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What I’m doing: Racing through Lost in an attempt to catch up before the season finale airs and I get spoiled all to hell.

What this is: These are my thoughts as I watch the episode.

What’s important: In an effort to avoid spoilers, note that I won’t be reading any comments made to these posts until I’ve caught up. Feel free to say whatever you like and discuss among yourselves, just don’t expect a reply from me for the next month or so.

Stating the obvious: There are spoilers in this post for any and all events through to the episode I’m making notes about. If you don’t wish to be spoiled, please stop reading now.


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Thoughts on Lost 6×01 & 6×02: “LAX”

– Aaand we’re on a plane.

– Oh, the stewardess talking to Jack about the drink who gives him the second bottle? Was that Cindy? Six years later I finally make the connection.

– And Desmond’s on the plane too. Though it makes sense he was never on the island of course. On the plane is a bit harder to go with, but then if that’s the least of our coincidences on this show.

– The island? Now inhabited by Atlanteans.

– Dude we just saw all this in the previously, we don’t need a recap of six minutes ago.

– Kate in a tree and her hearing sucks. She looks to still be in the jungle, which is extra strange as we just saw the island was under water. Did the explosion cause two time lines maybe?

– Kate: “We’re back.” Wouldn’t “We never left” be more appropriate?

– Yeah, there’s a Jack too. And I just saw Ian Whatsits in the credits, so Boone shows back up again. But anyway, I’m going with parallel realities for the moment.

– Oh. Good. Arzt is back too. Yay.

– Sawyer’s ears perk up. “ooo, lottery”

– Sure Jack, don’t bother to go back to shot-and-dying Sayid then.

– Jacob going to Hurley. Well if you’re a dead person with something to say, I guess that’s who you go to.

– There’s Buschemi Frogurt next to Locke. Boone chatting – no Shannon though. Is she not on the plane, or maybe in the bathroom? (Guessing if she doesn’t appear, they couldn’t get the actress.) Also the walkabout stuff – Locke making it up or can this parallel Locke walk? Also, am I going to have to start another designate? Parallel!Locke, NoCrash!Locke. But of course there’s also LockeInTheBox!Locke. Ugh.

– Ben seems quite broken up about stabbing Jacob.

– Tut, Charlie’s hair wasn’t like that in the first season.

– Ben seems unconvinced about LockeInTheBox!Locke, or just doesn’t care maybe.

– A broken bullet – Oh shit, Locke’s Superman!

– A smokey pissed off gear-churning Superman. That can’t cross a circle of ash.

– Well. Goodbye, third stringers! So many questions still left to your name.

– Juliet: “I have to tell you something. It’s really really important.” *dies* Well have fun with that Sawyer.

– Flip back to Boone – indeed looks like no Shannon. I also haven’t seen Michael or Walt or Claire at all. So this parallel timeline or whatever it is changed stuff from before just the incident moment. Very interesting.

– Mike: “It’s been like 12 hours since Sayid was shot, maybe someone should get him to the temple now?”

– Not a guitar in the case. Maybe a violin? There was one pretty prominent in Rousseau’s crew stuff.

– Jack’s dad’s body isn’t on the plane. Was it ever on the plane, or is this a post-nuke change like Shannon not being on the plane?

– Hurley found a book in the cave, but couldn’t see what it was.

– Whispers, yay. Maybe you wanna hold up, Kate.

– It’s a quiet bathroom, the marshal can’t tell he’s not hearing Kate using the toilet?

– Hah, Sawyer wants Miles to tell him what Juliet wanted to say, right? Yup there it is.

– “It worked.” Yeah, still liking my parallel alternate reality idea.

– There’s Cindy. She’s gone quite native.

– Not a guitar but a giant ankh. Holding a note. I’m so glad the Ankh method of letter delivery never caught on.

– Ah, yet Another List. Stupid bloody lists.

– Big pool. For healing? What, does Ra’s al Ghul live here?

– “The water isn’t clear, what happened?”

– Of course Sayid might well face the same “consequences” Little!Ben faced when he was healed. Will Sayid also be “one of us” forever?

– Or maybe Sayid will just die, okay.

– Strike that, there’s Claire.

