May 172010
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Items in bold were added to old notes after watching the latest season. There are so very many spoilers here. Please don’t read if you don’t want to be spoiled on Seasons 1 through 5 of Lost.

Season 1
– How did the plane crash?
   * Possible answer: the magnet in the hatch
   * As of S3, it seems as though the magnet in the hatch did indeed crash the plane.

– What’s the monster(s?) in the jungle? Must be able to get up high to yank the pilot out of the cockpit. Why did it kill the pilot? Why didn’t it kill Locke and why did it wait to kill Eko? And while we’re on the monster (the “security system” according to Rousseau), what did Locke and Eko see? It looked like images when Eko saw it, images catering to him specifically perhaps. Locke said it was “the eye of the island” and that “it was beautiful”.
   * Juliet also seemed to get a look at it and was bathed in white light.
   * Since the end of S1, gears are audible when the monster is attacking someone.
   * The monster seems to have a sentience of some sort, as well as the ability to make decisions – it was fine with Eko at first, then turned on him.
   * Ben summoned it to attack the Whitmore’s commandos in S4. He went into a cavern that was lined with hieroglyphics. Does Ben control the monster? How did he summon it? Why didn’t it actually kill any of Whitmore’s commandos?
   * Ben was going to it to be “judged”. He said for coming back to the island, but later said it was for killing his daughter.
   * It appears to be connected to Anubis. There was a painting in the tunnels under the temple showing Anubis communing with it.
   * When the monster appears around Ben, he does indeed see images and scenes specifically related to him. When the smoke dissipates, it takes the form of Alex. In the form of a person it seems quite tangible and able to physically interact with people and objects.

– What’s with the repeated appearance of white and black (or light and dark)? Often in conjunction with Locke.

– The polar bear. Just … the polar bear, wtf. Is there a connection between the polar bear they killed and the one in Walt’s (later revealed to be Hurley’s) comic?
   * The polar bears appear to have been in the cage on the “other” island, with the zoo and aquarium.
   * If they are from the zoo, why were they brought to the island at all and how did they get free?
   * What was a polar bear skeleton doing in a million year old archeological dig in the Tunisian desert? What was up with the Dharma Hydra collar around its neck? An experiment with time travel from The Orchid?

– Where did the bodies that were laid out in the caves come from? (They had two stones on them, one black and one white.)

– Is there significance in the books that we’ve seen on the island?
   Watership Down by Richard Adams
   A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle
   The Third Policeman by Flann O’Brien
   “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” by Ambrose Bierce
   “Bad Twin” by ??? (manuscript found in one of the luggage bags)
   The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
   Lancelot by Walker Percy
   Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret by Judy Blume
   Our Mutual Friend by Charles Dickens
   The Stand by Stephen King
   Of Mike and Men by John Steinbeck
   A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking
   Laughter in the Dark by Vladimir Nabokov
   The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand
   Catch-22 by Joseph Heller
   Valis by Phillip K. Dick
   The Survivors of the Chancellor by Julies Verne
   Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll
   Ulysses by James Joyce
   Separate Reality by Carlos Casteneda
   Everything that Rises Must Converge by Flannery O’Connor

– Rousseau said that “they” control the distress signal now. If we are to assume that “they” is The Others, then why are they bothering to continue transmitting Rousseau’s distress call?
   * The Lostaways made it to the radio tower broadcasting the signal completely unopposed. If anyone was controlling it before, they seem to have stopped. If so, why? And why not stop the signal before abandoning the tower?

– The sickness. It infected Rousseau’s shipmates, Desmond continued to vaccinate himself against it, Ethan wanted to make sure Clarie’s baby received regular injections, and fresh vaccine was dropped on the island. So far it seems that everyone who may know anything about what’s really going on has knowledge of this “sickness” but we’ve yet to see any sign of it (so far as we know) or get even the slighted bit of information about what it is, what its symptoms are, etc. There was no mention of the sickness at all in S3 or S4.
   * In S5 there’s a flashback of Rousseau and the people on her ship. We see firsthand that her husband was trying to convince her that she was the one who was crazy, then when her guard was down he tried to shoot her. He had previously gone after the smoke monster. During their exchange she said that he, and the others she’d already killed, had gotten sick after coming back from the hole under the temple. But no mention otherwise nor any other details of this “sickness”.

