Dec 202010
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As it so often does, the holiday season barged into my life well before I was actually ready for it this year. Christmas. It’s not just a word, it’s an idea. A concept. A lifestyle, for some. For me, when I was forced to acknowledge that the year was in fact getting ready to loop on me again, I was going through one of my … let’s say “less appreciative” times. Never pleasant, but often fruitful. I got an idea for a story.

This is that story.

But it would only be a fraction of what it became without the enthusiastic contribution of my best friend, the limitlessly talented Amy Mebberson. She took a passing thing that was kinda neat, gave it style and, in a word, made it awesome.

And so, Amy and I have a present for you, Internet. It’s called “Timmy’s Awkward Christmas”. You’re welcome.