– Lots and lots of ash circles going up around the temple. Jacob, only thing standing between the good people of the island and unpleasant smoke monsters eh?

– Smoke monster wants to go home? Where do smoke monsters come from?

– Miles at Sayid’s body looking a little strange. Sayid not actually dead then is my guess.

– “Hello Richard, good to see you out of those chains.” Was Richard a slave being transported on the Black Rock?

– And Sayid sits up. Mike: “Maybe Jacob inhabited his body.” Sure, why not. I got nothing.

Overall thoughts
I was half right.

I got the “they woke up on the plane” part, but I didn’t guess there’d be a concurrent storyline on the island. On reflection though I can easily see why. They have way too much island story left to tell, and it’s not like the show doesn’t have experience juggling multiple parallel storylines. Not to mention that staying in one place bones their formula. So I’m cool with that.

There’s nothing in this which makes it feel “final season” yet, but I’m okay with that too. I’ll really just be perfectly okay if they answer some questions. I’m both a little surprised and not at all surprised that it looks like the smoke monster is going to be the “final boss”, if you will. Of all the seeming bad guys we’ve looked at through the seasons, it’s the one that’s remained the most ambiguous. We spent a lot of time with The Others, we’ve spent a lot of time with Dharma. As with all of us, there are good and bad elements to each. But the monster, it seems pretty much okay with killing whoever it wants, and five years later we still don’t know jack about it. So if this season devotes a large part of itself to explaining it? Fine by me. It was the first major WTF about this show, I’m just fine with it being the last explained.

Assuming it will be.

Lord I hope it will be.


Thoughts on Lost 6×03: “What Kate Does”

– “What Kate Does”? Well unless the answer is “die in a fire” I’m not sure I care.

– Miles is looking at Sayid kinda weird now he’s ALIVE too. Maybe Miles is just wondering how many tank tops this man has.

– Kate and Claire’s Excellent Adventure! Still, the presence of Claire in the Crashless Timeline gives me hope that we’ll find out what happened to her on the island.

– Seriously Jack, they have like a million guns and were going to just kill you all about six minutes ago, maybe the demands are a little inappropriate.

– And they beat the shit out of Jack for thinking he can bully his way into whatever he wants. Both Mike and I exclaim with “Finally, thank you!”

– “What Kate Does”? STEAL FROM BABIES.

– Torture on Sayid, or a cleansing of some sort? Maybe Nobunaga here thinks as Mike does that Sayid was taken over by a spirit of some sort? Jacob, or Dark!Locke!Monster or something?

– Whatever the “test”, looks like Sayid failed.

– Did Kate just drive back to the airport and look around until she found Claire, or did she call her and arrange a meeting or what? It SOUNDS like the airport, so even stupider of her to go back there. “What Kate Does”? BE VERY STUPID.

– Claire’s adopters not showing up? A “force” still at work trying to stop the baby from being adopted? …ohhhh wait. The psychic didn’t HAVE anybody waiting for Claire in LAX because as far as he was concerned she was never going to make it that far. Which therefore makes all the stuff the psychic did tell Claire suddenly quite reliable. Will he be a link between the two timelines?

– Man this Other has a seriously crabby attitude.

– Sayid’s infected? Oh when will you stop taunting me with “sickness” talk, Lost?

– I wish my Japanese was better. :\

– Oh great, now Sayid’s coming off like he’s completely stopped thinking for himself and just right up Jack’s butt with everyone else. That’s a pity.

– Aw nuts, looks like I was wrong about the psychic thing. That sounded so neat too. Ahh well. There’s still a possibility there in that the “universe” is going to attempt to correct itself in the NoCrashTimeline. How it’ll do that with a sunken island I dunno, but.

– Claire going into labour. Will Kate deliver again?

– In the shoebox: Photos of Juliet? Why would Sawyer bury those in the floorboards though?

– Man, you know, did the writers kill Juliet just so Kate and Sawyer can hook up? Displeased.

– Hospital. Juliet? Oh, no, Ethan. “Goodspeed”, seriously? Goodwin, Goodspeed. Okay, whatever. (Mike: “They’re all good.”) Here’s my thought though: Ethan was the child of Horace and … that chick I can’t remember the name of. The one whose first husband died. Now all that still did happen before the Incident, so in that respect it’s fine, but then how did Ethan’s mother escape from The Others who were putting a bag over her head? How did the island get evacuated without Faraday to put the idea in Chang’s head and then Miles to confirm he should listen?

