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What I’m doing: Racing through Lost in an attempt to catch up before the season finale airs and I get spoiled all to hell.

What this is: These are my thoughts as I watch the episode.

What’s important: In an effort to avoid spoilers, note that I won’t be reading any comments made to these posts until I’ve caught up. Feel free to say whatever you like and discuss among yourselves, just don’t expect a reply from me for the next month or so.

Stating the obvious: There are spoilers in this post for any and all events through to the episode I’m making notes about. If you don’t wish to be spoiled, please stop reading now.


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Thoughts on Lost 5×06: “316”

– Hmm. So if this bit on the island is real, then maybe it was “enough” to transport them all without them all actually being there?

– “46 hours earlier” …

– Another Dharma symbol on the door in the church. Beacon or Lighthouse maybe?

– Giant pendulum and a board with latitude and longitude. An island tracker?

– “The Lamp Post” – how Dharma found the island.

– The clever fellow who built the pendulum – Faraday?

– The island is always moving. Through time though?

– Confirmation, this is the pawn shop lady.

– Ajira airways, the bottles they found. Are they going to cause another crash? Sucks for everyone else on the thing, geez. Could someone maybe ASK about that? I mean who’d want to kill, maim and doom another 300 people or so?

– Ah, why Locke’s dead? So Jack can be transporting another father figure type?

– Nice story about Doubting Thomas there Ben, thanks for telling us about it in lieu of answering any question at all.

– Who the hell is this Ray person and why should I care? Oh, his grandad. So he can get something of his father’s of course. Lame.

– Well oookay. What happened to Aaron? I don’t care if you go back to the island Kate, so I’ll ask.

– Haah, “old white tennis shoes” on Jack’s dad’s corpse. I do believe I noticed something about white tennis shoes a season or two ago.

– Yeah see I’d READ the note Locke left for me.

– Sayid in custody this time.

– Yaaay Y: The Last Man!

– Good for Hurley at least giving a shit about other people who have nothing to do with all this. Nobody else is even BLINKING at the idea of destroying hundreds of innocent lives. Thank you Hurley.

– That one guy is on the plane, the one who consoled Jack about Locke. Why did he make it through?

– So these stewardesses are like the ONLY people in the entire world who don’t recognize the Oceanic Six. One of them even called Jack BY NAME and didn’t connect the dots. Utterly ridiculously implausible, especially given their profession.

– About to take off. Frank isn’t here– Or is he? Maybe he’s the pilot? That wouldn’t surprise me. But anyway, Frank’s not here and neither is Desmond. Aaron appears to also be AWOL, as is Sun’s kid (who, I must say, I’m pretty disappointed in Sun for not seeming to give two shits about). We also have two new people: the person who appears to have arrested Sayid and the consoling guy. Plus the flight crew of course.

– Oh wait, Jack just turned around and their’s a HELLA group of people back there. And now it’s way the fuck too late Jack asks what’ll happen to them. Way to go. Ben: “Who cares?” And that really says it all doesn’t it? Not a single person on this plane (sans Hurley, who did what he could) gives a shit. Fuck all’a y’all.

– And there it is, Frank the Pilot.

– Frank: “Hey Jack, small world.” Yeah, and it’s about to get even smaller. Wait until you see who else is here.

– Book: Ulysses, I assume by James Joyce.

– Jack: “How can you read?” Ben: “My mother taught me.” Bwahaha. That’s even funnier when you consider that Ben’s mother died giving birth to him.

– Yeah look I saw all this. You don’t have to flashback to what happened 30 minutes go.

– Roger Workman? Nope. Hi Jin.

Overall thoughts
Not a whole lot of mystery this one (at least by Lost standards) just story progression. And my disgust at their utter disregard for every single other person on the plane. I swear this is the most selfish group of characters in the history of ever.


Thoughts on Lost 5×07: “The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham”

– Office … Oh, it’s condolences guy. Maybe the real Jeremy Bentham?

– Maps and stuff. The island. So him being on the plane wasn’t a mistake. His name’s Cesar. And there’s the woman who had Sayid. Others then? Walking past a plane … Okay wait this isn’t a flashback this is the new plane crash. Looks like they found Locke too.

