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What I’m doing: Racing through Lost in an attempt to catch up before the season finale airs and I get spoiled all to hell.

What this is: These are my thoughts as I watch the episode.

What’s important: In an effort to avoid spoilers, note that I won’t be reading any comments made to these posts until I’ve caught up. Feel free to say whatever you like and discuss among yourselves, just don’t expect a reply from me for the next month or so.

Stating the obvious: There are spoilers in this post for any and all events through to the episode I’m making notes about. If you don’t wish to be spoiled, please stop reading now.


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5×01: “Because You Left” | 5×02: “The Lie”


Thoughts on Lost 5×01: “Because You Left”

– 8:14 to 8:15. So glad we’re starting off well.

– A baby cries and a man is suspiciously face-hidden. From the hair though, it looks a bit like Ben. Whoever he is, he got a hell of a lot done in the 30 seconds he had that record playing.

– Nice town, guessing South Otherington? And guys in Dharma jumpsuits. No, not Ben’s voice. Ohh, it’s Dr. Orientation isn’t it? Yes indeed, and about to shoot orientation #2.

– The Arrow: #2 (of presumably 6 per the films). Primary purpose: develop defensive strategies and gather intelligence on the island’s “hostile, indigenous population”.

– Hang on, Dr. O said his name was “Marvin Candle” but the guy bursting in says his name is “Chang”. And Mike points out that in the other films he didn’t call himself by either of those names. Clearly if you were watching one orientation video, you were never supposed to watch the others. But why change your name for each?

– So this whole gigantic organization with seemingly limitless resources has only one crappy VW van?

– The Orchid, currently under construction it seems. Looks like the chamber behind the rock is the one where Ben moved the island. The Orchid was built here because they suspect there’s an almost limitless energy to manipulate time.

– “There are rules. Rules that can’t be broken.” The same rules that Ben says Whitmore broke? One of those rules is potentially about altering the past. (Going back to kill Hitler is “absurd”.)

– And … that appears to be Faraday with the hard hat all slung low. Why yes. But relatively short-haired Faraday, not with comically long hair like in Desmond’s time-hopping thrill ride. So is this before he came to the island in the present, or after?

– Back to the Future, with Future!Jack looking at Dead!Future!Locke in the casket.

– Future!Jack: “How did we get here? How did all this happen?” Noooo don’t ask that, we’ll have a four-season long flashback!

– Future!Ben says “we’ll never know” what happened to those they left behind (since Locke didn’t tell Jack), but then we get the flashback noise while we’re looking at Ben, which makes me think that maybe he knows anyway.

– “Three Years Earlier”. So should I start dubbing this “past” or just leave it with present … great, utter confusion on how to even write my notes. Okay, I’m going to leave the shit going on the island as-is without “Past!” on it, despite the “Three Years Earlier”, just for the sake of my own sanity.

– Locke all alone now, no Others.

– Faraday and the people on the raft. Did Steve Buscemi suddenly time-pop in as a Frogert? Not him, but he’s maddeningly familiar. Faraday said they “must’ve been inside the radius”, so he’s clearly no stranger to island moving. Hm, he’s a time expert. Did it relocate itself temporally rather than physically? Which, if so, would mean there was a time when the island wasn’t there, so we’re either talking millions of years or “not really an island”.

– Bernard appears by Sawyer and Juliet calling for Rose? Did something happen to her? No, wait, there she is. And all the structures and stuff they’ve built are bye-bye. So … only the inorganic stuff maybe? But the food would still be there I’d think, at least the fruit if not the tins. And most of the camp was made out of wood and bamboo so that’d be there too.

– Faraday needs something man made “before it happens again”. He doesn’t say what, but he does say the camp hasn’t been built yet, suggesting a blast to the past.

– Future!Kate’s rather nice house and a much older Future!Aaron. Hm, someone knows that Kate and Aaron aren’t related. Who though? The lawyers (and would lawyers really be going to someone’s house to draw blood?) won’t reveal the client. My guess? This is a set up by Ben to get Kate on the run again so she’ll either be much more likely to go with them back to the island or he’ll manipulate things so that’s where she ends up anyway.

– Quite a nice stash of money and guns Future!Kate has. She may not have felt like running any more, but she certainly never stopped planning for it.

– Not that I don’t appreciate Sawyer pushing Faraday for answers – and trust me I really, really do – but why does Faraday keep taking the time to tell them he doesn’t have the time to tell them? I get that he needs the hatch or something, but he doesn’t need Sawyer to find it. Just appeal to Juliet, ignore Sawyer and move on. That said, it looks like maybe I’ll actually get answers, so thank you Sawyer.

– Faraday: “Think of the island like a record, spinning on a turntable. Only now that record is skipping. Whatever Ben Linus did at the Orchid station, I think it may have ‘dislodged us’ [from] time.” Either the island is moving through time or the Lostaways are.

– Sawyer says that Locke isn’t accounted for, and seems to think he’s the only one that isn’t. I would hasten to point out that as they don’t know what the hell happened on the freighter or the people on it that there are many more unaccounted for than Locke. And as Mike points out, there’s Claire unaccounted for for some time now too. You forget quickly for a guy so protective, Sawyer.

