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What I’m doing: Racing through Lost in an attempt to catch up before the season finale airs and I get spoiled all to hell.

What this is: These are my thoughts as I watch the episode.

What’s important: In an effort to avoid spoilers, note that I won’t be reading any comments made to these posts until I’ve caught up. Feel free to say whatever you like and discuss among yourselves, just don’t expect a reply from me for the next month or so.

Stating the obvious: There are spoilers in this post for any and all events through to the episode I’m making notes about. If you don’t wish to be spoiled, please stop reading now.


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5×12: “Dead is Dead” | 5×13: “Some Like it Hoth” | 5×14: “The Variable”


Thoughts on Lost 5×12: “Dead is Dead”

– Guy on horse riding angrily to Richard – Whitmore?

– Ben says he broke the rules and was going back to be judged. “We don’t have a word for it, but I believe you call it ‘the monster’.” Oh shit yes monster origin??

– Man, Ben is the puppet master, no denying it.

– Ben adopting Alex, maybe we’ll see that too? I wonder why he didn’t just kill Rousseau.

– Rather specific advice he has there. “Everytime you hear whispers you run the other way.” He’s thinking of the monster then I suppose. But from my observation, the whispers usually precede a vision of someone. Are those visions also the monster?

– Well so much for Cesar. But that was masterful of Ben. Earlier manipulating Cesar into thinking that Locke was unstable and Ben was “one of them”, then heightening that mistrust Cesar had of Locke towards violence so that Ben could turn the tables utterly and look like he was on Locke’s side. Sneaky, sneaky little son of a bitch, he’s brilliant.

– Locke to Ben: “I think you’re lying.” What clued you in, his lips moving?

– Not only did Ben not kill Rousseau, he defied orders in not doing so. Interesting. And he defied Whitmore by not killing Alex too. Because he genuinely has a moral objection to it, or just a power play against Whitmore?

– Ben seeming to summon the monster – I have no idea what to make of that scene.

– Hm, Whitmore leaving by sub. Didn’t he tell Locke that he was sent off the island when Ben tricked him into turning the wheel to move it? So very many lies.

– Ben tells Locke that he knew Locke would be resurrected. Then he tells Sun he didn’t. So one or the other isn’t true. I think he probably didn’t know Locke would come back to life, but I also don’t think it scares him even a fraction of what how he’s playing it up for Sun.

– Oh dude, when Ben asked Jack to get Locke and he was all hurt and covered with blood, did he kill Penny? Guess we’ll find out in a bit. ‘Course Ben might’ve been running away. From Desmond.

– Ben confronting Penny on the boat. Okay I think I get it now. Ben has mommy issues to go along with his daddy issues. I’m sure Ben has sainted his mother at this point – she died giving birth to him, and if she’d lived his father wouldn’t have been such an asshole. She’s even who the island sent to him to lead him to Richard. I’m guessing that’s why he didn’t kill Rousseau, because she was a mother, and I’m going to guess he doesn’t kill Penny either. Or, at least, not intentionally. Let’s see.

– Looks like he wasn’t going to shoot Penny after all, yeah. But Des wailed the shit on him anyway, good for you Desmond.

– “What lies in the shadow of the statue?” Okay so you’re either here on purpose or crazy, enjoy.

– Locke’s not going to wait to see what happens to Ben? That’s surprising.

– Anubis and the smoke monster? Mike: “If it’s mechanical, it’s obviously mechanical of an ancient nature.” More importantly, if I’m remembering my Egyptian mythology, Anubis is the one who weighs the measure of someone’s life when they die. Perhaps Anubis and the smoke monster have the same function, at least to a degree?

– Definitely electrical charges in the monster. And Ben’s seeing images of his past as it surrounds him. No flashes of white this time, like for Locke and Juliet.

– Then it goes away and here’s Alex. Did it bring her back to life or is it just “the island” taking on this form to talk to Ben?

– The island forcing Ben to follow Locke. If it knew what he was planning then I presume it also knows if he meant it when he said he’d follow him. So did he mean it then since he didn’t die?

Overall thoughts
Ben is a tremendously interesting character.

The monster origin – not so much info there. I’m having a sinking feeling that I won’t get an answer to the monster until the season finale. If I’m lucky.


Thoughts on Lost 5×13: “Some Like it Hoth”

– WTF Star Wars puns now?

– Microwave time: 3:16.

– Flashback – Miles. Obviously able to see shit from a young age.

– Dharma killing off Others during the truce in the area they shouldn’t be in. Sounds like good enough reason as far as the Others are concerned to gas them all to me.

– Miles not driving away yet, going to the body. About to have a chat with it I’m guessing.

– What’s that? Another character without a father in their life, who’s been abandoned but left with a terrible legacy of some kind?

– All this supposed mystery being built up on Mile’s dad. So who are you that we know already? His body is where he can’t find it. The island then? I think he said he’d been there before right?

– Taking the body to The Orchid. Guessing an experiment with The Vault.

