Aug 052010
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As I talked about yesterday, we went to see Weird Al in concert on Tuesday. I think I’ve also mentioned that I got a new camera? Actually I think I mentioned that in a post I haven’t finished and published yet. Okay, so important fact: I got a new camera. I’m a bit of addicted to taking pictures too, so take that trait plus new toy plus important situation I’m totally stoked about, mix liberally with great seats and lax security checks, and you get a huge pic spam that I’m now sharing with you.

And would you believe this is only about a third of the pictures I actually took? Well believe it. I love you so hard, digital age.

(The full-size of these pics is a bit big at 800×600. Helpful tip: In both Firefox and IE, you can press F11 to toggle full screen, which may help depending on your monitor size.)


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  • Ultrace

    I think the whole a capella thing was some sort of medley of songs, kind of like a polka without the accordion. I thought for sure I heard them singing some stuff from Lion King in there…

    • Jet Wolf

      Yeah it was pretty bizarre. I mean, they threw in a Jerry Lewis “NICE LADY” too, and that doesn’t fit in anything, anywhere with anyone. AND YET.

    • Amy

      Not just Lion King, they did the first verse of ‘Grim-Grinning Ghosts’ from Disney’s Haunted Mansion.

      I agree, it was just an a capella rhythm medley of bits that went almost too fast for us to catch most of them ;)

  • Nova

    Lots and lots o’ pictures. Camera worked really well it seems. I see he did at least two of my favorites: “White and Nerdy” and “Bedrock Anthem”

    “Where’s Wilma, has anybody seen her?” Still cracks me up big time.