– Locke seeing .. a plane? A WWII bomber? No, wait, is that the drug plane with Eko’s brother on board? The Mary statue Locke just found indicates yes indeed.

– Guessing this is perhaps why Locke was alone after the “move” – The Others/Natives/Hostiles/Whatevers belong on The Island, so maybe they’re immune to any “skipping”. When The Island went back in time, The Others were similarly “reset” to whatever point in time that was. However this immediately brings up two major points for me: 1) The Island disappeared when it “moved”, so how is that possible, except to say that maybe it went back to a time when it wasn’t in that location yet … but then, if things “reset” on the island then wouldn’t it still be there in the “future” where it’s supposed to be? Arg my eyes are crossing already. Okay, dropping that for now as I move to point 2) Won’t Locke and the Lostaways being on the island now change the past? Something which Dr. Orientation alluded to in the beginning as being “absurd”. So is the entire act right now “breaking the rules”? Lots of questions but nowhere near enough exposition to answer them yet.

– Yup, there’s the plane. So … could Locke theoretically get up there now and bring it crashing down and would that mean Boone would be alive? Actually hang a tick, if the drug plane is there right now then that means the island had to have been in the physical location it’s at right now too. Does that mean the island was moved at some point between this crash and before the show started, before the crash of 815?

– Someone now shooting at Locke – The Others? Why yes, hello Ethan.

– Time skip. However does Locke’s statement to Ethan help bring about his own “coming” to The Others? …man is the whole season gonna be like this? I’m going to spend more time on notes and theories than in watching the bloody thing if so.

– Future!Sun I presume. With a big old wedding ring on, but could possibly still be from Jin. And she’s being detained for something or another. To be chewed out by Whitmore apparently. And if her goal is “to kill Benjamin Linus” then I’m guessing that is who she blames for Jin’s (supposed) death. An interesting choice.

– News report on Future!Hurley suspected of killing the guy that Future!Sayid killed. Future!Ben seems surprised by it, so either he’s acting for Jack’s benefit or Sayid isn’t working with Ben on this one. And if the guy he shot was working for Whitmore, I doubt Sayid’s working with him either.

– Future!Sayid’s advice: Whatever Ben tells you to do, do the opposite.

– Dude, Sayid’s like the superest badass spy ever. I would watch a show just on Sayid and his espionage adventures with his lovable yet inept sidekick Hurley.

– Oh sure, that’s what I would do if I were standing by a dead body looking up at a guy holding a gun: I’d whip out my cell phone and photograph him. WHO WOULD DO THAT??

– Miles says it took Whitmore 20 years to find the island the first time.

– Hm, weird, Whatever time they skipped into, the hatch is still imploded. So either they went back to some after the end of season 2, or the hatch is somehow exempt from the time skips like the Lostaways and will always be imploded. Which sort of begs the question about what happens to the people who are supposed to be inside of it.

– Faraday says specifically that you can’t change anything – even if you tried you couldn’t. “If we try to do ANYTHING different we will fail. Whatever happened happened.”

– Who can stop it? From the jump cut, I would guess Locke. Who, it would appear, remains shot regardless of his when. But the plane is down now. Doesn’t look burned yet however, so somewhere in S1 to S2. And approaching … is that himself? Oh, no, Richard.

– Confirmation from Richard that he doesn’t move through time. Why he looks forever young? Does he age when he’s off the island though? Mike notes: Richard says that when Locke next sees him Richard won’t recognize him. This means that Richard isn’t all-knowing at all times.

– Time skip. No plane on ground, but there it is above, pre-collapse. So the hatch will be back. And yes, there it is. The question now is who’s inside?

– Ah, point, Sawyer probably thinks that the helicopter people died on the freighter too.

– Go back to the beach? Didn’t Faraday specifically need a man made structure? Oh, okay, he’s not going back. Or maybe he is, wtf.

– Charlotte’s nosebleed, potentially ominous sign.

– Hm, what’s Faraday going to do? My guess: He’ll meet the partner of Sayid’s army guy torture tutor (the one Desmond was in the hatch with), who will learn of the map that he started painting on the blast walls, hide part of the orientation film, etc. Oh, guess not, it’s Desmond.

– Desmond – the rules don’t apply to him. Which could be very handy for him, as the rules it seems Ben wants to continue breaking include killing Penny, and methinks he won’t care for that much.

Overall thoughts
An interesting season start, but for the first time, nothing too surprising. Some people got off the island, some people didn’t, here’s what’s happening with each. We’re more on the “why” at this point than the “what”, and while that means less curve balls I’ll happily trade them for some explanations.

To the episode itself.

I can’t help but be both disappointed in but impressed by this failsafe the writers have introduced this season. It came to me while guessing who would be in the hatch just a few lines above. I was wrong, but the idea is still sound. By introducing this element of time travel, the writers can theoretically now shore up and “fix” things they tossed out that have no explanation thus far. Cut up the orientation video and hide the removed bit in a bible in The Arrow? Why? Because someone in the future told me I have to and time will force me to comply because I did it already. Technically no more explanation is needed beyond that. Oh it’s lame. Absolutely. But it also can be used as a built-in mechanism to tidy things up that the writers introduced but don’t have an actual answer for. Lame, but also pretty bloody brilliant.

