Sep 012010

Yay for Roman-themed puns. Please enjoy it, as it’s probably the most interesting part of this post.

Mike and I are headed for PAX tomorrow. Four days and three nights in glorious Seattle – much like glorious Portland only I don’t live there. We will be fully immersed in games and geekery such as the world has never seen. Consequently, no more posts to come this week. I know, I know, with my break-neck dedicated blogging schedule, your day will seem incomplete without some nugget of wisdom. But we’ll make it through. Together. I’ll simply be making it through with games and not thinking about this at all.

If you have such a thing, you can feel free to check me on Twitter @JetWolf, where I am likely to spam everyone at irregular but insistent intervals.

Upon my return I’ll get up a PAX report, doubtless overloaded with pictures because I’m totes taking my new camera and shit.

This means that there won’t be a timely Rock Band DLC report for this week. The bright side is that it’s already been sorta leaked: Next week will see eight tracks from Snoop Dogg. So enjoy that.

I’ll see you next week. Peace out, my bitches.

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