Jul 162010
Rock Band DLC

Yay, back on track again.

Okay so this week’s DLC is a treat. I’m not quite so OMG BOUNCE OF WALLS as I was for Creedence, but this is still pretty awesome.

Bad Religion – “New Dark Ages
Bad Religion – “No Control” +
The Stooges – “1969” +
The Stooges – “I Wanna Be Your Dog” +
The Stooges – “No Fun” +

+ = LEGO compatible

“Stooges” being of “Iggy and The” fame, naturally.

But first, punk rockers Bad Religion. No stranger to you, even if you know nothing of music outside of Guitar Hero and Rock Band: “Infected” was in the first GH game (although as a cover) while “Sorrow” and “21st Century Digital Boy” are both DLC for Rock Band already (and really awesome so I’m sure you already have them right?).

“New Dark Ages” is from their 2007 album, and continues their tradition of being very musical, smart and relevant, even as it’s a little less targeted and scathing than usual.

“No Control” is much older, coming from their 1989 album of the same name. It’s a lot more what you’d probably expect from punk rock, being a highly energetic “we’re so fucked” message clocking in at under two minutes. As an aside, this song also demonstrates the twinges of pain that Harmonix didn’t wait a few months so we could have harmonies too.

Moving to The Stooges, we start with “1969”. If you play plastic guitar, you want this song. Get all up in there with that classic song, all beautifully heavy on the effects pedals, and that’s the end of it. The song itself is fine enough, if a little pedantic on the lyrics I think. Who cares? Guitar. Get. Next song.

“I Wanna Be Your Dog” is one of The Stooges biggest and most iconic songs, and with good reason. It’s utterly unrelenting in every way, and a glimpse at the burgeoning punk scene of the early 70s. Again, the guitar shines through here, and I can’t wait to play it. (But what, no keys? Who could resist three minutes of the exact same note several hundred times?)

And finally there’s “No Fun”. I always feel with this song that you’re hearing the essence of The Stooges, like basically it’s just them playing a gig and someone happened to be recording it at the time. There’s a very loose structure and the rest is everyone mostly doing whatever the hell they feel like. Again though, what’s remarkable with this song – and, in fact, the entirety of their eponymous album debut – is that you’re hearing a brand new sound being created right in front of you.

Really incredible week for Rock Band here. Two great groups with some killer song selections, particularly with The Stooges.

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