Jun 162010
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The Internet’s a big place. There are at least 100 different sites out there! How will you ever find the time to sift through the dregs for the funniest macros, the awesomest pictures, the interestingest lists? You can’t. It’s impossible. Don’t try.

Instead, let Jet Wolf do it for you. Here’s today’s dose of random shit that I took the trouble to bookmark, just for you.

Historypin. It combines some of my favourite things: photos, history, and collaboration. Basically you can search for images on an interactive map by location, time or content, or even add your own.

TV University Faculty. What if characters from TV and movies were real and all decided to open up a college? Who would teach what? A question surely burning in the minds of one and all. Burn no longer!

The Google Street car is coming – what do you do? Amazingly the answer for these guys in no way included exposing themselves.

X-Futurama. Every character from Futurama, no matter how obscure, becomes an X-Man this day. Inspired. (Bonus link: The New Mutants by the same artist. It’s absolutely perfect.)

Piano Improv on Chatroulette. You’ve probably heard of Chatroulette, even if you’ve never braved it. (Gods know I haven’t.) But this proud soul did, and he brought some warmth, humour and honest to goodness talent. Chat on, noble hero. Chat on.

Kitten Freaks Himself Out. Because what is a link list without the requisite cute?

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