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What I’m doing: Racing through Lost in an attempt to catch up before the season finale airs and I get spoiled all to hell.

What this is: These are my thoughts as I watch the episode.

What’s important: In an effort to avoid spoilers, note that I won’t be reading any comments made to these posts until I’ve caught up. Feel free to say whatever you like and discuss among yourselves, just don’t expect a reply from me for the next month or so.

Stating the obvious: There are spoilers in this post for any and all events through to the episode I’m making notes about. If you don’t wish to be spoiled, please stop reading now.


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6×15: “Across the Sea” | 6×16: “What They Died For”


Thoughts on Lost 6×15: “Across the Sea”

– What, no Previously? [Note after ep: I guess it doesn’t get a hell of a lot more “previously”.]

– Who is that? On the wreckage? Do I know who that is? Good lord don’t tell me they’re introducing new characters at this point.

– Mike notes it looks like a time of very limited technology. The woman’s pregnant though. Maybe … Jacob’s mother? Maybe Smokey’s mother? He said he was a man and that his mother was all crazy and shit.

– Whoever she is, her name is Claudia. She’s speaking Latin it seems – the language of The Others I think Juliet said.

– Oh hey! It’s CJ from West Wing! I love Allison Janney!

– Whoever CJ is, she got there “by accident”, like Claudia did.

– Hah. “Every question I answer will only lead to more questions.” WELCOME TO THIS SHOW. Mike: “That’s the best reason I’ve heard yet for why they won’t ever answer anything.”

– Uhm, the baby’s been born, her stomach shouldn’t still be extended unless it’s– Oh, it is twins okay. Mike: “Oh, so it’s Cain and Abel.”

– So it’s Jacob and … Claudia: “I only picked one name.” Of course.

– Well DAYUM, CJ.

– Game. Backgammon I’m guessing. It’s light and dark stones at least.

– “Do you love me, Jacob?” “Sure I love you! Now do ‘The Jackal’!”

– “You’re … special.” And of course nobody who’s ever been called special on this show has turned out well.

– People boar hunting. The original Others? Though honestly if anyone seem the indigenous folks, you’d almost think these guys.

– CJ: “I’ve made it so you can never hurt each other.” Is she the embodiment of the island or something?

– And okay, suddenly we’re in Narnia with its magic golden caves.

– “Light. The warmest brightest light you’ve ever seen or felt. And we must make sure no one ever finds it. … A little bit of this light is inside of every man, but they always want more.” If anyone tries to take it, they put it out, and if it goes out here it goes out everywhere.

– Smokey sees his actual mother. Which is very interesting, as I thought at this point that Smokey was the one creating the visions of the dead people. Also interesting is thst Jacob doesn’t seem to see her.

– Sidenote: See how much more interesting this show is when it’s not about those other characters?

– Jacob can’t see RealMom because she’s dead. So only Smokey can see dead people, talk to them, etc? Sort of like Hurley.

– And we see a village full of people, who’ve clearly been here some time. Who are they? They came here 13 years ago, the day before you were born. So Claudia’s shipmates I guess.

– Can I just say that I find it really hard to believe that these boys, who are what, at least ten or so, haven’t found this completely full and established village that’s like fifty feet away before right now.

– They’ve found the light from earlier, just come at it from another angle. and I see the wheel that Ben turned behind Smokey.

– Yes, it seems he’s building the chamber that moves the island.

– I’m guessing CJ is either about to try to kill Smokey or make him kill her (or both).

– Ah yeah, bash his head in. (She’s fond of rock weaponry.) But of course we know that doesn’t work, at least not all the way. Guessing that smoke is now born.

– The light = “the source, the heart of the island”. CJ says, no matter what, Jacob has to promise to never go down there. It’s “much worse” than dying.

– Looks like the same bottle that Smokey smashed in the Richard episode.

– By drinking, Jacob accepts the responsibility to protect the island and then has to start looking for his replacement.

– Okay not dead then, maybe just knocked out. And the well’s filled in, but it’s not like Smokey can’t just dig it up. Though looking at the village, guessing it’ll be a little bit harder to do. But not impossible, he can still build it, yeah? Though maybe he doesn’t know how. But obviously someone at some point does. (And just as obviously it didn’t work for him.)

– “I’ll see you back home.” Oh please, it could not be more obvious that this is your goodbye.