Mike raised the question of why Desmond was wearing the gas mask and stuff. He knows it does nothing from when he followed his army guy hatchmate. The conversation between those two indicated that Desmond hadn’t been allowed outside the hatch in all the time he’d been there. So hatchmate must be gone now right? But then why is Desmond still wearing the hazmat suit? I’m not sure exactly when this moment is supposed to fit in. I may need to go back and review my notes for that episode.

My final major thought is about Jin. We know he must’ve survived the freighter exploding since we had a flashforward featuring him, and we can also make an educated guess that he was outside the radius of the island timeskipping, since there’s no way he could swim faster than the helicopter, and the helicopter wasn’t able to get close enough. He must, then, get rescued. But why not go find Sun? I have two predominant theories on that: 1) Amnesia. 2) Protection.

In the first, he has no idea who he is of course, so why would he look for a family he doesn’t remember? The second could have to do with Sun (and the others) not having been caught in a huge bald-faced lie. Sun specifically says that Jin died on the plane, and Jack specifically says that no one else could’ve possibly survived. Jin just waltzing back in sort of messes up all of that in a grand way.

What I find most interesting about this situation is that either way, Sun’s father has to know that Jin is back. If he’s not telling Sun, the question becomes if he’s doing it for her protection or to get back at her for her impudence with the bonus that he (apparently?) never liked the marriage anyway.

One thing is clear though: Jin also got off the island. So he’s going to have to be included in the lot to “go back” right? They ALL have to go back. And thinking of, does that include Sun’s kid? It wasn’t born there but it was conceived – does that count?


Thoughts on Lost 5×02: “The Lie”

– Oh yes, Frank, I forgot about him.

– Oh Future!Hurley, you are Future!boned.

– Shit it’s Ana-Lucia. Wait, he’s being visited by island ghosts again huh? Yeah there we go.

– Something I observe real quick during the title card: Based at least on the last episode, we seem to have abandoned the single-character flashback/forward focus now, regardless of the time we’re in. They’re running full-tilt on story now. Not a bad thing.

– It’s you again, Buscemi Frogurt. HA WTF. Sawyer calls them Frogurts too?!

– Convenience store, is this where he sees Charlie? No wait that happened before.

– Who is Future!Kate going to meet? Future!Sun? She said she was flying to LA and she’s also the only other person who “has to go back” that isn’t local.

– What’s in your little hidey box there Future!Ben?

– Well “safe” re: Locke’s casket doesn’t have to mean he’s not dead, Future!Jack. It could just mean, you know, don’t want to keep a body in a carpet van.

– Ben’s number: 342. The butcher lady is part of Ben’s network and, of no surprise, that network has Plans. With a capital “P”.

– What have I seen Buscemi Frogurt in before? It’s making me mad.

– It occurs that this island timeskip they’ve been on has been really long.

– Charlotte possibly developing memory issues also.

– Buscemi Frogurt must be about to bite it. HAHA just in time for fire arrows.

– Oh Lost. Always on the lookout for ways to thin your cast.

– Future!Hurley: “Everything’s gonna make sense, I promise.” Hurley’s the mouthpiece for the writers this time.

– What, you don’t have email, Future!Sun? You had to fly to LA to show Future!Kate your baby pics?

– Oo, is Kate someone that Sun blames then? Is she about to turn on Kate? I’m still getting vibes no matter what she says.

– Future!Hurley actually telling the truth to someone? …but of course he’s just going to sound crazy to his mom. “I believe you.” Or not. “I don’t understand you, but I believe you.” Word.

– Interesting take on why everything’s happening, per Future!Hurley. Not because they shouldn’t have left but because they shouldn’t have LIED.

– People in the jungle with guns: The Others? Locke with them perhaps? …or if they ARE Others, they’re pretty far back there. Or Dharma before they got logos? Or someone else entirely, why not.

– Ha, Ben’s expression as Hurley lobbed a hot pocket at him.

– Burn, I think Hurley just fucked shit up for Ben by getting arrested. I’m actually fairly amused by Hurley’s ineffectiveness being potentially the most screw-upy thing thus far.

– Knife in the gut of whoever-those-guys-are? Locke of course. He must be down to what? 327 knives by now?

– Weird monk lady in the church? Is that … the sheriff? Or the pawn shop lady from Desmond’s flashback? Urg, I’m so bad at faces sometimes.

– Ben has 70 hours to..? Fine, don’t answer. I didn’t want to know anyway.

Overall thoughts
Okay I’m dumping the “Future!” part going forward. I’m going to assume from these two episodes that we won’t be blending casts anymore, that if there’s a Hurley it’ll be off-island. If that changes, I’ll go back to some sort of identifier.

Besides that, not much to speculate on. I have no way of knowing what Ben’s really up to. As for all the time stuff, I could probably spend all day trying to sort it out, but I’ll just end up picking it to death and be no closer to an answer. The show’s really good for fostering that mentality.

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