– Lunch for the crew in The Orchid. Sandwiches. But of course.

– Miles has been pretty complacent about Hurley finding this body. And of course, as they’ve said several times on this show, Hurley can’t keep a secret for shit.

– Seems at least that Dharma didn’t kill him. At least not directly.

– Heh, true, I guess Hurley is talking to dead people to a degree as well.

– Hurley: “You’re just jealous my power’s better than yours.”

– Whoa okay see I figured Miles’ dad was someone we’d already met and then I get surprised when it’s someone we already met, what the hell me.

– Dead Man on Slab – do we know you?

– Ah, this guy Felix was on his way to Whitmore with all the proof that Gordon’s Fisherman had that Whitmore orchestrated the fake 815. That doesn’t really tell me who did it, but.

– And there’s why the 3.2 million Miles wanted from Ben – double the 1.6 Whitmore would pay.

– Reminds me that Dr. Orientation had a baby at the season opener. Miles surely. Perhaps that was in fact Miles Davis playing on the record player, which might’ve given me a clue about this whole relationship 13 episodes ago if I was more up on my jazz musicians.

– Mike recognizes the guy who ruined Miles’ fish taco as someone who was with Sayid’s bounty hunter. “Do you know what lies in the shadow of the statue?” Apparently yes. And, once again, it’s no surprise that everyone is where they’re supposed to be.

– Hahaha what? Is Hurley writing Empire Strikes Back to cash in before Lucas? Mike points out that Hurley didn’t want money though, so maybe he just wants the nerd cred. Oh wait, looks like he just wants to “save time” and “make some improvements”. Pro-tip Hurley: Good idea but Empire‘s not the one to try to fix. Wait thirty years and try again.

– New scientists. Including Faraday. Who clearly knows who Miles is. So when is Faraday coming from is the next question.

Overall thoughts
An interesting episode, but then I enjoy learning about characters we don’t know much about. The title though? Super lame. This was an example of someone thinking up a pun and loving it just way too much.

But the daddy issues, oh good lord. I don’t know what collectively happened to the Lost writers in their childhoods, but it was clearly something. Another alternate title for this show: Lost: My Daddy’s Love. I mean it’s saying something when Ben would win Father Of The Year.


Thoughts on Lost 5×14: “The Variable”

– From the title, back to Faraday I’d guess. We’ve had The Constant, now for the flip to that.

– The drilling – the “incident”?

– If Chang trusts his own work it means he should believe Faraday, not be giving him this level of shit.

– Oh goodie, now we have mommy issues with Faraday.

– Sidenote: If Faraday grew up in England with an English parent why exactly does he have an American accent again?

– Back to when Faraday was watching the Oceanic crash footage. Still not really clear why he was so upset.

– Whitmore confesses to Faraday that he set up the fake crash. Truth, or for Faraday’s benefit? The fact that Whitmore just said that he told Faraday about it because Faraday wouldn’t remember it is a point in its favour.

– Faraday’s memory problems, theoretically healed/healing from the island, per Whitmore’s statement.

– Yes, “Ellie” from the 1954 timeskip was in fact Eloise, Faraday’s mother. From his “old friends” comment, is Whitmore his father?

– If Faraday is having such memory problems in his flashback, to the point that he wouldn’t even remember a phone call from his mother saying she was on her way over, how is he remembering the conversation he had with Whitmore a day or more ago when he was offered the job?


– The incident: Accidentally drilling into the “pocket” of energy made them build the hatch with its button dispersal. Faraday is saying now that everything can be prevented. To do so, he’ll detonate that hydrogen bomb plot device from many episodes back.

– And there we go, yes, Faraday is Whitmore’s son too.

– But he dies (probably) so thanks for that. So glad he came back just long enough to impart the game changing info that our guys would never figure out on their own then bite it.

Overall thoughts
Tremendous waste, I think, if Faraday died there. Don’t get me wrong, how he handled just about everything going into The Others’ camp was stupid, but seriously, he came back, spilled a cup of plot on the show, and then died. Weak.

However talk about breaking rules, we’re about to shatter them utterly if we can prevent The Incident. And you know what else? I think we will. I predict that this season is going to end with Oceanic 815 not crashing.

But wait, there’s more.

Because Faraday in this episode not only talks about breaking the rules, he talks about destiny, a corner stone of this show. He talks about it not meaning shit, there being no such thing, and free will and lots of other stuff that the show has gone out of its way to make the point of everything.

So here’s what I think. 815 isn’t going to crash. I suspect that will be the season climax. The Lostaways (all of ’em, so I expect to see Shannon and Boone again) will go through much of S6. It’ll be a “What if?” kind of thing. What if the plane hadn’t crashed? What would’ve happened? But stuff’s going to keep going wrong. They’re not supposed to not have crashed either, you see. And one way or another, they’re all going to wind up right back here anyway.

How it ultimately ends, that I don’t know. But I would lay money that this is how at least part of S6 is going to go down.

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