– What’s with the whispering in the jungle? It seems quite real, everyone hears it when they’re around. Does it always say the same thing or does it say something different and specific to each person? The whispering often precedes the appearances of a vision person, but not necessarily.
   * Ben to Rousseau way back when: “Every time you hear whispers you run the other way.”

– The psychic was adamant: Clarie’s goodness must be an influence in the development of the child. She must raise it. “The baby needs your protection.” The psychic (via Eko’s flashback) later said he had no powers at all so if that was true, why harass Claire? Why was it so important she be on the plane? Why were The Others so interested in the baby? Why do they no longer seem to be interested in it at all?
   * It seems The Others were interested in Claire for research purposes regarding their reproduction problems, but there’s no explanation for why they lost interest once she escaped. Surely the research would still be useful?

– The numbers. Season 2 obviously brought a big link for the numbers, and we have a sort of explanation about how they “got out” with the guy in the psyche ward having listened to a broadcast of them (presumably from the island, but whatever the origin, who was broadcasting them and why?) But what about the “bad luck” of using the numbers? Hurley was told that he “opened the box” and that he “has to get away or it won’t stop”. Not only that but there were repeated “coincidences” with the numbers surrounding Hurley. In S2 the numbers became so commonplace that it’s like they’ve lost their “power”, but the show went to great lengths to convince us in S1 that they did in fact have a great deal of power. I mean, a soccer team lining up in the exact numbers sequence? Just one of a dozen “coincidences” in like a three minute sequence. C’mon.
   * There were no instances of the numbers at all in S3 (save for in Hurley’s flashback with the crazy guy repeating them); Hurley does not currently seem to be bothered by thoughts of the numbers at all.
   * In S4, the numbers seem to have been transferred to Desmond, who had several flashback/forward instances of them. Future!Hurley also saw them in the odometer of his car upon his return. There were a few other casual references to them throughout S4 also.
   * The numbers appeared occasionally in S5, including in the flashback with Rousseau’s crew hearing the recording. No further significance was revealed however and we learned nothing new.

– How did the “Black Rock” ship get so far inland? Does it have any further significance?
   * It set sail from Portsmouth on 22 May 1854. The first mate’s journal was the only artifact recovered and it’s only ever been read by the family. At least, presumably, until Whitmore bought it on auction (lot 2342).

Season Two

– Freaky dripping Walt. It seems utterly unlikely that he was there, so why was Shannon seeing him? How did Sayid see him too? Charlie mentioned him as well – did other Lostaways also see a vision of Walt? How is a vision being shared? In S3, Locke also saw Walt (although not dripping this time), who told him to get up after Locke was shot by Ben, that he still had work to do.

– What’s up with the Dharma-branded shark? Is it a real shark or robot or something? Is it there to keep people away from the island or keep them from leaving it?
   * The second island of The Others had an aquarium. Although not said, it seems likely that the shark may have originated there, although Dharma appears to have been removed by that point so there’s the question of how it became branded, as well as the questions of why it was there and how it got out.

– Since it was revealed that the car crash after Locke’s kidney theft wasn’t what caused his paralysis, what did? Was it physical (in which case, how could “the island” cure it) or mental? (Which might explain why he began to lose the use of his legs again in S1.)
   * ANSWERED: Locke’s father pushed him out of an 8th story window.