– Oh, this looks like the caves? Is that where they lived? And the two stones … is she one of the bodies from the first episode? Who’s the second then? I’m guessing maybe Smokey, but he comes back in a semi-non-corporeal form?

– Wait, Jacob’s about to throw him into the light huh?

– Wow, world’s worst water slide.

– Aaand … he put the light out. Or maybe not, they didn’t show us the cave after the smoke monster left it.

– And there we go, we have our second body. Well props to finally answering who the bodies in the cave are.

Overall thoughts
The two bodies in the cave? Yeah, I completely do not buy that they knew this was where it was gong to go when they first mentioned them in season one. But it’s an answer and I’m not left thinking that it couldn’t happen, or even angry that it did. And frankly when all is said and done, I’d be semi-content to come out of the finale with this sort of feeling, so I can’t complain. Really there’s going to be nothing they can show me in the remaining three and a half hours we have left that will convince me that this path we’ve been on has been conceived since the pilot episode aired. So my expectations are really no greater than “Don’t piss me off, Lost.

The episode itself I thought was quite good, one of the better we’ve seen in a while. But I think that was perhaps aided by the lack of any of the old stable of characters, who I’ve really come to feel next to nothing for. My attitude toward them ranges from “I guess you’re all right” to “I don’t care one way or the other” to “Die in a fire”. I honestly think they could end the show with everyone dead and while I would think it was a terrible ending for a multitude of reasons, I wouldn’t be sad. As far as the characters are concerned, I don’t think I’d feel anything at all.


Thoughts on Lost 6×16: “What They Died For”

– The red splotch on NoCrash!Jack’s neck, the same he saw in the airplane bathroom at the beginning of the season.

– My, NoCrash!Jack’s son seems to have quickly come around hasn’t he. How wonderful.

– Desmond notifying NoCrash!Jack about the coffin. Between this and running Locke over and all, is he trying to set the timelines “right” maybe?

– Kate talking about Ji Yeon. Me: “Maybe you can take care of that kid too, Kate.” Mike: “Well I’m glad SOMEONE remembered her.”

– Would someone maybe like to be a little sad that Sayid died too? I mean he did save every one of you. Or hey! Maybe even Frank, who never did anything but help you guys, who none of you even asked about?

– What really Desmond? Running him over twice? But then Ben saves Locke, then gets his face bashed in for his trouble, sorta remembering Desmond in the process.

– I’d ask Miles to share Alex’s last thoughts, but I doubt somehow Ben would really want to know them.

– Screw survival, can I just get an answer?

– Jacob invited Whitmore back to the island. He visited Whitmore not long after the freighter was destroyed. “He showed me the error of my ways and brought me here for this purpose”. But never said what “this purpose” was.

– And how is NoCrash!Desmond knowing exactly where to go to see the Lostaways again?

– Ahhh shit, here we go. Sawyer’s gonna be all “I should’ve trust you Jack” and I’ll throw up a little in my mouth.

– Jacob again, though in boy form. But now he’s in man form again, so whatever I guess.

– Jacob: “We’re very near the end, Hugo.” Mike: “Seems to me we’re about three HOURS from the end.”

– Richard thinks all Dark!Locke wants is for him to join up. I think you may be wrong in that by now Richard. I think you might also be dead soon.

– Smoke attack! Yeah, maybe not dead yet, but likely dying I think.

– Looks like Ben just sold out the others, but as usual there’s no telling what the hell he’s up to.

– Ha, Alex playing matchmaker with Ben and Danielle. Cute given that Ben never actually killed Rousseau and obviously has a soft spot for Alex no matter when he is.

– Locke on killing Sally Fey: “You told her not to talk to me and that made her pointless.” Ha, that amused me.

– And Whitmore’s gone. But again, no way of knowing if Ben killed him for revenge or to stop Whitmore from spilling Jacob’s big plan.

– “Come and sit down and I’ll tell you what they died for. Why I chose them and why I chose you.” Sit! Stop looking at each other and sit!

– Thought: I know they have multiple endings to this thing. I wonder if the alternate endings are with different people staying on to replace Jacob. (Or it could be each ending in dramatically different directions. …heh, I love how I’m wondering about different endings when I don’t even know how THIS ending is going to turn out yet.)

– Why Jacob brought them to the island: Because of his mistake, for killing his brother. Jacob started looking for his replacement when he knew Smokey would one day figure out how to kill him.