– The sound has changed between scenes. It’s not quite the same airplane noise as we go between realities as it was between times in all previous seasons.

– Nice ring. Is there a Dharma brand jeweler here too? Dharma’s like an evil Fred Meyer.

– “You just have to trust me.” Also a most-spoken phrase in this show.

– Action CPR!

– What’s in the pill? Poison. Mike: “He didn’t say the infection would spread through Sayid, just that it would spread.”

– The Kate/Claire scenes are actually kinda cute. It’s a shame they couldn’t have, you know, maybe interacted for more than ten minutes in the five years previous and in the actual timeline.

– Well to be fair Jack it probably IS just tea. It wasn’t like they couldn’t have let you die a second ago.

– They believe Sayid has been “claimed”. Sounds a lot like the possession Mike theorized last episode. “There’s a darkness growing in him, and once it reaches his heart, everything your friend once was will be gone.” Well okay, that sounds enough like a “sickness” Rousseau experienced in her crewmates.

– The sickness thing happened to Claire huh?

– owowowowbeartrapowow

– Blonde shooting people? Claire? Yup. Mike: “It’s Claire Rousseau!”

Overall thoughts
Most of what stuck with me in this episode was Claire. Perhaps not surprising as she just fell off the face of the earth last season.

I’m kinda disappointed about the psychic thing in truth, although since it was something I created on the fly I probably shouldn’t have been. I think I just liked the idea of it all coming together like that, as well as the idea that we had somebody from many many episodes back that we could start to analyze now to figure out what happened. As it stands though, I’m going to guess the psychic thing won’t come up again, which will unfortunately include his appearance in Eko’s flashback.

And on the heels of that I’m forced to admit that I strongly suspect there to be a lot of dangling threads once we’re all done. Or, that they’re going to give us a kind of rubber stamp answer for whatever’s left. Like, if it is all “destiny” and crap, then everything that happened had to happen to get everyone where they were. And leave it there, so that any audience member who must have a specific connection is forced to make it themselves. Just don’t see how they can address everything had have it feel satisfying with so few episodes left.

Another quick thought on Claire: was her actress just off for a year or something?


Thoughts on Lost 6×04: “The Substitute”

– The first thing that happens to Locke when he gets home? The van thing sticks, then he falls, then he gets spinklered. Yeah. Dammit.

– Katey Sagal! Yay! More proof that things changed before the flight even took off.

– “…and your dad.” So … Yeah, I’m not sure what to say about that one. That’s going way back in changing shit.

– So thus far we’ve got a lingering post-flight connection between Kate and Claire and Jack and Locke. Thinking maybe Sawyer and Hurley too? We’ll see in a future episode.

– Ha. “Search and Destroy” is the music playing when Smoke!Locke hovers outside the Others’ house. Oh, musical amusement.

– “John’s a candidate. Or at least he was.” Richard doesn’t even know what that means. Is Dark!Locke trying to recruit Richard now. Looks like. So is Dark!Locke going to kill him now for saying no? …okay wtf is that vision shit in the jungle? Is the bestower(?) of visions getting them himself? Mike’s guessing it’s young Jacob.

– Ben telling the truth about the death of Bounty Chick’s friends, but then goes back to form and lies about who killed Jacob. Then she goes to the fire pit and grabs a handful of the ashes there. We know ashes protect against the smoke monster. It’s now making me wonder if Jacob has a phoenix thing going on.

– Locke going to try to recruit Sawyer next huh? This might work, Sawyer’s pretty much in a “fuck it, don’t care” place right now anyway. Still, what is Locke recruiting? An army? They have repeatedly said a war is coming. How pissed is Ben gonna be that Dark!Locke never even tried with him?

– Hurley. Oh yeah, he does own the company doesn’t he? Well maybe he’ll get Locke his job back. Or just get him an awesome new one, that works too.

– And even in death Locke can’t get respect. Can we maybe bury him please? Sun? C’mon. “We need to bury him.” Yes thank you.

– Sawyer sees the kid too huh? Not that shared visions are new.