– What are the other hatches? Are they all on the island? Do they all have separate functions courtesy of Dharma? There are six plus the question mark per the map on the blast door, but only six including the question mark in terms of orientation films. Does one bunker not need an orientation? Is it the medical one?
   * #?: The Caduceus. The medical bay where Claire was kept.
   * #?: The Flame. Used for outside communication. Blown up by Locke in S3.
   * #?: The Looking Glass. Underwater. Used to jam signals and keep the satellite phone from working (but not other communications? The Flame seemed to only stop working when The Swan imploded). Ben told The Others that it had been flooded. Charlie turned off the jamming signal in S3 before the room was flooded and he died. Status of rest of station unknown.
   * #?: The Tempest. Juliet said it was the electrical station that powered the island, but it looked instead to be the gas-killing station. Neutralized by Charlotte and Faraday. May still be the electrical hub though.
   * #2 (of 6 per film being recorded): The Arrow. The bunker the Tailies found. Nothing much inside but a radio, a glass eye(??) and a Bible which it was later revealed contained a removed portion from the training film for The Swan. Per the film being shot, The Arrow’s primary purpose is to develop defensive strategies and gather intelligence on the island’s “hostile, indigenous population”.
   * #3 (of 6 per film): The Swan. “Our” hatch, with the button. Imploded at end of S2.
   * #5 (of 6 per film): The Pearl. Observation. Record everything in the other hatches, however minor. Filled notebooks that go to nowhere and are read by no one.
   * #6 (of 6 per film): The Orchid. Unique experiments in time and space. Contains “The Vault”, which is adjacent to a pocket of “negatively charged exotic matter”; inorganic and metallic matter should never be left in The Vault. Ben in S4 came here to “move the island”. It was built in this location because Dharma suspected there was an almost limitless energy source to manipulate time.

– What happened to Cindy (from the tail section). She just disappeared. Was she killed? Taken? Why her?
   * ANSWERED (sorta): She is with The Others. No indication yet of how or why she was abducted.

– Who are The Others? Really?
   * They have very old weapons (20 year old army knife, ancient looking guns)
   * They reacted with unnatural speed to the plane crash, inserting a mole into the tail group almost immediately.
   * They had a list of names of the Tail passengers and knew who they wanted to take, who was “good”, very quickly.
   * Being “good” is a repeated theme with them. They think on themselves as “the good guys” and they take “good” people. But they aren’t above doing “bad” which we’ve seen: They shot Sawyer and killed Nathan. Does “good” maybe refer to reproductive potential rather than something moral?
   * Fake beards and potential costumes. Trying to look more fearsome and savage than they are? With the Dharma-brand theatrical glue, are The Others (“The Hostiles” per the army guy with Desmond) part of this “experiment” or whatever is going on? Are they planned or rogue?
   * Who do they take orders from/who’s in charge? He’s brilliant but seemingly wrathful. (“Henry” confirmed it was not the Gordon’s fisherman.) Later reveals indicate that Ben was speaking of Jacob, but that Ben himself is functionally in charge.
   * They seem to predate Dharma significantly. The “indigenous” people of the island?
   * They have an active presence in “the outside world”. Was that always the case or did they commandeer Dharma resources?

– Kate’s horse. Doesn’t seem to have been a vision since Sawyer saw it too (but then, Sayid saw Freaky Dripping Walt). If it’s real does that mean there are wild horses on the island? Why haven’t we seen more of them?
   * We’ve seen one other horse, but not the black one, and we haven’t seen the black one again since Kate’s episode.
   * Several more horses have been seen, used by The Others. Still no appearance of a black horse outside of that one episode. Kate also hasn’t mentioned it since.

– Who was Michael talking to on the computer? Walt seems very unlikely. Where’s the other computer?

– Is Sun’s baby Jin’s or someone else’s? If Jin’s then was it “island magic” or just a lack of stress or diet change or something “real” that corrected the problem?
   * ANSWER: Given the revealed date of conception, Jin is indeed the father. No reason given for how this happened.

– What caused the hatch to freak out with the countdown and blast doors and all? Was it the supply delivery? And how did the supplies get dropped on the island with nobody hearing a plane?

– Who was the real Henry Gale? Was his crash on the island an accident? Did The Others kill him? Did they bury him?

– Why was Libby in the mental hospital?

– Did Rose’s cancer really go away? If so how did that happen? Can’t think of any “real” way this might have occurred, either that she’s mistaken or it’s “island magic”.
   * Multiple instances of dramatic healing on the island, no rational explanation yet given.
   * Just as many instances of the island NOT healing however: Ben’s tumor, Jack’s appendix, etc.