– “I didn’t pluck any of you out of a happy existence. I chose you because you were like me: you were all alone, you were all looking for something you couldn’t find out there.”

– Kate’s name was crossed out because she became a mother, but she can take the job if she wants it.

– What is the job? There’s a light at the center of the island. You have to make sure it never goes out. you have to protect it [from him]. You have to do what I couldn’t. You have to kill Dark!Locke.

– Jack takes the job. Not a surprise, but we’ll see. Maybe it won’t really be his choice in the end.

– Jack drinks. Jacob: “Now you’re like me.” Mike: “But better! Because you’re JACK!”

– Ana-Lucia’s back, and obviously wanting money.

– Hm, Ana-Lucia’s “not ready yet”, says Desmond. Interesting.

– The “one thing” Dark!Locke couldn’t do himself: Leave the island. Well I dare say there are LOTS of things you can’t do yourself, dude. Float up ten foot high pylons and, oh LEAVE THE ISLAND.

Overall thoughts
Lots of people mentioning going to a concert. Whatever’s going to go down in NoCrash!Timeline, I think it’ll happen there.

What I probably found the most interesting single thing in this episode revolve around Ana-Lucia’s very brief appearance.

Firstly, with her showing up that’s almost everybody who was of any importance in this show appearing in this alternate timeline. Almost.

We still haven’t seen Shannon.

We still haven’t seen Eko.

We still haven’t seen Juliet, though Mike thinks that she’s Jack’s kid’s mother and if so we should see her at this concert that’s coming up.

Which maybe wouldn’t be all that notable, you know, except for Desmond saying that Ana-Lucia’s “not ready yet”. That’s a very notable statement to make. Besides the obvious “what” it also alludes to something deeper at work that involves everyone. Not just the candidates, not just the time travelers, but everyone who was on 815.

Now they’ve gone to lengths to show a couple of characters starting to make the connection between all these “you were on my flight” coincidences. And I think maybe we’re going to start seeing them come together fast and furious in the finale. (Note: I think it would be pretty cool if we have someone talking to the girl who drowned in like the second or third episode. I suppose they’d have to tie the swimming thing into it, as I only saw the episode about six weeks ago and I can’t remember many more details than that, let alone looking at it from six YEARS removed. But I think it’d be cool.) But the show’s also gone to fairly big lengths to have us touch base with these characters again one way or another, and I guess what I’m getting at is that if they leave out Boone, Shannon and Eko, I’ll feel cheated indeed.

And Walt. But that’s a rant I will maybe hopefully address very quickly in another post in a second.

My quick feelings as we head into the finale? I’ll go into in more detail (assuming my attitude won’t change here in a few hours) but overall? I don’t get it. I’ve watched the Internet today be all abuzz for the finale. I’ve seen people reflect on how they’ll miss the show so much, what genius it was … and I don’t get it.

It’s been interesting, in large parts. Less interesting in others, but for the most part, yeah. But I feel absolutely zero connection to anyone I’m watching and haven’t for quite a while. What’s more, with some shining examples, I think the show has been written poorly for a very, very long time now. It got tighter with season 4, sure, but I have to say that if I hadn’t been working diligently toward this moment, to catch up so I could watch the finale with everyone else and not be spoiled, I don’t know that I would’ve ever finished it. Too often I’ve been disappointed, or had no confidence in the show, or even bored that I think it would’ve slipped into the “I’ll finish it later” pile and then I just never would.

The finale lays just ahead. I said it before and I’ll say it again: I would really like to be wrong, Lost. I’m ready to be proven wrong. Give it your best.

  • Goldie

    Eko was the only actor who said no to coming back.

    • Jet Wolf

      I just can’t accept actor-events as being excuse enough to not address something within the context of the show.

      I think I said this myself, but the church scene at the end? They could have easily gotten around all the notable absences just by the power of suggestion. Can’t get Eko? Get someone of Eko’s approximate size and shape and shoot him from behind. Same with Walt. It’s not like the viewing audience isn’t already going to leaps and bounds to make sense of things and connect the dots. It wouldn’t have taken much.

      But barest minimum, the writers have an obligation, I feel, to deal with outside-actor problems inside the show, if that show is going to be impacted by said actor. If nothing else, their own internal logic demands it. (Or should. If it doesn’t, then again, I suspect the problems are far greater than an actor refusing to return for a cameo.)