Aug 062010
Rock Band DLC

Next Tuesday we’re gonna party like it’s 2007 – you’ll get a three-pack and like it.

Yes, “only” three new songs this week. as Harmonix delivers a trio from industrial metal band Ministry. Between a single pack this week and the sheer randomness from last week, I’m sticking to my theory that this is HMX shoving the pre-RB3 leftovers out the door. I sort of envision it like them making a cake, and what we’re getting now is the spatula scrapings from the sides of the bowl.

But then I probably think about things too much.


Ministry – “Stigmata
Ministry – “Thieves
Ministry – “Jesus Built My Hotrod

No LEGO compatible tracks this week.

Industrial and I have an interesting relationship. I like it, but only when I like it. It’s kinda like tuna. Tuna’s good, I have no problem with tuna, but if I’m hungry then tuna’s not going to be what I reach for first. But then sometimes it niggles at me and all I want is tuna. Nothing else will satisfy.

As it turns out, today? Not so much a tuna day. But that’s what’s on the menu and wow is anyone else really hungry for lunch now?

We start with “Stigmata”, and I can’t say that this is a song that I’d want to listen to much, even were I in the mood for it. The hook is pretty good, but the signal to noise ratio is simply too low for my tastes. I also suspect this song wants to kill me, personally, and I have enough of that in reality thanks.

“Thieves” is much more in the style I enjoy – frantically pissed off, but not at me specifically. That said, by now I know how I like to play my Rock Band, and this isn’t it. I can’t think of a single plastic instrument on which I would enjoy this.

Finally there’s “Jesus Built My Hotrod”, probably Ministry’s biggest hit. It’s a very different sound from the previous two, sounding more speed metal than industrial. The lyrics flash by, threatening to trip you up at any moment, while the music easily keeps pace. It’s a song to blast while you’re driving, without question. Playing from the comfort of your living room? Probably not so much. But if there were any I’d pick up this week, it would be this one.

And so it is. A lean week, both in selection and purchase. Barring Mike really loving something here, I’ll save my points.

You know, for things like Do You Wanna Date My Avatar which just posted today on the Rock Band Network for 80 MS points. Already bought. Soon to be played. Guild’d.

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