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What I’m doing: Racing through Lost in an attempt to catch up before the season finale airs and I get spoiled all to hell.

What this is: These are my thoughts as I watch the episode.

What’s important: In an effort to avoid spoilers, note that I won’t be reading any comments made to these posts until I’ve caught up. Feel free to say whatever you like and discuss among yourselves, just don’t expect a reply from me for the next month or so.

Stating the obvious: There are spoilers in this post for any and all events through to the episode I’m making notes about. If you don’t wish to be spoiled, please stop reading now.


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4×12: “There’s No Place Like Home: Part 1” | 4×13: “There’s No Place Like Home: Part 2” | 4×14: “There’s No Place Like Home: Part 3”


Thoughts on Lost 4×12: “There’s No Place Like Home: Part 1”

– Another plane. You know that’ll end well on this show.

– Post-rescue it seems then. And it also seems that Aaron counts.

– Everyone looks a little shell-shocked. And Future!Kate says they are, so I guess that would be why they look that way.

– Speaking of, anyone actually going to be waiting for Future!Kate?

– New location, The Orchid. Juliet doesn’t know what it is. Faraday does though. Is it this previously mentioned temple?

– Hahaha, Sawyer called it “New Otherington”. I think the writers futureflashed and read my blog!

– The Orchid: Greenhouse. Where they’re going to “move the island”.

– Wait really? Juliet’s in charge now?

– Future!Sun showing now, and going to her dad’s workplace. Will we find out what happened with Jin?

– “This morning I bought controlling interest in your company.” Oh BURN.

– Two people are responsible for Jin’s death. Her dad is one. The key question of course: Who’s the second?

– A quick thought jumping in: I wonder if Oceanic will turn out to be a bad guy in all this. They’re pretty incidental at the moment, but.

– Dude, Hurley hearing island whispers and seeing coconuts in his house. Yeah, my shit would be freaked.


– Hurley’s dad giving him the keys. Rabbit foot keychain, just like those for Roger Workman’s VW van.

– Odometer reading, that would also flip my shit.

– Talking to Future!Jack – Claire’s mum? Guess this is where Jack learns his relationship to Claire and, by proxy, Aaron.

– Holy crap that is a lot of C4.

– Hello again to The Others.

Overall thoughts
Not much else to say. Moving to part two.


Thoughts on Lost 4×13: “There’s No Place Like Home: Part 2”

– Wow, we just jumped way the hell back to the first episode of the season in this “Previously”.

– Seeing it now, I’m guessing the “he” in Future!Kate’s “He’ll be wondering where I am” is Aaron.

– And then we pick up the actual episode like two seconds after we left the very first one. I find that a little irritating actually. You couldn’t have kept the camera rolling for three seconds at the end of 4×01 to give us these pertinent details? That was all a little to much like rubbing it in for me, it’s starting the episode on a sour note.

– “Jeremy Bentham”? Who are you? Why do I care that you died?

– Future!Jack’s crazy man beard looks a little bit less crazy this time around. No more appropriate, but a little less crazy.

– Mike pegs, boat bomb connected to the thingie strapped to the main army guy’s arm. Guessing if army guy dies, it transmits to blow the boat.

– This fight scene between Sayid and main army guy is just all kinds of clunky. I’m not a fight scene expert, but that looked really badly choreographed and edited.

– And lemme guess, main army guy will stay alive just long enough to taunt everyone about his arm bomb trigger.

– Is that Michael’s mom? Oh hey, there’s Walt. He’s aged a bit hasn’t he. Total proof of why they wrote him off.

– There’s that Jeremy Bentham again. Whoever he is, he knows the truth. Which is more than I can say for the rest of us.

– Future!Hurley says their reason for lying: “To protect everyone who didn’t come back.” Bigger picture questions: What will happen if they talk? Why do they have to lie? Why did those six get to leave?

– Locke is the first to mention the idea of lying, but I can’t imagine for a second that Jack is going to be convinced of this just because Locke said so, so something much more compelling must be coming.

