Dec 312010
Rock Band DLC

The first week of January 2011 and the first DLC to go along with it. Another large pack and a (primarily) single-artist week, but it’s a heck of an artist to start. Rock Band introduces the one and only Johnny Cash.

* “Cry, Cry, Cry
* “Don’t Take Your Guns to Town
* “Five Feet High and Rising
* “Folsom Prison Blues
* “I Got Stripes
* “I Walk the Line” +
* “Tennessee Flat Top Box” +
* “The Ballad of Ira Hayes

+ = pro-guitar/bass chart available

I’m not the hugest Johnny Cash fan, but I have a lot of respect for his career, and can’t deny that this is a huge win for HMX. A great addition to the game.

Still vacation time over here so no in-depth on the songs, but definitely give them a listen. Johnny Cash may be technically “country”, but he’s definitely one of those artists that straddle genre lines.

As for the inevitable “Where’s ‘Ring of Fire’?” question, that’ll be part of the second Country Track Pack that’ll be released sometime later this year. As of now, there appear to be no plans to release those songs as DLC, so if you’re a big fan of country, you’ll probably want to look into it. Good news is that if you wait a while, those disc track packs become insanely cheap. Shit will be so cash.

Finally, also releasing next week, is a free pack of the RB2 Harmonix-bands songs. Note that these are basically vanilla imports – no keys, no harmonies, no pro-guitar/bass tracks. Nothing new, but also no cost either, so yay for that.

* Abnormality – “Visions
* Anarchy Club – “Get Clean
* Bang Camaro – “Night Lies
* Breaking Wheel – “Shoulder to the Plow
* Libyans – “Welcome to the Neighborhood
* The Main Drag – “A Jagged Gorgeous Winter
* Speck – “Conventional Lover
* The Sterns – “Supreme Girl
* That Handsome Devil – “Rob the Prez-O-Dent

If you haven’t watched the video for “Jagged Gorgeous Winter”, btw, you totally should. It’s awesome.

It’s downloadable as a pack only; no cherry-picking here, so you can’t say “yes” to “Night Lies” and “hell to the no!” to “Visions” like you know you want to. But good news is that in RB3 you can use the rating system to 1-lighter any song you don’t like and it won’t ever pop up in random setlists. Remember too that you can 1-lighter any song and it will be handled that way regardless of any other song ratings you do. So no, you don’t have to rate all the hundreds of other songs to get the “benefit” of ignoring “Visions”. Whew.

Also, in case you missed it: FREE!

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