– Did Ben intentionally manipulate Locke into not pushing the button? Why did the lack of button-pushing have to be Locke’s doing? The same effect could’ve been achieved by Ben simply walking away when Locke was trapped. Instead it seems he did in fact push the button, so he lied with a very specific intent in mind.

– Who is Jack’s dad’s daughter/Jack’s (half?) sister?
   * ANSWER: Claire

– Eko’s dreams and visions seem to be particularly potent. He sees that Ana’s dead before he learns about it, he’s told to help Locke who has “lost his way”, he knows about the question mark that only Locke saw, he’s being led to important places on the island … How is it that Eko is having so many very accurate visions?

– There are more monitors than there are bunkers (a total of 7, if the map is correct) or orientation films (a total of 6, per the title cards). There are 9 monitors in The Pearl, with “our” hatch being on monitor #7, but being orientation film #3. So what are the other monitors monitoring?
   * One of the monitors was for The Flame and showed Mikhail before he turned off the camera.

– If Alex was raised by The Others from a baby, why is she so different from them?

– Why did The Others want Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Hurley? Why did they let Hurley go? Was he just to be a messenger the whole time or did they change their mind?

– Walt. Just anything about Walt. Why did his stepdad get the creeps from him? He made it sound like things happen around the kid (like the bird flying into the window and breaking its neck in S1). The Others wanted Walt bad, but then seemed like they got more than the bargained for. What were the tests they kept giving him? Why did The Others want a blood sample from Michael? “Did Walt ever appear in a place he wasn’t supposed to be?” Like maybe a Freaky Dripping version of Walt? (Suddenly having a thought about the “Bad Twin” manuscript?) There is definitely something up with this kid.
   * Walt was rescued along with Michael after leaving the island in S2. Future!Locke visited him. No further evidence of the “weird” and “special” stuff around him.
   * Locke went to talk to Walt when he returned to the island, but the conversation was short and banal. (Boils down to: “How are you?” “Fine, you?” “Fine.” “Okay, gotta go.” “Bye.”) Absolutely nothing important happened and there was no indication there that Walt was anything but a regular kid.

– Why couldn’t Desmond sail away from the island?
   * ANSWER (sorta): A very specific heading needed to be followed to find and leave the island, though why hasn’t specifically been said yet. However Desmond clearly wasn’t following that heading.

– What was Desmond dishonourably discharged for? Not following orders but which orders and why didn’t he follow them?

– What happened to Libby’s husband?

– What is that four-toed giant foot statue? Absolutely no mention of it at all in Season 3 or Season 4.
   * Jacob seems to live in a tomb under the statue.
   * The statue looks to be that of Anubis, holding an ankh in one hand.
   * Ben says he doesn’t know how it was destroyed, that it was just a foot when he arrived.

– Why did army guy’s previous partner edit The Swan orientation video? Why did he then hide that part of the film in the Bible in the Arrow bunker? How did the previous partner know about the other bunkers to start the blast door map? What did he learn that made his ultimate solution suicide?

– What happened when Desmond turned the key in the hatch? The army guy said that it made it all “go away”. Explosion then? But the island is clearly still there.
   * It seems to have imploded, but nothing more specific than that has been explained.

– Why did The Others just agree to let Walt go after all that?

– What do they want with Jack, Kate and Sawyer?
   * Jack: To operate on Ben and remove his tumour.
   * Kate and Sawyer: Still unknown.

– How did Desmond’s fiance know to be looking for giant electromagnetic anomalies to find him? Was she really trying to find him or was it Yet Another Coincidence?
   * Penny found Desmond by the telephone call, but even in his visits to the past he never said anything that would make her start looking for electromagnetic pulses.

Season 3
– Juliet specifically mentioned getting a sample from Kate when she was infiltrating the Lostaways to check to see if the women were pregnant. However when Kate first woke up it looked as if she’d already had blood drawn. Were she and Sawyer captured with the specific plan that they’d have sex and Kate would become pregnant? Is that why they were taken?

– “The next two weeks are going to be very unpleasant.” What was the plan The Others had for Kate after those two weeks? Did they intend for her to escape?

