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What I’m doing: Racing through Lost in an attempt to catch up before the season finale airs and I get spoiled all to hell.

What this is: These are my thoughts as I watch the episode.

What’s important: In an effort to avoid spoilers, note that I won’t be reading any comments made to these posts until I’ve caught up. Feel free to say whatever you like and discuss among yourselves, just don’t expect a reply from me for the next month or so.

Stating the obvious: There are spoilers in this post for any and all events through to the episode I’m making notes about. If you don’t wish to be spoiled, please stop reading now.


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5×15: “Follow the Leader” | 5×16: “The Incident: Part 1” | 5×17: “The Incident: Part 2”


Thoughts on Lost 5×15: “Follow the Leader”

– Oh urg, is this going to be Jack vs. Sawyer shit? Mike notes that it could be all about Locke and Ben though, which would be much more interesting.

– Oh good lord is it a Richard flashback? Is that even possible? Oh nevermind, just Locke in the Future!Present!Whatev.

– Richard: “You look different.” Locke: “I have a purpose now.” And also, Ben is my bitch.

– Ben: “Richard is a kind of … adviser. And he’s had that job for a very, very, very long time.”

– Don’t you guys have a crazy person in a teepee in the jungle with a fruit that’ll force the truth? There’s a great deal of time and effort that could be saved here.

– Dr. Orientation: “Who’s the president of the United States?” Hahaha, see? This is what you guys get for nobody answering Hurley’s questions ten episodes ago.

– Guessing this whole bomb thing is what gets Eloise ousted as leader.

– It’s interesting to see Richard not actually having a clue what’s going on for a change.

– Oookay, crazy balding Flame man? Who I’m am now going to call Kaczynski because I can’t remember your actual name but it sounds sorta like that. Anyway, you, you’re not part of Dharma. Freaking out about breaking ground on The Swan and it having to be on schedule. Up to this point I’ve just thought you were a little too devout or isolated or something. But I don’t think you’re supposed to be here. My first guess, you’re part of this third group, the ones on about the bloody statue. Or you’ll found it later or something. But I think you’re them.

– Hello again Sayid.

– Richard also not a fan of Locke going to see Jacob, and even less of him bringing everyone else.

– Locke’s goal: To kill Jacob. Reason: Unknown. I do recall that the only thing we’ve heard that Locke heard thus far from Jacob was “Help me”. Is Jacob maybe a prisoner in some way as well?

Overall thoughts
In truth this episode kinda bored me. Which is weird considering we’re gearing up for the season finale. Best I can think is that it’s a bowling pin episode, getting everything set up so we can knock it all down.


Thoughts on Lost 5×16: “The Incident: Part 1”

– Guy with loom and basket o’ fish: Jacob? Or will we see Richard again, way the hell back there?

– The ship: Black Rock? Whoever it is, Jacob’s non-fish-eating friend says that he’s the one who brought it here. To prove him wrong. And that he wants to kill him. Nice.

– The statue, complete with ankh and crocodile head.

– The plane toy, must be Kate and her dead little boyfriend. And the lunchbox they eventually bury their stuff in that they go back to get that makes him dead and her go apeshit for the toy plane that was so very important to her that we haven’t seen even a glint of since Season 1.

– Jacob to Little!Kate: “Be good.” Back to things being “good” again. Since the reproduction issue appears to have been completely dropped now, guessing it’s nothing to do with that.

– So maybe Kaczynski is just really, really crazy, I dunno.

– Speaking of the Ajira passengers …

– Great, the tension buzz, the close-ups, and we still don’t get to see what’s in the bloody Ajira box.

– Little!Sawyer at the funeral here is my guess. So Jacob’s visited everyone huh? Pft.

– Let’s see. So far we have Little!Kate promising not to steal, Little!Sawyer promising not to finish the letter to Real!Sawyer (albeit to someone else).

– Locke’s whole plan to kill Jacob. You just have to think that if The Island knows Locke so well, so much so that it threatened Ben to do whatever he said, then The Island knows about this and is quite okay with it.

– Whoa okay I didn’t know that Nadia was hit by a bloody car and so utterly out of nowhere too, jeebus. Reminds me of skeezy ex-husband security guards and buses.

– That sounds familiar, all that loudspeaker stuff about code black and hostiles? Is this from the flashback Little!Ben had when he was in his classroom? Or was that much earlier on in the time line?

– And down goes Sayid. Right in the gut too, which always seems to be the lingering shot of death in this place. All the more I’m thinking I was right when I said everything would get reset at the end of this season.

– Puppy! And Bernard and Rose, to which I think “about time”.

– “We’re the good guys.” Where have I heard that before.

– The grey stuff around Jacob’s shack, identified as ash. So that guy says anyway. The circle was broken.

– The flashback person, this bounty hunter chick whose name I don’t even know yet. But apparently Jacob is asking her for help.

– The cloth, looking like the statue, but also like Anubis, so I’m guessing that’s who it’s supposed to be. Looked too crocadilian, but alright. What else is on the cloth? Looks to me like a ship on its side.