– Ben telling everyone to get on the boat – he knows the thing’s rigged to blow I’m sure.

– Wait, if you can freeze the battery, can’t you just cut the wires once it’s frozen? I can’t tell if this is me not knowing enough or bad TV science.

– Charlotte getting “back” to the island?

– So I guess we’re in the guts of the island now. Perhaps we’ll see something of the origin of the smoke monster.

– Locke: “Is this the magic box?” Ben: “….no, John.” Another bit of meta there. Oh writers.

– Yay a video! :D “The Orchid”, 6 of 6.

– There’s another damned numbered bunny. Hang a sec, this is bunny 15, and we previously saw 8. So there are, presumably, also bunnies 4, 16, 23 and 42 out there somewhere. I can’t believe I only just noticed that.

– Unique experiments in both space and time. “The Vault” – adjacent to a pocket next to “negatively charged exotic matter”. Don’t leave inorganic matter in there. Or metallic stuff. Like all the shit Ben’s bunging in.

– Guessing that this is how Future!Ben just pops up in the Sahara later. He Vaulted out.

– Oh for fuck’s sake seriously??? We’re denied answers because THE VCR STUCK?! God damn you, Lost.

– Maybe you guys can perhaps keep doing something rather than stare at the elevator going up.

– Well there’s Jack so I guess whoever’s about to come down into The Orchid isn’t him then.

– Hm, this is all six survivors in this helicopter, minus Sawyer but plus Sun and Aaron.

– They need a few hundred pounds less. Sawyer’s the one who doesn’t belong. He’s about to make a jump I think.

– Yeah – and here’s what he told Future!Kate to do. So I guess that everyone on the boat will get blown up or marooned or some such? Though I have to think that Sun at least thinks Jin died, given her scenes at the headstone and all.

– So Charlotte was born on the island then? Seems to be what’s alluded to at least.

– Back to the elevator. Who’s joining us? Ah, Army Man. Tends to give credit back to our arm bomb theory.

– Shut up, Army Man! I think they fixed the VCR and I’d rather listen to the video!

– Ben’s quite a little firebrand with that baton isn’t he?

– Stop freaking out about the arm bomb and just strap the bloody thing on yourself. Shove your fingers under the sensor, press hard, and enjoy your new jewelery. Geez.

Overall thoughts
On with the story! On with the story! (Only one person gets that, but that’s okay because I did it for you.)


Thoughts on Lost 4×14: “There’s No Place Like Home: Part 3”

– Season finale. I am ready to be wowed.

– Guy in car? Do I know you? I don’t think so but I know that voice a– nevermind you’re dead. 8:15 indeed.

– Breaking out Hurley?

– Bentham isn’t Bentham then. His name is we can’t say it rar.

– Ah and here it comes, Jin’s going to presumably go boom.

– Oh because hearing island whispers is exactly what you want before you die. And there’s Jack’s dad. Always a pleasure. boom.

– The two others who “survived” but didn’t make it then are, I presume, Frank the Pilot and Desmond, as they’re on the helicopter as well.

– Future!Sun about to get her some revenge on the other person she blames for Jin’s death I guess. Oh, or … maybe not so much revenge. Hm.

– Metal went into the chamber but there was an unfortunate accident and it emerges from other end as … THE FLY. But made of metal.

– That’s right, Ben was wearing a parka in the Sahara. Something miscalculated?

– Interesting, so the metal in the chamber didn’t move the island, I guess he just needed a hole to the place where he could do that?

– Mike notes that there’s the cut on Ben’s arm that he bandages up in THE FYUUCHAA.

– Island movement in-progress. Maybe this is how the helicopter crew get rescued? They just can’t make it back to the island. Sucks for the guys on the boat, but I guess that’s what you get for mostly being Frogurts.

– Yeah, looks like a crash is imminent. I suppose the rest then could maybe sort of almost happen like they said. The washing ashore part anyway. How do they explain Jack’s appendix thing I wonder.

