Sep 242010
Rock Band DLC

Hey! Hi. I’m still being lazy with DLC. We’ll just write September off and I’ll start going into over-long opinions in October.

But don’t let my lack of talking about it dissuade you from these two weeks of DLC. There’s some excellent tracks still coming strong. And we’re only a month away from Rock Band 3! Good times to play plastic instruments.

Week of 21 September
It’s the return of the full album, this week with Bob Marley’s Legend. It’s hard to think of a better way to bring reggae full-force into Rock Band.

Is This Love” +
No Woman No Cry” +
Could You Be Loved
Three Little Birds” +
Buffalo Soldier
Stir It Up
One Love/People Get Ready
I Shot the Sheriff
Waiting in Vain” +
Redemption Song
Satisfy My Soul” +

Week of 28 September
And coming up this week is a crazy mix of singles with an Anthrax five-pack (including two live; not sure which performances are being used, so I’ll link to the album versions and recommend you check the charts on Tuesday if the liveness concerns you). 12 songs from 6 different artists – good haul this week. Way stoked for the Doobies.

Anthrax – “Among the Living
Anthrax – “I’m the Man
Anthrax – “Indians” +
Anthrax – “Madhouse (Live)” +
Anthrax – “Metal Thrashing Mad (Live)” +
My Chemical Romance – “I’m Not Okay (I Promise)
My Chemical Romance – “Welcome to the Black Parade
30 Seconds to Mars – “Closer to the Edge” +
Atreyu – “Coffin Nails
Buckcherry – “Out of Line
The Doobie Brothers – “Listen to the Music” +
The Doobie Brothers – “Long Train Runnin’” +

+ = LEGO-compatible

  • Stephanie Jane

    oh man oh man oh man I am so behind on DLC I’m going to ask everyone for x-box points for my birthday and nothing else man NOTHING ELSE!!!!

    brb, calling dad

    • Jet Wolf

      There’s been some good shit lately. I think I may pick up the Doobies when Mike gets home tonight rather than wait for us to get around to our next bulk DLC purchase. Mmm Doobies.