– How did Locke, Eko and Desmond survive the hatch implosion? How did Desmond lose his clothes? I get that it’s all symbolic and everything, a rebirth or some shit, but there still needs to be a reason why he emerged from ground zero of the blast completely uninjured and completely naked but still with his picture at hand.

– Why was there a zoo and an aquarium on the island? If the origin of the animals is that they escaped – how?

– What are the origins of the toy dumpster truck and the Dharma-clothed skeletal bodies in the polar bear cave?

– How and why did Desmond get the ability to see the future? Is he really seeing the future? He’s pretty bloody accurate, so if not, what’s going on with him?
   * Given his previous accuracy, it’s even more strange that he was wrong about Claire and Aaron – Aaron did indeed get on a helicopter, but Claire not so much. Why was he wrong about that?
   * After all the timeskipping, it seems likely that Desmond did in fact have the ability to see the future; The Swan was right over a potent pocket of energy that could potentially manipulate time and space. Still no hint why he was wrong about Claire though.

– Why did Eko see the smoke monster as darkness while Locke saw bright light? Why did the monster decide to kill Eko?

– Ben clearly abducted Alex from Rousseau. What led to him adopting her? What did he tell her about her origins?
   * Why didn’t Ben kill Rousseau when he abducted Alex? More, why did he give her advice that would help her survive on the island? Why did he defy Whitmore’s orders where Alex and Rousseau were concerned?

– Why were The Others trying to brainwash Carl? Have they brainwashed anybody else? Did they create that facilities to brainwash or was that a leftover from Dharma?

– Why did The Others “mark” Juliet? What was the purpose? What did the symbol mean?

– How was Mikhail recruited by The Others? What specialty did he bring? Ben said he was a “loyalist”, and that loyalty seemed to be to “the island”. What happened to inspire such devotion in him?

– Who built the fence around the Dharma compound? Was it designed to keep out wildlife, The “Hostiles”, the smoke monster, or something else entirely? All of the above?

– Will anything come of Claire’s note on the bird?

– Who was the blonde women in the painting on Ben’s wall? His mother? His childhood friend (turned wife?)

-Any significance in the recurring bottle of expensive whiskey, or just another “coincidence”?

– Was there a purpose to seeing Nikki and Paolo be buried alive? Will the Lostaways ever learn they did that?

– Why are The Others fixated on Locke? They seem to be reacting as though he’s a messiah figure of sorts. There are things he’s expected to do also, so is there a prophecy involved?

– Is the island in fact turning on Ben? Why was his healing stunted until he left South Otherington? Is it the same reason why Locke began to lose the ability to walk in S1?

– The implant The Others put in Claire: They triggered something to make her sick in time for Juliet to get there and cure her, but does it serve another purpose? What exactly does it do? It’s a little far-fetched to think they planned ahead for Juliet to infiltrate the camp all the way back in S1.

– Was there a reason why they prominently focused on the picture on the monk’s desk in Desmond’s flashback?

– Why is Ben so adamant that nobody leave the island? Not the Lostaways, not his own people. “Because I can’t” is all he says in response to why he won’t let them leave.

– Flight 815 found in the outside world, with bodies and all. We know that can’t be true, so what was really found? Who set up a fake crash site and why? Were the bodies real, and if so, who were they?
   * Appears to be actual wreckage and actual bodies, not doctored footage.
   * The boat captain (per Whitmore) said that Ben set up the fake crash.
   * Per Tom to Michael, Whitmore set up the fake Oceanic 815 crash site. Tom also said the bodies came from a cemetery in Thailand and had paperwork showing Whitmore paying to have the fake site created. This may still be true, even if Ben orchestrated it and not Whitmore.
   * Miles deadtalks to a guy named Felix (shown to him by Naomi); Felix was on his way to Whitmore with all the proof that the Gordon’s Fisherman had that Whitmore orchestrated the fake 815.
   * Whitmore confessed to Faraday that he set up the fake crash. Says he told Faraday about it because Faraday wouldn’t remember.

– What was Dharma’s purpose on the island? What happened between them and “The Hostiles”? What was “the incident” that precipitated the need for the button in The Swan? Did it happen before or after Ben arrived?
   * What was “the incident”? Drilling into the pocket of energy under The Swan was, at least, the trigger. Would it have happened without the h-bomb is another question.

