May 152010
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What I’m doing: Racing through Lost in an attempt to catch up before the season finale airs and I get spoiled all to hell.

What this is: These are my thoughts as I watch the episode.

What’s important: In an effort to avoid spoilers, note that I won’t be reading any comments made to these posts until I’ve caught up. Feel free to say whatever you like and discuss among yourselves, just don’t expect a reply from me for the next month or so.

Stating the obvious: There are spoilers in this post for any and all events through to the episode I’m making notes about. If you don’t wish to be spoiled, please stop reading now.


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5×03: “Jughead” | 5×04: “The Little Prince” | 5×05: “This Place is Death”


Thoughts on Lost 5×03: “Jughead”

– Is the episode after this “Betty & Veronica”?

– Wait so is Penny actually pregnant then? I thought this was all a ruse of some sort.

– There are an awful lot of babies in this show.

– So has Penny just not been in contact with her father at all at this point? She must be independently wealthy then I guess.

– Faraday is the worst. liar. ever. He’s utterly out of place on this programme.

– Bah-dah bum bum bum. More Frogurts bite the dust.

– Richard the Timeless here with the even older Others. Mike’s guessing it’s between WWII and the Korean war.

– Who’s the women in Faraday’s picture? If I’m supposed to recognize her, I don’t.

– “Ellie” being the girl who recognized Faraday. Short for “Eloise” maybe?

– Whatever the reason for Richard not aging and always being around, it looks like Juliet knows it.

– “One of my people” – Locke’s certainly taking his role with The Others seriously isn’t he.

– Mike confirming that the woman in the picture is the woman in the bed. Sounds like Faraday displaced her as well.

– And there’s our episode title, in 50s era hydrogen bomb style.

– Sure, there’s no atomic blast 50 years in the future. But beyond that point? Hi, still an atomic bomb. I think Jughead here is a plot device well beyond the scope of this episode. We shall see you again.

– Oh Desmond. Bursting in on Whitmore, so very not a good idea.

– Mike notes the “Namaste” art on Whitmore’s wall. He said it had a polar bear too, but I missed that part.

– Faraday’s mother in LA? Of course she is, everyone is.

– Huh. “Put the gun down, Whitmore.” Well.

– Ahhkay, that’s why Richard was trying to find Baby/Kid/Teenage Locke. Because Now!Locke told him too, right? That’s why, when he was testing Kid!Locke, Richard asked which of those things were “his”.

– Bye to Charlotte maybe? I can’t say where she’s actually done much of, like, anything, so no great loss if so.

Overall thoughts
Don’t really have any. Too much time shit, messing with my head. Moving on.


Thoughts on Lost 5×04: “The Little Prince”

– I am so utterly not trusting Sun right now.

– Paused on the surveillance report that Sun was sent. Whoever the subject, the report seems very specifically worded to not betray gender. And they’re obsessed with their mail. The pictures show Ben and Jack.

– That’s Godiva’s special “happiness is a warm gun and a creamy nougat” assortment box.

– Who’s the client demanding blood samples? Claire? Claire’s dad? Jack?

– Man someone desperately wants Sayid asleep.

– That Sayid is one bad mutha– Shut yo mouth! I’m just talkin’ about Sayid!

– That should be a red flag to you Jack: You didn’t know that Sun was in LA, but Ben isn’t at all worried about getting her with the rest of you. That deserves at least a question or two.

– Hello giant spotlight. Locke seems to recognize it/be freaked by it. From when Locke looked down the hatch in S1?

– Oh and hey, are we gonna maybe eventually go back in time and see the giant four-toed statue when it had more than just a foot with four toes?

– The screaming – Claire? When she woke up and thought someone was trying to take the baby? No, wait, delivery. I wonder why this scene. If I had to guess, it’s less to do with Sawyer being all weepy eyed at seeing Kate and more to remind us the audience that Kate was there at Aaron’s birth and so she has a deeper connection to him than we might’ve remembered.

– So when they timeskip, they get to keep whatever’s on them. The gun, the kayak, etc.

– The client: Claire’s mum. How does she know? Maybe Claire came to her in a dream too? [Not the client.]

– What I’m learning here is that LA has exactly one lawyer.

– Wreckage … french … Rousseau’s ship? Will we finally learn about this bloody sickness??

– WTF Jin? Mike: “So it would seem that Jin was caught in the island skip, even though he was further away.” And yes, it would seem so wouldn’t it?

– There we go, client = Ben.

– Ah, 16 year younger Rousseau, cute.