– Locke waking up in Tunisia, like Ben did. Perhaps Tunisia’s another one of those energy spots like the church where Mrs. Pawn Shop lives.

– Waiting for Locke in the hospital, Other-Guy-From-Oz.

– Whitmore waiting for Locke.

– Hmm, so Whitmore was leader and Ben made him leave. (Per Whitmore anyway.)

– A war is coming, Whitmore says, which is why Locke needs to be on the island.

– New York. Locke going to see Michael and Walt? Walt at least I know. Maybe we’ll finally learn what Locke tells him.

– And apparently he doesn’t tell him shit. We’re never going to figure out what was up with Walt will we? Sigh. But that does present an interesting point. If EVERYONE has to go back, does that count Walt?

– Other-Oz-Guy: “I help people get to where they need to get to.”

– Aww, Helen’s dead? No more Katy Segal? :(

– And apparently where that guy needed to get to was Bullet Town.

– Jack’s there. And he’s already starting to go bearded, so life’s falling apart for him. Thanks for the subtle visual clues, Lost!

– You know the major mystery of this whole thing isn’t smoke monsters or polar bears or time travel, it’s “Do you trust Ben or Whitmore?”

– Well yeah, Locke didn’t bring Sun back. Ben did.

– Oooookay so Locke couldn’t commit suicide but Ben could kill him? I mean I know he gave up two bits of info that Ben didn’t know, but honestly, that seemed remarkably pointless. Mike guesses that Ben wants to replace Locke as leader and REALLY didn’t want him to meet Eloise.

Overall thoughts
Dudes. I just don’t know.


Thoughts on Lost 5×08: “LaFleur”

– y halo thar statue

– Why’s Sawyer suddenly so “Nooo Locke I love you!”

– So … if the flashes are fixed then why exactly do those who left the island need to come back to it to save them? I’m starting to think maybe they don’t.

– “Three Years Later”. But later than when is the question.

– New Dharma people, new Dharma logo. The monitors make me think Pearl, but their emblem’s a star. “Security” is their designation.

– Are the polar bears going to figure a way out of their cages. Ultimately yes, it would seem so. But more importantly, when are you?

– Yes, South Otherington. And … there’s Sawyer. Okay. So. “Three years later” does not appear to have brought them back to “our” time. Sawyer et al look to have gotten jobs with Dharma, which would explain why Jin was in a jumpsuit. However since Jumpsuited Jin found Jack, Kate and Hurley after their Ajira plane crash, it’s looking as though maybe that Ajira crash actually predates the Oceanic crash and that the LeftTheIslanders got zapped back in time as well. But I’m still shooting in the dark here.

– Miles joining Sawyer. They’re not giving any indication of anything and seem to have always been here. But if it’s three years later, is that just familiarity or brainwashing (ala attempt with Carl) or lookalikes or …

– Now “Three years earlier”. Mike: “They should’ve called this episode ‘Whiplash’.”

– There’s Faraday. Of course this situation could explain why 5×01 had a jumpsuited Faraday bumping into Dr. Orientation while building The Orchid.

– Guessing those are Hostiles/Natives/Others with Dharma people.

– Hm, should Sawyer have been shot? But wasn’t because it didn’t happen. Yeah, I was right, the whole season’s gonna be like this.

– “We have to bury them. The truce…” Interesting. Also there’s mention of “Paul”, which she didn’t get to finish up before going into labour.

– Oh okay so it’s not one lone blue VW van it’s just a ridiculous love for them.

– Sawyer going to Juliet (named, I note, “Juliet”) means that these guys do at least remember who they were and are still them.

– Jin’s English is doing quite well I see.

– Sawyer’s wearing the Plaid Shirt of the Past, so we’re back to three years ago.

– Interesting, Dharma was just going to send everybody home. Surprised they didn’t take the offer.

– And there’s little Charlotte. So not so much an “old man” but perhaps so to a kid that young.

