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**Note: With 6×14 we have only one episode to go before we’re caught up with everyone else. Unfortunately we won’t have any time at all to watch that episode before Sunday. So Sunday morning we’ll watch 6×15 and I’ll post my notes. Then I’ll go back through my Questions list and integrate Season 6 up to the finale. I’ll also probably gather my thoughts and expectations (as low as they may be at this point) for the finale. And then, come 9pm Pacific Time, I will watch my first (and last) as-it-airs Lost episode since the Season 1 finale. I can only hope that I will be less angry when it finishes this time around.

**Note #2: My bad, looks like we have two episodes left, not one. Doesn’t change anything though, all the above still stands.

What I’m doing: Racing through Lost in an attempt to catch up before the season finale airs and I get spoiled all to hell.

What this is: These are my thoughts as I watch the episode.

What’s important: In an effort to avoid spoilers, note that I won’t be reading any comments made to these posts until I’ve caught up. Feel free to say whatever you like and discuss among yourselves, just don’t expect a reply from me for the next month or so.

Stating the obvious: There are spoilers in this post for any and all events through to the episode I’m making notes about. If you don’t wish to be spoiled, please stop reading now.


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6×11: “Happily Ever After” | 6×12: “Everybody Loves Hugo” | 6×13: “The Last Recruit” | 6×14: “The Candidate”


Thoughts on Lost 6×11: “Happily Ever After”

– Whitmore’s actually being kinda nice to Desmond, that surprises me somewhat. Maybe having a grandson has mellowed him.

– Whitmore re: Desmond: “It’ll be easier to show you than to tell you.” Okay! Now please?

– Back to The Tempest it seems.

– Hey! It’s Chip from Kate & Allie! (Probably not what anybody else knows him for.)

– Ahh shit, more damn bunnies! It never bodes well for the poor bunnies. And they’re all albinos too.

– Well. Sucked to be that guy caught in the magnet thingies didn’t it?

– You need to know Desmond can survive another cataclysmic electromagnetic event or everyone dies? So you’ll try to kill him now? But if he’s you’re only hope then what difference does it make anyway?

– This driver is skeevy as hell. But makes me wonder what Desmond does in this reality. My first guess is “work for Whitmore”. Indeed. And the picture on Whitmore’s office wall: scales, balanced, with one side dark stones and the other light.

– And hey, in this reality Desmond gets the damned scotch. And more ass kissing from Whitmore than any one person should have.

– My, NoCrash!Charlie is a delight.

– So DriveShaft had exactly one song then.

– Desmond’s car goes in the water. Mike: “Man, Charlie’s just determined to drown or choke on something isn’t he?”

– All those people staring at them on boats – maybe someone would like to help?

– Giving Desmond an MRI – another electromagnet, that’ll serve him well I’m sure.

– Okay so Eloise took this amazingly and suspiciously well.

– Oh and now you’ve pissed her off Desmond, you’ll regret that I think.

– …huh, Eloise knows. It’s the pawn shop all over again.

– And so too it seems does Faraday.

– The NoCrashTimeline appears to be getting ready to crash down around everyone’s ears.

– Me: “There’s the damned stadium again.” Mike: “She’ll probably be running up and down the stairs.” <cut to Penny running up and down the stairs> Mike: “Dude, no way, I was KIDDING.”

– And .. then it ends.

Overall thoughts
Wow, I didn’t get anything out of that episode at all. I like Desmond well enough, but this episode overall just felt like a sugary-coated mess. I suppose it’ll all turn out to be extremely important in setup and in retrospect, but did nothing but bore me right now. Next.


Thoughts on Lost 6×12: “Everybody Loves Hugo”

– The voice talking in Hurley’s Mr. Clucks montage: Sounds like Chang.

– Man, lots of grass has grown up over the graves now. And no sign of Nikki and Paolo’s graves that Miles dug up for the diamonds.

– Hurley hearing whispers, that usually doesn’t bode well. Oh, hey, Michael.

– NoCrash!Hurley meeting NoCrash!Libby. Figured as much. But you know, between this and the last episode … don’t tell me that love is going to save the day in all this, please.

– Libby: “Hugo, do you believe that two people can be connected? Like soulmates?” Ugh, it is isn’t it. Dammit, Lost.

– I love how everyone’s so okay with just carrying around the dynamite like it’s nothing any more.

– HAHAHA HOLY SHIT SHE EXPLODED. Well fuck me, forget I said anything about the dynamite!

– Desmond is order #42 at Mr. Clucks.

– Good point by Ben there: Not quite the best fate for Bounty Chick after having so devotedly followed Jacob and his wishes. I mean I suppose you could argue that with Jacob gone he can’t protect anybody, but.

– Well so much for the dynamite. Bye-bye convenient plot device.

– The vision of the boy again, I’d forgotten about him.

