Jun 162010
Rock Band Network

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Another huge backlog, this time courtesy of the Lostathon. Thankfully with all that behind us we were able to catch up over the span of a couple of weeks and are now back on track.

Please enjoy this meaty super-sized helping of Rock Band Network.

“American Dream” by Silverstein : UND- Vocals too generically Blink-182 and didn’t mesh well with the music for me. [160]

“American Hero” by Ron Wasserman : UND- While I liked the song itself was okay I was pretty much playing the same thing the whole demo. [160]

“Automatic Doors” by A’Tris : UND+ I didn’t have much to do yet, but what I had was interesting. Like the vocal rhythm. [80]

“Beautiful” by Andy Kirk : UND+ Mostly on the strength of the riff and guitar flow. [160]

“Beauty Queen” by The Fury : UND+ I liked that a lot. Guitar kept me busy and loved the singer’s voice. Hard but not heavy. (femvox) [80]

“Blink” by Father Octopus : UND+ I liked that too. Great riff and was going places I didn’t expect. [80]

“Blow at High Dough” by The Tragically Hip : DELETE. A good enough song but at $3 I can’t imagine anything in it being worth that price. (Judging from the lack of video, I don’t think I’m alone in that assessment.) [240]

“Bra Off Party On” by Thuderdikk : UND- Yeah. I don’t think I was the target audience for this song what with my womb and all. [80]

“Bringing Love to the Party” by Steele & Britton : UND- Starts out so promisingly funky but then devolves to gen. pop. Pity. (femvox) [80]

“By Yourself” by The Knew : UND+ See that was more the funky groove I was looking for. Lot of fun with this one, great charting. [80]

“Caught” by Steele & Holden : UND- Points for making me chuckle, but actually wasn’t that much fun to play. Better for drums maybe? [80]

“Chelsea” by The Summer Set : UND+ Only barely positive. Bouncy but not enough to win me over just yet. [80]

“Chemical Infatuation” by Like a Storm : UND- There just wasn’t enough going on in that minute to make me want to play more. [160]

“Dance Floor” by The Apples in Stereo : UND- I’m not sure I liked what I heard, but I give it huge props for being unique. [160]

“Daughter” by Reverand H Chronicles : UND- I’ll give it a shot but didn’t care for the song much and a bit dull on guitar thus far. [80]

“Dead to the World” by The Fire Violets : UND- Felt oddly overcharted to me. But didn’t get much out of hearing or playing it regardless. [160]

“Dead Wrong” by Cancer Bats : UND- Nothing much appealing in sound or play. [160]

“Death Comes (The Wedding Night)” by Inkubus Sukkubus: UND- Kept expecting it to turn into “Glycerine”. Pretty meh all around. (femvox) [80]

“Death Metal Guys” by Rev Horton Heat : UND+ Probably going to take a good few plays to nail it, but hard not to like the Rev. [160]

“Death Quota for Purification” by The Myriad Burial : DELETE. Yeah. No. Thanks but no. [80]

“Delaware Are You? I Don’t Know Alaska” by Safari So Good: UND+ Couldn’t tell if lyrics were as puntastic as everything else but hella fun on guitar. [80]

“Dethroned” by Death Angel : UND- Felt like notes missing in beginning acoustic part which put me off for the rest of the song sadly. [160]

“Dharma Lady” by Geronimo Jackson : UND+ Want to hear rest of lyrics if nothing else. If no ref to a hatch or smoke I’ll be very sad. [80]

“Disappear in You” by Clandestine: UND+ Opening surprised me. Up for more – like death scream when combined w/melodic singing. (femvox) [160]

“Dogs Can Grow Beards All Over” by Devil Wears Prada : DELETE. Just felt like a jumble of noise. Not for me. [160]

“Don’t Feel Like That Anymore” by Johnny Cooper : UND+ Good sound. Sounds like solid rock and there’s nothing wrong w/ that for me. [160]

“Doomed” by 8 Inch Betsy : UND- Not much appealing except maybe drums. But “yay fun!” drums or “omg kill me now” drums? [80]