– Alarms and hiding and there’s Richard. Pissed that his guys were killed I’m guessing, thus ending the “truce”? So can he just walk on past the pylons whenever he feels like it?

– “That fence may keep other things out, but not us.” Which brings up two very interesting points then: 1) What is the fence supposed to keep out, and 2) What did Richard need with that code Flashback!Ben brought to him? It seemed to be the code to turn off the fence, and that’s when The Others assaulted Dharma. But maybe they could always have done that? Maybe the task for Ben wasn’t as necessary as his willingness to do it.

– Offer to leave in 2 weeks. Seems they could’ve taken the sub whenever they wanted to, so why didn’t they?

– Mike and I were both commenting how there’s more chemistry between Sawyer and Juliet than there ever was between Sawyer and Kate or Jack and Juliet. Maybe because it’s not built on so-called tension and bickering. Imagine that.

– “It’s only been three years, is that really long enough to get over someone?” Ugh, and I guess that’s the question they’ve been leading to, as Jin’s about to bring in Jack and Kate I’m sure. Can we not turn this into a horrible love square please? Kate and Jack deserve each other, and I mean that however you want to take it.

– Yes, there’s Jack, Hurley and Kate. What happens to the other Ajira survivors between now and Oceanic’s crash? My guess is they get absorbed into and become The Others. And you know, for a secret island, more shit crashes near it and gets marooned there.

– Blarg, don’t get all shmoopy about Kate, Sawyer, srsly.

Overall thoughts
These are boring “overall thoughts”, sorry about that. There’s just not much else to expand on. I continue to add to The Big List and wait for bigger picture stuff to get answered.


Thoughts on Lost 5×09: “Namaste”

– Back to the pre-crash Ajira flight. I wonder not for the first time if the ACTORS know what the eff is going on.

– The island built a runway for them, that was nice of it.

– Ouch, the co-pilot got Wash’ed.

– Interesting, Sayid’s just gone. As it looks like are Jack, Hurley and Kate. Sun’s still there though, while Jack-tachi are accounted for. Sayid’s location, we still have no clue.

– OMG enough with the earliers and laters! But then there’s a point – HurlJacKate are in a different when from Sun, Ben and Frank.

– We can’t escape Ethan, no matter when we are!

– Hostile inside the perimeter. Sayid?

– Haha, “Ride Captain Ride”, nice.

– Faraday’s no longer with them eh?

– Haha Jack the Janitor suck it.

– Whispers, that’s no good. And then a light coming on in an abandoned Otherington, also not good. And Jack’s dad makes the Not Good trifecta.

– Mike notes it looks like Goodwin standing next to Jack.

– Juliet: “We’re not supposed to know each other.” So maybe you shouldn’t have been hugging in the open doorway where anybody could see you.

– Darn it that’s two books of Sawyer’s that I haven’t been able to figure out.

– And here’s where Jack’s going to start giving Sawyer some shit and I am hoping that Sawyer takes him down a good twenty or thirty pegs.

– Teenage Ben coming in to Sayid’s cell?

– Wow that kid’s eyes are very eerily Ben-like, well done casting department.

Overall thoughts
There’s just … nothing for me to much react to here. I’m not sure how good or bad that is. On the one hand, I’m getting through notes and stuff way faster so that’s a plus. On the other, I feel like I’ve just resigned myself to the backseat of the car and I’m staring silently out the windows.

I can say this: I am once again incredibly glad that I’m not watching these as they aired. I just don’t think I would have the patience for this show in real time.


Thoughts on Lost 5×10: “He’s Our You”

– Just from the title I’m gong to guess this is Jack and Sawyer coming to a head on their differing “leadership” styles with someone on Sawyer’s “side” telling Jack that re: Sawyer, “he’s our you”. And I have to say that from what I’ve seen thus far, I much prefer Sawyer. Though I don’t doubt for second that Jack’s going to respond with “but you’re still here so what did you really lead anybody to, you’re all just sitting here.” For which I sincerely hope someone throws back at Jack that he’s actually made shit WORSE for those he took with him, and seriously now, what is your goal Jack? You vowed to get people off the island, then you vowed to get them back on it again, so now what? Bleah, all this is irritating me, and I haven’t even made it past the title yet.