– What happened to Ben’s childhood friend? With him still having those dolls she made for him, she is clearly still special to him.

– What’s the story behind Richard? He was on the island before Ben (a native?), but doesn’t seem to have aged at all despite Ben growing up and now looking far older. He recruited Juliet and nudged Locke toward a solution that The Others would accept regarding killing his father. It seems he wants Locke to be part of their group, maybe he’s ousting Ben? Their use of him has been relatively subtle thus far, but he seems to be far more important than originally indicated.
   * He also showed up twice in Locke’s past: right after Locke was born and when Locke was about 7 or so in the foster home. In both instances Richard looked exactly the same age as he does now.
   * He said he doesn’t answer to any of the leaders, so who does he answer to? Jacob directly?
   * Ben says, “Richard is a kind of adviser. And he’s had that job for a very, very, very long time.”

– Jacob. Who is he? The only person Ben seems to fear. Jacob only talks to Ben, something Ben seems murderously protective of. Lives in a shack deep in the jungle that seems to move around at will. Feels the same way about technology as Locke (meaning doesn’t care for it?) Seemed at first to be imaginary but then shit started flying and we saw him for a split second. Only thing we’ve heard him say is “Help me”.
   * One of The Others says that Jacob had “a list” and that Jack wasn’t on it. Another said that Kate and Sayid also weren’t on it, but indicated that Locke might be.
   * What was the trail of grey dust that was around the shack? ANSWER: Ash. Of what, no idea.
   * He looks to have been on the island waaay longer than anyone else.
   * He visited several of the Lostaways at key moments in their past.

– Why did Ben lie to the rest of his people about the Looking Glass flooding? Why did he say that the two girls were “on assignment in Canada”? What are The Others doing that having people “on assignment in Canada” is a perfectly reasonable explanation for their whereabouts?

– What was in the newspaper that Future!Jack saw and got so upset about?
   ANSWER: The obituary for “Jeremy Bentham” aka John Locke.

– What is this temple that Ben is taking The Others to?

– Are the reproductive problems on the island limited to humans?
   * The baby piglets seen in S1 seem to indicate yes.

– Who’s in the casket that Future!Jack visits?
   ANSWER: “Jeremy Bentham” aka John Locke.

– Who is the girl from the parachute really? How did she get Desmond’s picture? What’s on the boat 80 miles west of the island? Are they planning to wipe out all life on the island like Ben claims? They don’t seem to be connected with Penny or any actual rescue efforts. Who are they? How do they know about the island?
   * ANSWER: What’s on the boat?/Who are they? People working for Charles Whitmore.
   * Are they planning to wipe out all life on the island? Maybe. There was a gas chamber that Juliet seemed to know could in fact do that, but Faraday and Charlotte disabled it. They said they did so to prevent Ben from using the gas, but they might have been lying or lied to.
   * ANSWER (sorta): How do they know about the island? Charles Whitmore. How HE knows about it is another matter again.
      ANSWER: Whitmore knows about the island because he used to live there. Unclear if he was born there or not, but he was at least there a very long time and was their leader before Ben took over.

– What’s on the other tapes in the radio tower?

– What’s up with the “flashback” with bearded I-want-to-crash-again Jack and Kate?
   ANSWER: Show format switch from flashback to flashforward.

Season 4
– How is it that Hurley could also see Jacob’s shack (and Jacob/Jack’s dad)? Is he also connected with The Island?

– Why was Faraday so upset at seeing the wreckage of Oceanic 815 on television?
   * We returned to that scene in S5 and it played out, but they still never said why he got so upset. POSSIBLE ANSWER: Because his work is frying his brain and making him really emotional and unstable.

– Does Miles really have psychic powers/the ability to communicate with the dead? All evidence thus far indicates yes, which further opens the door to metaphysical rationale for the events in the show.
   ANSWER: Miles’ powers seem to be quite genuine.