– Ha, that huge tension buzz at the end. Were we really not supposed to know it was her, was that a big reveal?

Overall thoughts
If my comments seem to be more theory than reaction then it’s probably because, honestly, I don’t have that big a reaction to what I’m watching. Mostly it’s varying degrees of “huh, interesting”, but nothing too strong otherwise. I’m still interested enough, but without feeling too emotionally invested. I never really settled on characters to latch onto in Lost (and with under two seasons to go I don’t expect to either), which means all that’s driving me forward is plot. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that, it simply means that so long as the story comes to a satisfying conclusion I’m happy. At this point I don’t think I care who, if anyone, survives (though ideally I’d like to see Sayid, Hurley and Desmond make it out. And Vincent.) And since I don’t have anyone to root for but the plot, any development is okay with me so long as I get some answers.

Speaking of, my main new question right now is Jin. How was he caught up in the timeskip? I really don’t see how that was possible. Unless maybe he floated back into range and got sucked up into it. We’ll see I suppose. Theoretically.


Thoughts on Lost 5×05: “This Place is Death”

– And Ben knows Jin’s not dead. Not sure how he knows that exactly, but then I don’t know how he knows even a fraction of what he knows.

– Starting to see little self-fulfilling events coming into play. Like, the radio tower and Rousseau’s message, courtesy of Jin.

– Which makes me wonder, why didn’t 16-years-later Rousseau recognize Jin?

– Yes. Yes. Everyone go into the pit after the smoke monster. Let me see what’s in there. Nooo timeskip! Sadface. But okay, so Rousseau clearly didn’t kill anyone there. So did they come back up and then they went crazy or whatever and she had to do it? What’s more, she said that the monster was a “security system” – does she get that info from the people who went down? Arg, so close to knowing something about that bloody thing!

– Interesting that Jin timeskipped too.

– The smoke, the music box, the violin … when Rousseau blew up her lair? No, the music box looked too new and– dead bodies then. Okay, when Rousseau flipped out.

– Security system guarding the temple, that’s where she gets that idea then. That opens up a bunch of potential new questions though, which I’ll probably save for my S5 end-of-season notes.

– How did Jin just skip into Sawyer’s path? Did he “catch up” to them or something? Will they timeskip together now? How didn’t Sawyer’s group see Rousseau? Were they previously skipping independently?

– Jin obviously not a fan of Sun being brought back. I think perhaps we’re seeing a way that Jin could’ve left the island. Is he the reason Locke is “dead”? (Which I’m not 100% convinced of.) Or … ohhhhhhh. Was the Jin bit we were seeing with the panda maybe … PRE-island? I assumed it was in the same timeline as Sun, but there wasn’t anything specifically saying it was. Hers was a post-island flash obviously, but nothing in his gave any indication one way or the other. What could’ve linked those two events though, one in the past and one in the future? Possibly on to something here. Let’s see where the rest of the ep goes.

– I guess that’s a yes for Jin timeskipping with Locke’s group.

– “Turn it up. I love Geronimo Jackson!” Whoever the group is, they’re obviously awesome!

– Charlotte confessing she did indeed grow up on the island. She was with Dharma as a kid. Her father seems to have never left? Is … Is she Ben’s kid? With his childhood sweetie?

– Sure, Locke promises to not bring Sun. A promise he will break at his earliest possible convenience.

– Mike guesses that the proof Ben has for Sun is Locke himself.

– Hm, the flashes are coming from the well, from the chamber I suppose where Ben turned the ship’s wheel thing. (Hm, ship wheel, Black Rock link?)

– Those Ben has, that’ll “have to do”? So they DON’T need everybody? Mike: “Hell, even the bad guys don’t have to follow their own rules!”

Overall thoughts
A little more progress on the Jin front. Maybe. I’m intrigued by the idea that we were actually watching two separate flashes, one for Sun and one for Jin, at two separate points in time. I’m also amused that in response to this theory Mike says, “But that would be the writers intentionally misleading us.” Like he hasn’t been watching the same show as me for the past month. And maybe that isn’t the answer, but it’s the best I’ve got at the moment so I’ll keep working with it.

Charlotte did. Ho hum. The most important part of that was the bit where she said a crazy old Faraday told her never to come back to the island which, of course, will prompt crazy old Faraday to track her down as a child on the island and tell her never to come back. But more than that, Faraday looks to be an octogenarian time traveler. So that should be fun.

The other developments, Locke, the rescued people, etc. Eh. Tomorrow’s another episode. Another many episodes in fact. So many episodes.

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