– Richard in the Previously talking to Little!Ben. This is like the only time ever that Richard’s hair hasn’t looked like it should.

– Little!Ben looks like a disturbed Harry Potter.

– Sayid flashback? Are we back to those now?

– Book: Separate Reality by Carlos Casteneda

– Perhaps here we’ll learn about the split between Ben and Sayid.

– Little!Ben’s reaction to his father. Sayid’s seeing something very important to his future interactions with Ben I suspect.

– I wonder, watching Adult!Ben and Sayid interact at the house building thing … does Ben remember when Sayid was held hostage and he kept bringing him sandwiches?

– New station mentioned, Opal. Oh, no, “Holden” my bad.

– Ha, boy, I got that all wrong didn’t I. “He’s our you” was to Sayid not Jack. See this is what I get for trying to figure out what titles mean before episodes start.

– Man, this Holden guy is fam– Dude is this Larry from Larry, Darryl and Darryl fame on Newhart?

– Isn’t telling the truth exactly what Sawyer doesn’t want? I’ll be surprised if it gets that far though. Sawyer maybe will get Sayid free but stick around to hear whatever truths Sayid will tell?

– In the bar, after the dockside confrontation. Next up, we’ll see how Sayid got in handcuffs. Yup, there’s that women who was on the plane next to him.

– There’s that darned scotch again.

– Well Sawyer seems fine letting everyone just hear all this stuff.

– So … pretty much everyone who manages The Flame is just crazy obsessive, I’m learning.

– Or, of course, they could just all think Sayid is crazy.

– Or, of course, they could just all vote to kill him.

– Ha, I love Sayid’s constant “oh shit” expression as he realizes what’s going on with the Ajira flight.

– Though I’m not sure what Sayid has planned with Little!Ben. Assuming the past can’t be changed, then there’s no way Ben goes anywhere with Sayid right now.

– Ben talking to Jin. Will Ben realize Sayid isn’t with The Others? No, apparently not. But– Aaand then Sayid shoots Little!Ben. Well okay.

Overall thoughts
Well my first thought is that Ben isn’t dead. Not only because we, you know, see him up and around and doing shit well into adulthood, but because it seems the island has little problem in healing wounds (even resurrecting the dead perhaps) so I think if it’s not done with Ben yet that he’ll just get back up in a second and live to foster more daddy issues another day.

I’ll give Season 5 this much: It’s not dragging its feet. Like Season 4, the pace keeps along at a steady jog, and while I may not get it all I at least feel like we’re getting there.


Thoughts on Lost 5×11: “Whatever Happened, Happened”

– Sawyer and Kate-related episode I’m guessing from Previously. Perhaps we’ll find out what Kate did for Sawyer. Also from the Previously, my guess that it was related to his daughter may be correct.

– Official food of The Island: Sandwiches!

– I admit that I’m happy to see Kate acting on her feeling about helping Little!Ben instead of just sitting there and pouting at Jack until he does what she wants.

– Kate going to Claire’s mum? Time to turn over Aaron I think.

– Wow, Kate’s just spilling the secret to everyone isn’t she?

– Kate says she’s going back to find Claire. Is that in fact why she’s going back? Much as it surprises me to say, I think yes actually. You know since they’ve stopped making it The Kate Show she’s grown on me a bit. Just a very small bit.

– Self-fulfilling prophecy, naturally. Sayid shot Little!Ben because of who Big!Ben was, but in doing so he caused Little!Ben to become that person.

– If Richard heals Ben, he’ll forever be “one of us”. I suppose the island only heals its own then? We knew Locke counted of course, but it looks as though Rose also counts.

– Richard doesn’t answer to any of the so-called leaders.

– Where’s Richard taking Little!Ben, the temple? The healing magic of smoke?

– Locke staring at you – not a sight I’d want to wake up to.

Overall thoughts
Not much to say in this episode at all really, not even while watching it. Of course, it was a race to finish up so I could stay on schedule for Saturday. And at this poin? The only thing I really want to say right now is “zzzz”.

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