– Why did Whitmore/Future!Hurley-visitor-guy-from-Oz assemble that team (Faraday, Charlotte, Miles, Frank) to go to the island? What was their mission? Why those four?
   * Faraday to figure out exact heading they needed to get to the island and back? Also to locate it in the first place.
   * Miles to talk to the Dharma people Ben helped them gas and kill. (Per Whitmore at least.)

– What does Whitmore want with Ben?

– What is up with the apparent time discrepancy between the island and the outside world?
   ANSWERED (sorta): The island is by (or is, or contains) an energy source that affects time and space. More specifics, including how, haven’t been stated.

– Does Faraday have a memory issue? He appears to be having Charlotte help him test it on the beach. Is it connected to the anomaly thing around the island and the massive amounts of radiation Past!Faraday admitted he’s repeatedly exposed to?
   ANSWER: Yes, Faraday’s mind was totally going. Seems the island healed him.

– Did Ben create the reproductive problem to get Juliet on the island? “Everything I did to bring you here,” he says. Does that simply refer to orchestrating the bus accident or does it go further? And if it does, how did Ben learn of Juliet enough to get so fixated on her?

– How did Whitmore get 815’s black box? (Assuming that is of course 815’s black box.)

– What are “the rules” that Ben says Whitmore broke by his commando killing Alex? Who agreed to these rules? When were they agreed to?
   * Dr. Orientation says there are “rules that can’t be broken” regarding time travel (ex: going back to kill Hitler is “absurd”). Are those rules the same as the rules Ben says Whitmore broke?
   * Faraday tells Desmond that “the rules” don’t apply to him. Again, different rules or same rules?

– How do Ben and Whitmore know each other? What’s their history?
   * Per Whitmore, he was leader on the island until Ben forced him to leave.

– Jack’s dad. How is he on the island? He seems real enough, appearing to be holding Aaron, but then he’s also popping out of nowhere in front of Michael before a bomb goes off. Plus there’s the whole part where he’s dead. Is that how Miles saw him? (He can see dead people!)

– What happened to Claire? Why did she abandon Aaron? When last we saw her (outside of Future!Kate’s dream) she was chilling in Jacob’s shack with her dead-and-theoretically-shouldn’t-be-on-the-island dad. Absolutely no mention of what happened to Claire in S5, and nobody seemed to much care either.

– What was with the weird looping vision Locke had about Horace chopping down the tree? Certain parts Horace would repeat (his greeting, his introduction, the tree) but others seemed to be linear. It seemed to have an almost mechanical element in the skipping. Is that a clue?

– Charlotte has come “back” to the island? Was she born there?
   ANSWER: Either born or brought, but yes, her parents were working for Dharma. She left with her mother when they evacuated the island just before The Incident.

– What did Sawyer ask Kate to do for him before he jumped out of the helicopter?
   ANSWER: Take care of his daughter.

– Who is the man that visited Future!Hurley in the psych hospital and Locke in his flashback? Who is the “They” he wanted to know were still alive? He also put together the team to send to the island. He also indicates that Locke “owes him one” when sending Locke on the walkabout.
   * Working for Whitmore. He “gets people where they need to get to”. Seemed to be pushing Locke to reuniting everyone to go back to the island.
   * Killed in S5. Ben took credit for killing him.

– Why is Future!Hurley being visited by the ghosts of Losties past?
   * Not just them. Hurley also seems to be able to talk to dead people. Jacob (when he was alive) said that Hurley was definitely not crazy.

– Why does The Island want the Oceanic 6 to return? “It wants us to go back. It’ll do everything it can.”

– Why is Future!Ben so intent on helping Future!Sayid? Who killed Nadia? Why?
   * Sayid was killing people in Whitmore’s organization. Not beyond Ben to have Nadia killed then blame Whitmore.

– Who were the two survivors of 815 that they acknowledge but who didn’t make it? Why bother to say there were eight, why not just the six who were rescued (thus making the rather elaborate lie all the more elaborate)? What do they say happened to those other two?
   * Desmond and Frank were also in the helicopter, but as neither were on 815 they’re irrelevant to the crash. If those are the other two though, why bother to worry about accounting for them one way or the other?
   * Not Jin, Future!Sun says he died in the crash.