– “You know the rules. Can’t kill him.” So many rules. They need a book. (“Book of Law”? Hm.)

– Rose too, yay!

– Dark!Locke: “What I am is trapped. And I’ve been trapped for so long that I don’t remember what it’s like to be free. Before I was trapped I was a man just like you.”

– Bounty Chick says that Dark!Locke can’t change his face any more, that he’s ‘stuck this way’. Wonder why. But regardless, shades of Fred/Illyria here. A convenient way to kill the character but keep the actor.

– Luggage delivery? Now Katey Sagal will see whatever Locke really went to Australia for. Oh, she won’t have to, he’s telling her.

– Sawyer and Locke at the cliff. They need to go down. Mike: “They’ll use Jacob’s ladder!”

– Well I sure hope they have another way back up.

– Oh huh, white and black stones! Locke throws the white one in the ocean. “Inside joke.” Harhar. (“These? They really don’t mean anything” <toss>)

– Scratches on the ceiling … Jarrah, Reyes … Huh, that’s one hell of a list.

– Locke as a teacher. I can see that. And wait, there’s Ben. Him as a teacher, maybe not so much. Or at least not one any of the kids actually like. He’s basically this school’s Snape.

– Back to the scrat– Wait wait wait. The numbers are in front of those names. I see “16- Jarrah”, “42-Kwon” … How many were on Jacob’s list that they brought into the temple? Six right? And six numbers. Jake, Kate, Hurley, Sayid (16), Sawyer and Jin (42). Sun is the odd one out, as she never went back in time. Okay continuing the ep …

– Dark!Locke says Jacob wrote the names and numbers on the cave.

– More numbers/names: 23- Shephard, 8- Reyes. And boom, there’s my wrench in the works. 4- Locke. Which means it could be Sun OR Jin. So who’s left out? They’re showing Jacob flashbacks along with each of these, but Jacob met both Kate AND Sawyer.

– But there’s the last (that Locke’s pointing out anyway): 15- Ford.

– When you were young, miserable and vulnerable, he came to you. Choices that you made weren’t really choices at all. These are “candidates”. “He thought he was the protector of this place, and you’ve been nominated to take over that job.” Three choices: “Do nothing and see how all this plays out and possibly your name will get crossed out.” <crosses out Locke> “Second option, you can accept the job, become the new Jacob and protect the island.” From what? “Nothing, that’s the joke. It’ll be fine without all the lives he wasted.” “The third choice is that we just go. We just get the hell of this island and we never look back.” “How do we do that?” “Together.” Not really an answer but Sawyer’s okay to take it anyway.

Overall thoughts
You certainly can’t say that stuff didn’t happen in this episode.

Obviously the names and numbers have to jump way the hell up in your face when thinking about what just happened. I’m actually kind of surprised that I hadn’t considered about a link between the two before now, but then in my defense, they don’t exactly match up. I mean for starters Kate isn’t included, and you kinda would figure that she would be. So I won’t feel too bad.

What DOES it mean though? What’s this “candidate” stuff? Dark!Lock says that it’s basically to become Nu!Jacob, while simultaneously saying that there’s no need for such a thing. Is he lying, telling the truth, or telling the truth as he sees it? What’s more, why those choices for the job? Why Sawyer but not Kate? Why Hurley but not Rose? Why Locke but not Ben? “Why them?” is a question that I suspect, once answered, will send a lot of other pieces flying into place.

Something else I’m wondering too is if Dark!Locke isn’t in fact the current “candidate”. That maybe what he’s looking for is escape, yes, but more importantly someone to take his place. Perhaps he can’t escape without it. Certainly it’s arguable that he’s no “protector of the island”, but then we have only his word to go on that that’s the function of the “candidate”. There’s a myth or a story or something tickling the back of my mind that pertains to this, but I can’t pin it down.

And a final thought about the NoCrashTimeline. Katey Sagal included “your dad” to Locke when talking about their upcoming wedding. Now that’s a hell of a thing and makes me wonder just how far back did the NotCrashing send the timeline? It was a series of events all revolving around Locke’s father that put in the wheelchair in the first place. The wheelchair and Locke’s condition is still very real, but it seems unlikely that the reason he’s in it is the same. I mean it’s one thing to forgive your father for stealing your kidney but quite another to forgive him for pushing you out of an 8th story window and paralyzing you. And it can’t even be that Jacob appearing to the Lostaways is the divergent point in their storyline because Jacob came to Locke just after he landed on the ground.

