Jun 042010
Rock Band DLC

And interesting assortment of bands releasing for Rock Band next week, though nothing too thrilling from where I’m standing. But I suspect that next week’s announcement will be something major as we head into E3. (Whether it’ll be something I’m personally excited about is another thing again, but I think it’ll be pretty wow, especially as compared to the past few weeks.)

Deftones – “Cherry Waves
Deftones – “Hole in the Earth
Deftones – “Minerva
Boys Like Girls – “The Great Escape
Crown of Thorns – “Rock Ready

The Deftones are a group I’ve not heard of before but what I quickly learned is that you can’t assume what sort of music you’re going to hear from their name. First up is “Cherry Waves”, which is less song and more lazy, hypnotic trance put to music. I can appreciate why it might be a popular song; certainly it’s not bad. But it didn’t really catch me and I think I’d rather just lie back on my bed and listen than play it in plastic.

“Hole in the Earth” is a little more interactive, but again didn’t really stick with me once I’d finished listening to it. Like the previous song it has a dreamy quality, and I think it’s probably one of those songs that if it resonates with you then it’s going to resonate well. For me though it lacked the emotional connection and I didn’t hear anything exceptional that made me excited to play it in the game.

Finally from the Deftones is “Minerva”, which from the beginning has a much harsher sound (particularly when you compare it to “Hole in the Earth” which is just so darned clean). Of the three I found “Minerva” to be the more interesting, musically speaking, but still nothing here that particularly compelled me to open the precious MS Points wallet.

We’ve seen Boys Like Girls courtesy of LEGO Rock Band (“Thunder”). This week’s track is “The Great Escape”, which frankly sounds about the same. It’s pure sugar pop rock and if you like that sort of thing you’re in luck because this song doesn’t try to be anything but. No thank you from this end however – I imported their LEGO song and couple by Blink-182, so as far as I’m concerned I already have every song in this genre. Probably a great choice for those with kids and pre-teens however, as it’s certainly high energy and easily boppable if bopping is your thing.

Then there’s “Rock Ready” by Crown of Thorns. And … I do not know what to make of this. Watching that video – is it real or parody? I mean, this is like every late 80s hair metal video cliche (interestingly enough, save the actual hair). Writhing scantily-clad woman? Check. Lots of snakes? Check. Gratuitous pyrotechnics? Check. Ridiculous overuse of video filters? Check. Attempts to enrage via blasphemy? Check and check. (I mean look at their name, they’re trying to piss someone off right out of the gate.) But then you see the group itself, and from their first appearance in the video I swear to god I thought Flava Flav had started a metal band. And who the hell’s next to him? The Natural Butch Reed? And is that Captain Phil back there? Then they actually have the lyric “people are getting their freak on” and I about lose it. This whole thing feels like something I should be seeing at 3am on public access cable.

As to the song itself, it’s … well. It sounds pretty much like anything I might’ve heard on MTV back in ’88. And like something I might’ve written back in ’88 too. “Take your soul/And let’s go/Are you ready to rock heavy/ Take control/A black hole/” and I’m not sure the rest of the chorus but it sounds like “from watching those hot Betties”. Whatever it is, I’m pretty sure it was written with a rhyming dictionary and a whole lot of self-congratulation. Again I’m struck by my complete inability to tell if I should be taking this seriously or not. (But I think we’re supposed to!)

I cant deny there’s a sort of cheesy charm to “Rock Ready” when taken as a whole, video definitely included (that video … NEVAR FORGET). I could easily see this being a popular track when it’s way too late and you and your friends have had way too much to drink, but even for that I think $2 is at least a dollar too much. I will be passing on this, but I have to thank Harmonix sincerely for bringing it into my life.

Also remember that Green Day: Rock Band releases the same week – so if that’s your thing you should be well set for new Rock Bandy goodness. Me on Green Day? I’ll be waiting until it drops in price. There are some Green Day songs that would be instabuy for me were they regular DLC, but I don’t like anywhere near enough of their music to spend $60, particularly not when I couldn’t pick and chose which songs to import into my Rock Band setlist. So for me it’ll be a game to pick up when it drops to about $20, which it inevitably will.

But hey, I still have Hendrix to get and we’re like a month behind on RBN demos, so I’ve still got lots to do before RB3 info starts streaming in. No complaints here.


  • Stephanie Jane

    Hey you know what Nikki?
    Writing a song can be tricky!
    Especially if the pages of the rhyming dictionary are sticky!
    And I am wearing a dickey
    To cover up my hickey!

    ok i’ll stop now

    • Jet Wolf

      Seriously, it’s not a song yet. You haven’t made a single reference to people getting their freak on!

  • JawaKing

    I’m not really interested in any of this, but I did check out the Crown of Thorns video. Different, to say the least. What did strike me was that this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vt41Px25x54&feature=related was listed as a related video. Jackyl’s song “The Lumberjack.” I had forgotten all about that song. They should put that in as dlc, you could break out your Resident Evil chainsaw controller or something.

    • Jet Wolf

      I don’t know that I know either Jackyl or “The Lumberjack”, but for the love of all that is good in the world will someone please buy that lead singer a shirt with buttons?

    • Jet Wolf


      • JawaKing

        Well, he is. Somebody asked him once about how can you, and he said, “How the hell can you not play a chainsaw?” I think I want to take lessons.

        • Jet Wolf

          Best. Class. Ever.

          I would proudly hang my diploma then play a stirring chainsaw solo to it.