Aug 202010
Rock Band DLC

It’s that time again. Nothing too thrilling this week in my view: a three-pack from a group with a pretty strong presence already in the game, and a three-pack of what seemed initially promising with the use of “Motown”, but apparently when followed by “Republic Rock” doesn’t mean quite so much. Not yet at least – we’ll see what listening to them does.

Disturbed – “Another Way to Die
Disturbed – “Asylum
Disturbed – “The Animal”
Crash Kings – “Mountain Man
The Veer Union – “Seasons” +
We Are the Fallen – “Bury Me Alive

+ = LEGO compatible

The three Disturbed tracks are off of their new album Asylum which drops at the end of the month. The first two are singles and I will presume that “The Animal” will follow suit, but as of right now I can’t find it. Still, it’s probably not to much of a stretch to say that with Disturbed you know what sound you’re getting. If you like that, check for charts on Tuesday, and if you don’t then you don’t need a link anyway.

But for the two I could find, let’s see what they have to offer.

“Another Way to Die” is environmentally-charged, much in the way of Metallica’s “Blackened”, but nowhere near as strong. It lacks the foreboding of its own message, sounding strangely detached about the whole thing. It’s like if Uatu the Watcher communicated only with the power of nu-metal. Draiman’s asking “Can we repent in time?” but he could just as easiliy be asking “Do you want pancakes for breakfast?” Maybe it’s because Disturbed pretty much always, you know, sounds pissed off, so someone taking his parking space could be the next single and fit right in. But where do you go from there? This song lacks the depth of emotion necessary to sell the subject, and as “just” a song it’s merely average. I have several Disturbed songs in the game already, each more fun to play, each more fun to listen to.

“Asylum” is bit more like what I expect, but in the same breath I have to say that it’s exactly what I expect. Disturbed has found their grove and seem quite reluctant to leave it. If you love that sort of thing, if you enjoy playing it over and over on your plastic guitar, then good news! For me, with those Disturbed purchases I mentioned above, I feel like I have this song in the game already.

Moving on to “Motown Republic Rock”, whatever the hell that is. First up is “Mountain Man” by Crash Kings. Hm. I think I was in the mindset to just hate whatever, but this is actually a really good song, although it makes me sad that it won’t be keyboard-compatible. I love how all the instruments weave together, like a well-structured jam. There are some interesting lyrical twists in there too, just to keep you on your toes.

The Veer Union is up next with “Seasons”. I think this could have some potential. It didn’t immediately stick with me, but I’ve listened to it a few times and it’s grown on me a bit more each time. The layered vocals give it a nice almost reverberated sound, and it has a nifty little guitar hook running through the background of the song. I don’t see me buying this on day one, but once it goes into the DLC playlist on my iPod, I could see it on the short list for those “god I need new songs because the 700 I have now are insufficient” days.

Finally for the week is “Bury Me Alive” by We Are the Fallen. I admit to being a little disappointed by this song. Gothic metal, powerful female vocals … I really wanted to like this more than I did. It’s not bad, it’s just nothing at all spectacular. Extremely repetitive; I spent the whole song waiting for “that moment” which never arrived. On the strength of the previous two tracks and the initial promise of this one, I expected a lot more. Pity.

Overall not the most potent week ever, and not one that’ll be remembered I don’t think. Of the lot, the one I’m most interested in is Crash Kings, with a strong maybe to The Veer Union.

  • Nova

    I really like Disturbed, but haven’t heard anything new by them in a while. Still, I daresay I’d be up for this selection since I am fond of the sound. Don’t know any of the other artists that were mentioned so I have no comment on those. By the way, there is a string of what looks like HTML coding just above the “Submit Comment” box below. Don’t know if you intended for it to be there or not, but I figured I’d mench.

    • Jet Wolf

      Well this is their latest album, as I said, so there’s your new stuff. Still, unless you REALLY want this pack, I’ll probably pass. I already have like six Disturbed songs in the game already, and with the selection we already have, I can’t imagine that you’d get to them but for like one play, MAYBE. We’ll see how taken you are with them if/when you listen.

      • Nova

        That’s cool. When I said I’d be “up” for the selection, I pretty much meant that I’d probably like it. No need to pick it up just for me, that’s for sure. It’s a fair bet that if I’m going to go with a Disturbed song to play in the game, it’s almost sure to be “Inside the Fire” or “Down With The Sickenss.” I’d like to have a shot at “Idestuctible” if it ever became available … or maybe you already have it, I can’t quite remember now. (Did you check out that coding?)

        • Jet Wolf

          We already have “Indestructible” yeah. You sang it quite a bit when you were here last. :P

          As to the coding, I can’t see what you’re talking about. I’ll email you on that.

        • Jet Wolf

          Oh wait, yes I can. That’s fine yeah, it’s telling whoever is leaving a comment the HTML codes they can use. “You may use these HTML tags and attributes:”. It’s supposed to be there.

          • Nova

            Okay, good. :)
            (On both “Indestructible” and the coding)