Jul 162010
Rock Band DLC

Next week’s DLC was leaked a bit earlier by Xbox, but coming late via me thanks to birthday finalizing for my boy. I think that balances out to me being exactly on-time.

[EDIT: One week later … Okay so I started this, stopped because I had to run some more errands before Mike got off, then totally forgot about it in the heady rush of burning my fingers to a crisp in boiling oil. So I’m excusing myself. This time.]

Next up will be a five-pack from Australian alt rockers The Vines and a seemingly random single from English pop band Sweet Billy Pilgrim. I don’t actually know anything by either of these groups, so this will be all-new to me.

Sweet Billy Pilgrim – “Future Perfect Tense” +
The Vines – “Get Out”
The Vines – “He’s a Rocker”
The Vines – “Orange Amber” +
The Vines – “Outtathaway” +
The Vines – “Ride”

+ = LEGO compatible.

“Future Perfect Tense” by Sweet Billy Pilgrim kicks us off. Having listened to it, the first thing that struck me was the instrumentation. Wiki described them as a pop group so I did as well, but this is more prog/experimental than pop by far. I mean, I’m listening to a banjo, for the love of Pete Best. There’s a definite dreamy quality to the music, and maybe it’s the day I’ve had thus far but it was more likely to put me to sleep than make me want to get up and rock. A chart may reveal that it’s more fun to play than to hear, but at the moment I can’t say it clicked with me.

“Get Out” is the first try by The Vines, and I again think I disagree with the genre classification. This isn’t alternative I’m hearing, this is just straight up, loud, noisy rock and roll. And it’s quite good at that. I have absolutely no idea what they’re saying beyond “come on get out”, but it’s so full of energy I don’t need to.

Next is “He’s a Rocker”. I have to chuckle at a video that’s only 2:44 where the song doesn’t actually kick in until we’re almost a minute in. Despite the length, once again this is a great drop of pure rock. Actually thinking on it, I believe the short lengths are a benefit; both songs are like a sprint, going from stop to full speed with the first chord. Also I am loving the bassline in this song. So far for me and The Vines we’re 2 for 2.

On to “Orange Amber”. And ahh, okay, this one’s got some of the alternative I was expecting … but it’s also kinda 60s too, interesting. Okay, I’m reading their Wiki entry now and that’s exactly the sound described. This one fits the bill perfectly for that then, with the imagery, dreaminess coupled with a melancholy undertone. It’s certainly different from the previous two, but still quite good.

“Outtathaway” is completely different from the above. It’s very much like The Hives style of rock, which I don’t personally care for: 97% noise and 3% music. That said, the 3% that’s music I like quite a bit, and I can’t deny that there’s something catchy about it. I think the potential is there for this to grow on me after a few listens.

And finally there’s “Ride”. This song didn’t grip me quite as quickly as the first few, but I will say that the video makes up for a lot because man you just want to be part of that and play along right there. It’s hard to say if it’s a result of the video or not, but the drums seem they’d be hella fun too.

It’s always a joy when I find a group with some good music that I’ve never listened to before. I suspect that The Vines will find their way onto both our Rock Band setlist and my iPod.

Also something possibly worth noting: The Vines are a five-pack this week, stepping away from the 3-, 6- or 12- that is typical of Harmonix. I wouldn’t be surprised then to see a song from The Vines on Rock Band 3’s disc.

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