– Richard: “Jacob’s here, right now?” You shouldn’t be doubting that too much if you believe Hurley was talking to your wife just a few eps back. And Hurley kinda called him on it.

– My, Jack’s suddenly got a lot of confidence in Jacob and Hurley, who I wouldn’t be surprised to find out is lying right now.

– And Hurley just admitted it.

– Hurley knows what the whispers are? No don’t answer with “Wait here” answer with what they are!

– The whispers, per Michael: “We’re the ones that can’t move on.”

– Desmond: “What’s the point of being afraid?” Mike: “Is Desmond the incorruptible?” <Locke shoves him down the well> Me: “I hope he’s the unbreakable.”

– And of course Sun arrives and Jin’s gone again. He’s now the only one of the potential candidates that’s missing.

– Aaaand NoCrash!Desmond runs NoCrash!Locke over. Pity, Locke actually seemed to be getting shit together in this reality at least. This show just takes a dump on him whenever he is.

Overall thoughts
Here it was, our (probably) last chance to find out what Libby was in the mental hospital for and we didn’t get it here either. It might not have even been the “right” answer. After all, Libby was on the same flight as everyone else. But it would’ve been something. Sigh.

We finally get what I guess is supposed to be an answer when Michael says that the whispers are “the ones that can’t move on”. It makes you think purgatory again, though could just be a location thing. Still, it doesn’t explain … well, much really. The first thing coming to mind, the whispers that preceded Freaky Dripping Walt. Walt wasn’t dead, so it shouldn’t have counted for him. But with only four episodes left I can’t see them coming back to this, so that explanation is probably the best we’re gonna get.

Then we have the “love saving the day” bullshit and … I just … Don’t go there. Please, writers.


Thoughts on Lost 6×13: “The Last Recruit”

– Dark!Locke confessing to Jack that the vision of his father he was chasing back in the first season was him. And apparently all visions of his father. So Dark!Locke is pretty much The First and can only take the personage of someone who died. And it sounds like maybe only dead people whose bodies are on the island too. Though no explanation yet for why he’s currently stuck as Locke.

– Who’s she? She’s Sally Fey!

– Yeah, NoCrash!Desmond would be freaking me out right now if I were NoCrash!Claire.

– And there’s how Sawyer’s plan is going to fall apart – because Jack won’t want to leave Claire, and I suspect she’s going to go squeal to Locke.

– Sayid still wants Nadia, so he must still feel something.

– Locke’s the only one that didn’t abandon you, Claire? If I recall YOU slunk off.

– Oh okay Jack was going to leave Claire behind, but her seeing them, that’ll work too.

– Suspecting that no, Sayid did not in fact kill Desmond. But Dark!Locke clearly can’t read people, not preternaturally or anything – he has to make a judgment call like the rest of us.

– I have a sneaking suspicion Claire’s about to bite it.

– Ahh, will reading. That’s why NoCrash!Claire was being sought by the attorneys.

– I like how Jack still has his backpack on after like a mile swim.

– Ha, I spent the entire build-up to Sun and Jin reuniting sure that one or both would get zapped by the fence.

– And Whitmore double crosses and Jack’s apparently with Locke.

Overall thoughts
Man I just can’t get excited by any of this.


Thoughts on Lost 6×14: “The Candidate”

– How NoCrash!Locke got in the wheelchair: Oh, he didn’t say. Nuts.

– And of course NoCrash!Jack continuing his trend of not giving a shit about anyone else’s privacy. If Locke didn’t want you to know about his accident, if he didn’t want the surgery, maybe you should respect that you utter, utter bastard.

– Well I’d be worried about your pylons being useless, Whitmore’s Group, if they weren’t already useless.

– Yeah, Frank? You’re not on the list either. I don’t necessarily fancy your chances here. You’re in the unfortunate position of being the only one in this group to not have been in the first episode.

– NoCrash!Jack: “Why doesn’t [Locke] want [the operation]?” What the fuck does it matter?!

– The plane looks rigged for bomb. And Frank’s all “Let’s see what it takes to get this baby to fly” as he wanders away. So bye Frank. It’s about to go boom and you’ll be right there on it.

– Oh he’s still there, so maybe not. But I still don’t fancy your chances.

– Another Apollo bar.

– Sawyer picks a group to storm the sub. Mike: “Why exactly is Sun going with them? Do they want her to grow a plant at the enemy?”

– Dark!Locke in the water. Kate shot. Claire left behind.

– Dark!Locke: “Trust me, you don’t wanna be on that sub.”

– And I’m guessing the bomb in the pack is the reason why.

– “Locke can’t kill us”. Like Richard maybe? Nothing can kill you guys but each other?

– Sawyer pulls the wires and nothing happens … then everything happens.

– And there goes Sayid with the bomb and he goes boom, so nevermind my above theory.

– And there goes Frank, though not how I expected.

– Aaand it seems there goes Sun and Jin.