– Future!Jin. Clearly he survived the boat explosion, but how did he get off the island? It seems as though Future!Sun doesn’t know he’s alive, so why didn’t he tell her? Who/why did he remarry? How is it that he’s still working for Sun’s father? Since it’s hard to believe that Sun’s father doesn’t know Future!Jin is running personal errands for him, why is he keeping that from Future!Sun? Why is Future!Jin not even trying to hide his identity by running around, paying exorbitant amounts for stuffed pandas and yelling very loud threats in the middle of the street at a retreating taxi? Presumably all in the same city Sun lives. What was the 20 March 1980 date on his tombstone (opposite his birth and death dates)?

– How to Ben get off the island?
   * He told Future!Sayid he used Desmond’s boat, but all evidence seems to point otherwise: He was wearing the parka we saw him in at the end of S4 as he was moving the island, he had a fresh cut on his arm which we saw him receive, he was in the Sahara desert (can’t get much further away from water) and he didn’t know what the day or year was.
   * Best guess right now is that he time jumped (or The Island time jumped him).
   ANSWER: When he turned the wheel to move the island, he woke up in Tunisia several months later.

– Why did Future!Sun team up with Whitmore? She made sure that he knew that she knew he knew about the island. Why?
   * Sun told Whitmore that she wanted to kill Ben but nothing about why she needed to share that info with him nor what she hoped to get out of a partnership. What’s more, Whitmore specifically wanted Ben captured alive – did he change his mind when Ben threatened Penny?

– Locke = Jeremy Bentham. Why couldn’t Future!Hurley say his name? What went wrong on the island? How did Locke wind up in casket all presumably dead? If he is dead, why does The Island want him back? If the island could stop Michael from dying, why didn’t it protect Locke?
   How did Locke wind up dead? ANSWER: Ben killed him.

Season 5
– Why does Doctor Orientation call himself “Marvin Candle” on the orientation films but goes by “Chang” to everyone in Dharma?

– The island moving through time. Okay. So. It seems to only appear at certain times, right? We know it disappeared when Ben turned the wheel. But then where does it go when it’s not there?
   * Time seems to progress in a linear way for everyone on the island while they’re there.
   * Dharma was able to send people off of the island via submarine … but maybe that was why those subs could be gone for such lengths of time, and those lengths were so different? Two weeks, six months, both of those were said.

– How did Jin get caught up in the island time skipping? He was further out of the “radius” than the helicopter, yet he got caught up with the island while the helicopter went forward in time.

– If the island is “always moving”, per Faraday’s mother, then why did Ben need to turn the wheel to make the island move?

– Why did Jack, Kate, Hurley and Sayid go back in time, but everyone else (including Sun, Frank and Ben) stay in the “real time”?

– “That fence may keep other things out, but not us.” Which brings up two very interesting points then: 1) What is the fence supposed to keep out, and 2) What did Richard need with that code Flashback!Ben brought to him? It seemed to be the code to turn off the fence, and that’s when The Others assaulted Dharma. But maybe they could always have done that? Maybe the task for Ben wasn’t as necessary as his willingness to do it.

– What did Richard mean when he said that healing Ben would make him “one of us” forever? What changed with him?

– Who is this third group of people who came via the Ajira flight? They obviously know about the island and have a very specific goal in mind. They say they’re “the good guys”, but then so did Ben.
   * One of them tried to convince Miles not to work for Whitmore, so they appear to be independent.
   * They knew about Jacob’s shack and burned it down when he wasn’t there.
   * Jacob appeared to the bounty hunter chick and asked her to help him.
   * They know Richard and seemed relieved to find him.

– So what does lie in the shadow of the statue? Jacob literally, but what is the translation of the specific answer that Richard (“Ricardo”?) gives?

– Who is the guy talking to Jacob on the beach?
   * Hates him, wants to kill him, but needs a loophole. Ben appears to have been that loophole.

– Why did Jacob have such … disdain? apathy? … for Ben?

The end approaches. And that’s a lot of questions and dangling plot lines to wrap up in 16 episodes. I dunno.

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