Jan 042011
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I just had some ice cream. It’s below freezing outside, and I’m all “NOM FROZEN NUMMIES”. Whatever, tongue.

This has been a seriously slow day for me, brain-wise. Waking up is a battle I fight constantly, and it seems that no matter how much I sleep the night before, I never actually win. I mean I totally rock the half-lidded sleepy-eyed look —

Sleepy Joel

Yeah, that's pretty much it.

— but it’d be nice if it were by choice rather constantly hovering on the verge of unconscious. On insomnia nights it makes some sense, but take last night. Asleep by about 11.30p, up a little bit before 7.30a, and here it is just gone 2p and I’m still yawning. Stupid sleep.

Last night on Twitter I mentioned that along with my not-yet-for-public writing, my-totally-for-public blog entries, and my Dance Central exercise, I’m also considering doing some bit of daily (or near-daily) drawing. For the past year I’ve been working with no small amount of irregularity on a new webcomic idea. The problem – as I rediscover whenever I return to it – is that I can’t actually draw worth a damn. It’s actually kind of funny just how much of a surprise it is to me every time I again confirm just how bad I am at drawing. Like my total absence of talent in this area is a sprained ankle and if I just stay off it for a bit it will somehow heal itself. But in keeping with my declaration that “2011 will be my year of routine”, maybe if I try daily to do something with it I can eventually develop some kind of style that will be sufficient for my needs. Unless it is in fact demon magic that takes images from your head and delivers them to your hand. If so, is it available in pill form? Must remember to ask Amy.

There is a murder of very vocal crows somewhere outside. I can’t see them, but oh can I hear them. They are the worst ninjas ever.

  • Stephanie Jane

    I can draw worse than you, I promise.

    • Jet Wolf

      We’ll have a bad art-off! The best part is that every single one of us will totally whup Amy’s butt.

      • Stephanie Jane

        You’re on.

  • Darkpoole

    Yes, draw every day. In fact, draw your webcomic, first draft version. Just draw one or two panels a day, every day, do the best you can on each one, and don’t worry about the final result right now. Because you can’t draw six or seven hundred pictures a year without getting way better at it, I promise.

    The very vocal crows are only a distraction while the silent and highly adept crow ninjas move in for the kill.

    • Jet Wolf

      They are the best ninjas ever.

      Also? Just bought a sketch book. Let the hilarity ensue!

      More seriously, thanks for the encouragement, it’s appreciated.