– You know if I were these folks I would never go back up in the air. Ever.

– Really Lost? You’re gonna kill Desmond now too? No. Good. Hold off on that.

– Backwards shit? I hate backwards shit! That and crackly voices over radios. Fuck that noise.

– Oh. Hi Claire. Obviously everyone’s working heavily with a “go back” theme today.

– Locke didn’t move the island, Jack? Really? Because– Oh Hurley said it for me.

– There’s a boat in the water. Mike: “No, I’ve seen this before! They’re just gonna take the kid!”

– Wait, so this lying thing? That really was all they needed to agree to a lie? That is seriously sort of weak.

– Yay for Penny and Desmond though. I guess they just … hide him? No, wait, okay. So Desmond and Frank weren’t on 815, so they couldn’t have “survived” the crash. Begs the question of why they said there were originally 8 that went down to 6. There were clearly 8 in the raft though, but the workers didn’t know who they all were, so maybe they lied? Frank’s all Mr. Conspiracy anyway, so he’ll probably be on-board for being part of one.

– Desmond: “I love you Penny. I’ll never leave you again.” Me: “Oops, I got scared. Bye.”

– It’s been a week Des, you couldn’t shave?

– Sayid’s obviously bought into the “we have to lie” thing. Still weak in my view.

– The Pixies? It’s feel good music! I can tell you’re doing well, Future!Jack.

– Note waiting for him on the casket? Which has what in it? Jack? His dad? Nothing?

– Okay before Future!Ben spills I’m having Mike check to see if he can pick up an anagram or something for “Jeremy Bentham”. Not coming up with anything though. Very well, continue Ben. Who, by the way, looks like a bloody vampire here all pale, in black, slinking in the shadows.

– Hm, so “Jeremy” knew stuff about what was on the island after they left?

– The Island “won’t let [Jack]” come alone? I guess that means Aaron too, for which I think Kate will flip.

– Jack thinks Sun blames him for Jin. Possible I suppose, especially since she just wanted to team up with Whitmore.

– Have to bring him too? So Jack’s dad then? Nope, Locke. Hm. Alrighty then, see you next season.

Overall thoughts
My main thought upon completion: I’m really very glad that this season was cut short by about ten episodes. (Thank you, Writer’s Strike!) It was just about the right amount for me. The pace never drug on too badly and I don’t feel cheated out of story. I’m heartened to see that future seasons follow the smaller episode count.

In addition, I didn’t find too much to be overly aggravating this season, and that was a very welcome change of pace. I don’t like Jack any better, but I didn’t hate him more, and after three seasons of very sharp decline along with loathing so great that I was having trouble moving beyond it, I welcome that. I think the writers weren’t too afraid to take focus away from Jack (and, tangentially, Kate) this season. Perhaps another welcome benefit to the shortened episode count, along with the fact that the storylines fragmented so dramatically this season as the group split up.

I already commented pretty extensively in a previous set of notes about my thoughts on going to the future and I stand by that. I think it was a good move in just about every respect: it prevents repetition, it helps even out some of the burden of the primary storyline, and I think it forced the writers to become tighter and more coherent plotters.

I do think that Jack suddenly being “Ooo, we should lie” and everyone else falling in line with that a bit lame, but as the entire Future!Lost storyline depends on it, I’ll give it a pass.

I still have some issues with the show, and a list of shit that’s still unanswered as long as my bloody arm (were my arm like that of Mr. Fantastic to accommodate its size), yet I come away from the season feeling some measure of satisfaction coupled with anticipation for what comes next. I can honestly say that this is the first time I’ve felt that for the show, the first time I’ve watched a finale and not wanting to kick Joe Q. Lostwriter in the gonads. It’s a positive – and very welcome – change.

Tomorrow I’ll go back through my Big List and add S4, then tomorrow evening we begin Season 5.

32 episodes to go, 11 days to do it in.

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