Jan 052011
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A hideously busy day today mostly marred with a near-crippling headache, but a post! I must make one.

Got Amy and Scott home today. Was rewarded with chocolate, fruit cake, Uggs, and hugs for my troubles. Happy to have my bestie home though – it’s tough to go back to having someone halfway around the world when you get used to them being just across town.

It looks like some information about all those dead birds dropping stone dead from the sky is beginning to emerge. I haven’t read it yet, but I’m glad to have a theory to turn to. Because I trust in science and all and know that there must be a rational explanation, but I must confess that when you hear about thousands of dead birds falling out of the sky your brain just kinda flips a switch back to “Dark Ages” and it’s all “OMG PORTENTS, GET THE CHICKEN GUTS AND LEECHES”.

Mike and I are progressively moving through my Saturday Night Live box sets. I am a huge SNL nerd, with the Not Ready For Prime Time Players and the late ’80s second coming of Lorne Michaels being my personal areas of expertise. We’re picking up where we left off when we last watched them together with the second season. Mike hasn’t seen most of these, and I haven’t seen them in years, so it’s a lot of fun. I just watched the Gilda Radner soup commercial (“Because the soup man says so!”) and laughed just as hard today as the first time I saw it. Gilda Radner was the fucking bomb.

We got our dehumidifier today. Having the insulation upped (like, seriously upped, we went from R-10 to R-38, it’s awesome) has been great for warmth, but sort of a bitch for condensation on the windows. The last thing we need is a mold problem, so here it is. It’s a bit of a monster, quite larger than I expected, but I’m keen to see what it can do.

I’m looking forward to a machine pulling a bucket of water out of my house. Good lord I’m old.

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