Jan 072011
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Today was a day for getting some shit done, to the tune of Jett’s nails trimmed and an oil change. I very nearly said “Jett’s oil changed”, which would’ve been a very different day indeed.

I tried trimming Jett’s nails once. Once. It did not go well. Since that moment, I knew that I would happily pay somebody for this basic task for the rest of my dog’s life. In addition to me trimming her nails, Jett also does not enjoy rides in the car in the least little bit, although we usually pull through it. Today though, holy crap, today. She was actually somewhat okay until we got home, post-trim, at which point she decided to whine incessantly and get right up in my shit. I couldn’t move without her glued to my calf, and sitting only brought a 40 pound dog immediately into my lap. All while still constant with the whining. You’d think she’d spent three weeks in a gulag instead of taking a 20 minute round trip to Petsmart.

Tonight I tried a new recipe out of the cookbook my mother got me for Christmas. It called for using white wine, which was A New Thing and thus Strange And Terrifying. But it worked out! And not only was the dish edible, it was actually pretty good! I hate cooking, but love accomplishments.

  • Stephanie Jane

    What was the dish?

    • Jet Wolf

      It was a garlic pepper shrimp dish. Pretty straight-forward actually. Just shrimp with – wait for it – garlic and peppers. It was very fresh and light though, and the sauce that it made was surprisingly tasty. Served with some fresh green beans, it was just enough for both of us.

      The cookbook is Cooking for Two, with lots of nice recipes of varying time investment pared down and specialized for two-people servings. So far, 100% success rate!