– NoCrash!Locke’s reason for being in the chair. Plane crash he caused.

– Hurley being upset about Sun and Jin is the most upsetting thing I’ve seen yet. But then they show us Jack being upset and that sucks all actual emotion out for me. So thanks for that Jack.

Overall thoughts
Sun and Jin dying is of course the stand out part of this episode. And I figured that would get to me more than it did. In that it might get to me at all.

But nothing, not really. They died, and I said a little “aww” to myself, and that was it. Frankly Hurley being all broken up about it upset me way more, up until, as I mentioned, they went to Jack walking away and crying, which irritated me more than it did anything else. I’ll come back to that in a minute.

It’s a shame though, because when this started I really dug on Sun and Jin. That faded dramatically for me, as you guys who’ve been following my notes well know. But something I haven’t talked about too extensively is how unfortunate it is that they never gave the characters much of an opportunity to grow, at least not in appreciable ways. That’s even more strange when you consider that they spent the better part of two seasons without a single interaction.

I’m inclined to say that Jin came off better for that time apart, but that’s only relative. The show was so intent on focusing on Sawyer during that time (the group that became part of Dharma) that everyone else fell by the wayside. But you know, even MILES developed more as a character. Jin had nothing to do. Three years with Dharma and he came out of it exactly the same as he went in. That should be criminal.

Sun had interesting flashes of something more to her which I appreciated, even after the affair. Her ballsy “I bought controlling interest in your company” move was awesome, as was her direct confrontation with Whitmore. Unfortunately all of these promising moments dropped away in her quest to find Jin again. Also very unfortunately one of those “moments” would be her daughter.

A daughter, I hasten to add, that didn’t even come up in their “we’re about to die” scene. I kept expecting Sun to, at least, be all, “Go, leave me, raise our daughter”. Nothing. That kid was a plot device literally from the moment of conception and discarded when she no longer had anything to offer to the writers’ vision.

From the moment we met them, Sun and Jin had no identity outside of each other. Whenever they’d start to develop something, the writers would regress them again. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Jin become one-dimensional the moment he was separated from Sun, and I similarly don’t think it’s a coincidence that Sun couldn’t do anything at all but obsess over finding Jin again.

They couldn’t even get their own deaths.

I get that it was sweet and touching. And it was. But what a waste. How much more interesting would it have been to have one survive the other? But we don’t have time for that now I guess. There’s still a Jack to build up to godlike levels.

Which brings me to what was probably the biggest “Eff You” to Sun and Jin: We cut away from their farewell, their final resting place, to go to NoCrash!Jack and make the whole episode about him again, in the most irritating Jack way possible: his complete and utter disregard for anybody’s wishes but his own. And what’s worse is that NoCrash!Locke tells him. You know my response? “Fuck you, doc. What gives you the right to go digging into my life?” But no, Jack is of course right regardless of the when, and so Locke tearfully confesses all. Mike says, “Well at least Locke didn’t agree to the surgery.” I respond with, “There are still two episodes to go.”

“It’s going to be you, Jack,” Sayid said critically before getting himself all blowed up. You know that’s how it’s been pointing since the first episode, and I can’t help but hope not.

And finally, in case you missed it, Frank died too. But nobody gave a shit about Frank, so I’ll be surprised if it gets more than a brief mention next episode.

And then there’s Sayid. We remember Sayid right? But oh yeah we don’t care about him either any more.

God dammit, Lost.

I’ve been thinking, and you know, I don’t know how the hell this could resolve in any way that would feel satisfying to me. I’ve seen nothing to give me that much more confidence in the writers now than I had when I first stopped watching, back at the end of Season 1. But you know what I think might impress me more than anything else right now? Bringing Walt back in. I can’t help but feel that they had so much momentum built up around that kid and it just went nowhere. I think Walt needs to be involved, or at least resolved, by the finale, else I’m going to feel supremely cheated.

Odds are very good I will feel that way regardless, but it might help a tad.

  • Goldie

    It’s not just love that makes them remember the other timeline. It’s near-death experiences too. That’s why Desmond ran over Locke. There was no love to motivate him, he already had Helen.

    • Jet Wolf

      Sorry, I have to largely disagree with you on this one. I think it pretty much WAS all shmoopy “twu wub” nonsense. Sure there are a few that play outside that a little bit – Kate’s “moment” was obviously the birth of her surrogate son (who is then promptly forgotten all about so WELL DONE KATE), but the “love” ones far outweigh the other.

      I mean, Hurley? Hurley’s big moment was Libby? Seriously? Dude lives for gods only know how long and the single most soul-touching moment of his entire existence was a chaste kiss shared with a woman he knew for approximately six days? Frankly I think it speaks volume after sad, sad volume that THESE were the most pivotal moments in their lives. That even those who escaped the island, every last one, never had anything better happen to them than those days on the island.