– Aaron’s crib. Is someone finally going to find Charlie’s ring? Why yes.

– Jacob at Sun and Jin’s wedding. Special love, don’t take it for granted.

– Shootout about to commence? Lots more people going to die, possibly all of them, then bomb go boom, then someone wakes up and they’re back on 815 about to land safely in Los Angeles. Thanks for choosing Oceanic Airlines.

Overall thoughts
New people who know about Jacob and love the statue. Someone who supposedly is Jacob visiting everyone in the past. Locke and Ben and no idea who’s on whose side. And Jack wanting to blow everyone up but others wanting to stop him. It’s a Lost block party!

I think the keys to this episode, and to possibly the entirety of this show, lie in the conversation between Jacob and whoever on the beach in the beginning, and in Rose and Bernard in the jungle.

From what I gathered from the first scene, Jacob is trying to prove a point. It seems as though Jacob has been trying to prove a point for a tremendously long time. If I had to guess, just from the very foggy exchange, it’s along the lines of, “See, humans can live in harmony and get along!” But of course he’s always wrong and people kill each other because people suck.

That idea was supported by Rose, when she said “Three years and you’re still trying to find ways to shoot each other.” Bernard too, he doesn’t really care what they’re doing anymore, he just wants to live life in peace with the person he loves.

If I’m right then in a way my first season initial theories of “this is all an experiment” are in fact true. It almost smacks of a Q “Encounter at Farpoint” thing though. You know, “We’re on trial for the crimes of all humanity”? So I hope it’s more intricate than that. But since the flashbacks are making it look as though Jacob knew who would be coming to his island a looong time before it happened makes it seem like he was trying to crib his experiment in his favour. More rules that are being broken?

On to part two.


Thoughts on Lost 5×17: “The Incident: Part 2”

– Jack’s flashback moment here. Is it going to be where he clips that nerve bundle he talked about in the first episode? Yes it is. No Jacob in the OR, so will he meet him after?

– Apollo bar again. And while Jack’s talking to his father I hear vending machine noises in the background. Jacob about to come around and say “I got two, have one?” Not verbatim, but close enough.

– In both Sayid and Hurley’s Jacob-related flashbacks (though I haven’t gotten more than like 10 seconds in Hurley’s yet, I’m sure Jacob will show up), they’ve been post-Island, pre-IslandReturn. Everyone else, thus far, as been pre-Island. An important distinction I’m sure.

– Book: Everything that Rises Must Converge by Flannery O’Connor.

– Someone falling .. Locke? Jacob touching him, is that how Locke survived the fall?

– Sun asking what happened to the rest of the statue. Ben doesn’t know, it was like that when he got here. Sun doesn’t believe him. I don’t believe he doesn’t know, at least.

– Dude, I just had a thought: Is Locke going to get to Jacob and start to get answers to everything RIGHT when Jack blows up the bomb and then everything resets? That is so like this show to do that to us.

– Mike: “So I suppose Jacob is what lies beneath the shadow of the statue.”

– Locke giving his knife to Ben. I wonder if Ben is the one being manipulated this time.

– “Live together, die alone” oh shit we’re back to that again.

– So Dr. Orientation is basically Kaczynski’s bitch then. How is this guy the guy in charge of everything?

– Jack drops the bomb, everything is tension and close-ups and … nothing. Mike: “HA-HA, Island says ‘Denied’!”

– Bye Juliet. It’s okay though. I still maintain you’re going to get reset in a second.

– Here come the other Ajira people. ….ohhhhhhh hang on a second. In their box. Is that Locke? The REAL Locke, the one Ben strangled? Is the Locke we’ve been watching since coming back to the island … well I don’t know WHO he is. Or maybe Locke-in-the-box is a Locke from another time altogether, like maybe we’ve never seen the real Locke? I’m not sure, but I am suddenly pretty sure that Locke is in that box.

– Richard apparently knows what lies in the shadow. Me? Not only don’t know I know what lies in the shadow, I don’t know Spanish or Italian or whatever to even try and figure it out.

– And in the box … She shoots, she scores!

– Mike now theorizing that Fake!Locke either is or is a construct by the guy Jacob was talking to on the beach. He can’t kill Jacob, but he can manipulate Ben into doing it. But so does that mean Not!Jacob is in league with the smoke monster who told Ben he had to do everything Ben said? Or is perhaps the visions people see not the smoke monster?

– Mike was right. But no answers were coming to be interrupted.

– And I was also wrong about how the season would end. But how the next will open? I’m still holding to my theory.

Overall thoughts
It’s been a hectic season, no denying it. Unfortunately, and almost maddeningly, we’re still no closer to answering questions brought up in the first bloody EPISODE. I’m really glad I’ve been keeping a list and can’t wait to see what’s left on it when all is said and done.

For being a season ender though, I don’t have much else to say. I’ve made my theory on what’s going to happen next (in a very specific sense) but have no guesses outside of what’s noted above on anything else.

But hey! I’m almost caught up with the rest of you. We can wave to each other! Hi! Hello!

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