Jun 072010
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The Internet’s a big place. There are at least 100 different sites out there! How will you ever find the time to sift through the dregs for the funniest macros, the awesomest pictures, the interestingest lists? You can’t. It’s impossible. Don’t try.

Instead, let Jet Wolf do it for you. Here’s today’s dose of random shit that I took the trouble to bookmark, just for you.

Not much struck me since the last A Href, but here are a few gems worth your collective minutes.

Iron Baby: This kid has the most awesome dad. Ever.

New York invaded by pixels. 8-bit strikes NYC and nothing will ever be the same again (or 16 colour).

Just a few questions about Lost. It’s concentrated confusion.

I’m a Marvel … And I’m a DC: The Musical. Celebrating the 100th episode of comic book nerd touchstone series with very smooth parts.

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