Jul 282010
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I think I mentioned that I got a new camera for my birthday. My birthday that is still two months away. Don’t question me. My last new camera – also, interestingly enough, gotten for my birthday – was purchased back in 2002, so as you might imagine the leap in technology and quality isn’t insignificant.

I’ve probably been taking pictures to the volume of ridiculous for the past week or so. But of all those hundreds and hundreds of pictures, I think this one captured yesterday afternoon may be my favourite.

Tales from the Squirrel Lounge

Carleton. Don't hate him because he's beautiful.

This little guy sprawled out on our deck railing for a good ten or fifteen minutes, watching us shoot a couple dozen photos of him with an air of detached acquiescence.

Carleton made no effort to puff and preen, for the camera loved him and he allowed it to be so. If there were an America’s Next Top Squirrel competition, Carleton would win. Carleton would kick Tyra Banks in the bum and be so fierce doing it, holla.

Carleton is not long for Oregon. Carleton will soon be lounging on park railings in London and Milan. Carleton is a phenomenon science has yet to discover. Carleton would like it if you would deliver the nuts directly to his room. Carleton is ready for his close up, Mr. DeMille.


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