May 232010
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This’ll be a quick and dirty post, as I’m cutting it to the wire and want to stake my claim now. Here are things I really want/need explained in this finale. I’m going to skip the big stuff that I’m sure will be addressed (ie: who survives, how the two timelines come together or are resolved, etc.), but be sure that if they’re not that I’ll be back to talk about it.

In no order other than how I think them up off the top of my head in my rush to post:

1. Walt. Way too much time and effort spent on him in season 1 and even season 2 to let this drop. Why the weird shit going on around him? Why did The Others take him? Why did they give him up again? Walt needs answers – real answers -big time.

2. Dharma. Assorted but major questions that were pivotal at one point in the series and then dumped. Their experiments (like in, say, the observatory station), how they got to the island in the first place, why the films had parts removed, why Dr. Orientation lied about his name, who dropped supplies, just tons of stuff like that. Dharma has become nothing but familiar convenience by this point in the series but without any real resolution in my eyes, and that’s unforgivable given how we started.

3. The Statue.. You can couple this with all the Egyptian shit. It looks like CJ Cregg took us back to ancient Greek or Roman times, but we’ve seen tons of evidence of a different culture entirely. I want to know who built that statue, and why, why there were hieroglyphics everywhere, what connection Anubis has to the smoke monster, etc.

4. The Numbers. Them being attributed to each of the candidates is not an answer, it’s another level to the question.

5. The Light. It seemed to be sort of described as “goodness” or “soul energy” or something stupid like that. But why did it effectively strip Smokey of his goodness and make him a monster? What’s in there? Why is it there? Again, the “answers” given are not answers.

6. Who are The Others, really? There were a hell of a lot of them. Just people Jacob brought here but didn’t really need? They were with Richard, who was liaison for Jacob. But Nobunaga was all that was keeping Smokey out of the temple, so he seemed to have a power all his own. But even despite that, let’s just go basic: Who are they and why are they there?

7. The Oceanic Six. Why did those guys have to come back to the island? Why not Aaron, who was born on the island, or Ji Yeon, who was conceived there? What purpose did they serve in coming back? Why did Sun stay in the present while Jack, Kate, Hurley and Sayid go to the past?

Running out of time so this list will have to do for now. I didn’t get to The Big List specifically like I wanted, but I’ll be back to revisit it. Oh yes.

Finale time approaching for the west coast. Time for pizza. Pizza will make it all better.

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