“Dr. Doom” by The Acacia Strain : DELETE. I didn’t hear a single mention of Reed Richards. More death metal screaming. No thanks. [160]

“Eency Weency Spider” by CJ : DELETE. Was indeed what I thought – rocked up kids song. But I appreciate its inclusion for parents. [80]

“End of This” by Scratching the Itch : UND- Not much there for me, play-wise, but I do love a little 80s synthpop. [80]

“Even Seconds” by The Main Drag : UND- So hit or miss on Main Drag for me. Nothing to grab just yet we’ll see how the full song does. [80]

“Everyone I Know is an Alcoholic” by Robby Suave : UND- Thought it was charted really well & fun to play but no bass is a huge strike. [80]

“Exploited & Exposed” by Symbion Project : DELETE. A rare non-death metal song I don’t care to see full chart on. Nothing appealed here. [80]

“Fake It” by Seether : UND+ Enjoyed more in comparison to other songs so far today? Maybe. But fun and kinda boppy in a hard way. [160]

“Fat Kid” by Nothing More : UND- Looked much more fun on bass (guessing @Ultrace_v1 will disagree there). Mostly noise to me though. [80]

“Fight to Kill” by Holy Grail : UND+ OMG so hair metal. Took me a while to get the riff, but had fun with it. [160]

“Five More Minutes” by Counterfeit Pennies : UND- I was enjoying that right up until he started singing. Really weird drum thing too. [80]

“Flight of the Bumblebee” by Paul Henry Smith : UND+ I had fun with that, seriously. Way short – need full chart to see HOW short. [80]

“Footprints” by John Garrison : UND+ There wasn’t much here to play but I really liked the song. Best we’ve heard so far today, easily. [80]

“Forever in Your Hands” by All That Remains : UND+ Surprised me! I liked the sound and had fun playing it too. [160]

“Freakshow” by Hourcast : UND- Bit too dull on guitar (hopo section aside), but can see potential. We’ll see where they go with it. [80]

“Friday the 13th” by The Riptides : UND+ Energetic and the movie-inspired lyrics made me chuckle. [80]

“Frontier Factory” by Freen in Green : UND+ That was extremely interesting. Very keen to see/hear the full song. [80]

“Goodnight Technologist” by The Main Drag : UND- Liked this better than the last but still didn’t click out of the gate. [80]

“Hail Destroyer” by Cancer Bats : UND- Felt like standard fare. ANGRY standard fare, but still. Don’t expect much more from full chart. [160]

“Haunt My Mind” by The New Regime : UND+, but tentatively. It got much more interesting, but I suspect it may not stay there. [160]

“Heads or Tails? Real or Not” by Emarosa : UND+ Think guitar sound & charting really made that song. But I’m guitar so okay with that. [160]

“Henchmen Ride” by Testament : UND+ That was way fun on guitar – at least for now. A totally non-fun solo could be around the corner. [160]

“Higher” by Creed : DELETE. I don’t like Creed. Next. [160]

“Homeward Bound” by Tumbledown : UND+ Sounded more bluegrass than country but was just ridiculously fun to play on guitar. Awesome. [80]

“How We Roll” by Plushgun : UND+ Also a very fun bit of synthpop. Couldn’t entirely make out all lyrics but sounds amusing to boot. [160]

“HTML Rulez D00d” by Devil Wears Prada : UND- Was okay when he wasn’t screaming. Not sure rest of song has much to offer but I’ll see. [160]

“Hungarian Dance No. 5” by Paul Henry Smith : UND+ Ha, I liked that too. I think I’m just going to enjoy the classical ones. :) [80]

“I Wanna be an Alien’s Pet” by Alien Downlink : UND+ A little weird perhaps, but what I played was fun, and gotta love a solo so fast. [80]

“In Memory” by Excruciating Thoughts : UND+ Fun and interesting guitar so far, though I suspect a full listen will result in deletion. [80]

“India” by Circus Circus : UND- The riff was only okay and nothing got better as the song went along. [80]

“Indigo Friends” by Rev Horton Heat : UND+ Oh good lord my arm is already tired and I just went through the demo. But FUN oh yes. [160]

