jack/Claire’s dad to me (with really white sneakers)? Well if Dad showed up last episode, maybe that wasn’t such a random thought after all.

– Horace is looping. Hm. Still, looks like John’s got his directions.

– Ben’s all upset cuz Jacob’s broken up with him. :(

– Poor Locke, rejected every step of the way.

– Huhhn, is that Dark Knight guy outside the infant incubator room? Oh shit it is.

– Well not all of Dharma has disappeared, Locke. Someone’s still dropping food, someone’s still making and packaging the food that’s dropped.

– This Pit o’ Dharma Death, they should bring Miles here and let him have a field day.

– Backgammon again.

– Geez, Locke drew a picture of the smoke monster at like age 6?

– What’s that book? “Book of Laws”? And is that John’s compass, the one that Sayid said never pointed where it should? And that sand, is it sand or that grey stuff that was around Jacob’s cabin?

– Mike comments that each of these things Richard is laying on the table in front of Locke represents a different facet of civilization: sport, law, science, exploration, art and literature, combat.

– On the comic cover: “Secret and mysterious hidden land”.

– Hm, Richard seems surprised by him picking the knife. I guess that’s the choice that means Locke doesn’t get to go to the island right now. I also suspect that choice of the knife has a deep symbolic meaning which probably won’t make a whole lot of sense except through hindsight.

– Oh NOW there’s a sickness, on the boat.

– Army guy pulls out a file with his orders. Yup, Dharma on the cover.

– Doc about to get his throat slit here I think. And there goes the soldier with the morse code coming through on the radio. So remembering the sync issue demonstrated before, the message received back wasn’t a lie – the doctor’s body simply washed ashore before he was dead. Kinda makes your eyes want to cross.

– Geronimo Jackson poster in High School Locke’s locker.

– Another chance for Locke to get to the island, but he passes it up and misses out.

– Frank the Pilot doesn’t believe that Whitmore faked the crash site.

– Consequences to Locke being “chosen”. Ben: “Destiny, John, is a fickle bitch.”

– My, that was quite a time jump in Locke’s flashbacks. Will he again be visited by an Island Representative? Appears he already is in fact. Hello, Guy From Oz Who Visited Hurley In The Premier.

– Hm, Locke indebted to Guy Mentioned Above?

– Sounds like Ben’s gotten over his Jacob jealousy.

– Jacob appears to be in the chair. You know what would be nice? Going to this shack in DAYLIGHT.

– Not Jacob he says, but it’s definitely Jack’s dad talking. And now appearing.

– Hello Claire. You seem to be taking everything quite in stride.

– The one question that matters … “What do I do next?” Oh, “How do I save the island.” I was pretty close.

– Man, Claire’s suddenly looking kind of smug and evil, that’s sort of unsettling.

– “He wants us to move the island.” Oh is THAT all.

Overall thoughts
First of all the name of the episode, “Cabin Fever”. A double entendre as it turns out. I can appreciate a good title.

There’s a lot going on in this ep. The Locke backstory (and hey, welcome back, flashbacks. You were at least very insightful this time, even as you continued to paint Locke as the loser as you always do). Two key points emerge:

1) The idea of destiny. Locke’s been going on about it since the beginning and by this point it’s hard to argue him. The Island wants him and has always wanted him – it’s Locke that kept running from it. As a child, I think he was drawn to the Book of Laws but thought the knife would be “cooler” or something so that’s what he grabbed. Then in high school, they’re again reaching out and giving him an opportunity, but he doesn’t want anything to do with it because he’d rather imagine himself as the cool and popular jock. In both instances, if Locke had remained true to himself he would’ve gone where he was always supposed to be.

2) Richard, the Dark Knight guy. What is up with him? Seriously dude, how old are you.

Thinking some more on #1 above, I have to wonder … At the moment it’s looking like this is what’s best for Locke, but a more sinister thought comes in. There’s a lot going on that makes it feel like the bad things that happen are because of the actions of others. But is that necessarily true? Let’s continue with the assumption that The Island is in fact a sentient thing in and of itself. Suddenly The Island isn’t looking so benevolent. People have been dying since the very beginning. It seems as though The Island could’ve healed them if it wanted to. How about Shannon? She was gut shot, just like Locke. She died. He didn’t. The Island healed him, but let her die. And what about the smoke monster? Why did it kill the pilot, why did it kill Eko, but let these army guys walk away? Hell, every single person who’s been shot? If The Island can extend its influence all the way to Manhattan to keep Michael from killing himself, why couldn’t guns misfire for Ethan, Shannon, Ana-Lucia, Libby … We’re racking up a pretty hefty kill-count here, but The Island doesn’t really give a shit. And Ethan was even (theoretically) one of its own!

So I wonder then, was Locke’s sad and pathetic life sad and pathetic because he wasn’t being true to himself and finding happiness with The Island that wanted him so badly? Or, did The Island keep Locke in a state of perpetual misery so he’d be that much more receptive to its influences? That’s a very important distinction.

Moving on we have Claire’s sudden … I’m not sure what you’d call it. Involvement? with The Island. It seemed very strange at first, but then I reflect back on her flashback episode in the first season. The pens that were running out before she could sign away rights to Aaron, the psychic’s flashes and hounding of Claire, his machinations that ensured she was on 815. Weird enough in and of itself, but was that The Island at work? The psychic said very specifically that Claire must raise it. But she’s not raising it in Future!Lost, Kate is. Something which I think Future!Hurley said that Dead!Charlie commented on right? <shakes head> It’s getting late and I think I’m overthinking at this point. But it’s definitely looking as though – even more than the sequence of events that brought everyone here – Claire was propelled to The Island, as Locke was.

A final thought before bed: Jack never did find his father’s body, did he?

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