So just how far back does all this go?


Thoughts on Lost 6×05: “Lighthouse”

– “Lighthouse”. What was the lighthouse? The church where that pendulum was right? No wait, Mike’s correcting me- that was The Lamp Post.

– Hm, NoCrash!Jack with an appendix scar. But his mom saying it happened when he was 7 or 8 and he simply can’t really remember it.

– “David” huh? Jack’s kid it seems. And a bit older than just a few years, so NoCrash!Jack must have had him pre-flight.

– Jacob visiting Hurley again. Someone’s on their way to the island and Hurley has to help them find it.

– Book: The Annotated Alice

– Sounds like the kid is a product of divorce. From Jack’s wife?

– owowowbeartrapowow

– Jack has to go with Hurley. Of course he does. <eyeroll>

– Another title for this series: We’re Lost, Let’s Go See Jacob.

– DUDE CRIB BABOON SKULL BABY WTF. Claire has become Rousseau! Only creepier! And I didn’t think that was even possible.

– In Jack’s dad’s study: There’s that scotch again.

– Huh, another tie-in I’m guessing: When they found that trap in the jungle last episode – wasn’t an old trap of Rousseau’s, it was Claire’s.

– Who’s Claire’s “friend”? Told her The Others have Aaron. I guess she’s forgetting she just left him crying in the jungle then.

– Jack just stepped on … Shannon’s inhaler. That’s a nice callback.

– And hey, the caves! Where … ohemgee the bodies. They’re going back to something from like the fifth episode that was never brought up again. I’m truly amazed here folks. I might actually get to cross some old stuff off my list. Hurley: “What if we timetraveled again and these skeletons are us.” That might be important since now Jack’s going to cry about his daddy again and we’re not going to find out anything else on them right now. Dammit Jack.

– Oh sure, a lighthouse. Makes perfect sense why they missed that for the past five seasons.

– Ooo axe to the gut, that’s a nasty way to die.

– So Jack’s going to bond with his son by virtue of a) His son never clearing his messages, and 2) Jack’s complete disregard for anyone’s privacy.

– Hey, it’s Nobunaga.

– What’s on the lighthouse fire thing? Names? All crossed out. Looks like at 108 degrees and also crossed out: “Wallace”. Weird buildings in the mirror. Chinese temple? I don’t think that was the temple on the island though. No wait, the temple where Sun and Jin got married? And some sort of church spire perhaps. But now we’re moving on, and … Kwon, not crossed out, at 42. We must’ve misread the degree with “Wallace”. Yeah, Ford and Jarrah at 15 and 16. Hey, is that “Rousseau” at 20? Mike: “Would that be Danielle or Alex?”

– The “Shephard” at 23, written quite different from all the other names. Mike was also just wondering if “Locke” at 4 would be crossed out already, but they don’t come in early enough for us to see.

– In the mirror at 23 – the house where Jack grew up. If he was watching you the whole time wouldn’t it be at your current location? Or at least where you were before the flight.

– And Jack smashes the mirrors. (Does he hear or fear?) But I gotta think Jacob guessed that would happen.

– Perhaps not surprisingly, I can’t get into this Jack/son thing. Hi don’t care new character now please.

– Something bad coming to the temple, huh? Good to know Jacob is tending to his flock there.

– Oookay and Jin lying about Aaron to send Claire after The Others? What’s more, Mike’s getting a deja vu about this, but it’s not familiar to me. Has Jin been “infected” too? And is Claire the “something bad” coming to the temple they can’t stop? I mean she might be a little bit more badass now, but I’m not sure I buy her taking out a whole fortified group of armed survivalists with Ninja CPR.

– Claire: “That’s not John, this is my friend.”

Overall thoughts
More name/number connections. Or, rather, the same connections with a different application. This time all about spying. Much beyond that we don’t know, and I’m having trouble guessing. On the one hand I’m inclined to say that it was set up for Jack’s benefit, to give him something to break down and feel like he’s rebelling in a way. But given that he seems to be all “Yeah destiny okay I’m on board” I’m not sure how much it was necessary. Not to mention the fact that it’s a hell of a lot of effort to have gone through just for that.