“Inheritance” by Single White Infidel : UND- There was something really strange about the audio mixing in that song. Tough to hear. [80]

“Is There a Ghost” by Band of Horses : UND- Be a lot more interested if this goes somewhere. I think he could sleep but it’s unclear. [160]

“It’s Not Paranoia if They’re Shooting Live Bullets” by Sadaharu : UND- I get the feeling there’s not much more than this and what was there didn’t stand out enough. [80]

“Jumper ’09” by Third Eye Blind : UND- We were both pretty evenly neutral. Noting objectionable but nothing great. [160]

“Last Train to Awesometown” by Parry Gripp : UND+ DOH, cuts out right before it gets interesting for me. But hey, five kinds of nachos. [80]

“Light of Day” by a t o m : UND- Well I didn’t get to do bugger all there. What I heard wasn’t overly encouraging either. [80]

“Live for Today” by Sullivan Demott : UND+ That was pretty easy and laid back, but a solid, fun play. [80]

“Molten Death” by Man Parts : UND+ Mostly on the strength of wondering just wtf is going on with this song. [80]

“Montana” by The Main Drag : UND+ I feel like that was really building to somewhere. I would like to see it. [80]

“NDE” by Blow Up Hollywood : UND- Pretty boring thus far but I wouldn’t be surprised if this picks up and really grips me. [80]

“Night on Bald Mountain” by Paul Henry Smith : UND+ Fun fun fun. Fun. [80]

“Now Demolition” by Evile : UND- Uninspired by what I just played, and I strongly suspect it’s going to get painful in a second. [160]

“Oye Vaya” by Earl Greyhound : UND+ I liked that a lot – really good song and keeps you busy on guitar. [80]

“Paper Dolls” by Ballyhoo! : UND+ I liked that a lot. Interesting switch between a kind of rock/punk thing to reggae sound. [80]

“Paralyzer” by Finger Eleven : UND+ That was awesome! Great little funky beat and great chart. Really fun to play. [160]

“People Like You” by Forever From Now : UND- Nothing that great on guitar and I found the vocal stylings irritating. [80]

“Plans & Reveries” by Black Gold : UND- On strength of guitar part, nothing here. But drums sounded fun and overall song not too bad. [80]

“Radiator” by Family Force 5 : UND+ That was really interesting I didn’t have much to do but I enjoyed the song a lot. [160]

“Redemption” by Andy Timmons : UND+ Guitar rock, pure and simple. Great to hear, great to play. [160]

“Riot Act” by Exodus : DELETE. The same riff over and over again and I had exactly zero fun playing it. [160]

“Rock Your Socks Off” by Midnight Ocelot : UND- Just didn’t catch with me. [80]

“Santa Fe” by Blackberry River Band : UND+ I enjoyed playing it a lot more than listening to it, but the playing was fun. (femvox) [80]

“Satellite (Live”) by a t o m : UND+ Always love the 80s sound. Not much to do yet but promising. [160]

“Shake” by a t o m : UND- I preferred the vocals on this one but the song overall was very less catchy. [80]

“Shape 3” by Farther Snake : UND- Energetic enough on guitar and an interesting chart but felt hollow somehow. (Suspect screamer?) [80]

“Smile (Live)” by The Gufs : UND+ Seemed like it could be good, but demo cut out before it got anywhere. [160]

“Soldier from the Surface” by Windtunnel Syndrome : UND+ Lot of fun to play, well charted, very interesting and sounded good too. [80]

“Sorceress” by Cancer Bats : UND- Angry guys making angry sounds. [160]

“Stay Up with Me” by After the Fall : UND+ Nothing stood out much but guitar, which had a great flow and sound. Fun play. [80]

“Sunday Suit” by Connor Christian & Southern Gothic : UND+ Vocalist’s twang offset by lyric flow and great guitar chart. [80]

“Surprise” by Verse Verse Chorus : UND+ Backup vocals totally made that I think, saved it from being ordinary. [160]

“Swallow the Razor” by Bang Camaro : UND+ Not an immediate catch like most of theirs, but it’s Bang Camaro so worth a closer look. [80]

“Swine Houses” by The Main Drag : UND- Liked part of riff, but felt flat otherwise in the demo. Hoping full song will catch me better. [80]

“Take Control” by The New Regime : UND- Not enthused about it so far, but I think there’s some promise there. [160]

“Tap Dancing in a Minefield” by The New Regime : UND+ Driving beat, catchy (and fun) riff. Totally different from previous song. [160]

“Tastes Like Kevin Bacon” by iwrestledabearonce : DELETE. Thrash screamer = not for me. But kudos for the song and band title. [160]

“The Crying Machine (Live)” by Steve Vai : UND+ Sounds great, plays great. Probably going to try to kill me later. [160]

“The Funeral” by Band of Horses : UND+ What I heard was very pretty, but impossible to know what the song really sounds like yet. [160]

“The Great Plains” by Scale the Summit : UND+ Lot of fun on guitar but couldn’t get a feel for the song yet. [160]

“The Price” by Dappled Cities : UND+ Fun little groove there. I don’t think it’ll give much more than that, but maybe doesn’t need to. [80]

“The Way You Move” by The Audition : UND+ Little disco thing going on there. Riff wasn’t complicated but satisfying. [160]

“This F***ing Job” by Drive-By Truckers : UND- I really liked the groove at first but it doesn’t seem able to leave it. Ever. [160]

“Til I’m Gone” by Kristin Dare : UND- I need something to get beyond the country-fried vocals. Not finding it here. (femvox) [80]

“Tree Villiage” by Dance Gavin Dance : DELETE. No fun to play, no fun to hear. Also: drums, wtf? Holy cow that sounded hard. [160]

“Undone” by All That Remains : UND- I don’t know that I expect much from this but I’ll give it a shot. Song wasn’t bad, played okay. [160]

“Unfurling a Darkened Gospel” by Job for a Cowboy : DELETE. Not for us. [80]

“Valkyries” by Amberian Dawn : UND+ Damn I have yet to hear anything by Amberian Dawn I haven’t loved. Must get their album. [160]

“Walking Away” by Made Avail : UND- Feel like all the elements were in place for me to like this but just never came together. [160]

“Walls” by All Time Low : UND- I think I’ve heard this song before, somewhere in the thousand other songs that sound JUST LIKE IT. [160]

“We Are the Nightmare” by Arsis : DELETE. Screamer metal + my reaction = no surprise. [160]

“We Are the One” by Anti-Flag : UND+ Liked it, liked it, liked it. Just want to hop around the room and shout along. [80]

“We’re Not Getting Any Younger” by Color Theory : UND+ I was more neutral on this but it was definitely different. [80]

“When We Fall” by Gentlemen at Arms : UND- Mostly just there for me. May pick up later in the song though. [80]

“Where Were You” by Every Avenue : UND- Fun enough to play, but nothing much to listen to. Didn’t stand out at all. [160]

“Wrong Side of the Sky” by Rose of Jericho : UND+ Started to pick up at the end there. Really like her voice. (femvox) [80]

“You All Everybody” by Driveshaft : BUY. Let’s face it, if you’re buying this it’s not for the depth of the song. “YOU ALL EVERYBODY!” [80]

“You Take it All” by a t o m : UND- There wasn’t anything to this yet. Like, at all. So it should pick up right? [160]

“You’re an Egg! (Evolution)” by Windtunnel Syndrome: UND- Have to go neg on what was done – NOTHING. (Was I playing a windchime?) [80]

“You’re Not Alone – Rock Mix” by a t o m : UND+ Not much happening yet (it’s becoming an epidemic) but there was a lot of promise. [160]

“You’ve Got Someone” by Blue News : UND- Nothing much to dislike, but sadly not much to like either. Could go either way. [80]

“Young” by Twintapes : UND- I did the same thing the whole demo. Nothing there, no hint of anything more. [80]

Lots and lots of songs here (121 to be exact), with the typical nearly even divide between + and – on the Undecided scale.

– 1 BUY
– 57 UND+
– 50 UND-

We’ll be sitting down this weekend to go through some of the backlogged charts to actually make decisions. It’s gonna happen. This is swear by the stars.