I do think that Jacob knew Jack would smash it though (honestly, no other reason to have Hurley bring him), so I have to think that Jacob either didn’t need the lighthouse any more (if it is indeed for leading people to the island then I’m guessing he already has everyone he needs) or to stop Dark!Locke or someone else from using it. I don’t doubt it had the added benefit of doing something for Jack, but I suspect it was a two birds, one stone thing.

As for what it may have done for Jack, that would require a lot more examination of Jack’s character than I care to put in.

Rousseau’s appearance on the list though, that’s very interesting to me indeed. I automatically assumed Danielle, but Mike made a very good point that it might’ve been Alex. Of course, would she have still been considered “Rousseau” though, or would she have been considered “Linus”? Since Sun is a possibility when considering “Kwon” then it seems the name you’re born with is of less importance. (Assuming that “Kwon” is of any question to Jacob of course since it’s his list. If he would’ve listed Sun as either “Kwon” or her maiden name is all that really matters there, not Dark!Locke’s ignorance of it.)

The final interesting part of this episode was NoCrash!Jack’s appendix scar. The fact that he has it makes me wonder if maybe their bodies are unchanged, at least to a degree, and have been through whatever they went through in the “real” timeline, so the new reality is adjusting itself to account for that. Like, say, if they were to examine Sun would they find that she had in fact been pregnant and gave birth, despite the complete lack of a baby? Or that Sawyer had a scar in his shoulder where he was shot on the raft and had to dig the bullet out? I’m not sure I’m right, nor exactly what it means if I am right. But I’m pretty sure it means something.


Thoughts on Lost 6×06: “Sundown”

– Well that may be a very ominous title.

– Sayid going to see Nadia? I see a wedding ring on her finger, that’s no good.

– So in the NoCrash!Timeline, Nadia was already married. To Sayid’s literal or figurative brother?

– To Sayid: “For every man there is a scale. On one side of the scale there is good and on the other side of the scale is evil. This machine tells us how the scale is balanced. Yours tipped the wrong way.”

– Sayid gets the best fight scenes in this show. The actor must be a fan of doing stunts.

– Man this guy loves his baseball.

– Meanwhile at the circle of ash, Dark!Locke and Claire. Locke will only hurt the ones that “won’t listen” he says.

– Miles says Sayid was in fact dead for two hours.

– “For years he has been trapped, but now Jacob’s gone. He’s free. This man will not stop until he has destroyed every living thing on this island. He is evil incarnate.”

– NoCrash!Jack walking by NoCrash!Sayid in the hospital.

– Well I give big props to Sayid for not hesitating to stabbity on Dark!Locke, ineffective as it may have been.

– I love how it’s this big secret impenetrable temple that everyone can now come and go to however and whenever they like.

– Sayid’s message from Dark!Locke: Jacob’s dead and you’re all free to go, just meet Locke in the jungle. If you don’t leave by sundown you’re all dead.

– Oh Kate, you’re going to tell Claire that you raised Aaron and now Claire is going to kill you like she told Jin she would. Yeah, that wasn’t a very friendly look.

– Hey I recognize the egg guy. …that’s the crazy commando.

– Dude, was this a setup by his brother to make Sayid take out these guys? …no, that’s Jin. Not that the one rules out the other, but.

– Well drowning YOU in the pool didn’t exactly do much Sayid, I’m not sure what it’ll do for Nobunaga.

– He was the only thing keeping it out huh? Not sure how he had that power, was Nobunaga a “candidate” too?

– Bounty Chick: Where’s Ford, Reyes and Shephard. Ben goes after Sayid. But “too late for him”, so he says.

– Has Kate been “infected” now too I wonder? Or is she working on the inside? Given her expression, I’ll guess inside.

Overall thoughts
It looks like the line being drawn between the two “armies” has begun. Irritatingly, I’m not entirely sure what to make of it and while I find it interesting I don’t have much to say about it either.

Yeah, I just sat here for five minutes and tried to be insightful, but I got nothing. Yellow elf needs more info, badly.

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